Saturday, July 20, 2013

DLR LotD 07/17/13

Disneyland Resort
Line of the Day

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"I apologize in advance for Admiral Ackbar." -- A prophetic Mox, in line at Star Tours

Happy 58th Birthday, Disneyland!

Pre-Zombies and Props At SCC

So Cal Classic
Sunday, July 14, 2013
Bellflower High School -- Ron Vary Stadium
Bellflower, CA

I attended a nice brunch with friends this morning, went home and took a nap, and was refreshed so that I could drive down to Bellflower for the last of this season's drum corps shows in Southern California.  I'm glad that I arrived a little bit early, because all the seats were General Admission, although the ones in the Center Section were priced a little bit higher.  I decided to purchase a ticket for the center section, bought a hamburger for dinner, and sat about 20 rows up, on the right 40-yard line.  Someday I'll come early enough to sit at the top, so that I have a wall in back of me and a back on my seat instead of just a bench.  The stands were a bit dirty from a recent rain, so I sat on my sweatshirt.  It was too hot for me to deal with the blanket.  As I surveyed my surroundings, I saw that there are light poles in front of the stands instead of in back of them.  Those were sure to obstruct any pictures that I wanted to take of the entire field, so that bothered me before the show even started.  Then the child in back of me whined to her mother that she was "starving" so they needed to leave several minutes after they sat down.  Girl didn't notice that her mother was heavily breathing after having to climb up to their seats, and didn't realize she was starving before having to go to their seats?  Luckily for her, I'm not her mom, and they went down to get some grub.

The Star-Spangled Banner was performed by The Watchmen.  They sounded very nice, especially the trumpet section.

The Watchmen then performed their show (in exhibition), entitled "Fire Away".  The solos were done well.  The center snare player conducted while the brass was facing the back stands.
Watchmen W

Nice guard solos.  The kid in back of me got all excited: "SHE DID THE SPLITS!!!"  Oh, there's "We Will Rock You".  I hadn't heard that in their show yet.  I think I'm the only one that participated, though.  

The Mandarins are already bringing out their huge new screen things.  

OMG, that little boy on the color guard is SOOOO cute!  Great job, drums!  "Greased Lightning" was a big hit with the audience, as they clapped along with the music.

You know what's cool?  Girl DCI judges get to wear khaki skirts.

Hey, what happened to their modified conga drum things?  Now the marimba players just chant into a single microphone during that part.  Nice euphonium solo during the last song.
Hot for the Soloist

I like the little leg itch thing that they do before the hippo dance.  I'm sure that it's supposed to be that ballet thing with the little movements, but without pointe shoes, they look like they're scratching their leg with their shoes.  I cheered quietly for Justin before the show.  I'd cheer louder, maybe, if I had actually met him.  I almost forgot to look at my marimba player!  There he is!  Great job, drums!
I'm pretty sure that Justin is the one on the right.

Dude dropped his rifle during his solo, so I didn't want to take a picture of his strut later on.  Sorry, dude.  Amps were too loud at the very beginning, but either my ears adjusted or the sound person did that for me.  They need to commit to that tree spirit head thing, because it's half-hearted at this point.  Lines were much better.
Corps holding parasols for color guard

The Freelancer Alumni Corps played at a standstill in front of the stands.  I didn't stay because I needed to use the facilities.  I'm glad that my seat was still available when I returned.  I would have used my coupon for Pacific Crest merchandise, but their souvenir stand wasn't there.  Maybe they left for the big tour already.
Freelancers play during intermission

Those drums are RED!  One of the cymbal players is missing.  I like the way they enter the field, following a lone snare.  Pre-show includes high step marching by one side, goose step marching from the other side.  Nice little bit of "Agnus Dei" by the sopranos.
Very Red SCVC Drums

What are those things now?  I guess they need to train the kids early to carry big things onto the field in preparation for the A corps.  Those new props did nothing for me.  No tarps.  Are they gone forever, then?  Or will they bring them back at Finals when there's no danger of wet grass?  I don't remember those pink flags.  They use their umbrellas more now.  At the beginning of the show, the guard members are twitchy, like they're pre-zombies.  Nice addition to the "warped" theme, but I still don't get those arched pole things.  The CG uses green circles to cover the bells of the horns during an ensemble portion.
Arches are the new Tarp

