Monday, August 29, 2011

Flip This Drum

This summer, DCI has been posting video as seen from the head of a drum.  No, not the head of a drummer, but the actual drum.  The series included a drum from a different corps every time, and at Finals, they showed a montage of the videos.  It included a clip of the video below, and I had wondered how the heck I had missed it, since I had been looking forward to it for weeks.  Well, they didn't even post it until today!  

Here you go, a Tenor from the Cavaliers.

The flip is at 2:10.  Whoo HOOOO!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Indy + Bond vs. Bad ET

Both Linda and I had free movie passes to the Krikorian, and they can only be used for movies that have been out for more than 2 weeks, so we decided to use them to see "Cowboys and Aliens".  We had both wanted to see the movie anyway, and it came at the time that other blockbusters "needed" my attention, so this was good timing for us.

  • The more I see Daniel Craig, the more I like him.  Bond, Cowboy, whatever.  Bring it!
  • Of course, the more I see Harrison Ford, the more I like him, too, but that's been going on since the '70s.  :)
  • "Gold?  What are they going to do with it?  Buy something?!"  So, um, did we ever actually get an answer on that?
  • Yay!  Apaches!
  • I would freak out if I saw an extra-terrestrial, and I've seen a lot of movies that have them.  It must be really wild to see one in a time when humans haven't even been to the moon, much less driven cars.
  • Was it just me, or did Ella look so much like Jake's girlfriend/wife that it was confusing?
  • That Noah Ringer kid is going to be a star someday.  Oh, wait.  He starred in "The Last Airbender".  I need to see that movie.
  • Adam Beach (Nat) reminds me of the guy that played Selena's boyfriend/husband in that movie.  But that wasn't him.
  • Paul Dano's character reminded me of the one in "There Will Be Blood", so I didn't have much sympathy for him, and wondered why his father wanted so much to rescue him.  I mean, I know it's his father, but I didn't think he needed to be rescued.  But I'm mean like that.
  • "We've got a kid and a dog.   Why not a woman?"  Yes, Linda and I rooted for the dog the whole time.
That was a fun movie, but I wouldn't recommend it if you don't like cowboys.  Or aliens.  Or action.  Or guns.  But then, why would you even consider watching it, right?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

DLR LotD 08/19/11

Disneyland Resort
Line of the Day

Friday, August 19, 2011

"Did you show them your mirror?" -- Cindy, asking Ryan to show off his new mustache-with-eyes key cover, at Catal

I re-wrote the LotD about 3x today with different quotes, so this was quite a lively evening.

Thanks to everyone for a great time!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Montage! Summer Music Games 2011

DCI has posted the video that they showed on the big board at Finals.  When we watched it in the stadium, I thought that Pacific Crest hadn't been included, and I was disappointed.  But upon 2nd viewing, I see that there's a bit of the pulling of the flags, so I'm happy to post the video here.

If you read my blog during this year's finals, you may already be familiar (in written word) about what is shown, but here you have it in video form.
  • Upside down Tenors, Horns and Drum Majors
  • A Demon throwing a horn 
  • Not mentioned in my blog, but SCV runner jumping onto a bunch of flags and getting pushed back up (loved this moment every time)
  • Romeo dying, and Juliet's suicide

Sunday, August 14, 2011

DLR LotD 08/06/11

Disneyland Resort
Line of the Day

Saturday, August 6, 2011

"We need to come back here!" -- Sherry, at Trader Sam's

No Surprises

DCI Finals
Saturday, August 13, 2011
Lucas Oil Stadium -- Indianapolis, IN

Bro and I decided to get our concessions ahead of time, since we probably wouldn't have any time to do so during the 17-minute intermission.  I wanted a hot dog, and it took forever to get it because, APPARENTLY, someone had just come before us and ordered 50 of them, so they had to go get more.  Bro's new idea is to buy 50 next year and sell them in the stands.  We went up to our seats, which were on the top level (6th tier), 6th row, and Bro was sitting in seat 6.  So yes, Bro was unintentionally themed for the night.

The evening started out with "The Commandant's Own" United States Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps.  This year's "Music in Motion" show included Don't Rain On My Parade, Fiddle Faddle, Appalachian Spring, Pirates of the Caribbean, Reveille (an original work by their director, Brian Dix), and, of course, Stars and Stripes Forever.  Bro thought it was weird that the Marines were playing Pirates.  Bro:  "Hello, we're going to kill you now."  I loved hearing Appalachian Spring, and turned to Bro, telling him, "I miss Martha."  Ah, but look at the picture that Bro took of me at DCI Headquarters the day before.  :)
Sher with Martha in Dan Acheson's Office

The Marines then led us all in singing the "Star-Spangled Banner" before marching off to their Marine Corps hymn.

