Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/30/15

Harmonic Journal
Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"September" by Earth, Wind and Fire

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/29/15

Harmonic Journal 
Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"We Are Young" by fun. featuring Janelle Monae

Monday, September 28, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/28/15

Harmonic Journal
Monday, September 28, 2015

"Shemibos" by John K. Brown, as performed by Rockapella

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/27/15

Harmonic Journal
Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Viva La Vida" by Coldplay

This song will always remind me of my nephew when he was a toddler, jumping around his house, singing and dancing to the song.

Happy 10th Birthday, Brady!  Tita Sherry loves you!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/26/15

Harmonic Journal
Saturday, September 26, 2015

"Show Me The Way to Go Home" from JAWS

Harmonic Journal 09/25/15

Harmonic Journal
Friday, September 25, 2015

"On The Steps of the Palace" from Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim, as sung by Anna Kendrick

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/24/15

Harmonic Journal
Thursday, September 24, 2015

"As" by Stevie Wonder

Happy Birthday, Liz!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/23/15

Harmonic Journal
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Tell Me What You Want" by Scott Leonard, as sung by Rockapella

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/22/15

Harmonic Journal
Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock N Roll", as performed by Donny & Marie

Monday, September 21, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/21/15

Harmonic Journal
Monday, September 21, 2015

"Fanfare for the Common Man" by Aaron Copland, as performed by the 2012 Carolina Crown in "For the Common Good"

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/20/15

Harmonic Journal
Sunday, September 20, 2015

"A Beautiful Mine" (Theme song from Mad Men) by RJD2

Congratulations to Jon Hamm on winning the Emmy for Best Actor in a Drama Series!  FINALLY.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/19/15

Harmonic Journal
Saturday, September 19, 2015

"If I Could Turn Back Time" by Diane Warren, as performed by Cher

DLR LotD 09/19/15

Disneyland Resort
Line of the Day

Saturday, September 19, 2015

"Chess isn't fun until somebody loses a pawn." -- James, at 1901

Friday, September 18, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/18/15

Harmonic Journal
Friday, September 18, 2015

"Peanut Shell" by Sean Altman, as sung by Rockapella

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/17/15

Harmonic Journal
Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Always On My Mind" by Johnny Christopher, Mark James and Wayne Carson, as performed by Willie Nelson

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/16/15

Harmonic Journal
Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"Babygirl" by Scott Leonard, as sung by Rockapella

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/15/15

Harmonic Journal 
Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"On My Own" from Les Miserables, by Claude-Michel Schonberg, Alain Boublil and Herbert Kretzmer

OK, I can't decide.  This is my favorite song from my favorite musical, and all 3 of these ladies make me cry when they sing it.  So.. you choose.  :)

One of my favorite Broadway performers, Lea.

Saw her with Bro before she became famous, and met her the next night.   I told her that she is Bro's favorite Eponine, and she was humble and grateful.

The movie that actually cast an Eponine from the stage, and didn't mess up my song.  

And now I'm a mess of tears.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/14/15

Harmonic Journal
Monday, September 14, 2015

"My Home" by Sean Altman and David Yazbek, as performed by Rockapella

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/13/15

Harmonic Journal
Sunday, September 13, 2015

"For Good" from Wicked, as sung by Anna Kendrick and Kristin Chenoweth

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Harmonic Journal 09/12/15

Harmonic Journal
Saturday, September 12, 2015

"That's Rock and Roll" -- as performed by Shaun Cassidy

The Epic Haiku Post

Rockapella West Coast Road Trip
August 28-31, 2015

Epic Haiku Post

I promised Haiku
From our PellaPosse trip
Hope you enjoy it!

