Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Harmonic Journal 06/30/15

Harmonic Journal
Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Step By Step" by NKOTB

I can't believe it's been 25 years.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Harmonic Journal 06/29/15

Harmonic Journal
Monday, June 29, 2015

"Last Dance" by Donna Summer

Gypped Again

Western Corps Connection
Sunday, June 28, 2015
Riverside Community College -- Wheelock Stadium
Riverside, CA

Bro picked me up and we drove to Riverside for the last So Cal World Class DCI competition of the season.  I bought an "A Step In Time" t-shirt from the Academy booth, and got some food.  They had us show our tickets to get wrist bands at the ticket booth.  Why didn't they just send wristbands with the tickets in order to save us from getting in another line.  By the time we obtained our wristbands, they started giving out the wristbands at the actual entrance, which made more sense.  They also took the ticket stub at that point instead of at the place where they gave me my wristband.  It was weird.  Rudy arrived in time for the first corps to start.  Thank goodness he remembered to bring his ticket with him when he left his house. Our seats were in row N, Section 4, on 3-5, on the left 40-yard line.

We didn't hear a Star-Spangled Banner.  What is up with that?  Did we just not hear it?  Were we getting food at the time?  

It was really windy on the field, leading to the Fall of Gotham City (the screens fell down).  Bro has decided that I just need to wear Batman shirts all of the time because I won't shut up about Darkness.  Bro said that their visual didn't work well today because different people were off step and the screens falling didn't help.  He thinks that the sandbags holding the screen down were not enough, and they need another kind of support.  The solos were spot on today.  The middle brass made Rudy feel really warm, which is a good thing.

Golden Empire

They were not as good as yesterday.  The church bells in the distance were in the wrong key.  Guy behind us regarding "Jupiter" solo:  "Sweet."  See?  Then the rest of the brass let us down.  Why is that one CG girl looking around like she doesn't know what to do at the end?  Maybe she thought they'd do more, I don't know.  

Jupiter soloist

I caught the 7/8 this time.  Nice saber catch during the drum feature.  Cute "Whoo!" shout from the drummers.  Rudy saw someone almost drop their contra.  Were they trying to spin it?  They shouldn't do that, unless they're trying to be funny.  I wish they were still funny.


The DM on the left has a really nice outfit.  Why aren't the other ones in that fancy gold?I like the contrapuntal trumpet part during the first song.  Nice equipment catch after the percussion feature.  There was way too much amplification/echo during the duet.  "Isolation is a gift."  Darkness!

One of Watchmen's Drum Majors

Guy behind us:  "I gotta tell you, I think this one takes it too far."  I like him.  The vagina tarp is back.  I'm glad that the guitar isn't overwhelming anymore, because I can hear the corps and pit a lot better now.  Good job with the percussion feature.  Toss your rifle, jump over the mic stand, catch your rifle.  Good job!

Gold Rifle Catch

Rudy Meets DCI Orange Cone

Those fake drums are made of plywood.  Bro says they're easy to make.  We should make them for the concert coming up at my house.  I don't know how we'd explain the Resurrection symbols, but whatevs.  We discussed with the guys behind us the fact that we all want to terra cotta warriors to be wheeled out onto the field.  One of the guys said that if they're going to leave them in the backfield, then he wants them to be twice as tall.  Then he said, "You're gonna need a bigger truck."  The DM has a nice smile.  Good call and response between the soprano and mellophone.  The quintet sounds much better: they must be getting more comfortable with the music.  Great job with the percussion feature.  Bro noticed that the pit guy whose hair matched their uniform has darker, blacker hair now.  But I liked his hair the other way!  

Point to the Sky

Great equipment work, color guard!  The catalyst prop is still unfinished.  Sadness.  Rudy enjoyed the show more than Friday, but he doesn't know why.  They need to clean up the horns in the main theme so that it doesn't sound so muddy.

Someday, this cube will be cool

Bro and I were afraid that the umbrella wasn't going to open at the end of "Feed the Birds", but it did, so yay.  During Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, they do a cool face palm thing.  I sang during that song, just not loudly.  I just love this show.  