They now have new screen towers in the back.  They start as paper lanterns, then turn to boats, then to an interrogation scene, and then the Golden Gate bridge.  Nice sound, Mandarins!  Oh, the Taiko drums are played during the dragon dance.  Well, that makes sense then.
Interrogation Flags

They're carrying big purple things onto the field, which took them forever to place in the heart formation.  They don't really need the heart, but maybe they think that more props = higher visual score?  The CG leads now have purple vests.  Beautiful sound, PC!
One of the 2 Hearts on the Field during this PC piece


They played a stand still performance of their show.  I'm pretty sure that the CG was laughing at the marimba players, especially my favorite one, because he had a big grin on his face.
Impulse Encore


1) 67.3  So Cal Dream

(Weird to hear World scores before Open ones, but I guess the Open class is the bigger ticket for this show)
2) 73.8  Mandarins
1) 75.0 Pacific Crest  (way to get that 75, PC!)

6) 60.55  Blue Devils C
5) 65.75  City Sound
4) 72.75  Impulse
3) 76.75  Gold
2) 81.50  SCV Cadets
1) 82.60  Blue Devils B

That was fun.  As I was driving away, I saw that Impulse was playing something on the field.  It was their home show, so maybe it was for their families.  I don't know.  I wish they would have announced it.  I would have stayed to see it.

So now I'm in drum corps withdrawal again.  August is far away, you know.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We Ride for Justice, Truth and the American Way

I watched the credits for "Despicable Me 2", then rushed to the restroom and concessions and still made it just in time for the Krikorian Theatres promo right before the movie started.  Phew!

The second movie of my double feature was "The Lone Ranger".

  • I had a mask in my purse (Thanks, Cindy!), but I didn't wear it because none of my friends were with me and that wouldn't be as much fun.   Also, the mask would have irritated me if I wore it for 2.5 hours.  However, I shall wear the mask as I write this here blog post.  Too bad I don't have a white cowboy hat.
  • I like the premise of the "exhibit" talking to the kid in the Lone Ranger outfit.  It reminded me of "The Princess Bride".
  • So, is that what Johnny Depp will look like when he gets really old and stands in the same position for long periods of time?
  • I liked seeing the origin story of both the Lone Ranger and Tonto.  
  • I want a Spirit Horse.  With a pretty long horn in the middle of its forehead.  OK, so I want a unicorn.  That can't possibly be a surprise to anyone that knows me.
  • The Chinese people working at the railroad reminds me of the old Golden Dreams movie at DCA.  I miss that movie, but not really, because I like much more the attraction that replaced it.  :)
  • I would have enjoyed more horse riding, less train action, but I guess the whole plot was about the railroad, so too bad.
  • I so totally knew that this was filmed in Utah.  Does Texas even have those kinds of rock formations?
  • So is that kid John's, or Dan's?  Hmmmm...which brother is the Wrong Brother here?
  • I like Armie Hammer in this role.  He has the City Boy looks and the right amount of humor for the part.
  • Johnny Depp is a fun Tonto.  With a crow on his head.  I don't remember the TV Tonto having a crow on his head.
  • There's a band in this movie, and they're playing Stars and Stripes Forever.  Happiness.
  • I like how everyone wants to touch Red's "leg".
  • WIlliam Fichtner, you scare me as the bad guy whenever you play the bad guy.
  • Barry Pepper!  With that mustache and that cavalry outfit!  I haven't seen him in a long time.
  • How much do I love that William Tell Overture?  I almost started to gallop in my seat, then stopped myself.  I like this arrangement, so yes, I want the soundtrack.
  • "HI Ho, Silver, AWAY!!!!"  (I disagree with Tonto.  It needs to be said again).
Linda requested a picture of me in the mask.  

Monday, July 8, 2013

Gru 2: The Minion Boogaloo

Two movies opened this weekend that I was really looking forward to seeing, so I made Sunday a Double Feature Day at the Krikorian.  I saw that the times would be a tight fit without taking a break, but I bought tickets for both shows when I arrived.

First up was "Despicable Me 2".