August 29, 2015

rockapella says 
I've reached platinum status
Super fan upgrade
Road trips are more fun
With Pella posse members
Sherry had coffee. ‪

Ghirardelli chocolate and ice cream outlet. 
Didn't stop. Sadness 

Kinda scary when
The driver suddenly gasps
False alarm thank God 

Sunshine! Moonlight!
Singing along with the record
Practice for tonight 

"Taco Night" is on
Guacamole on her jeans
Sang this in my house 

Rental's a hybrid
How do you turn this thing off?
Oh duh push button

Great day for road trip. 
Nice clouds brilliant blue sky. 
Rest stop photo op‪
Driving in NorCal
Center lane equals slow lane
When did that happen?

"More than a woman" 
Scott Leonard singing Bee Gees. 
Auditory bliss.  

Much Rockapella 
in Sherry's playlist but we
Skip holiday songs
Flirty flirty eyes
Rockin' out to new EP
No red lights to run 
Sherry is hungry
Yikes this could be dangerous
Not at Donner pass. 

Great memories here. 
Pegs glorified Ham & Eggs. 
Fred's not on Facebook
Chipotle for lunch
Finally here in Reno
Waiting for Cindy

"Why is it Aztec?"
Karla says, "It's Chipotle."
I feel so dumb now

At Reno airport. 
Waiting in the cell phone lot. 
Have you landed yet?
And now we are three. 
"I can't contribute to this".
Cindy tells us lies. ‪

An outdoor venue 
Means seats in the sun for now
Hiding in the shade
Like the Britt center. 
Where Kevin sang of the birds
 in the giant hedge 
Musical chairs time.
I'm taking the front row seat.
Bring on the Pella!!!!

Before the show must:
Figure out where Fred will be
So I can visit 

The opening act. 
The silver dollar chorus.
 A barbershop group‪ 

Barbersharp quartet
Easy for you to say that
Bananas plantains

The comstock Cowboys. 
This Western swing makes me want 
to get up and dance.

Johnny Cash let's sing
Can't hum with your mouth open
Ring of fire named Sue

Look up and we see 
Fred and Steven in the wings
Sherry and I smile

Tally me banana 
The nice man just gave us some 
free barbershop fruit 

Action shots of Fred.
If he knows not of these pics
Is his soul stolen? 

One more Pella show. 
Such magical harmonies.
 How I love these guys.

August 30, 2015

Only a teacher
Would find her escape thinking 
Up poems all day  ‪ 

Love the new EP
Makes the road trip much more fun
So this is Living ‬ 

Debriefed at Denny's
Sherry tries to write it down
Or we will forget 

Early morning walk
Hard to find motivation
We still rocked it, though.

On the hotel wall 
others would see trees but I 
see my initial‪

Glasses from Ryan. 
Orange shows my Jester pride. 
Thanks so much bass man

Diehard fans in front
See Steve start a video
We wave right on cue
Bottom left corner
We just noticed video
PellaPusher waves

Goodbye to Reno
Dropping KP at airport
Napa valley bound
Disappointed that
Weff has yet to write Haiku
Poem challenge fail

 I'm not a poet.
I thought that you would know it.
Does it have to rhyme?

When taking Beg Girl
Back to her seat, remember:
The door may be locked

Second day in row
Hotel decor matches me
Curly redheads rock

This is the good life
And it's all you'll ever need
Love you FFE 

"How deep is your love" 
Rockapella's Scott Leonard, 
how we love his voice‪

We pass Nyack road
"Let's get away from it all"
Comes on. How perfect

I fly home today 
So you must help the posse
Write some more haikus 

Tentatively touch 
The door of bathroom stall
Is someone in there?

Friends waving goodbye 
Must write haikus without me 
What a great weekend  

Writing more haikus
I need a stenographer
Missing you, Karla!

gate B seventeen 
Please Mister Please is playing 
over in my head‪ 
No third show for me
But this will get lots of play
In my classroom. Thanks 

Haikus are better
With Sherry as co-writer
We make a good team ‪ 

*So jealous of you
Been way too long since I've heard
Rockapella sing*

On board my flight home. 
Had much fun with my posse. 
Last haiku for me‪ 

Naan fortune teller
Where is good Indian food
Tell me what I like

Wished for food and wine
Yummy food, then wine tasting
Napa is my jam.