Drummers holding flags in backfield

An issue with a tangled mic cord delayed the start of the show.  Well, if they have extra time in the end due to not finishing their show, then I guess that's OK.  The opening is all mellophones, and they hide the other instruments behind the screens.  Oh, that's why the sound is so wonderfully warm and different than the others.  I love those brass runs, and those dynamics...sigh!  Stick a fork in Rudy.  He's done.  Unfortunately, the show isn't.  The guys behind us said that due to the rain in Denver, BK wasn't able to do a lot of their outdoor rehearsal, so they didn't have much time to learn drill, and decided to just end the show early until they've had time to finish it.  I would be OK with a stand still.  Their music is gorgeous.

Are those BK drums blue or green?

During setup, the CG lead had to bring down her sunglasses in order to see what she was doing.  I guess those are really dark.  I just noticed that their poles are gold for the sunflowers, and purple for the purple flags.  That's cool.  Nice high rifle toss at the end of the Gershwin.  

"I love Paris..."

D.R.U.M.S.!!!!! OMG, I love this show so much!  That brass!  CG did a great job, too.  I didn't get hit today, but braced myself from Rudy during the trumpet ensemble.  Brandt Crocker insisted on taking a picture of announcer Ryan, saying he was sending it to Sherry.  I don't think he realizes how loud he is.  Bro said that he was trying to make Ryan laugh the whole time.  I would love to see video of that.

That Brass!

This was Rudy's first time to see BD's show.  His reaction:  "That color guard is Bad. Ass." Nice duet on "Children Will Listen".   Oh, they close the book on the Pied Piper at the end.  

Whatever That Means

No encore.  Gypped most of the time in California.  What. The?


Open Class
5) 36.10 -- Incognito
4) 43.45 -- Impulse
3) 44.55 -- Watchmen
2) 50.15 -- Golden Empire -- Bro was right
1) 50.60 -- Gold

World Class
7) 63.05 -- Mandarins
6) 64.90 -- PC
5) 65.95 -- Academy
4) 72.40 -- BK
3) 72.90 -- Phregiment
2) 78.65 -- SCV
1) 79.85 -- BD

Now I get to watch online or whatever until So Cal Classic.  Not sure if I'm going to that, but maybe.  I do want to see SCVC again.

Harmonic Journal 06/28/15

Harmonic Journal
Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Angeleyes" by ABBA

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Opposite of Light

Corps at the Crest - Los Angeles
Rose Bowl 
Pasadena, CA
Saturday, June 27, 2015

It's so nice not to have to be in the car for over an hour to get to a drum corps show!  Yup, Corps at the Crest was in Pasadena tonight, so Bro, V, Dodie and Glenn met up at my house to carpool.  We had VIP parking, so we didn't have to pay the $5.00 fee, and parked fairly close to the entrance.  Background on the names you're seeing:  V is Bro's wife, and has been attending drum corps shows since 2001.  She comes to Finals with us occasionally, but only attends one So Cal show per summer.  This is Dodie's 2nd DCI show EVER, and SCV's Scheherazade 2014 show got her hooked.  Glenn marched in his high school marching band, and goes to about one So Cal show per summer, and has watched the Big, Loud, Live shows from Finals week.  He also attended all of the Finals week shows when DCI championships took place at the Rose Bowl in 2007.

On the car ride over, I had shared with everyone about LEGO Batman's song being in my head because of PC's show.  I sang it several times during the evening.  We had some time before the gates opened, so we watched Golden Empire's battery warm up.  We saw several people wearing Batman stuff.  V wondered if it had to do with a show.  I tried to tell her that people just like Batman.  It just fit in so well with the Darkness of the day.  The line was long to get into the stadium, but it moved quickly...until my friends got behind a school group and the ticket taker had to scan about 50 tickets.  I don't know why they didn't follow me.  Glenn purchased some tech shirts from different corps, and Bro and I tried to avoid the Academy booth because we wanted V to be surprised by their show.  I was excited to see that the Mandarins uniforms were on display, so that I could get close-up pictures of them.
Back of Mandarins CG uniform

Front of uniform -- what V was checking out

Dodie and I got some chicken to eat and we met up with Bro and V at our seats, which were in row 57, Section 19, seats 1-5, on the right 40-yard line.  I purposefully got aisle seats because these seats have almost no room to walk by, and I didn't want us to have to crawl over strangers.  I'm OK with strangers going by, though, as long as it's not during a show.  I sighed when a man sat in front of me because he was tall and I had to watch shows around his head and his hat.  V offered to switch seats with me so that I could take pictures, but I'd rather that she was able to watch the 1 California show she was attending since I had seen all of the shows already.  Thanks, though, V.  

