Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tastes around BP

So I've wrapped up 5 weeks of training over the last 6 months in Buena Park, and someone has requested that I blog about my food experiences. Since that person is the only one to regularly comment on my blog, I shall reward her by indulging her request. :)

This will be in short form, since the essay form was just WAY too long.

Japanese: Sushi Ya on Orangethorpe in La Palma. Ate there 3 times, because my co-trainer wanted sushi most of the time. Tasty, but not the best ever.

Vietnamese: Went to a few places. The best one: Kim Loan on Orangethorpe in Fullerton. I've come to really enjoy Vietnamese Pho at any place, but Kim Loan has the best spring rolls and crispy noodle dishes as well. Highly recommended, and the prices are very reasonable.

Vietnamese Sandwiches: Lee's Sandwiches, which offers both Asian- and European-style sandwiches. See my blog below on the awesomeness of almonds with tuna. http://www.leesandwiches.com/index.php

  • Pinoy Grill on La Mirada -- beef dish was salty, upo dish was bland, melon drink yummy
  • Mami King on Knott & La Palma -- (chain restaurant) Very tasty pancit canton, and they specialize in noodle soups, with dumplings (shomai) and steamed buns (siopao). Went there twice, which provided a total of 4-5 meals, actually. Food cooked to order.
  • Manila Grille on Knott Ave -- tasty. Both Beefsteak and upo/shrimp dishes had nice flavor. This is a fast food style place, and the parking lot is pretty much just gravel, but from the number of cars outside at lunch and dinner, I figured this would be a good bet, and I was right.
Southern: PoFolks -- SWEEEET TEA!!!!! Oh, and lots of fried food, with mac 'n' cheese noted as a vegetable.

Buffet: Asia Buffet -- located at the back of the Buena Park mall. Great variety, and plenty of seafood. My favorite dish was the fried bananas, because they were done just like my mom makes, Filipino-style. Yummmmmmm.....

OK, now I'm really hungry. Thanks a LOT, Cindy.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

DLR LotD 10/26/07

Disneyland Resort Line of the Day
October 26, 2007

"Remember that geeky thing we talked about?" -- Bro, to V, at Taste Pilot's, after she tried to think of the material of Wolverine's claws.

Runner up, because I need to remember this moment:

Scarecrow at the entrance to Bug's Land: "Candy's the best. You can't wear milk or eggs..."
Kid: "You can't wear candy!"
Scarecrow: "Oh, yeah? What's your dress made out of? COTTON!!"

Thursday, October 25, 2007

California Sad-Eyed Girl - Rockapella

Something to bring much-needed loveliness to the So Cal contingent of my Pella Posse: Da Boyz in Portsmouth, NH, singing our song. Enjoy.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

They Got The Beat In 'Dena!

Y'all know that I'm way behind in my trip reports, so I'll use this method to get the scoop to you until our site gets updated.

10/19/07 -- Rockapella in Pasadena, CA

1. Ashley the "Beg" girl giving a fabulous performance, causing John to laugh instead of sing, Joe B. to fall off his chair laughing, and a standing ovation from the audience.

2. Scott doing a double-take from the stage when he saw me.

3. George telling me his favorite song to sing is the wicked bassline in "Paper Doll," which he changes all the time.

4. Scott thinking aloud about rewriting a lyric in "California Sad-Eyed Girl", and taking suggestions ... during the show. (I like "ooh, Pasadena" myself).

5. Jeff wearing sneakers with his suit.

6. Six-year-old Daniella wearing a vintage Rockapella shirt.

7. Jeff calling me a "lovely girl" ... and then ignoring me.

8. Jeff's cricket noises prompting the house lights to go dark.

9. Kevin talking at length about the beef jerky/Sasquatch commercials at the meet-n-greet.

10. George calling me "Sweetness". (Melt-o-rama!!!)

Thank you to all of you for joining me...especially new push-ees Dodie & Mox. I hope you join us again! I'll see the rest of you in R.C.!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Thoughts from 10/18/07

All I know is that if I was a college student and John Williams was conducting me in my symphony orchestra, I'd at least look up at him every few bars while he's conducting us.

That's probably one of the few times that those Trojans will ever do what a Bruin tells them to do...and on Trojan grounds, no less. They should do it more often. ;)

I loved his comment that it was nice to conduct his film scores "without the distraction of spaceships and horse's hooves."

My favorite anecdote: After watching "Schindler's List" for the 1st time before writing the score, JW was so emotional that he had to take a walk around the property for a few minutes before continuing with the production meeting. When he returned, he said to Spielberg, "Steven, you need someone far better than me to compose this score. I'm just not good enough for it." SS replied, "Yeah, but they're all dead."

I don't know if I'll ever get to watch JW from just 15 feet away again, so I'll cherish this night always.

Thanks, V!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

DLR LotD 10/14/07

Disneyland Resort Line of the Day
October 14, 2007

"Isn't there one with a LLLAbel?!" -- Sherry, to Glenn, at Department 56, trying to decipher some kind of candy corn

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Is that LEGO?!

Do-It-Yourself Hallowe'en Edition:


I'd propose this for a certain party being planned, but sharp objects and alcohol should not be in the same room, if one wants to avoid a trip to the ER.

Friday, October 12, 2007

New Word 10/12/07

New Word added to Sherry's Dictionary:

"Yummiful": adj. Completely Delicious

Example: That pumpkin ravioli looks yummiful. Mmmmmm.....

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mariah or Leann? I'll take either one's voice instead.

If you'd like to see what celebrities I supposedly look like, take a look:


Which one (if any) do you agree with? Who are most of those people?!

Who do you supposedly resemble? Check it out for yourself and have fun!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

DLR LotD 10/07/07

Disneyland Resort Line of the Day
October 7, 2007

"Are you theriouth?" -- Mr. Ranger Dude at Storyteller's

Saturday, October 6, 2007

DLR LotD 10/05/07

Disneyland Resort Lines of the Day
In Shifts!

Shift 1: "You would need to take those nachos to opera afterward, and they'd all share it in order to finish off that thing." -- Sherry, to Linda, at Tortilla Jo's Cantina

Shift 2: "You should have called." -- Ryan, to Sherry, at Catal, before receiving a sound beating

Shift 3: "OOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!" -- Brady, lots and lots of times, while pointing to each pumpkin he saw at Disneyland