Wine before Pella
Sherry, is this really wise?
Danger looms ahead.

Now a drunk haiku
Anyone want a peanut?
I think I've lost it.
City Winery
Used to be Opera House
Still Rockapella

Hug the guys for me
All travel safe tomorrow 
Hi to Fred of course

Drunk girls at the show
Emerald and amethyst
Cathy not a gem

*Cindy (no name) is
speaking in haiku, you see
I do not know why.*

Accepted challenge 
Rockapella Road Trip Posts
We have lost our minds.

Headed to bed now
Hope to see many haikus
When I wake in morn'

Not done drinking yet
Applebee's Angry Orchard
Can't help it. Thirsty.

August 31, 2015

Little Red Corvette
Rockapella debuted song
Miss Paper Doll, though.

Wake up and it's dark
But Cindy left hours ago
She took her olives

Olives are my treat
Stuffed with almonds and yummy
But not for breakfast

*Celebration treat
Special times with special friends
Olives with candles*

Zombie Jamboree
Calvin didn't want to sing
Watch Sherry next time!

Meet and Greet Moment:
Jeff said Zombie's like VD
Keeps on coming back.

Why are legs so sore
Only a 5K Sunday
Oh, weights day before

Fun posse weekend
Laughs and good times but now work
The end of the road 

Hotel check out time
Dude didn't hold door open
Chivalry is dead.

Wendy pets a dog
Croissants and macarons. YUM!
Happiness abounds.

Garden of veggies
Fancy food for fancy folks
Someday, French Laundry.

Rental car return
Trunk wouldn't open again.
How embarrassing.
Landed in LA,
But waiting on the tarmac.
Incredibly bored. 

Hope you all enjoyed
It was fun to write.

‪#‎roadtriphaiku‬ done
 Missing Pella already.
Until next time, Boys.

Don't know how to stop
Counting five seven and five
Help! I'm addicted.

One more for the road -- 
My posse is amazing.
Thank you for the smiles!


*people not on trip*

Wine, Dine and Pella Divine

Rockapella West Coast Road Trip
Days 3 & 4 -- August 30-31, 2015
City Winery
Napa, CA

I woke up early to meet up with Cindy and walk a 5K.  We had originally intended on walking a 10K, but reality set in, and we figured that would take too long, so we did a 5.  We didn't really have anything mapped out, just walked around the nearby parking lots, and around a duck pond and over a bridge, and then we couldn't find the bridge that we thought we saw before.  
That there in the distance was not a footbridge
Well, at least we didn't get lost.  We did see the end of a sidewalk and wondered if anyone would just stop there and not know what to do.  Not us, though.  We're rebels.  We saw a Sweet Frog yogurt shop and decided to freak out Linda and send her a picture.
Never closed.  Or Open.

FFE had uploaded on instagram the video that he was showing us last night.  Last night, I didn't notice that YOU CAN SEE US in the audience, waving at the camera!   OMG, that was awesome! We are in the lower left corner as Calvin takes the stage.  You can see me leaning over to KP to tell her about the video, and then we wave to the iPhone.  We're famous in our own minds.

Once everyone was showered and ready to go, we met downstairs in the lobby, where they had free Starbucks available.  Well, OK, then!  I wanted the flavor that had run out, so while we were waiting, we asked Ron the hotel desk manager to take a picture of us.   I also took a picture of the coffee because there were choices, and there were 4....wait, there are 5 Pella.  I don't know, I was delirious.  Not too delirious to drive, though!  But first:  Target, of course!  Cindy wanted to see if they had the new Pumpkin Spice Latte m&ms, and they did.  I enjoyed them.  KP doesn't like pumpkin, so she bought granola bars or whatevs.  Cindy liked the m&ms, too, then later made me take all of the rest.  Yes, she made me do it.  