The Star-Spangled Banner was a recording of a male a capella group.  It was a beautiful rendition, and I think it was this arrangement.  It sounded like Home Free, but it also could have been Gaither, so I don't know.  I'd rather that it was a vocal band that I knew personally and that they were here in person, but then my head would probably explode, so it's probably for the best.

"Do it.  go all the way."  I don't think there should be narration if it doesn't help me understand the show.  

The contra solo on Jupiter kicked ass yet again.  They're all very exposed in their horn line, and in this arena, they are all really brave.  The audience had a great response to this corps, showing much appreciation.  I love drum corps audiences when they're like this.

Incognito and their pretty long flags

I looked up into the VIP section and saw the former band director from my alma mater.  Hi, Mr. Landes!  I did not wave at him.  But look at this cute Vanguard Fan couple!  

V and Bro

Their screens remind me of Gotham city.  Darkness!  I like the blare at the end of the first mellophone solo (Pink Panther theme).  The solos were a bit off tonight; maybe they were tired, or it was their nerves, but I know that they can do much better.  My friends all liked this show.  
Dancing to Stripper Music

I think that they've finished their show.  V thought that this corps was supposed to be goofy.  I told her that they've been doing a lot of classical music lately.  Dodie felt that it was flat and didn't garner any emotion.  I really wish that someone could do something great with Red Violin, but even Phregiment couldn't do it, so I don't know.

Impulse's lavender flags

I went to the restroom.  Bro said that they got rid of the tarp.  I don't know if that's permanent, or maybe they were worried that it might rain and someone would slip on it.  He said that you can now hear the pit and the brass, so it sounds better.  He also said that he saw other girls in the CG that could dance better than the soloist, so I don't know what's up with that.  OK, maybe I'll watch in Riverside, but no promises.

I spent my intermission in line, getting back to my seat.  It turns out that the tall people in front of us were supposed to be behind us so they moved, and kids were in front of me.  Much better, thank you!  Perhaps they should arrange the seating here by height, because the levels are pretty shallow.  I texted my friend Tim, and asked him to wave so that Dodie could see him.  Tim marched in Velvet Knights, and he tries to go to this show every year.

V asked the same question that Rudy did: is it that hard to push that globe, or are they faking it?  Dodie asked if the dolls were Terracotta warriors.  I just looked it up.  You're right, Dodie!  Perhaps that's why they don't move, and neither does that globe.  They are STATUES, Sherry.  Oh, yeah, "Forever in Stone":  ergo, the rocks on their final flags.  I get it!  Great sound, Mandarins!  The quintet high trumpet seemed to be sharp.  Someone please tell their CG about keeping the horns the same height and when to bring their arms down, so that they look in sync with the corps proper.  Dodie liked the show, and was happy that she had just bought their 2013 shirt today (she loves dragons).

Closing number for Mandarins

V wasn't surprised because the people in back of her ruined it by talking about it.  Bro tried to tell her that it was called "House" when she saw the rooftops, but that didn't work.  Glenn guessed it, I think, when he saw the chimney segments.  The drummers take off their drums and spin the white double flags during "Feed the Birds".  That segment made Tim cry.  He said that he would have been really upset if he had missed tonight's show because he really wanted to see it.  I predict that I will cry during this show at Finals week because of that song.  The horn players sing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and I'll be singing along with it tomorrow.  I started to do so today.  I love the look of all of the letter flags in the backfield at the end of the show.  It was the favorite of the night for Dodie, V and Tim.  