  • I love that Agnes' pony at her party is a unicorn. I mean, what else would it be?!  I also love that her bed is now a unicorn, and Edith's is still in her bomb bed.
  • Zinkerbell sometimes eats instead of solving her problems.  I like Zinkerbell.
  • Pins and needles!
  • I so totally would have been Margo falling for Antonio and getting my heart broken....and my dad would have been Gru.
  • "Never grow up."
  • Didn't one of the minions fall in love with Lucy immediately?  I would have liked to see his reaction at the end.
  • I don't think that I would want to ear a guacamole hat.
  • That Minion cupcake looked yummy.
  • I like that Dave and Stuart minions are on Gru's speed dial.
  • Naked Minion Butt!
  • Minions as All 4 One!  Dressed in white and singing harmony!  
  • When Karla told me that there was a minion with a banana in the McDonald's Happy Meals, I had to get one.  Got it today, and I didn't even ask for it specifically.  :)
  • I also would like a purple scary minion.  Even though it acts like the zombies in World War Z.
  • Also on the wish list:  lipstick taser.
  • So where did Eduardo's Mexican flag tattoo go?  When he was dressed as El Macho, I didn't see it.
  • He's....pooping?
  • I'm already looking forward to the Minions movie.
Such fun!  Bee-doh!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Boy Band Bonanza

NKOTB -- The Package Tour
Friday, July 5, 2013
Staples Center -- Los Angeles, CA

I had a slight crisis in the morning when I couldn't locate my tickets for this show.  Then I seriously doubted that I ever received them, because they were not in my designated ticket place.  Luckily for me, Ticketmaster understood and waived the email fee to have my tickets printed.  I picked up Karla after I got off of work, and we went to Panera for dinner so that we wouldn't have to deal with trying to eat expensive concessions food at Staples Center.  We drove under 2 train trestles to get to the Del Amo Metro station, bought new TAP cards without the assistance of the scary people whom offered it, and rode the Blue Line to Pico station, which is just a couple of blocks away from Staples Center.  The $3.00 we paid for the Metro was much, much better than the $30.00 parking lot that was located kitty korner from Staples.  We saw people dressed in costume, and KP correctly guessed that there must be an Anime convention in town.  I saw food trucks over there.  Hey, had I known, we might have done those instead, but my Shrimp Roll from Panera was satisfying and tasted good. 

I didn't really want any of the merchandise offered, which is probably a good thing, but I would have liked to buy a program that had pictures of all 3 groups inside.  I mean, it's a "package", right?  But nothing was offered as a package aside from our tickets.  I guess they don't want my money.  We went to our seats, which were in Section 102.  KP and I had bought our tickets separately, so I was in row 20, seat 19, which was on the aisle, and it was the back row of my level, so I could stand up and not worry about who was sitting behind me.  We took pictures of each other and then got ready for lots of guys to sing.  The stage was really cool because it extended all the way to the middle of the arena, so we had a good vantage point.
Video Board

The set lists below are from the tour's Wikipedia site, because I didn't write anything down, and there were way too many songs to remember.  Before each act, the video board showed the group's name, and then showed each individual with their name so that people like me would remember who the heck they are.  Unfortunately,  I didn't get very many facial details from the camera on my phone.  I thought about bringing my camera, but didn't want it to get confiscated, as I had no car in which to put it in case they wouldn't allow it inside.

Boyz II Men
Set List:
    "On Bended Knee""Water Runs Dry""I'll Make Love to You""It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday""End of the Road""Motownphilly"
    Petal Confetti Falling on Everyone

              • The Boyz looked really good.  They were all dressed in white, and I wanted their white baseball caps.
              • They sounded great, too.  
              • When they mentioned that they were going to go way back to when they were singing together in high school, Karla and I both yelled out, "GEORGE!!!"  We're crazy.
              • During "I'll Make Love to You", confetti shaped like rose petals fell from the rafters.  That was really cool.  They were also giving out roses during the song, and I thought of Aura's story of a previous B2M concert.  
              • My favorite:  "Motownphilly".  I love watching them dance and still sing in the amazing way that they do.
              • I still miss hearing a bass.  I know that I need to get over it, but, well, you know.

