Sunday, June 11, 2017

Abe's Adages 06/11/17

Abe's Adages: Week 16

On Justice:

"The severest justice may not always be the best policy."

Source: Gene Griessman, The Words Lincoln Lived By

Saturday, June 10, 2017

DLR LotD 06/09/17

Disneyland Resort
Line of the Day

Friday, June 9, 2017

"It's Spongebob Squarepants' house!" -- Sherry, explaining why Cindy's pineapple coconut sorbet tasted like fish, at Catal

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hello Again, Hello!

It's been five years since "The Book of Mormon" last graced the Pantages stage.  This June, it was back by popular demand!  I was going to get a ticket via Goldstar, but Liz's next door season seat neighbor wasn't able to attend, so he offered her his ticket, and she offered it to me.  Yay!  Then my friend Jen couldn't use her ticket because she didn't think the show would be appropriate for her younger daughter, so she offered that one to me, too!  So I got to see a show that I love two times in the same week!  Thank you to both of my friends for thinking of me.  

  • This post joins the two performances together.  Both Elder Price and Elder Cunningham were played by different actors in each show.
  • Kevin Clay (Price on Thursday night) resembled original cast member Andrew Rannells so much that I wondered for a while if it was him. He also sounded like him.  I preferred his portrayal over Gabe Gibbs', although Mr. Gibbs did a fine job, and was funnier.
  • I also preferred Thursday's Jordan Matthew Brown's version of Elder Cunningham over Sunday's version played by Conner Pierson's.  I wasn't thrilled about Pierson's speaking voice because it was screechy at times, but he was funny.  Brown also had the Josh Gad hair going on.
  • Leanne Robinson has a gorgeous voice, and it had me close to tears on my second listen.  I'd rather hear hers than the one on the OBC recording.
  • PJ Adzima was probably my favorite cast member.  His portrayal of Elder McKinley had me in stitches.  "I've had that dream before.  Was I in it?"  Yes, you were, dressed in a lot of pink, and you were hilarious!
  • On Thursday, I was in the Orchestra section, at house left, so I didn't get to see some of the stuff on stage.  But Sunday night, I was sitting in the Mezzanine, and got to see Joseph Smith's reactions to Elder Cunningham's telling of his story.  I especially loved when he talked about the frogs, and Smith just threw his hands in the air, like, "What in the actual eff?"
  • Enjoyed the running gag of Cunningham not actually knowing Nabulungi's name: Jon Bon Jovi, Non Bon Jovi, Neosporin, Nicoderm CQ, Necrophilia, and Nala are the ones I remember.
  • Liked the humorously approached seductive dancing for the baptism.  
  • My companions on both nights had never seen the show before, but they all enjoyed it.  Unlike the couple in front of me on Sunday night that left at intermission. I thought I saw them laughing at the beginning, but maybe it became a little too much for them.  Or they wanted to go to Shake Shack.  Whatevs.
  • Oh, food!  Liz and I went to Sushi of Gari, and it was very good.  They had warm washcloths on the table for us to wipe our hands, but Liz still used the restroom and talked about the fancy toilet when she came back.  Owner/chef Gari-san's face was on the tea cups and the chopstick wrapper!  I enjoyed the trout sushi with applesauce on top.  I definitely want to return there.

  • Chef Gari-san on cup

    ,,,and on chopstick wrapper

    Rolls of salmon and eel

    Trout with applesauce and apple slivers

    Liz's salmon with baked tomato

    Brown tea ice cream (made with roasted tea leaves)
  • A great time was had by all.  Thank you for the tickets, everyone!  I have awesome friends.

Monday, June 5, 2017

You're A Wonder, Wonder Woman

After months of waiting...OK, years of waiting...I wasn't able to see "Wonder Woman" on opening night because I had other stuff going on.  I had to wait until Saturday.  SATURDAY.  That's a long time.  I mean, WW was my superhero when I grew up.  I wanted to be her whenever I watched Lynda Carter spin around to change her clothes.  I was in love with Lyle Waggoner as Steve Trevor.  How could I possibly wait?!?  But I figured I should be awake for this, so I waited.