Coffee Choices

Our drive to Sacramento was filled with more haiku and giggling.  KP had to go home, so we dropped her off at SMF, then I took Cindy took the rental car building.  She had an early flight in the morning and decided to drive herself to the airport.  I headed on over to Napa.  There was lots of traffic.  I imagined the guys sitting in the same traffic.  They probably weren't listening to the same music as me, though.  I don't know how I'd react if I saw them in the next car, but I looked for them.  Because I can't be mortified enough by what I look like sitting in a car in traffic in the heat.  

When I arrived in Napa, it felt like home.  I love Napa.  When I arrived at the hotel, Weff was out having lunch, so I decided to wait for Cindy.  She had already eaten when she arrived, but she was kind enough to drive me wherever so that I could get some food and some wine, preferably in the same place.  We went to a fancy winery that only gave tastings by appointment, and they pretty much ignored us, so we decided to leave instead of ask any questions.
Fancy Grapes

Fancy Winery
 I was trying to find the former Rubicon winery (they keep changing the name), but we couldn't find it because my phone kept freezing.  We ended up at V Sattui winery, because they had a deli.  I made Cindy wait a couple of minutes so that I could check into the next day's flight, and then we walked to the deli.

Well, that was not just some ordinary deli!  It was full of wonderful cheeses and food and olive oils and bread and just too much yumminess for us.  I ordered an Arancini (risotto ball) and brussels sprouts sauteed with balsamic vinegar and bacon.  Cindy got some olives stuffed with almond.  We sat down in the shade on a bench outside in the picnic area.  It was quite relaxing.  I wanted Rockapella to just come over and sing for us there.  But first, wine!  


Yes, Sherry did some wine tasting.  It was a great deal at 6 tastes for $15.00.  It was an even better deal when I actually had 10 tastes because Dulce could tell that we had similar tastes and kept recommending stuff that wasn't on the tasting list.  Thank you, Dulce, my Sweet!

Cute Bottle

Wines marked with an asterisk are my favorites of the day.  

  • 2014 Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc
    • 2014 Reserve Carsi Sauvignon Blanc* -- Mmm... salad-y.
  • 2014 Dancing Egg Riesling
    • 2014 Dry Gewurtztraminer
    • 2014 Dry Muscat
  • 2014 Gamay Rouge
  • 2012 Entanglement
  • 2014 Moscato Frizzante*  -- Cindy bought a case of this, which allowed her membership into the wine club.  It's really good.  I hope I get to go to the tasting room with her.
    • 2014 Muscat
  • Angelica* -- This was my favorite.  It's made from the muscat grape (my favorite), and is enhanced with brandy.  Tastes like a white port.  I need to order me some of this.

Sweet Dulce, New Member Cindy and Tipsy Sher 
So, yeah, I was REALLY tipsy after all of that wine.  Thank goodness Cindy was driving!  We hit a bit of traffic, which meant that we had to make a pit stop for me because I couldn't wait any longer.  So I thanked the gas station people by buying Cool Ranch Doritos, and gave them to Weff when we returned to the hotel.  I ate the rest of my food before getting ready so that I wouldn't be ridiculously drunk when we got to the venue.  I wasn't sure if I'd drink more there, because, well, this is Napa! I showed the video of KP and I waving to the camera in Reno, because Rockapella had posted the full video on Facebook: 

View and sounds from back stage in Reno.