              98 Degrees
              Set List:

              "Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)"

              "Girls Night Out"
              "Invisible Man"
              "The Hardest Thing"
              "My Everything"
              "Can't Get Enough"
              "I Do"
              "Impossible Things"
              "Because of You"
              98 Degrees 
              • I'm a bad boy band fan because I maybe knew 4 of those songs.  
              • KP and I agreed that we would have felt like total poseurs if we had been picked to sit on stage while they sang.whatever song it was that they sang. I was happy for the people they picked, though, and had a flashback to the time I was on stage with Rockapella.
              • The usher near me commented that they should have done "The Hardest Thing" last because that's their best song.  I was just happy that I knew that song.
              • Also, I only remember Nick Lachey out of all 4 of those guys, mostly because of "The Sing-Off".
              • I would have liked to hear "True to Your Heart".  See?  I do know something, because it was in "Mulan".  But maybe then they'd need Stevie Wonder.  Then my head might explode.
              KP and I walked around the lobby instead of standing around by our aisle seats.  We asked usher Patrick to take a picture with us because he was nice to us.  KP thinks of him as a Curtis.   So he has the wrong name.
              Us with "Curtis"

              The video board showed that we deserved to have fun tonight.  We earned it.  We were told to vow to party and enjoy ourselves.  So, at this point, I screamed a lot.  A LOT.  I screamed a bit for B2M, too, but at this point I wondered if I'd be able to sing the next day.

              "We Own Tonight" -- The guys were wearing white jackets and t-shirts with black/white geometric patterns, and black pants.  There were several costume changes throughout the show.  As soon as they got to the mid-arena stage, I saw the floor and figured that it would turn, like the stage in Les Miz.  I can't remember what song it was that it happened, but it turned.  Then it went UP.  OMG, how totally cool!  There were also 5 individual stages that popped up really high and KP and I both figured that Jon did not like that height thing.

              "Block Party"
              "You Got It (The Right Stuff)"  -- We all went crazy as soon as they did the dance steps from the video.  

              The blue lights on the microphone stands are awesome.  Pella needs those.
              5 Blue Microphones

              "The Whisper"
              "Survive You"
              "Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)"
              "Valentine Girl" -- Yay, Danny's singing solo, even for just a line or two.
              New Kids Butts

              "If You Go Away"
              "Please Don't Go Girl" -- This was the coolest part of the staging for me.  Joe sang his solo from the center of the arena, the platform lifted up, and the lights around him were awesome.  KP says that Scott Leonard needs a stage like this.  I agree.
              End of "Please Don't Go, Girl"

              "Remix (I Like The)" -- I think this is when Jordan did a dance solo.  Or it was during Right Stuff.

              "Single" -- So, um, Donnie made out with someone in the VIP area.  Yeah, if I had money, I'd pay for that place, too.  Although I would have been happier to see him kiss my fellow NKOTB fan, Mercedes.  Many of us lived vicariously through the woman anyway.  I mean, HELLO.  

              Medley: "Baby, I Believe in You" / "Tender Love" / "Click Click Click" -- They sat on stools and the stage turned them all around, while the musicians were on the stationary smaller stages adjacent to the middle.  Aw, I miss seeing them pose at the end of Click3.  I really liked "Tender Love".

              Medley: "Faith" / "Kiss" / "Sexy and I Know It" / "Hot In Here" -- Joe sang the lead on "Faith", which was pretty damn hot.  Jordan kicked it up a notch for "Kiss" and I almost lost my mind when he had his whole torso showing.  They were both on the individual tall stages during their solos.

              "Dirty Dancing" -- More sexiness. I wondered if Donnie would ever put his shirt back on.  HIs pants were low, so, um, yeah.
              The Backside of Donnie

              "Step By Step" -- We love those dance steps!  I sang the 5 steps at the top of my lungs.

              "Cover Girl" -- Oh, Donnie, I love you even when you sing flat.

              "Games" -- Yay, Danny is breakdancing!

              "Tonight" -- Joe brought out his very cute son and he did the intro.  He's adorable.

              "I'll Be Loving You (Forever)" -- Jordan had the middle stage to himself, which rose up.  The other 4 guys were on the big stage singing back up.  Jordan was like an angel singing up there.  Perfect.

              "Hangin’ Tough" -- I refuse to cheer for a Boston team when we are in the House That The Lakers Built.  KP laughed whenever she looked at me and I was shaking my head.

              I waved goodbye to Patrick and we had a quiet Metro Ride home, although I may have received a contact high from all of the weed that I smelled at the Pico station and for a little while on he train.
              Bye, Staples!  
              That was fun.  I deserved it.  Great show!