I checked "To 3D or Not to 3D" on and saw that yes, indeed, this would be a good film to watch in IMAX 3D.  So there I went.

  • Loved seeing young Diana mimic the other Amazonians as they trained.
  • Because I can't love Robin Wright Penn more, right?  What a freaking badass Antiope was!  
  • Gal Gadot is a Goddess. 
  • I saw that "The Little Mermaid" reference!  I half-expected Diana to start singing when she tried to revive Steve. 
  • "It's really hot!"
  • "I would say I'm above average."  I really liked Chris Pine's portrayal of Steve Trevor.
  • Etta trying to hold the shield and the sword.  That's me trying to carry anything awkwardly shaped and heavy.  You know, because I'm often lugging around shields and swords.
  • Love the homage to "Superman: The Movie" in the alley.  I had seen it during the DC panel at WonderCon, too, when director Patty Jenkins showed some clips.  What's even cooler about it is that Diana's outfit is much like Clark Kent's in the 1978 film.
  • No wonder Steve calls it "Paradise Island", other than the probably reason that he can't pronounce "Themyscira".
  • I'm really glad they finally let WW smile after 50% of the movie had passed.
  • "SHIELD!!!"  Badass.
  • I am such a shipper.  Loved the whole swaying/dancing scene.
  • "You should be very proud."
  • So who names her "Wonder Woman"?  And when does she get her invisible jet?
  • There was crying involved.  
To borrow from the film: Thanks, DC, for bringing her back to me.  I hope I can see it again before it leaves theaters, because I loved it!

I posted this video on FB because I had the TV theme song stuck in my head for a couple of days.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

You Are My Treasure

Ahoy, Maties!  I watched "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" earlier this week.  I didn't make it to my planned showing (stupid people in the stupid Mickey and Friends parking lot -- mostly guests), so I saw it in IMAX instead.

  • I like the pirate flag on top of the castle at the opening logo.
  • On this journey, they're looking for Poseidon's trident for several reasons.
  • Aw, Jack was named after his Uncle!
  • I knew that song sounded familiar: "Maggie Mae".
  • Nice casting for Henry: Brenton Thwaites really does look like a combination of Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley.
  • I like Barbossa's gold leg.
  • "Do you even have a ship, a crew...pants?"
  • "Does mummy ever ask about me?"
  • Oh, Johnny Depp, I heart you.
  • I have never seen a ship eat another ship before.  
  • Ooh, zombie sharks. 
  • "I saw her ankles."
  • I did not know that I was going to cry at this movie.  
I liked this one.  I'll probably be seeing it a few times when it's aired on TV, unlike a couple of the other ones (I still get confused about the 2nd and the 3rd because I didn't like them as much as the 1st and 4th installments).  

We received posters when we left the theater.  Nice!  I thought of going to the ride later that day, but forgot all about it.  Maybe next time.

Abe's Adages 06/03/17

Abe's Adages: Week 15

On Influence:

"If you would win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend.  Therein is a drop of honey that catches his heart, which...when once gained, you will find but little trouble in convincing his judgment of the justice of your cause."

Source: Gene Griessman, The Words Lincoln Lived By

Monday, May 29, 2017

DLR LotD 05/29/17

Disneyland Resort
Line of the Day

Monday, May 29, 2017

"It's been a long day of riding two rides." -- Cindy, at Grand Californian lobby

DLR LotD 05/27/17

Disneyland Resort
Line of the Day

Saturday, May 27, 2017

"I want to be the kid that's he's touching right now." - Katie, at Avengers Training Initiative

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Abe's Adages 05/14/17

Abe's Adages: Week 14

On Self-Preservation:

"I have found that when one is embarrassed, usually the shortest way to get through with it is to quit talking about it or thinking about it, and go at something else."

Source: Gene Griessman, The Words Lincoln Lived By

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Groot 2: The Guardians Bugaloo

My friends and I saw "Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2" at the El Capitan Theatre on opening night.  The showing before ours was the double feature and those folks were let out of theatre with plenty of time before they let us in.  I was mostly happy about that because there was a very loud shirtless man sitting on the steps near our spot in line and his voice was hurting my ears.
Baby Groot on the marquee

I just really like this shot.