Announcer Dan Potter was wearing a VERY yellow shirt, which Bro pointed out to me.  Several minutes later, one of the gals in back of us noticed the same thing.  We giggled.

Outstanding Director of the Season:  
World Class:  Tom Spitero of Boston Crusaders
Open Class:  Mike Quillen of Oregon Crusaders
Volunteers of the Year (aside from those announced yesterday):  The Surf Six -- Jersey Surf

Open Class Champion Exhibition:  BLUE DEVILS B
They were clearly not competing anymore, because I saw a lot of drops and heard some questionable notes.

The sponsors were then recognized.  Thank you, sponsors, for helping this activity continue to happen.

Now, on to the competition.

Oh, it's a film projector!  Bro couldn't believe that I didn't see it the first day.  Bro forgets how sleepy I was.  Oh, they form lips while they have the lip flags!  They also make a cool chalk outline formation.  Wow, I missed a lot that day.

Nice rifle catch after knocking over the somersault guy.  They make a double helix formation during the drum feature.  I like the formation of the drums in a circle while the horns are in ranks around them.  

They have a couple of skyscraper formations.  No fleur-de-lis this year, maybe because it would detract from the poignancy of their show?  Maybe because they don't have any FDLs in NYC?  The dude that took the seat next to Bro yelled very loudly for Curtis.  Then he left after the corps was done.  Bro gets bored during this show, but I don't.

They need staff at the bottom of the stairway to prevent people from coming in during the show and obstructing the view for the people on the aisles.  It's very annoying, and the lady sitting there was clearly irritated the whole time.  I mean, really, where did the crowd control guy go?  He was there before the show started.  Unfortunately, the only time they announce that people need to wait between corps to go to and from their seats is before the start of the show, when all of these late people don't hear them.  Why are they late, anyway?  It's rude and annoying.

Tonight, they stopped playing before they exited between the B and K banners.  I could have sworn that they kept playing while going through the banners on previous days, but I don't know.

I don't know if the guy that corps watches on the field is supposed to be Javert, because he doesn't really do more than signal that it's time for them to sing.  He didn't really do anything else Javert-ish during the show, unless he's supposed to be the guy with the big drum, leading the battle.  But then I'm not sure if the revolutionaries are the huge group with the flags, or the drummers with the white plumes.  

During the entire B Cru show, the guy next to me leafed through the program.  Color me annoyed.

That's the loudest "Bloo" from the crowd that I've ever heard!  I'm sad that I don't get to hear them do my song live after tonight.  They rocked it!


Wow.  I didn't even know that they were being judged this morning.

Best Visual:  Pacific Crest
Percussion: Pacific Crest
Brass: Colts 
Color Guard: Music City
Drum Major: Pioneer
Grand Champions: PACIFIC CREST!!!!

Oh, happiness!  I cheered quite loudly.  The stupid guy next to me sarcastically said, "Yay for them.  They worked really hard for that half hour, I guess."  I schooled him a little bit on the fact that PC actually marched, as opposed to the other corps that just kinda walked.  At least PC cared about it.  That's my corps!

Was that first runner always being chased by 2 demons at the beginning?  Oh, they make a pentagram formation.  They also form devil's goat-ish horns.  Wow, they were awesome tonight.  VANGUAAAAARRRRRDDDD!  Yes, I yelled this time, as did many in our SCV section.  

We received a severe weather warning and were told to stay away from doors and windows.

TEARS!!!  Seriously, I cried.  They make a moon formation during R & J's night together, and after Romeo leaves, Juliet is surrounded by a sun formation.  Cool effect with the lightning flashing outside during Elsa, adding dramatic effect to Romeo's death.  Whenever I hear Elsa now, I will always think of this show, and I'll probably cry.  No chevron, though.  Bummer.

I keep forgetting to note that they make a formation of the Rock and Roll hand sign.  During the crown formation, the fans yell something that I can't decipher.  Maybe one day I'll at least learn the word, if not the secret behind the word.  They make star formations and a guitar formation, which is cool.  Tonight's broken guitar had flames on it, like their drums.

The second drum major at the end, when running up to the front, makes his way through the drumline, splits up the horns, runs into the pit area, jumps onto the marimba, jumps down, then runs up the stairs to the drum major stand to be upside down.  WOW.