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Flags

Dodie:  "Oh, THAT 'Because'."  Some of the snake-y things are now orange.  Dodie likes them.  Augh!  They're STILL not done with this show!  I'm going crazy.  Glenn wonders how many extra screens they have in their truck.  The film covering on them is starting to come off, so I wonder if they'll reveal the shininess at Drums Along the Rockies.  You know, when they finish their show.  Or at Finals.  No fair!  

Blue Knights Kneeling for my forgiveness that they still haven't finished their show

Sometimes I wonder if people are asking each other questions just to mess with my mind.  Like when the people in back of me were asking if the next corps was Phantom Regiment.  Do they LOOK like the Phregiment helmets?!  They also asked a bunch of other stuff of each other, which prompted V to ask me, "What is wrong with them?"  I don't know.  They seemed to be ASU fans, so maybe they were from Arizona, but they also didn't know that there is a show in Arizona on Monday, so I could be wrong about that.  I might have forgiven their questions, but the woman kept referencing different drum corps websites, so I just can't.

Yay!  The trumpet soloist got some love tonight, including from me.  :) He did a great job.  I really like the transition to the red dresses, and the corps sounded really good.  Nothing like having home turf fans to support you, right?  If only they would finish making that catalyst before leaving So Cal, so that we can all see it in person, then we would be happier, and the GE score will go up.  Or maybe Batman can just pop up out of the catalyst, and my life would be complete.

That empty cube frame in the middle will be a catalyst someday

They need to clean up the horn parts, because it's a bit muddy.  I like our vantage point because of the formations.  Dodie really likes this show.  V tried to offer me sunflower seeds later in the evening, but I didn't want them, partly because I felt like I'd be eating Phregiment's flags.  I know I'm crazy.  Shut up. Tim would like more Gershwin, less Debussy.  I agree.  So does Bro.  But then it would be the Gershwin show, and that was 2005, and I'd rather keep it there in my happy memory archive.  

Eiffel Tower

Now there is writing, so they look like books.  Oh, I see them coming out of the pages now.  V thinks that they should have a gigantic calligraphy pen.  Dodie leaned over at one point and said to me, "Darkness!"  I giggled. Oh, I didn't realize that the girls were sitting at the table for tea.  I loudly said, "Ladders!" so that the newbies would see the rifle action.  They liked that, and Glenn asked if they were trying to top last year's rifle stuff.  I like the high saber tosses during "Children Will Listen", then they all toss in unison.  The drummers dance during the GOT7!  I think the pit members should dance, too.  Bro said they look like they want to dance.  Let them dance!!!  Tim was disappointed in the show because they have so much talent, but he feels like they're winning mostly because they are BD.  He did really like the final act when the brass was in the left end zone.  

Rifle Toss

The theremin is missing.  People behind us kept saying, "What does that mean?!"  I guess that they were trying to figure out the show, which I like, because it means they want to understand.  Just please, please, don't ask for narration.  I just didn't have time during the show to tell them about the SCV blog.  Tim was never for amplification, but at least appreciates the way that SCV used the mics artistically.  Dodie told me that she was sorry, but this show did not make her cry.  I told her that I don't think you're supposed to cry during this show, because it's so energetic.  I mean, "Pure Imagination" is lovely, but it's not just a crying kind of song.  I didn't cry when "Glee" did it at a funeral, either, but I didn't like the song at all back when I saw that.

Pure Imagination Bird formation

Encore -- Pacific Crest
Finally, an encore!

  • Eternal Father, Strong to Save
  • Enjoy the Silence
  • Final Fantasy 8
  • Ave Maria


Open Class
5) 36.00 -- Incognito
4) 44.40 -- Watchmen
3) 46.00 -- Impulse
2) 49.80 -- Gold
1) 51.60 -- Golden Empire

World Class
7) 62.50 -- Mandarins
6) 65.55 -- PC
5) 67.10 -- Academy
4) 72.80 -- BK
3) 73.15 -- Phregiment
2) 77.50 -- SCV
1) 79.40 -- BD (highest score in the nation tonight)

We did some catching up with Tim, and Bro found his friend Kenji, whom was in the champion 1999 Vanguard.  Hi, Kenji!  