Popcorn bucket
with the date that we left the theatre

I miss the Swarovski curtain.  The decor was actually quite bare.  Snore.  They didn't have a special show beforehand, but every night they picked a row of people to receive a door prize.  The row in front of us received posters.  Missed it by that much!  I was happy to see the trailers, though, because I had been avoiding the one for Star Wars VIII.  My patience was rewarded!  Nice to finally see the trailer on May the 4th (be with you!).  Anyway, on with the show.

  • I really like the new Marvel opening,
  • Baby Groot dancing while being oblivious to everything around him except when he's being watched.  SO CUTE.
  • Trash Panda.
  • I think I enjoyed Drax's lines the best. "You need to find a woman who's pathetic, like you."
  • How?  How do they make me feel the deep emotions of an animated raccoon?
  • Howard the Duck is back!
  • Whenever I see Michael Rooker, I think of us touching butts at Dallas Comic Con.
  • Yondu = Mary Poppins
  • Well, that's a lot of people to look at wonder about at the tribute to Yondu.
  • BTW, tears happened for Yondu.  
  • I wish the last fight sequence had been a bit shorter, although I did enjoy seeing Pac-Man.
  • Peter's dad's name is quite fitting.
  • Ego's planet was overwhelming to my eyes, but I did like those bubbles!
  • Heh.  David Hasselhoff.  But no Heather Locklear?  Bummer.
  • "Nobody has any tape."
That was fun.  I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the first one, but it was fun. 

Abe's Adages 05/07/17

Abe's Adages: Week 13

On Tenacity:

"I expect to maintain this contest until successful, or till I die, or am conquered, or my term expires, or Congress or the country forsakes me."

Source: Gene Griessman, The Words Lincoln Lived By

Monday, May 1, 2017

Thousands of Sparkling Lights

There are many reasons that I'm addicted to Disney's Emoji Blitz. 

Here are 7 of them.  MSEP collection complete!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Abe's Adages 04/30/17

Abe's Adages: Week 12

On Assertiveness:

"You must not wait to brought forward by the older men...Do you suppose that I should ever have got into notice if I had waited to be hunted up and pushed forward by older men?"

Source: Gene Griessman, The Words Lincoln Lived By

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Abe's Adages 04/26/17

Abe's Adages: Week 11

On Vision:

"If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it."

Source: Gene Griessman, The Words Lincoln Lived By

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Abe's Adages 04/09/17

Abe's Adages: Week 10

On Curiosity:

"I know of nothing so pleasant to the mind, as the discovery of anything that is at once new and valuable."

Source: Gene Griessman, The Words Lincoln Lived By

Monday, April 3, 2017

DLR LotD 04/02/17

Disneyland Resort
Line of the Day

Sunday, April 2, 2017

"Does it taste better with the tarnish?" -- Cindy, to Glenn, at the Salon

Friday, March 31, 2017

Abe's Adages 03/31/17

Abe's Adages: Week 9

On Diligence:

"Half finished work generally proves to be labor lost."

Source: Gene Griessman, The Words Lincoln Lived By

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Abe's Adages 03/23/17

Abe's Adages: Week 8

On Work:

"The mode is very simple, though laborious and tedious. It is only to get the books, and read, and study them carefully...Work, work, work is the main thing."

Source: Gene Griessman, The Words Lincoln Lived By

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Monkey Day

My friends and I saw "Kong: Skull Island" today.  It was Mox's second time to see it, so we saw it in 3D.  On the way in to the mall, I saw that they have a new place in the mall called "Monkey Bar" and decided we should go there afterward to make it a theme day.  But first, we needed to get our tickets and obtain refreshments, during which time I got irritated by people whom went up to the counter to order but didn't have the person in the party that was supposed to pay.  Maybe you should wait before holding up the line of people that would like to be on time for their movies.  People make me crazy.  We arrived at our seats during the trailers.  I was disappointed that the only 3D movie trailer we saw was for "Ghost in a Shell".  I'm not planning on seeing that one.

