Sunday, October 4, 2009

Suck Your Buss

I saw "Jennifer's Body" with Mox, Glenn & Cindy a couple of weeks ago after a yummy dinner at BASIL. 

  • I brought big Gloomy Bear to hold onto, and Cindy brought little Gloomy. We (independently from each other) thought that it would only be fitting.
  • I pretty much wanted to see the movie mainly because I loved Diablo Cody's work in "Juno".  I wish it could have been as good, but that's OK.  I still like DC.
  • I can totally believe that Megan Fox would be a succubus.
  • I think that Amanda Seyfried had the best lines, especially "She's evil...and not just high school evil."
  • Bunch of guys in the audience howling at the scene where the two of them kissed.  Oh, boys.
  • Didn't have to close my eyes for that much of the movie, but still had to for some parts.
  • Eew on the black liquid coming out of her mouth.
  • Why did she let her boyfriend go to the dance by himself?  I would have had him accompany me so that we could work as a team.
  • I had fun watching the movie.  I wonder if guys that watched it will need to think about what's happening when the prettiest girl in school is hitting on them all of a sudden.  Yeah, right.  Like they think rationally at those times.  Dummies.
Thanks for the fun evening as usual, guys!

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