Meeting up with Disneyland Friends

Kenji and Bro

Big drops started to fall from the sky, so we said our goodbyes and drove back to my place.  A block away, there were a lot of police cars, a paramedic vehicle, and a news van.  Uh oh.  It seems that there was a home invasion in the neighborhood, so that didn't let me fall asleep quickly.  So I watched "The Dark Knight".  Because it was on TV.  Also, because Batman.

Next up:  Western Corps Connection

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Harmonic Journal 06/27/15

Harmonic Journal
Saturday, June 27, 2015

"Batman's Song (Untitled Self-Portrait)" from The LEGO Movie, as performed by Will Arnett


Corps at the Crest -- San Diego
El Camino High School  Herb Meyer Stadium
Oceanside, CA
Friday, June 26, 2015

Bro and I encountered a bunch of traffic on our way to pick up Rudy, so the three of us didn't get there in time to park in the lot.  Or maybe we needed VIP tickets to do that.  Whatevs.  We parked on a nearby residential street, and it wasn't very much of a walk, so we were fine with that.  We had time to peruse the souvie stands and get something to eat before sitting down.  Our seats were on the right side of the 45-yard line, top row (backs against a wall (Section C, Row S, Seats 18-20).  Bro left seat 19 for me because he knows better than to take that one. Thanks, Bro!  Rudy has been watching DCI shows since we brought him to Riverside in 2003.  He cried when he watched Phregiment's "Harmonic Journey", and he will never ever live it down.  Love you, Roo!

We didn't hear the Star-Spangled Banner, so we must have missed it while we were shopping or getting food.  Sorry.  I don't like to miss that, especially on a day wherein a major Supreme Court decision was announced.  I would have loved to pay tribute to our country on this day.

The first group we heard was in exhibition for Sound Sport.

Repertoire:  "Imagine" (written by J. Mapes & I. Grom for Box Six)

They are from Glendale, AZ, so I wonder how many of them will be in The Academy next year. Rudy was freaking out that they didn't have a drum major.  He was also freaked out by the woodwinds.  I'm just glad they're keeping them out of the drum corps.  The pit wore Mardi Gras masks and their marimbas were decorated with fringe.  They played "Pure Imagination".  I told Rudy that I never really liked that song until this year (Because Vanguard).

Mardi Gras on the Field

Nice contra solo for "Jupiter".  They have 7 horns and 9 in the battery.  Drum-heavy, anyone?  I can hear the field judges from our seats.  They didn't enter the field with that syncopated drum beat, but they did exit with it.  I still don't think they should use that for marching.

Incognito Beginning

Looks like the brass caption head was a Trooper or something, because he was wearing that type of hat, but with the Impulse "!" logo.  He was also wearing a yellow bandanna.  This confused me.  I like how that percussion feature incorporated the main theme from "The Red Violin".  Those shiny lavender flags are pretty.  Actually, they're doubly pretty because they hold 2 at a time.  I love double flags.

Repertoire:  "Influenced": original music by R. Sabastian, A. Mendoza & H. Hutchins

Are the drum majors related?  They have the same last name.  They ruined the no-narration streak.  Sigh.  They have pretty blue/white long flags.  The percussion feature reminds me of "Devil's Staircase".

They painted their screens to look like a city scape.  Bro and I liked it better with just the blue.  Now they have orange/black striped flags.  So...pink panther...Tony the Tiger...some other cat that's multi-colored.  Rum Tum Tugger?  Yeah, I'm losing it and throwing out "CATS" references.  Good solos throughout.  Great job by the trumpet ensemble during whatever that song is that sounds like stripper music.  Nice equipment catch after the percussion feature.  What a fun show!
Golden Empire Cats

Now they have a tarp.  This does not make it better for me, especially when it reminds me of a vagina.  I'm sorry.  The drum major yelled out to the corps:  "POP STARS, ARE YOU READY?!"  A contra player's mother was sitting in front of us, so I refrained from talking about the tarp.  The pas de deux is clumsy, and I feel like he's going to drop her every time he lifts her.  Plus, the dancing is just messy.  The people kicking the tarp made me nervous.  The only part I really liked was the horn players dancing during the percussion feature, and that's mostly because it reminds me of BD's GOT7 portion of tihss year's show.  At least I can hear the brass over the electric guitar now.  I am still not enjoying this show, and yes, these are their uniforms, I guess.  Ugh.

