Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Awesome, Dudes!

Pacific Procession
Santa Clara High School
Santa Clara, CA
Monday, June 22, 2015

After our family movie time for "Inside Out" in the theater, we rested before making our way to Santa Clara.  Bro had forgotten about Family Day, so we missed the SCVC and SCV love, but that's OK.  We also missed out on the VIP parking because we couldn't find it, and figured that maybe we needed to be there for Family Day to see it.  So we parked on a neighborhood street.  I'm guessing that SCV warns the neighbors about the craziness of buses and fans and people marching all over the place.  We had food vouchers from our VIP tickets, and got lots of stuff because the food was nice and inexpensive.

Our seats were in Section D, row 4, seats 1-2, which was the top row of seats beneath the press box.  Staff from the corps stood in the space behind us, which was fine.  We actually enjoy hearing what they have to say.  The gentleman seated next to me lamented that he didn't bring anything warmer to wear because we were in the shade, and it was getting a little chilly.  I was wearing shorts myself, but Bro told me that Phregiment had track pants that I might want, so I held onto hope that I could get those.

The Star-Spangled Banner was sung a capella by a member of SCV, Chase Edgar.  I think that's his name.  Whoever you are, dude, keep it up!  His rendition was absolutely beautiful.

Hi, Brandt Crocker!  Perhaps he's following Phregiment around again this year.

The horn line sounded better.  This is the first time I recognized the "Doctor Who" theme.  I think that color guard girl got dizzy from her cartwheel because she almost ran into the prism.  Nice high saber tosses.
End of Blue Devils B show

Beautiful horn line blew us all away!  I think they have all of their flags now, including a very pretty blue one with a feather.  They still don't have their drums, though.  Perhaps they are stuck at dock with the Blue Knights drums.
SCVC DM Salute

That pit guy's hair matches his uniform.  Great horn sound, but please tune that quintet portion.  Seriously.  They keep teasing me with their props and not using them.  Nice high ninja kick from the color guard girl at center front.
Fake Drum

Remember how I wrote that the staffers stood behind us during their corps' shows?  PC's staff asked if they could sit in the empty seats near us.  I pointed at Seth and said, "Only because he's from Arcadia."  He smiled and said, "Hi, guys!  We're doing some drum corps today."  He was going to sit by me for the show, but the gentleman returned with a blanket from his car, so that was not meant to be.  I did get a chance to ask him about the cube that they had rolled onto the field.  He said that they just received it this week, and they will be adding cloth and lights to it.  I asked, "The catalyst?"  He said, "Yeah, the catalyst."  We figured out that it would probably be used at the end of the show because some of the guard were in a box formation and not really doing anything at that point.  Great horn sound.  The field judge picked up someone's mouthpiece and handed it back to them.  I guess it's kind of hard to play without it, right?  At the end of the show, Seth exclaimed, "Awesome, Dudes!" He's so So Cal.  I love it.
Pretty PC Dress

I bought the Phregiment track pants, and wore them.  They are nice and warm, and have a chevron on the leg.  These are my new favorite track pants, even though they're long, and I'll need to tape the hem because there's a zipper.  I also got a SCV Scheherazade shirt that was on sale, as well as a pretty cowl-neck hoodie.  I think I'm done with the drum corps shopping for the season.  Maybe.  They tend to add more cool stuff by Finals, and then I get all excited again.
The Siblings Are Cold But Happy

I noticed the pre-show Notre Dame bells this time.  Did they have them all this time?  I like how the corps shakes their helmets at the end of the contra ensemble's portion of the Gershwin.  Those red feathers keep falling out onto the field.  The horns need to clean up that Saint-Saens piece.  The DM is fun to watch, because he really gets into the music.

Phregiment DM and his baton

The pit instructor informed the other staff members that during warm-up, the sprinklers came on, and she had to shield the equipment with her body, so she was soaking wet.  The corps was wet, too.  The DM got a lot of "ooh"s after his salute.  Staff goal for starting tempo: 91.  DM took it at 87.  At least that's what I heard.  The duet balance is much better, thank you for fixing it!  The corps uniforms have dots on their left sleeves.  Yay, dots!  That horn line is just way gorgeous.
Those horns!

I like how the corps lifts up their left arms like they're flying in the portion before the reprise of the Bach.  Great energy throughout.  I really like this show: the effects, the music, the drill, everything!  The home crowd gave much love to them, of course.  They'll be getting standing ovations with this show all season, and deservedly so.
SCV Trumpet Ensemble

No encore tonight.  Sad that we didn't get to hear 'Send in the Clowns".

For some reason, the BK drum major didn't attend awards, and instead, it was some kid.  Whatever.


Open Class

2) 58.70 -- SCVC
1) 59.90 -- BD-B

Brandt tried to tell us the name of the guy shaking hands with the leaders.  He mispronounced his name.  He said, "I'm in trouble.  He's the Chairman of the Board."

World Class

5) 60.30 -- Mandarins
4) 64.10 -- PC
3) 70.30 -- Phregiment

Then Brandt's microphone needed a new battery.  The suspense was crazy.  He decided to just go old school and shout the remaining results to us.

2) 70.40 -- BK
1) 74.90 -- SCV

Wow.  Blue Knights jumped Phregiment and their show still isn't done, nor do they have all of their visuals.  Recaps show that it was the brass that pushed them.  Great job!

I'll be going through a tiny bit of drum corps withdrawal for the next couple of days.  What am I going to do at night?  :)

Next up:  Corps at the Crest / Oceanside

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