              Can we please have a New Edition / NKOTB tour now?  Pretty please?

              DLR LotD 07/04/13

              Disneyland Resort
              Line of the Day

              Thursday, July 4, 2013

              "Bee-doh, bee-doh" -- Cindy (and sometimes others but mostly Cindy), at multiple times and various places around the resort

              Strong to Save

              Western Corps Connection
              Sunday, June 30, 2013
              Riverside Community College -- Arthur N. Wheelock Stadium

              After a day of World War Z and playing with the niece and nephew, it was time for more drum corps.  Rudy showed up at my parents' house so that we could carpool, and we were on our way.  When we arrived at the parking structure, we saw a long line at the parking meter.  We'd never paid for parking there before, and the directions didn't mention that we needed to pay, so I decided to risk it.  The night before, I had been ready with money as mentioned in the directions, and there wasn't anyone or anything there to take my money, so I'm saving my $ for hot dogs.   Bro got a couple of Mandarin flags for the kids. We did get hot dogs, said hi to my friend Mike, and got to our seats:  Section 4, Row P, Seats 1-3.  I was happy that we had a shelf in back of our seats, between our bench and the wall.

              The Star-Spangled Banner and O Canada were played by the combined groups of Bishop Grandin "Marching Ghosts" and Yamato Youth Band.

              In Exhibition:

              Yamato Youth Band played "We Found Love (In A Hopeless Place)" and some song none of the three of us knew.

              The Watchmen Sound Sport made a "W" formation.  Rudy said, "Their brass had good eighth notes."  The color guard skirts flew up high due to the empire waist.  During their show, a bee was attracted to Rudy's cinnamon licorice.  He said to me, "Food, Flying Things, and You."  Ah, the history we share: a long time ago, there was an incident on Laguna Beach with a seagull and our waffle cones of ice cream.  There was much screaming and running and laughter.  So, naturally, I giggled during the show.  Sorry for not paying attention.

              Bishop Grandin did their "007" show.  Rudy said that the color guard soloist "had pretty arabesques".  Oh, yeah, that's what those are called.  I didn't notice that Bond has a tux jacket until tonight.  Bro was watching the keyboard gal play sound effects, and it reminded him of Ross from "Friends".  I don't think that she's a real pit member.  I mean, she could barely play the high hat!  OK, I know.  They're not a drum corps.

              In Competition:

              SO CAL DREAM
              Their orange flags match the yard markers, as well as the DCI Orange Cone (not here today).  Yup.  The arms are actually laced up with ribbon, not just sleeves.
              SCD Color Guard

              CITY SOUND
              There are two people playing one of the modified conga drums because there are five marimba players and only four drums. Bro:  "The other one would be lonely."  Rudy:  "They should have rain sticks."  Maybe that fifth person could play a rain stick during that part, then!
              City Sound DM Salute

              The tubas are the dancing hippos!  Nice smile from the drum major after the salute.
              One-handed Marimba Time

              After the saber guy does his high toss, he struts, and makes me laugh.  Many others laugh with me.  Rudy told us about the movie he recently watched called "Curse of the Golden Flower", because the uniforms reminded him of it.  Rudy:  "I feel like I'm going to watch it all over again." I like all of the percussion features.  STOP DROPPING FLAGS!  I don't remember them shouting  "Ni Hau!" before.
              Gold Parasols

              Walked the wrong way to get to the restrooms, had to walk extra.  Let's say it together now: "the farther restrooms have no line, people!"  We got some Gatorade.  For some reason, Bro didn't want the orange one.  I don't know what that's about.  Bro pointed out to me that drum corps personality and uniform design company owner Michael Cesario was present.  He's probably here to watch Crown.

              Well done, Mandarins!  There was no audience participation of number shouting today, like there was last night.  Seriously, every time the narration starts, I think he's about to say, "I was born a poor black child."  The brass needs to be sharper with their dragon tail flags.  Later, we asked Rudy who he thought the narrator sounded like. His response:  "Uncle George!"
              Two Brothers

              PACIFIC CREST
              Two contras and one soprano were on the sideline.  I don't know if those are the holes that we see in the blocks, or what, but the blocks look so much better now!  They need to straighten the end, though.  I really like this music.