Somehow, I tore myself away from watching the video 4000 more times.  The four of us went to City Winery together, which is good because I was included on Weff's ticket.  I was feeling weird because I didn't have my own individual ticket, but at least I got inside.  The old lobby downstairs is now a restaurant.  I miss our old meet and greet area.  I saw a guy that looked really familiar to me, and he saw me staring at him.  I told him he looked familiar, and he gave me a resume of shows that he's been in, but I hadn't seen any of them.  We went upstairs and were seated at our table, which was right next to the stage.  RIGHT NEXT to it.  Like, I was touching the stage.  Cindy ordered food, and I decided not to get more alcohol, so I ordered coffee.  It came with a cute little milk bottle!  Jeff reminded me that I would not have received such on the cruise.  The server looked like someone I sang with in choir, and when I said his name, Wendy said that she knew somebody with the same name.  The server wasn't the guy I know, though.  Neither is Wendy's friend.  Our table numbers were marked with wine bottles, and Jeff looked for number 18 so that he could take a picture with it for "Edge of 18", but the one bottle without a number was at table 18.  That's just crazy.  There weren't many people in the house.  It was weird.  But hey, at least Rockapella was there.

No, not that number is not how many glasses of wine I drank!



CSL4:  You've all got some sunshine out here, as well as some lovely traffic.
See?  They could have been on that freeway with me!

Change The World

RC was acting like he was flying at the end, and almost ran into the microphone stand.


Rock Around The Clock
CSL4 was getting dizzy with all of the head banging.

Jailhouse Rock
CSL4 is wearing my tie!  

CSL4:  We drove from Reno.  What a lovely drive that was.  We're familiar with the ups and downs and the sitting on the highways of Northern California.  

When the crowd cheered, CSL4 called us a "small but mighty crowd".

Dancing In The Streets
I felt like FFE was going to kick me in the face.  RC did the Robot for his solo, and he was quite impressed with himself.  FFE told him, "That was great, Bro."

Just My Imagination / Imagine
RC stopped the intro because he was out of breath.  "Sorry, the dancing!"

Satisfaction / Cupid

CSL4 regarding FFE's EP:  It is fantastic.  He's going to be a famous country star.  We're going to be looking for a job opening soon.  (He said that last sentence while looking straight at me.  Yes, he remembered what I asked him the night before.  Yes, he loves to torture me.  I just stared at him because I didn't want my tipsy mouth to say anything out loud, like, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!?").  

My Cherie Amour
Sherry to Cindy:  Tear!

While CSL4 was talking, FFE waved at JeffEvs.  CSL4 asked what was going on.  FFE said that he was just saying hi to JeffEvs.  So CSL4 said "Hi, Jeff!"  OMG, now the show is being stopped for the posse!  Wendy said later that, at this rate, JeffEvs would be on stage before her.  

CSL4 regarding RC:  Sometimes my little girly head can't even hear what you're saying, but I know it feels goooood.
Regarding JT:  Anything that requires math of, you know, double digits...Jeff does it.

Then instead of singing MY song in a venue that would have been perfect for an FFE sighting, CSL4 announced that they were learning a new song while in the car on the way to Napa.  He asked if we would like them to share it, and warned us that it was their first time.

Little Red Corvette / Born To Be Wild
That sounded really good.  I'm familiar with the arrangement because I'm a Sun Bros subscriber, and it was one of the downloads.  So now Cal is Prince!  I miss my FFE, though.  JeffEvs later asked CSL4 if my song was being phased out, and CSL4 said "probably half of the time".  Sadness.  It's like when they phased out "California Sad-Eyed Girl".  Excuse me while I go mourn that song again.

Blame It On The Boogie
Seriously, I want to touch their shoes every time they walk to the edge of the stage.

CSL4 felt a connection with Emerald.  She's from Boston and San Francisco, and she was lively!  Lively and loud.  Wow, she was excited.  Most likely drunk, too, which made me really glad that I had calmed down and didn't drink anymore during the show.  She works for Apple.  CSL4 told her that he dropped his iPhone and it broke.  She asked if he wanted her to get a new one for her. 

Stand By Me
Emerald:  Ooh, it's like karaoke!

Ain't Too Proud to Beg
Cal was so cute, waving to her to get her attention.  She really had fun out there, which was good because our crowd was so small and it energized the place.  