  • The first reveal of Kong: WHOA.
  • Tom Hiddleston is so yummy when he kicks butt.
  • "Hoooold on to your butts!"  -- Hey, that line sounds familiar, Samuel L. Jackson.
  • That shot of the silhouette of Kong in front of the sun with the helicopters approaching it is awesome.
  • "Is that a monkey?"
  • Kong likes octopus sashimi.  Very fresh octopus sashimi.
  • Those of you that do not like spiders need to not watch a part of this movie, because wow, that was big, and ewwww.
  • Those skullcrawlers were yucky.  Those long tongues.  Yikes!
  • "I never said that name out loud before, it sounds stupid now that I think about it. You just call them whatever you want."
  • I heart John C. Reilly.
  • I like the soundtrack.  It includes "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress".
  • Irritated that they turned on the lights when the credits were still being shown.  You know, the credits when they're showing what happens when they get home.  A whole heckuva lot of people missed the ending tag.  Dummies.  It got me all excited!

See, people, this is what happens when you bomb an island that did nothing to you: birds tear you apart, lizards eat you, and spiders step into your mouth.  I really liked this movie, and am looking forward to the other installments.

Yes, we did end up at Monkey Bar.  During our discussion, John Gallagher, Jr.'s name came up.  You know what he's been in?  A show called "Love Monkey".

See?  Monkey Day!!!

A Rose for his Daughter

Instead of going to a Friday night showing, my friends and I went to a Saturday showing at the El Capitan for the live action "Beauty and the Beast".

As we were waiting to go into the theater, we could hear the soundtrack playing, but I didn't want to hear it yet. I know the story and all of that, but I could hear that some of these songs were new, and that was a spoiler for me.  We had also taken a look in the store and I decided that I wanted to return there afterward to purchase a couple of things.

I like the posters in the theater as they were all the characters coming to life, as if we were in a Harry Potter movie.  The theater was all sparkled up for the show, with a new Swarovski Crystal curtain, a spring garland hanging between the very sparkly chandeliers, and lamps on the box seats.  I didn't know what these were until I saw them in the film, though.

  My friends and I were not all sitting together, but a few of us were near each other, so I made them take a selfie with me.  

Say "BEAST!"

After we saw the trailers, images of animated rose petals were shown on the curtain, and it was time for the movie.

  • Beast's castle on the Disney logo!  YES!
  • I like that we saw more of the background of Beast's story.  Interesting that Mrs. Potts blamed herself and the others for not doing anything to stop him from being so selfish.
  • Audra!  I also like that we got to see what everyone looked like before the transformation, as well as what happens to them when the last petal falls.
  • It seems that they played "Belle" in a lower key, perhaps to adapt to Emma Watson's lower voice.  I did like the way that she paused at certain words for emphasis, although she is clearly not a musical theater vocalist.
  • "Two lovers in fair Verona".  Beast ranting about the Romeo and Juliet story was hilarious.  I do miss the plot of Belle teaching Beast how to read, though.
  • "Was that a joke?  Are you doing jokes now?"
  • Why are the villagers so mean to Belle that they had to ruin her laundry?  What IS that?
  • I think that I cried in every scene with Belle and Maurice, except maybe the escape scene.  That love between them has always been the heart of the story for me.
  • Gaston and the mirror.  So very Gaston.
  • Interesting that the woods turn to winter weather when Maurice gets closer to Beast's castle.  I miss the clever signs from the animated version, though.
  • I would have liked to see Belle be more excited during "Be Our Guest".  I mean, hello, they put on a huge production number for you!  I know she's sad that she's there and she's not with her father, but she could at least show a little more surprise.
  • Agrabah!
  • Whoa, Beast, that is HUGE snowball, and you hit her face!  How did she not have a big, bruised Marcia Brady nose after that?
  • "I've seen Defense of the Dark Arts before, but this is something else." -- Hey, I see what you did there.
  • "I think we let the wrong monster out."
  • "Someone turn me back into a clock, please!"
  • I do wish that they had incorporated the songs from the musical theater rendition.  I heard "Home" in the score at one point, though, and it made me smile.
  • Love that Cadenza's teeth were missing when he became human because he spit his piano keys at the villagers during the battle.
  • "How do you feel about growing a beard?"  "Rrrawrr!"
  • My favorite portrayal in this film was Josh Gad as LeFou.  Funny as always, and I rooted for him at the end.
While I didn't like the film as much as I loved the animated feature, I did enjoy it.  Out of all of the props on display, I liked the enchanted rose the most.