Rudy and I bought stuff.  Yeah, I said I was done.  It's not for me!  But I did see something else for me.  I just didn't buy it.  Yet.

The color guard has their uniforms, and I like them!  Their backs look like they have a tattoo of the Resurrection character.  They still have not used that ball nor the dolls, and now Bro is asking me about what looks like a trampoline in another corner of the field.  I don't think it was theirs, though, because it was there for the rest of the evening.  The quintet was much better today.  I had told Rudy that he would like this show, and I was right.  I like when I'm right about that kind of stuff.
Back of Color Guard Uniforms

Repertoire:  "A Step In Time" -- I. Introduction: Chim Chim Cher-ee; A Shooting Star; II. Practically Perfect: A Spoonful of sugar; Practically Perfect; Galop (from "Masquerade Suite" by A. Khachaturian); III. Step in Time; IV. Feed the Birds; V. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious all by R. Sherman and R. Sherman except "Galop"

Ohmigosh, ohmigosh, ohmigosh!  This is a toned-down reaction to seeing the shirts at the souvie trailer before the show, because I had no idea what their show was going to be this year.  Mary Frickin' Poppins!  I love it.  So I guess they'll be British again this year.  :)  This is now Bro's favorite bass drum EVER.  It's electric blue, but changes color in the light, and it's just very very cool.  Rooftop screens!  Chimneys!  The umbrella from last year!  Out of the gate, they are off and running.  SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS was spelled by the flags!  OMG.  I freaked OUT.  I'd rather that the coat was red, though.  Beautiful white flags during "Feed the Birds".  Bro said that the CG is fantastic.  The trumpets made me give out a guttural scream with delight.  They didn't need the narration, but it's not that bad.

Mary and her corps

Now, darkness.  You know LEGO Batman's song during The LEGO Movie?  "Darkness!  No parents!  Opposite of light!"  I love that too much.  Anyway, the contrast from Academy's show to this one reminds me of this song.  Actually PC's show in general reminds me of the song.    The cube is on the field, people.  But it is only painted, not yet covered in cloth, and no lights yet.  Sigh.  At least they moved it around so that we could understand where the focus should be.  We were kind of confused before as to why they were playing to certain directions of the field before.  I told Bro that it reminded me of Pandora's box from the Cascades show, which Bro calls "a bad show".  This will be nothing like that show, so we'll be fine.  They need to clean up the "Enjoy the Silence" solo, though.  Maybe it's nerves.
Naked Catalyst

They have their drums!  I can't tell if they're blue or green, though.  Maybe they're green.  "Go, Ryan!" the lady next to Bro yelled.  I'm going to yell out his name at Finals.  Maybe even tomorrow.   I love their opening.  Judge above us:  "Tremendously great sound."  We agree.   You have got to be kidding me!  The show is still not done!  I love Rudy's expressions of joy when he hears or sees something brilliant, like in a lot of moments in this show.
BK New Drums

Rudy hit me REALLY hard during the trumpet feature.  I mean, I said "OW!" out loud and everything.  I even thought I'd have a bruise today, but I don't.  The electronics popped out during the drum feature.  In a show about electricity.  Uh oh.  They got them back on, though.  Bro and I don't think that show is finished quite yet.  The CG uniforms at the end make them look like the coils.  What is Brandt Crocker doing, riding the SCV pit vehicle?  He must be touring with them this year.
Beginning of SCV Show

The big French flag at the beginning had a little one on top of it in error, and it fell onto the field.  This distracted me for a long time until a CG member took it away.  The lead CG now holds sunflowers.  Oh, that's what's on thier flags!  Bro said that their transitions are better now.  There are just way too many red feather left on the field, and Bro is wondering why they don't get penalized.  Rudy loves the formation of the Phregiment crest.

No encore.  Gypped again!