Thrift Shop / Celebrate

Emerald's friend, Kathy, got all excited when CSL4 talked about Carmen SanDiego, because she's a huge fan of the show.
CSL4:  Kathy.  Shouldn't you be, like, "Amethyst" or something?   
He said "amethyst" with a bit of a lisp and it was hilarious.

JT stopped his solo.  "EM!"



Used Ta Be My Girl

CSL4:  We'll be back in your state (I told him November), flying in by helicopter.

Somebody yelled out "Zombie!"

CSL4:  Somebody said Zombie, but um, no.  (To Calvin): You don't know it, do you?  (To RC): Do you?  OK!

Zombie Jamboree
RC sounds like Bear when he does the "Manhattan!" spiel.  Calvin!!!  Do the moves, Calvin! FFE came in too early at one point, and CSL4 reacted by tripping.  They're so damn funny and cute.  It was great to hear Zombie again.

Up On The Roof / Wonderful World
Yay -- off mic again. Aaahhhh, Pella.

Robin came over and chatted with us.  We still had hummus that we hadn't finished, so when FFE arrived in the audience area, I loudly said his name and offered him some, but he had already eaten his share.  Just trying to keep him happy.  

The guy that I recognized earlier turned out to be the guy in Reno that saw me celebrating my 100th show.  See?  I knew I had met him before!  How dare he not remember me.

Meet and Greet

Calvin said that when asked if he knew "Zombie", he said, "No."  He was outvoted, though.  I said that I noticed that he couldn't do the choreography, and he said that he was too busy trying to remember the words.  I told him he needs to watch me next time for the choreography.  Maybe I should just go up there next time.  Not.  He said that he'd only done the song once before, and it was on Hallowe'en.  He asked me what I made for them, and I said that the cake was called "Blueberry Boy Bait".  He said, "Blueberry Boy Bake?  Oh, yeah, that was a good bake!"  I said, "No, I said, 'bait'. As in fishing and you put it on a hook."  He figured it out and said, "Oh, then you really reeled me in!  I was there!" and gave me a huge hug.  So cute.  He said that he'd like to order some.  "I'll fly out.  I have a birthday coming up."  When we asked when, he said, "Next year.  March 16."  Maybe I'll have him do a house concert and I'll bake him anything he wants.  He's excited because he'll be going to Vegas for the first time when they have their show there in December.  Ryan told him that he would be overwhelmed and would need to have a plan.  Calvin told Ryan that he knew Ryan would have a plan, and he was going to follow him around. 

Ryan said that they had fun at Hussong's the previous night in Reno.  They used to hang out there a lot because of the margaritas, which, apparently, the owner invented while back in Mexico.  He and Steve would be there at noon and stay all day.  Calvin said that he didn't go to Hussong's because of the line dancing.  Ryan said that Calvin didn't go because he'd have one margarita and go to bed.  Weff showed him a picture of their dog, Barney.   

Em's friend notAmethyst told Scott that he was her favorite.  His response, "Oh, finally!"  Yeah, right!  I told him that he was wearing my favorite tie tonight, and he said, "It's my favorite, too."  Wendy asked how he liked the renovated venue.  He said that he liked that without the carpet, the sound isn't so muffled.  But Fred doesn't like it.  He likes the equipment, but not the sound, as it's not as consistent as it used to be.  Wendy mentioned that they weren't staying in one place for very long during this trip.  He said they were on a "surgical strike...we go in, sing, and leave."  Robin said that the small crowds were due to the fact that there was no advertising for their show.  In fact, if you look at the list of shows that they posted in the restrooms, Rockapella is not listed.  I don't know what's up with that.  Maybe they finalized the booking late?  Scott didn't understand that.  I remember that Wendy and I weren't even sure that they were going to play Napa because it wasn't listed at first, but we held tight, and there they were.  I really wasn't crazy about the new set-up.  I miss the old theater-style seating, and the non-interruption of servers.  They weren't distracting us that much, but I really just want to sit and watch a show without all of that other stuff going on.  Wendy received an email after we got home that said that City Winery Napa will be closing its doors for good due to low attendance.  Well, maybe you should have ADVERTISED correctly!  Sigh.  I would like to think that they would just sell it to the city so that they can return it to its former glory, but that would take money.  I hope that wasn't the last time we see Rockapella there, because I do love that building, and they're my favorite excuse to go to Napa.  We have many, many great memories in the Napa Valley Opera House.