Made by Swarovski

Music box by Maurice

"I use antlers in all of my decorating"

Lumiere's costume

Belle's and Beast's costumes

Cogsworth's costume

At the store,  I bought the Deluxe CD of the soundtrack and score because I really like Josh Groban's rendition of "Evermore".  I also bought the pretty compact mirror with a rose.  I also bought Ariel stuff there and at Hot Topic, because, well.. ARIEL!  

Monday, March 13, 2017

Abe's Adages 03/13/17

Abe's Adages: Week 7

On Time Management:

"This habit of uselessly wasting time is the whole difficulty; and it is vastly important...that you should break this habit."

Source: Gene Griessman, The Words Lincoln Lived By

Sunday, March 12, 2017

She's Very Much Like You

I went to the movie theater to see "Logan", thinking that I would be seeing the 10:30 show in the Dolby theater.  I asked for a ticket for "Logan in Dolby".  After I got my snack, I went to the theater, and the sign said "9:30 Logan".   Two other women were about to go in, and I said, "That should be 10:30, right?"  We figured that the theater hadn't adjusted everything for Daylight Savings yet, because they were having issues with their scanning system at concessions for AMC Stubs.  They kindly opened the doors for me, and as we walked into the theater, we realized that the movie had already started...45 minutes ago.  So we went to Guest Services.  The women had bought their tickets online the night before, and at the time, the website said that the movie would start at 10:30.  I looked at my ticket and realized that when I paid for my ticket at the window, I was given a ticket for the 12:45 show.  Ohhhh.  The AMC guy apologized for all of the confusion, gave us refunds, and offered a free ticket to the 10:30 show in Standard format.  We all agreed.  By the time I got into the theater, about 80% of the seats were already taken, but since I was attending solo, I was able to get a seat.  Phew!  
  • Well, that was violent.  Like, beheadings and stuff.
  • Loved all of the "Logan" posters during the Deadpool segment.  "He just wears a tank top and jeans."
  • Opening line: "What the f**k?" Yup, it's rated R all right.
  • Oh, Stephen Merchant!  I recognized his voice but couldn't figure out the actor because of all of the makeup.  
  • Well, that was violent.  Like, beheadings and stuff.
  • The comic books.  The Wolverine action figure.  Made me smile.
  • "I always know who you are.  I just sometimes don't recognize you."
  • "...and this is Chuck."
  • "This is what life looks like.  People love each other.  You should take a moment.  Feel it.  You still have time." <beat> "Okay."
  • Sir Patrick Stewart made me cry with his last monologue.  Hugh Jackman made me cry with his last lines, too.  
  • "Beware the light."
  • "NOT okay!"
  • Dafne Keen did a great job as Laura.  I liked how her eyebrows kind of perked up when she was eating her cereal and bracing herself for all of the bad guys coming to get her.  Also, when she started yelling all of he kids' names at Logan.  Plus, she's a badass.
  • The growling from both Laura and Logan.  Rrrawwwrrrr!
  • The kids giggling when they trimmed his beard.  "That's not funny!"
  • Me, in my inside voice (I think): "The babies! Don't hurt the babies!"  I was a little emotional about the kids being in danger.
  • "So this is what it feels like."
  • The X as the grave marker.  
  • I did not go into this expecting to cry buckets of tears.  My goodness gracious.  Great movie.

DLR LotD 03/11/17

Disneyland Resort
Line of the Day

Saturday, March 11, 2017

"You have the clap." -- Jeff Smith, to a section of the audience, at Paradise Garden Bandstand


Abe's Adages 03/12/17

Abe's Adages: Week 6

On Magnanimity:

"With malice toward none.."