I've seen this show many times, and have grown tired of it.  Bro said that maybe I shouldn't go to so many shows.  But I want to go to more of them!  I didn't realize until tonight that there house formations at the beginning and the end.  I decided that portion of the house that has the soloist is the garage.  They didn't pull out any surprises, which is what I would expect from them in order to push their score up past the Cadets.

I like that there's a heavenly "aaah" when the angels are introduced.  When they put their hats down for the battle, the demons' hats are in a bit of disarray, while the angels' hats are all neatly in a row.  The gold and silver poles that they use in the block formation look shiny and awesome from up here.  No new stuff from them either.  I wonder if they were all just concentrating on keeping their shows clean.


USMC played as the finalist corps marched in, with SCV taking longer to get perfect as usual.
The Commandant's Own

Phregiment Chevron

All Finalists
SCV playing Battle Hymn
They played "Battle Hymn of the Republic" which sounded a little better than this morning, but I still heard some questionable notes in there.  They showed a video of the week's highlights, but I didn't see PC.  I smiled a lot for SCV and Academy, though.


12) 85.35 -- Spirit of Atlanta

Leadership Award (Drum Major) -- Cadets

11) 86.20 -- Blue Stars

10) 87.55 -- Madison Scouts

Best Color Guard:  Blue Devils

9) 89.20 -- Blue Knights

Visual Caption:  Cadets

8) 90.65 -- Boston Crusaders

Brass Caption:  Carolina Crown

7) 92.05 -- Bluecoats

Percussion Caption:  Cavaliers

6) 92.20 -- Santa Clara Vanguard  
                (do you see how they're in 6th?  Eerie).

General Effect:  Cadets

5) 95.50 -- Phantom Regiment 
                (for their salute, all of the Juliets died)

4) 95.30 -- Carolina Crown

3) 96.85 -- Cavaliers

2) 97.80 -- Blue Devils

1) 98.35 -- Cadets

They all placed in the same order as semifinals.  I would have liked to see a jump or two to make it more exciting, but I'm glad that the Cadets won because I love their show.

Big Board

"Cadets, the field is yours!"  Director George Hopkins thanked everyone (we think -- the microphone was too close to his mouth, so it was difficult to understand what he said).  He then announced the Angels and Demons.  They didn't use their last white sheets that are rolled onto the field, because they weren't rolled back up properly in time to do the show again.  They didn't do anything else for their encore, which is disappointing.
The Battle

Angel vs Trident
The staff guy that was on the stairs at the beginning of the show came up twice to see if people had left.  Where the heck was he for the prior two hours?!  Then someone else came to tell us we won for being the last people still in our section.  I asked for a prize, but he didn't have one.

Bro and I walked back to the hotel and I actually went to sleep instead of writing first.  Bro left earlier this morning, and I'm checking out shortly.

It's been a great trip.  Thanks, Bro for the entertaining company!

Addendum: I took the IndyGo Express shuttle to the airport, and one of the official DCI bloggers sat behind me.  He was talking to whomever on his cell phone, and I learned this information:

The Cavaliers drum major did not actually conduct the corps upside-down until Prelims, although they had rehearsed it for a week and a half.

Juliet did not actually kill herself by plunging the dagger until Finals night.  It was not the director's idea, but rather, she did it of her own accord, with encouragement from her fellow corps members.  

On a side note:  my prayers are with the families of those who died and/or were injured in the stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair.  We were lucky last night in that we were indoors and did not have to deal with the storm.

I'm now sitting in the airport with some drum corps people, but I find myself wondering why the other people are just arriving in Indy.  Do they realize that they missed the biggest event of the weekend?  Suckers.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Marching through Indy

Celebrate the Indy Arts! Parade
Saturday, August 13, 2011
Indianapolis, IN

We interrupt the drum corps competition for this, the first-ever parade of its kind for DCI.  All of the corps that will not be competing in tonight's Finals marched in a parade around Downtown Indianapolis.  It was exciting to see them another time, but I was also sad because seeing them during the day meant that I wouldn't get to see them perform again tonight, except for BDB, whom will be performing in exhibition.

