Sunday, October 25, 2009

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Friday, October 23, 2009

"At least he's saying it without any other penises in the room." -- Sherry, emasculating her dinner table companions, at Catal

Bring On The Toys!

A few weeks ago, I went to the El Capitan Theatre to see a double feature of "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2" with Linda, Mox, Marie, Cindy & Glenn.  Both films were shown in 3D, in anticipation of the upcoming "Toy Story 3",

All of us except Marie had lunch in the Roosevelt Hotel, at 25 Degrees.  I ordered a customized turkey burger with portobello mushroom.  (I think that I also had carmelized onions, but I can't remember now).  I also had sweet potato fries on the side.  They came in a Chinese take-out container, turned over on its side.  They had a lot of oregano on them, which was interesting.  I liked them, but would have preferred them without the oregano.  The burger was yummy.

We had some time to stop at the Soda Fountain and I got a couple of pins, while my companions cleaned out the store's supply of Pixar lamp shirts. The stage show was shorter than normal, most likely because we'd be sitting there for a long time already.  It featured Woody, Buzz and Jessie dancing to different songs from the movies.  I marveled at how well Buzz was able to dance in his bulky spacesuit.

My thoughts on the movies:
  • Before the movie started, I remembered how it felt the first time that I saw "Toy Story", when I didn't have any idea of the amount of genius that I was about to see.  Back then, I hadn't seen "A Bug's Life" yet, and I didn't have quite the high expectations that I do now of all that is Pixar.  My, how times have changed.
  • It would have been cool to have 3-D glasses with 3 lenses, like the little green aliens, although I don't know if they could have done those and still be functional.  We did see a child with an alien hat afterward, and the alien had 3 lenses on its glasses.  The glasses were APPARENTLY homemade.
  • These films are still amazing.  The animation is impeccable, the stories are well-written, and I still feel like I'm getting a peek into what it must be like to be a toy.  I am constantly astounded at the imagination and creativity that artists share with the world, particularly Pixar.
  • I still cry during Jessie's "When Somebody Loved Me", and actually start tearing up in anticipation of what I'm about to feel.  I didn't cry as much as usual, though, because I was giggling at Cindy when I heard her sniffling before the song started.  I was getting teary, too, but I just found it humorous that the emotions were already getting to someone other than me. I cry at movies a lot anyway.   I later told V about this, and it made her further perplexed by Cindy's non-crying during "Up".  :)
  • At intermission, the VIP ticketholders (AKA Fancy People, as I like to call us) were allowed to get a refill on their popcorn buckets, and were given packaged apple slices.  Nice!
  • I should have brought my Jessie doll to watch the movies with us, but somebody's trying to make me grow up and put her out of my sight, so I forgot about her.  I think that Jessie's mad at me now.  I'd better bring her to TS3!
We had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen afterward, which was yummy.  It was a long wait outside in the cold, but if I had gotten hungry, I still had some popcorn and apple slices to tide me over until my meal was served.

Thank you, Glenn, for getting us the tickets for our usual seats.  Thanks to all of you for a fun time.  I hope that we can all see "Toy Story 3" together, too.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

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Friday, October 16, 2009

"Pluto!  There are his paws ... holding his sack." -- Linda, at the China Closet

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Motown Comes to Universal

A couple of weeks before the concert, I saw that there was a deal to see The Temptations and the Four Tops at the Gibson Amphitheatre for $10.00 with no service charge, and the deal was only good for that day. So I promptly signed on to the website, saw that they had seats available, and almost clicked for 1 ticket, then thought, “Hey, maybe Liz will want to go. We can celebrate her birthday there.” So I contacted her and she & Joe agreed to be spontaneous and accompany me.

I arrived early, so I did some shopping at CityWalk before meeting up with Liz & Joe at the amphitheatre. I needed a drink, so I got some chicken wings and a margarita, which were both tasty and served their purpose well. 

Thoughts about the show itself:

  • Hey! There are 5 microphone stands on stage, like we’re used to! This is true for both Rockapella and NKOTB.
  • The Temptations wore orange suits and purple shoes. The Four Tops wore purple suits and purple shoes. I thought that maybe the 4T should have worn orange shoes in order to coordinate with the Temps. Maybe purple shoes were on sale.
  • The Temps sure had a lot of hit songs. I knew most of them because I listened to a lot of “Oldies” songs with my parents when I grew up. I had also just recently purchased a double CD of the Temps’ hits, so that helped, too.
  • The 4Tops didn’t have as many hit songs, and they did their versions of more contemporary songs, like the new Whitney Houston song, and Luther Vandross’ “Dance with My Father”. The soloist who sang both of these two songs was amazing, and that’s what made me realize why the Tops were the second act to go on. Before those solos, I had thought it was odd that the Temptations would open for the Tops, but I sure understood after that.
  • Loved all the dancing, and pretty much pictured Rockapella during the songs that they cover. We decided, though, that Pella doesn’t do enough of the Rolling Arms motion when they dance, and my assignment was to tell Pella that the next chance I get.
  • There is only one original member of each group still performing.  That's even better than Pella, and those groups have been together longer than a Pella member or two have been alive, I think.
  • Joe was dancing along.  I absolutely loved being a witness to that. :)
  • For one of the songs, the Temptations had people turn on their cell phones and use the light in place of lighters.
  • There was a dude wearing a sparkly green outfit, almost jumpsuit-like, with the shirt having a big collar and no buttons.  It made Liz feel underdressed.  It made me feel like we were going to watch "Saturday Night Fever."  
  • Both groups kept giving advice to the men in the audience, on how to treat their ladies.  Liz and I just kept looking at Joe during those moments.  Treat her like a lady, Joe!
  • Joe's words:  "That's the best $10.00 concert I've ever seen." 
Joe's words are sufficient.  

Thanks for the fun time, you guys!

Monday, October 12, 2009

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

“Is Oscar going to come out of that?” -- Sherry, in line at Haunted Mansion Holiday, realizing that she would like to see a Muppet Haunted Mansion (or MHMH)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Suck Your Buss

I saw "Jennifer's Body" with Mox, Glenn & Cindy a couple of weeks ago after a yummy dinner at BASIL. 

  • I brought big Gloomy Bear to hold onto, and Cindy brought little Gloomy. We (independently from each other) thought that it would only be fitting.
  • I pretty much wanted to see the movie mainly because I loved Diablo Cody's work in "Juno".  I wish it could have been as good, but that's OK.  I still like DC.
  • I can totally believe that Megan Fox would be a succubus.
  • I think that Amanda Seyfried had the best lines, especially "She's evil...and not just high school evil."
  • Bunch of guys in the audience howling at the scene where the two of them kissed.  Oh, boys.
  • Didn't have to close my eyes for that much of the movie, but still had to for some parts.
  • Eew on the black liquid coming out of her mouth.
  • Why did she let her boyfriend go to the dance by himself?  I would have had him accompany me so that we could work as a team.
  • I had fun watching the movie.  I wonder if guys that watched it will need to think about what's happening when the prettiest girl in school is hitting on them all of a sudden.  Yeah, right.  Like they think rationally at those times.  Dummies.
Thanks for the fun evening as usual, guys!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

***Twitter Version***

"...Awesome! I want the soundtrack." -- Cindy & Sherry, almost simultaneously,  on Main Street, USA after the Hallowe'en Screams Fireworks