Source: Gene Griessman, The Words Lincoln Lived By

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Abe's Adages 03/05/17

Abe's Adages: Week 5

On Patience:

"Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time.  If there be an object to hurry any of you, in hot haste, to a step which you would never take deliberately, that object will be frustrated by takiing time; but no good object can be frustrated by it."

Source: Gene Griessman, The Words Lincoln Lived By

The Batman In The Mirror

I used my free movie pass today to see "The LEGO Batman Movie". YAY!  Finally!  All of this Oscars business made me miss opening weekend, so I didn't want to wait anymore.  Linda joined me, and I'm glad she did because we could laugh together.

  • "Black."  First word of the movie, and I was already giggling.
  • "Yeah, I've got an extra ab."
  • "Iron Man sucks."
  • That popcorn was huge.
  • Why is he still wearing his cowl when he's wearing his bathrobe?
  • The "Superman" theme as the doorbell at the Fortress of Solitude is awesomesauce.
  • Justice League Dance Party!  Wonder Woman used her lasso to dance!
  • All of the different bat suits, and Alfred wearing Adam West's.  YES.
  • Heh.  "Harvard For Police".
  • Enjoyed all of the different references to other incarnations of Batman.  Especially when the ones referencing the TV series' theme song.
  • All of those villains.  OMG, so random.  Gremlins, Jurassic dinos, King Kong, Sauron, Agent Smith, and more!
  • I love that Voldemort pretty much only knows "Wingardium Leviosar".  Too bad Ralph Fiennes couldn't play both Alfred and Voldemort.  That would have been fun.
  • "Sorry, my pants are attached to my shoes."
  • Nightwing!
  • "B Go."  Love it.   Yay, Batgirl!!!
  • "Shamon"
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and look forward to seeing it again.  I think I need that soundtrack, too.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Math Doesn't See Race

The final movie in the AMC Best Picture Showcase was the one I was most looking forward to seeing: "Hidden Figures".

  • Well, there are Janelle and Mahershala again!  Hi, there!
  • "Here at NASA, we all pee the same color."
  • I liked the music, and wondered why I hadn't heard it before, because it sounded like it was from the era in the movie.  Well, because they just wrote it recently, Sher.
  • "It's equal rights.  I have the right to see fine in every color."
  • John Glenn.  So cool.
  • Loved the clothing that the women wore.
  • All of the actors did a great job, especially Octavia Spencer.  I would have liked to see Taraji P. Henson get an Oscar nomination, too, though.
  • I couldn't get The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon character out of my head for Jim Parsons' role, because of the dialogue.
I enjoyed this movie, and I'm glad the day ended on a high note.  Nope, I didn't cry.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Non-zero Sum Game

After a dinner break, during which I bought two different meals because I didn't like the first one, we returned to the AMC to watch the 4th movie of the day, "Arrival".  

  • Amy Adams was amazing.  I do not understand why she wasn't nominated for an Academy Award for this role. 
  • I kept thinking that the 12 different ships would come together and make some kind of huge pod-looking ship.
  • Louise just shouldn't tell Ian about Hannah's disease, right?  Then he wouldn't leave.  Is she not allowed to change the timeline?
  • "Offer weapon."  " the first weapon drawn in a conflict."
  • "You told me my wife's dying words."
  • "You can understand communication and still end up single."
  • "Louise knows future."
  • They gave her the gift of time, right?  That was their offer?  Or just understanding time?
  • "When you know their language, you experience time differently."
  • "In 3000 years, we'll need your help."  So somebody is recording all of this and will keep it in some archive with some kind of notification system to get ready in 2999 years, right?
  • "Mom, I told you not to watch that channel.  They're idiots."
  • "The show is called 'Mom and Dad talk to animals'."
  • So if the bird in the cage was fine the entire time, why didn't the others ever take off their suits?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Help Me Get One More

The third movie of Best Picture Showcase Day 2: "Hacksaw Ridge".   The theater folks already ran out of tissues, so we were on our own.  