Some corps, like Pacific Crest, performed popular songs, like "Strike Up the Band".  Other played traditional marches.  Others played their show music.  Most of the color guards used their flags from their shows.  Some of them seemed more prepared than the others, and actually knew how to march in a straight block.  Others not so much.  But it was still fun to see them.  A cool highlight was Colts and Colts Cadets together in one block.  Nice.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Blue Devils B, wearing their gold medals

Academy Drumline

Vangard Cadets


Pioneer Tubas

Colts/Colt Cadets Snares

Pacific Crest

Yokohama Scouts CG in traditional dress

Afterward, all of the corps gathered near the War Memorial to play a short rendition of "Battle Hymn of the Republic", conducted by the drum major from the Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps.  Another Marine got up on the platform ahead of him, partly for recon, partly to help him up there because he didn't want to do any "Cirque du Soleil moves".  It didn't hurt my ears as much as I thought it would, because their horns were pointed upward.  I don't think that everyone was actually playing the whole time, because some people never seemed to move their fingers. But whatever.  It was pretty cool.  

USMC Drum Major signaling Horns Up

Spartans Drum Major leading corps to follow USMC DM
Afterward, Bro and I had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, where I enjoyed the limited time Captain Morgan sauce.  We are now resting in our hotel room prior to the big conclusion of Finals Week.

Up next, really:  Finals

Friday, August 12, 2011

On the Field: Skimpiness

DCI Semi-Finals
Friday, August 12, 2011
Lucas Oil Stadium

Bro and SCV
This morning,  Bro and I walked to DCI Headquarters for their Open House.  It's pretty much just an office with a cool video monitor on the outside wall, advertising for DCI.  My favorite part of the office, though, was seeing the pictures posted on the walls.

Afterward, we went to lunch at Tastings, A Wine Experience.  I decided to stick within the theme of the week and tasted the 2008 Bodegas Vallobera from La Mancha, Spain, called "Spanish Demon" Tempranillo, followed by the 2007 Rabbit Ranch Pinot Noir from Central Otago, New Zealand.  The Pinot Noir wasn't really within the theme, unless you count the film noir show that Spirit is doing this year.  We enjoyed the Sesame-Crusted Ahi Tuna and Filet Mignon Pizza, with a sampler plate of Manchego cheese and Prosciutto for our European dessert.  Bro tasted the 2008 Frog's Leap Merlot from Rutherford, CA and the 2009 Standing Stone Riesling from Finger Lakes, NY.

We had a little bit of time before the show started, so we rested in our hotel room for awhile before heading back to Lucas Oil Stadium.  First, though, I walked into a storage closet instead of opening the door to the stairway.  I wondered why it was dark, then saw paint cans on the floor, and finally figured out that I had made a wrong turn.  Bro said nothing, but laughed at me.  I could not stop giggling for several minutes.  I know that I was tired, but at least I know our room number, unlike someone else who almost tried to open some other person's door.  

Our seats were on the ground level, 10th row from the bottom, on the right 25-yard line, and we were in the Santa Clara Vanguard block of seats.  

The Star-Spangled Banner was sung a cappella by someone from the Colts.  It was very pure and pretty.  

Bro saw the strap of my illegal backpack underneath my seat and for a moment thought that my seat had a seat belt.  

So here we go, the top 25 from Prelims.  Top 12 from tonight advance to Finals, and are marked with a *.

JERSEY SURF -- 71.35
Oh, there are roses on those flags!  We thought that it was just some kind of shading, but now that we're up close, we can actually see the roses.  Yesterday, it didn't look like the female lead CG wanted the male lead to kiss her during "Kiss From A Rose", but today it was OK.  I didn't notice the snare players clapping to this song yesterday, but Bro said he thought that they were off yesterday.  It also could be a problem of the difference of the acoustics versus the speed of light, but I didn't take Physics, so maybe I'm saying it wrong.  Great rifle work, Surf!  

Balancing on Legs
I wouldn't allow Bro to get a hot dog, even though he's not happy with the narration.  We're in the SCV section, for goodness' sake!  I realized that the age-outs of the Vanguard Cadets get to wear their special red feathers 4 days in a row, because they had Open Class Finals, Prelims, Semis, and the parade on Saturday.  They used to only get to wear them on Open Class Finals night.  That's cool.  I like the drum beat during the last piece, because it reminds me of the Apache Marching Band.  So does the actual SCVC cadence.  :)

CASCADES -- 72.2
The male color guard uniforms are kind of skimpy with their short shorts, like they were old school NBA players.  I didn't know that when Pandora was dancing with the drummer, he was actually a bad guy, leading her back into the box.  I don't know what happened to their drums, but the basses were covered and Bro noticed that the tenors didn't match the snares.  Oh, I just looked it up and realized that I had forgotten about the crash.  Their trailer was in a bad accident on tour, and the crash affected a lot of their percussion equipment.  Poor Cascades.  