Open Class
5) 34.75 -- Incognito
4) 43.85 -- Impulse
3) 44.55 -- Watchmen
2) 49.60 -- Gold
1) 50.70 -- Golden Empire

World Class
6) 61.25 -- Mandarins
5) 63.20 -- PC
4) 65.45 -- Academy
3) 71.90 -- BK
2) 72.10 -- Phregiment
1) 75.95 -- SCV

Next Up:  Corps at the Crest / Los Angeles

Harmonic Journal 06/26/15

Harmonic Journal
Friday, June 26, 2015

"Marry You" by Bruno Mars

Congratulations, USA.  Now more people can have happy moments like this one.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Harmonic Journal 06/25/15

Harmonic Journal
Thursday, June 25, 2015

"Friend of Mine" by Steve Martin, as sung by Martin Short to him at the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award night

Harmonic Journal 06/24/15

Harmonic Journal
Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Lean On Me" by Bill Withers

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sing It On 1.7

Sing It On
Season 1, Episode 7
South Semifinals

  • All Night Yahtzee is relaxing in the pool and they are still talking about the fact that Michael doesn't want them to have a ballad in their set.
  • The Nor'Easters drink champagne with alumnus Ty, and he agrees to film the Wild Card video.
  • Michael thinks that A.N.Y. needs more sexiness in their faces to bring forth the emotion that the judges found lacking in their performance.
  • No Comment celebrates Morgan's 21st birthday with a surprise party.  They sing "Bang Bang" on helium.
  • Michael invites Amanda to ride the bus with A.N.Y. because he wants her to join them next year.  But first, he invites some theater majors to help show the group how to turn their "dead faces into sex faces".  OK, then.
  • Amanda feels weird on the .A.N.Y. bus, and she's spying on Michael because she wants to run for Acabelles music director.
  • Molly broke the spirit stick, and all I can think about is "Bring It On".
  • Amanda is appalled that Michael is allowing A.N.Y. to blow out their voices by screaming and dancing on the party bus.  Amanda is a smart cookie.
  • Michael doesn't believe in the power of the spirit stick, but still brings the broken one up with him to pull the order number:  9th.  Christian is being a good boyfriend and being comforting to Andie.  Amanda texts Michael during the other performers' shows, and he relays them to A.N.Y., for which they're appreciative.  They decide to check out some of the competition for themselves, and they're confident.
  • A.N.Y. wins choreography. They also get 3rd place, and they're devastated, but trying for the Wild Card.
  • The Nor'easters mourn the loss of Kevin, whom lost his battle with depression, and they hold a concert to raise money for suicide depression.  And Sherry cries.
Looking forward to the quest for the wild card spot!

Harmonic Journal 06/23/15

Harmonic Journal
Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"Honey, I'm Good" by Andy Grammer

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Awesome, Dudes!

Pacific Procession
Santa Clara High School
Santa Clara, CA
Monday, June 22, 2015

After our family movie time for "Inside Out" in the theater, we rested before making our way to Santa Clara.  Bro had forgotten about Family Day, so we missed the SCVC and SCV love, but that's OK.  We also missed out on the VIP parking because we couldn't find it, and figured that maybe we needed to be there for Family Day to see it.  So we parked on a neighborhood street.  I'm guessing that SCV warns the neighbors about the craziness of buses and fans and people marching all over the place.  We had food vouchers from our VIP tickets, and got lots of stuff because the food was nice and inexpensive.

Our seats were in Section D, row 4, seats 1-2, which was the top row of seats beneath the press box.  Staff from the corps stood in the space behind us, which was fine.  We actually enjoy hearing what they have to say.  The gentleman seated next to me lamented that he didn't bring anything warmer to wear because we were in the shade, and it was getting a little chilly.  I was wearing shorts myself, but Bro told me that Phregiment had track pants that I might want, so I held onto hope that I could get those.

The Star-Spangled Banner was sung a capella by a member of SCV, Chase Edgar.  I think that's his name.  Whoever you are, dude, keep it up!  His rendition was absolutely beautiful.

Hi, Brandt Crocker!  Perhaps he's following Phregiment around again this year.