  •  I was not looking forward to seeing a war movie.  I'm glad that it was oh so much more than that.
  • "This way I can just beat the one that wins."
  • "How long have you been dead, Private?"
  • "Keep this one away from strong winds."  
  • Vince Vaughn's comedic acting is spot on, and I loved him in this part.
  • "Are you going to ask me to marry you or what?"
  • BUGLE!  
  • Spider-man was on that ridge, albeit with a different kind of web.
  • "This is not the time for target practice."
  • "Most of these men don't believe the same way you do, but they believe so much in how much you believe."
  • 75.  He saved 75 men that day.  What an incredible story.  Thank you, Desmond Doss, for your service to our country.
  • Andrew Garfield was amazing.  He just said on the Oscars Red Carpet that when he read the script, he cried through the whole thing.  You could tell that his heart was in this part, and well-deserving of the Oscar nomination.
  • Mel Gibson did a fabulous job with this one.  Brilliant way of getting me to that "I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me" place.

A Long Way Home

The second show for Day 2 of AMC's Best Picture Showcase was "Lion".  I'd been wanting to see this movie, so I'm glad it was nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award so that I could watch it today.

  • That kid is freaking adorable!!!
  • I can't even comprehend being that kind of lost as an adult, much less as a small child.
  • That lady working the adoptions in India sure has a huge job.
  • I liked the cute courtship on the sidewalk between Saroo and Lucy.
  • I like Dev's hair, very mane-like. Oh, Dev, you're amazing, as usual.
  • Beautiful cinematography of Tasmania.
  • "I'm not from Calcutta.  I'm lost."
  • Poor Mum.  How awful to lose both of her boys that day, even though she did get Saroo back.
  • Google Earth reunites families.
  • Oh, Sheru. 
  • I was a crying mess after that.
  • "In Loving Memory of Guddu."  Because I hadn't cried enough.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

In Moonlight, Black Boys Look Blue

Today was Day 2 of the AMC Best Picture Showcase.  I wasn't able to attend Day 1, so I'm glad that I still found time to see the 4 films that they showed that day.  I'm bummed, though, for my friend that had tickets at another theater today.  They canceled the show because the projector broke.  You couldn't use another theater?  

Anyway, first up for today: "Moonlight".

  • That first scene made me kinda dizzy.
  • I heart Mahershala Ali, even when he plays a drug dealer.  Well, a drug dealer with a heart of gold.  
  • Naomie Harris did an excellent job portraying her character.  I really despised her until her last scene, which just had me bawling.
  • Was that the same crown in Chiron's car that Juan had in his?
  • "You're still the same, can't put more than three words together."
  • "I saw that.  You didn't want to waste any of it."
  • "I can't really taste it so I stay away from it."
  • "These Grandma rules, man: yo ass eat, yo ass speak."
  • All of the guys playing Chiron did a great job portraying him without the use of a lot of words, because that guy does not talk a lot.  In fact, Linda said that there was much chatter after the film was over, and we thought that maybe people needed to hear each other talk after there was so much silence.  That screenplay must have been sparse dialogue-wise.
  • Beautifully done. I just wanted to hug Chiron all of the time.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

DLR LotD 02/21/17

Disneyland Resort
Line of the Day

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Special Robert Mondavi Wine Dinner edition!

First Course: Scallop* paired with Fume Blanc Reserve, Napa Valley, 2012*
"I need to put up my pinkie finger." -- Mox, to Sherry

butternut squash puree, maitake shitake crimini mushrooms,
crispy kale, olive vinaigrette

Second Course: Oxtail Ragu* paired with Pinot Noir Reeserve, Carneros, Napa Valley, 2013
"He's still making word things." -- Cindy, to Sherry

braised oxtail, masa gnocchi, cilantro pickled slaw

Third Course: Duck* paired with BDX Red Blend, Oakville, Napa Valley, 2012
"That's duck." -- Glenn, to Sherry

carrot braised steel oats, puffed rice, plum demi

Fourth Course: Venison paired with Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, Oakville, Napa Valley, 2013
"I don't get to pet Jeff very often." -- Cindy

saffron onion soubise, king trmpets, golden gooseberries

Fifth Course: Chocolate Mousse Cake paired with Moscato D'Oro, Napa Valley, 2014*
"There's no honeycomb!" -- Valerie, from the next table

Italian meringue, quince,
*Sherry's favorites

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

City of Stars

My last Oscar Best Picture Nominee to watch before the big Showcase on Saturday was "La La Land".  I got free popcorn because it's Wednesday and I scored a free movie pass with my rewards points, so it was already a great evening!