Bro wondered if this was his hot dog corps.  I thought he wasn't hungry!  I reminded him that he liked the music for the show, and I'm glad he stayed around.  I like "Blue Shades" when it's done well like this.  Great sound, O Cru!

BLUE DEVILS B -- 76.45
When I'm awake, I notice more stuff.  The CG pants are velvet/velour, and are black on one leg, blue on the other.  Very cool midnight blue drums -- I want those!  I didn't hear Sting singing yesterday.  10 contras, and I can hardly hear their ensemble solo.  I saw a stack of rifles and thought it was cool.  I have simple taste.  

TEAL SOUND -- 75.75
Oh, yeah, this one has an electric violin.  Had I known that it were possible for a violinist to be in a drum corps, I would have joined a long time ago.  He also conducted for a while.  I still can't hear the bass guitar, which is fine with me, because it seemed unnecessary.  What is that thing the other guy is playing?  Electric clarinet?  Nose flute?  Bro said it was an "electronic noisemaker".  The cymbal players did some acrobatics, jumping off of each other with their bald heads.  

One of the cymbal players was doing The Worm while still having their cymbals on their hands.  Are the flags plain so that they don't detract from the CG uniforms?  Because they're kinda fancy.

Well done, PC!  Congratulations on a great season.  Bro said that tonight was the best that he's seen you EVER.  I'm looking forward to what you come up with next year.

We had a moment of silence for those who were affected by the earthquake in Japan earlier this year.  Yesterday was the first day in DCI history that a drum corps from Japan performed in competition.  Nice solos, especially during the Gershwin.  

I had dippin' dots for the first time, banana split flavor.  I did not spill until Bro ruined it all.  Then I found out later that the problem with dippin' dots is you don't always know that a dot or two has landed on your clothing, and then later leaves a little mark as evidence.  

CROSSMEN -- 81.05
Oh, the CG uniform is a modified Maltese Cross!  GREAT sound.  The "Hallelujah" was gorgeous, which made me smile.  Great solos, too.  One soloist stole the other soloist's horn so that he couldn't finish.  At another point, the people playing the duet did a Crossmen salute afterward.

COLTS -- 82.25
Newly Black Swan and Colts
I don't know what they yell when they're about to enter the field, but they always yell something.  The drum major uses a baton.  The CG guys made animal sounds at one point when they were picking up their equipment, and it was kinda scary.  I tried to explain the story of "Black Swan" to Bro, but I don't think that I successfully explained the corps' show in relation to it.

ACADEMY -- 82.65
Academy DM Salute
You go, Academy!  What an awesome season.  Congratulations on winning our award for Best New Uniform, too.  I so totally loved this show.

TROOPERS -- 83.2
I think that the half-skirt on the CG is a bit indecent.  Troopers do yoga!  

Sword Salute

GLASSMEN -- 83.4
OK, I guess they're vampires.  I must have fallen asleep yesterday, because I don't remember the CG leads going up to the drum major stand, kissing, her biting him, and him falling off the stand before becoming a vampire, too.  I also don't remember the rest of the color guard being under the big tarp.  I do remember the red blood ribbons, though, so maybe that's when I woke up.  Bro wondered why I would even think that it was about werewolves:  well, there were moon flags, and "Twilight" had both vampires and werewolves!  

Bro didn't realize yesterday that there were more than 2 lamp posts.  I noticed them all because I thought they were cool.  The percussion feature rocked!  Oh, those are pistols on the flags.  I get it.  I also didn't realize that the femme fatale was in love with the soloist, whom was in love with another CG gal.

BLUE STARS -- 87.00*
Their color guard wears hoodies, so perhaps Bro is right about it being the "in" color guard thing.  One of them fell backwards off of the platform on purpose.
Tenors on Platform

SCOUTS - 88.35*
I like being able to see the faces of the CG, especially during the sadness, which they portrayed well.  One dude was holding on to the white screen while he was playing.  I wonder if he was about to fall down, or if he was just tired. The Empire State building is on the final flags.

BK -- 89.4*
Nice duet!  Bro thinks that this is his 6th favorite show this year, but he almost left because he's seen it so much.  What?!  He stayed, though.  

This was a longer one, so we got something from the very slow concession stands.  Honestly, we're on a set schedule, so shouldn't they start cooking the food before intermission?  You're going to sell a LOT of hot dogs and hamburgers and chicken.  Be prepared!