Steve got the guys together so that we could finally get a group picture.  I can't believe that this was the first one all weekend where we could include all of the guys.  

All Smiles

Steve:  I heard you had a little glass of wine today.  (I tagged him in the haiku.  APPARENTLY, he noticed).
Sher:  Six.  I paid $15.00 for six, and I ended up getting ten.
Steve:  I should have gone with you!
Sher:  Yeah, you really need to listen to me.
I mean, really, he does.  All they did was hang out at the hotel, when they could have been partying with us.  Note to FFE:  get a hold of Sherry whenever you know she's in the same town.  She knows how to have a good time without getting into too much trouble.  
Cindy asked him if he knew that Venus is Cupid's mom. 
Steve:  Oh, the mother and the daughter.
Sher:  Actually, Cupid's a boy.
Steve:  Oh (laughs).  OK, mother and son.
He told me to email him a reminder for the song that I requested, and I told him we'd see him in November, when I bring him his surprise.  His eyes got all wide and he said, "Surprise?!" 

We talked to Jeff briefly as we were leaving.  He was closing up the merchandise bag.  We told him that we loved seeing Zombie again, and he said that the guys said, "We need to learn Zombie" after that performance.  
JT:  Zombie is like a venereal disease.  It just keeps popping back up.  Not that I would know anything about that.
I laughed and laughed.  I don't know how, but JT never ceases to surprise me with that mouth of his (drumming and otherwise).

We walked back to the parking structure and talked to Robin for awhile before we went to Applebee's.  I saw the ad for Angry Orchard and ordered a bottle because I lied before and wasn't actually done drinking.  We then went back to the hotel and said goodbye to Cindy because she was going to leave really early in the morning, and I needed to sleep.

Angry Orchard and Sher

The next morning, Weff and I went to Yountville for yumminess at Bouchon Bakery.

Mmmm....Hazelnut Macaron
 Someone in line had a dog, and she tied him to a bench outside while she went inside.  He started whining, so Wendy walked over to him to comfort him.  He seemed to like that.  After we ate our goodies, we took a walk so that Wendy could get a picture in front of The French Laundry.  We saw their garden across the street and realized that we walk  through it, so we perused the vegetation.  

Little tiny eggplant in JeffEvs' man hand
They also had chickens!  The sunflowers were gorgeous, the bees were buzzing, the heat was blazing, and we had a nice, relaxing time.  After a little pit stop near where our car was parked, we went back to the hotel so that I could get my car.

I drove to the airport, got gas for the car, and parked at the rental car return.  OMG, it took me at least 15 tries before I could get that stupid trunk open!  It was embarrassing.  I finally got out of there and made my way to the airport.  I was able to see Weff for a few minutes before they boarded their flight, then I waited for my own.  My flight was relaxing, and I got a few nice pictures of LA from my window seat.  

So Cal Coastline

Since I arrived at rush hour, I had to wait a really long time to catch the FlyAway (I had just missed one).  But you know, it just gave me more time to think of haiku to end the trip.  I felt beat up when I got home because of all of the waiting, but I was home and safe.

Sad, though.  I always get sad when I get home from a Rockapella weekend like this, because of that withdrawal.  I was actually emotional for about a week afterward.  Maybe it was hormones.  Maybe it was haiku withdrawal.  I don't know.  We've since decided that all Pella road trips together must have haiku, so that can be remedied in November.  :)

Until next time, boys!  Thank you for the awesome shows and the time you spent talking to us!  Loving you.