  • I had heard one of the themes on KUSC earlier this week, and I sort of liked it, and it made me look forward to seeing the film.
  • So these voices in the opening number: NOT musical theatre belt-it-out.  This is not a good thing for me in a musical.  Maybe other people might like it, but breathy, mumbly singing is not my style.  I also didn't think the dancing in that number was all that great.  Granted, they were maneuvering between parked cars, but I just wasn't thrilled.  
  • I wanted Ryan Gosling to sing out a bit more.  He sang back on the Mickey Mouse Club, right?  I also wanted him to not look down when he was dancing.  Great work on the piano, though!
  • Emma Stone sounded fine, especially during her audition when she actually sang out more than in the rest of the film.  Thanks for projecting, Emma.  
  • I did like the lyrics and the melodies, especially "City of Stars" (duet) and "A Lovely Night".
  • Well, no wonder J.K. Simmons was in this movie.  It was directed by the same person as "Whiplash"!  
  • My favorite part of this film is the chemistry between Stone and Gosling.  I've loved them together since seeing them in "Crazy, Stupid, Love".  
  • I also liked seeing all of the different aspects of LA.  Well, the clean aspects.  There was, like, no dirt anywhere in this film.  And how is she walking all over the place alone on the streets at night like she's in Podunkville, USA and not feeling frightened at all?
  • She just happened to have shoes in her bag that match his?  And how is NOBODY else at the Griffith Observatory?  I know, I'm trying to be realistic about a film wherein people just burst into song and then they're floating on air.  I'll stop.
  • Maybe I'm just pissed off about the Casablanca-like ending.  You have all of this loveliness and then jolt me into reality, then tease me with a fantasy sequence and then bring me back to reality, and I get sad about it.  Thanks.  Can I just end the movie during the fantasy sequence?
All that said, I did enjoy the film as a whole.  I'm thinking about getting the soundtrack because I did like the music and lyrics.  I guess I just wish other people sang it, not that I would trade other people cast in the lead roles.  Yes, I'm quite torn about this movie.  Sigh.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Heartbroken in New England

It was finally a good day for me today to go to the Laemmle Theater for "Manchester By The Sea".  Not that I needed sadness: I've been catching up on a bunch of DVR stuff while I've been blogging this weekend, and tears happened already.  But it's Oscar season, and I don't have a lot of free days before Sunday, so here we go!

  • "I'm looking forward to being bored to death."
  • "I think I'm in love with my janitor."
  • Loved the building relationship between Patrick and Lee.
  • "You can't make adult small talk?  'Hey, how about those interest rates?'  'Hey, I lost my Triple A card.'"
  • "Uncle Lee, are you fundamentally unsound?!"
  • Wonderful job by Lucas Hedges as Patrick.
  • How did that woman spill her beer on him and then she still had a full glass to drink afterward?
  • "We are Stentorian."  Dang, those songs were NOT good.
  • Casey Affleck did a tremendous job with his role, and his accolades are well-deserved.  I did smile a little bit at first, though, because I thought of something Jason Alexander said about the difference between dramatic and comedic acting (to be written in another post).
  • I'm trying to think of a film wherein Michelle Williams did not make me cry.  She had me weeping again here.
  • Matthew Broderick's character creeped me out.
  • "He's so... Christian." "You know we're Christian too, right?"
  • Gorgeous cinematography of the New England land- and seascapes.
  • "I can't beat it."
I enjoyed this movie because even with the subject matter, it still had several bits of humor.  I admired all of the performances, too.  I look forward to seeing it again someday.