B CRU -- 90.35*
Bro and I sang along with the corps during the pre-show.  Nobody else around us did, but we didn't care.   I like the high brass ensemble during "Attack de Rue Plumet".  I didn't know that there was a plume change until Bro told me not to miss it.  The drummers change their plumes to white before the battle starts.  I like the flags with the silhouette of the rebel.

Bring Him Home
BLOO -- 91.6*
The lady sitting in front of me felt sorry for the corps, thinking that the audience was booing them.  The lady next to her informed her about the "BLOOOO" tradition.  They have some gymnasts in this corps, because I saw a lot of tumbling and handspring moves.  The dude wearing a corps uniform that dances with the color guard and tosses a rifle also plays the marimba.  I wonder if he can also play a horn.  He seems to be multi-talented.  I like the show more when I see all the people doing different stuff, like horn players tumbling and whatnot.

SCV -- 92.2*
I didn't know that the CG had hats.  I must usually be too busy watching the corps and the runners that I never noticed them putting those on.  I have a favorite demon outfit.  We were sitting in the SCV section, yet only one guy seemed to know where the Vanguard Yell goes, and he didn't yell it until the 2nd syllable: "GUARD!!!"  I just love all of the tension in this show.

PHREGIMENT -- 93.95*
Romeo Dying
There were tears in my eyes at the end of the show.  Just gorgeous.  We still haven't seen a chevron yet, but Bro and I have already picked the spot in the show for it.  
Bro:  "I predict Phregiment will 'Capulet' into 3rd position."
Have I told you that Bro is silly?

CROWN -- 95.65*
Playing on the Tower
Their CG outfits are skimpy.  I said that a lot tonight, but it's probably because it's the first time I've seen so many of them up close, and also because they are wearing skimpy outfits.  These are very different emotions than the prior corps.  They do a formation of the Rock 'n' Roll Hand sign, but we couldn't see that from our vantage point, unless you count the big screen, which I don't.  There is a lot of trust involved in this show, what with all of the falling backwards from the towers.  Tonight the broken guitar was blue, and last night, it was black.  I think that the color of the guitar symbolizes that of the corps that they're trying to beat.  Bro and I did not fall for the fake ending this time.  But then because we're not standing with everyone, we can't see what's going on.

CAVALIERS -- 96.9*
Conducting Upside-Down
The CG uniforms remind me of Rafiki.  It doesn't help that the guys on stilts are holding a long stick with a sun-looking thing on top.  Oh, the CG exchanges the drumsticks for orange ones.  I was so busy watching that part that I missed seeing the upside-down horn players.  Then I was busy watching the 2nd drum major run across the field to the main podium to be upside-down with the main drum major.  I like Academy's version of the Bach better.  Hey--the Cavies even have the same green on their final flags.  What's up with that?

BD -- 97.3*
I couldn't hear much of the soprano trio that was mic'ed.  I did hear the really, really high notes, but that's it.  Bro and I are wondering what extra thing BD is going to do in their attempt to be #1 again for Finals.  Maybe they'll lay down some carpet in the house.

CADETS -- 97.8*
Demon Throwing Down Angel
A guy sitting in back of me saw the angels and wondered aloud, "How are they doing so well when they're so small?"  Then the demons arrive and he said, "Who are these guys?"  Bro says that the guy really didn't know, because I wondered if he was just acting, to be funny.  When the demons arrived, one of them full on threw a baritone horn onto the field.  Although the actual instrumentalist picked up the horn, he did not use that one to play, probably because it was quite beat up, as you can imagine it would be.  Bro leaned over to me during the show and said, "Fear the Fork".  APPARENTLY, this is ASU's new thing.  

Dan Potter talked to a guy from RTV, a local radio station, whom agreed that drum corps is, indeed, a sport, after seeing tonight's shows.  He then suggested that DCI do something for the Super Bowl Halftime show in 2012, since it's taking place at LOS and they still didn't have an act.  Much cheering ensued.

Volunteers of the Year (from 7th Regiment and Cadets)
DCI Hall of Fame Inductees
DCI Scholarships

Age-Out Ceremony
The A/Os from Music City wrote on an aerobed.  Pac Crest placed stuff on the field carefully.  Most of the other corps just threw their trash around.  

Bro and I returned to the hotel, and he Skyped with the family.  Another full day of drum corps is done, and then tomorrow will be bittersweet as it will be the last day of a fantastic season.

Next Up:  Finals