              CAROLINA CROWN
              I think Rudy liked that one.  :)  He exclaimed many times whenever the brass played, which is throughout the entire show.  I kept saying to him, "Right?!"  They have triple tonguing for days. How much do I love your horn line, Crown?  You are the light of DCI, the sun, moon and stars. You are our everything. Without you Drum Corps would have no reason for being.  Yeah, I paraphrased that from "Einstein on the Beach".  (You know I love SCV more, right?).  They have so much stuff that CG brings laundry baskets onto the field, then don't bother to use them when they leave.  Here is a sample of their warm up that night.  I mean, at about 2:00 and 5:50, Jeepers!
              Crown Snares with E=mc2 wrap; Awesome horn opening

              BLUE DEVILS
              Bro and I like the show again.  Rudy's not sure yet.  Somebody dropped her ball and had to go chasing after it.  Another person (or maybe the same one) dropped a rifle.  What is going on with BD's guard?  The soprano ensemble solo hit a really high note.  Together.  It was amazing.  The last soloist now starts with no microphone, then turns to use the microphone.  I'm so confused.  Wow, that's LOUD.
              BD Horns


              Blue Devils and Carolina Crown horn lines took up the entire field and still couldn't make a proper arc.  We forgave them as soon as heard the first three notes.  

              "Eternal Father, Strong to Save":  Wow, it's my favorite hymn!  One of Rudy's, too.  It brings me memories of singing at St. James.  Rudy's dad was a US Naval officer.   Also, it's the reason that I love the score from "Crimson Tide" so darn much.  That was beautiful.  See?


              All-Age Corps:
              61.25  So Cal Dream

              Open Class:
              3) 53.35  City Sound
              2) 62.90  Impulse
              1) 68.30  Gold

              World Class:
              4) 67.90  Mandarins
              3) 70.30  Pacific Crest
              2) 80.95  Blue Devils
              1) 81.85  Carolina Crown

              No, no boos.  Lots of cheering.  We happily went back to my parents' house and told V about our evening.  As I write this 6 days later, I'm in drum corps withdrawal and keep looking at videos.  Last chance to see drum corps this year in So Cal is at Bellflower on Sunday, July 14.  I'm thinking about it.  Let me know if you'd like to join me!

              Wednesday, July 3, 2013

              WW Zombie

              While I stayed at my parents' house, I played with the nephew and the niece.  The niece likes "beautiful things".  Sometimes she sings when she's not being asked to do so.   The nephew can't get enough of the prize claws.  I think that he and Bro won about 10 different prizes yesterday, and they still went again to another one this morning.

              Meanwhile, V and I decided to go to an early movie and watched "World War Z".  Nothing like watching some zombies on a pleasant Sunday morning!

              • V warned me that zombies in this movie are not like regular zombies that are slow and you wonder why people can't outrun them.  They swarm and they jump and they bite.  Yikes!  I was very tense throughout this movie.
              • Brad Pitt chooses his projects wisely, so I knew that this movie was probably a good one, despite the fact that I wasn't wowed by the trailers.  He did not disappoint.
              • V wondered what the score was, then guessed that it was the music of Muse.  She was right!  I like Muse.  I may need to buy this score.
              • OMG, they climb onto each other to build zombie towers, too!  Crazy.
              • I'm writing this review just after watching "Contagion" again.  Oh, boy.  I could be a germophobe in the making right now.
              • "Mother Nature is a serial killer."
              • If your husband was on a special assignment, and he said he'd call you if he was OK, please don't call his number.  He might be in a place where cell phones should NOT ring.  Other than that faux pas, Mireille Enos was great as his wife.
              • Daniella Kertesz is also wonderful in her role as the Israeli soldier.  I'm jealous that she can be so beautiful with those eyes despite the crew cut and the soldier uniform.
              • James Badge Dale brings good comic relief to the story.  "They were biting all over like a fat kid on Twix".
              • David Morse with no teeth.  Eeewww.  But at least he wasn't a zombie.
              • Hey, that's Matthew Fox!  Why didn't we get to see more of him?
              • So for future reference, if there is a zombie apocalypse, please let everyone else know when you find out something that might be, that they are attracted to sound.  Maybe text someone to spread the word?  Thanks in advance.
              • I enjoyed this movie.  Not gory, even though the zombies do bite.  They leave out the really gross stuff.  I might read the book if I think I'll still be able to sleep at night.