The horn line sounded better.  This is the first time I recognized the "Doctor Who" theme.  I think that color guard girl got dizzy from her cartwheel because she almost ran into the prism.  Nice high saber tosses.
End of Blue Devils B show

Beautiful horn line blew us all away!  I think they have all of their flags now, including a very pretty blue one with a feather.  They still don't have their drums, though.  Perhaps they are stuck at dock with the Blue Knights drums.
SCVC DM Salute

That pit guy's hair matches his uniform.  Great horn sound, but please tune that quintet portion.  Seriously.  They keep teasing me with their props and not using them.  Nice high ninja kick from the color guard girl at center front.
Fake Drum

Remember how I wrote that the staffers stood behind us during their corps' shows?  PC's staff asked if they could sit in the empty seats near us.  I pointed at Seth and said, "Only because he's from Arcadia."  He smiled and said, "Hi, guys!  We're doing some drum corps today."  He was going to sit by me for the show, but the gentleman returned with a blanket from his car, so that was not meant to be.  I did get a chance to ask him about the cube that they had rolled onto the field.  He said that they just received it this week, and they will be adding cloth and lights to it.  I asked, "The catalyst?"  He said, "Yeah, the catalyst."  We figured out that it would probably be used at the end of the show because some of the guard were in a box formation and not really doing anything at that point.  Great horn sound.  The field judge picked up someone's mouthpiece and handed it back to them.  I guess it's kind of hard to play without it, right?  At the end of the show, Seth exclaimed, "Awesome, Dudes!" He's so So Cal.  I love it.
Pretty PC Dress

I bought the Phregiment track pants, and wore them.  They are nice and warm, and have a chevron on the leg.  These are my new favorite track pants, even though they're long, and I'll need to tape the hem because there's a zipper.  I also got a SCV Scheherazade shirt that was on sale, as well as a pretty cowl-neck hoodie.  I think I'm done with the drum corps shopping for the season.  Maybe.  They tend to add more cool stuff by Finals, and then I get all excited again.
The Siblings Are Cold But Happy

I noticed the pre-show Notre Dame bells this time.  Did they have them all this time?  I like how the corps shakes their helmets at the end of the contra ensemble's portion of the Gershwin.  Those red feathers keep falling out onto the field.  The horns need to clean up that Saint-Saens piece.  The DM is fun to watch, because he really gets into the music.

Phregiment DM and his baton

The pit instructor informed the other staff members that during warm-up, the sprinklers came on, and she had to shield the equipment with her body, so she was soaking wet.  The corps was wet, too.  The DM got a lot of "ooh"s after his salute.  Staff goal for starting tempo: 91.  DM took it at 87.  At least that's what I heard.  The duet balance is much better, thank you for fixing it!  The corps uniforms have dots on their left sleeves.  Yay, dots!  That horn line is just way gorgeous.
Those horns!

I like how the corps lifts up their left arms like they're flying in the portion before the reprise of the Bach.  Great energy throughout.  I really like this show: the effects, the music, the drill, everything!  The home crowd gave much love to them, of course.  They'll be getting standing ovations with this show all season, and deservedly so.
SCV Trumpet Ensemble

No encore tonight.  Sad that we didn't get to hear 'Send in the Clowns".

For some reason, the BK drum major didn't attend awards, and instead, it was some kid.  Whatever.


Open Class

2) 58.70 -- SCVC
1) 59.90 -- BD-B

Brandt tried to tell us the name of the guy shaking hands with the leaders.  He mispronounced his name.  He said, "I'm in trouble.  He's the Chairman of the Board."

World Class

5) 60.30 -- Mandarins
4) 64.10 -- PC
3) 70.30 -- Phregiment

Then Brandt's microphone needed a new battery.  The suspense was crazy.  He decided to just go old school and shout the remaining results to us.

2) 70.40 -- BK
1) 74.90 -- SCV

Wow.  Blue Knights jumped Phregiment and their show still isn't done, nor do they have all of their visuals.  Recaps show that it was the brass that pushed them.  Great job!

I'll be going through a tiny bit of drum corps withdrawal for the next couple of days.  What am I going to do at night?  :)

Next up:  Corps at the Crest / Oceanside