Monday, February 27, 2017

Non-zero Sum Game

After a dinner break, during which I bought two different meals because I didn't like the first one, we returned to the AMC to watch the 4th movie of the day, "Arrival".  

  • Amy Adams was amazing.  I do not understand why she wasn't nominated for an Academy Award for this role. 
  • I kept thinking that the 12 different ships would come together and make some kind of huge pod-looking ship.
  • Louise just shouldn't tell Ian about Hannah's disease, right?  Then he wouldn't leave.  Is she not allowed to change the timeline?
  • "Offer weapon."  " the first weapon drawn in a conflict."
  • "You told me my wife's dying words."
  • "You can understand communication and still end up single."
  • "Louise knows future."
  • They gave her the gift of time, right?  That was their offer?  Or just understanding time?
  • "When you know their language, you experience time differently."
  • "In 3000 years, we'll need your help."  So somebody is recording all of this and will keep it in some archive with some kind of notification system to get ready in 2999 years, right?
  • "Mom, I told you not to watch that channel.  They're idiots."
  • "The show is called 'Mom and Dad talk to animals'."
  • So if the bird in the cage was fine the entire time, why didn't the others ever take off their suits?

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