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"I feel like a craft project." -- Linda, on the humid Catal balcony

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Dada, Ta-da!

DCI Finals
Saturday, August 11, 2012
Lucas Oil Stadium

Bro and I had breakfast downstairs at Pullman's Restaurant.  Why do restaurants always serve so many pancakes at a time?  I can never finish...except, sometimes, at Cracker Barrel, because those are my favorite.

Then we made our way to watch the Indy Arts! parade.  The weather has been unseasonably chilly, so Bro was wearing his jacket.  I was wearing white pants and a tank top, and wanted to sit down, so I sat on my hoodie and braved the chill as we sat in the shade.  Cascades APPARENTLY found their plumes, as they were wearing them with their shakos.  The Colt Cadets had their morph-suited cymbal players, and I still wondered how hot they felt, even though we were in the shade. Pacific Crest was the only corps to actually play real parade music instead of their show, and the color guard also had a routine, so it is not surprising that they eventually won the Grand Champions trophy of the parade.  I forgot to look for the horn player whose arm was in a sling last night instead of holding his/her instrument.
Way to go, PC!

Then it took a long time for the horn players to assemble on the steps of the war memorial, and the Blue Stars' DM conducted them in a special arrangement of Simple Gifts.  Bro and I were not thrilled with this arrangement, but it was still really cool to see all of those horns in one place.
Bunch of Brass

Mike, Kaitlyn & Bro
When we returned to the hotel, Bro's friend Mike was there in the lobby with his daughter, Kaitlyn.  We went to Saigon, a Vietnamese restaurant, for lunch.  That was yummy, except Kaitlyn didn't like one of the spices in her shrimp fried rice.  The rest of us enjoyed our bun (cold vermicelli) dishes.  The Brickyard was on our way back to the hotel, so Mike took us inside the Indianapolis Speedway.  That place is friggin' huge.  We were able to watch some motorcyclists speed around the track.  I'm really glad that we finally made it there, because we'd been talking about it ever since 2008, but haven't rented a car these past few years.

Mike and Kaitlyn were also going to attend Finals, so they bought their tickets, and then we walked over to the place where the corps would be warming up before their shows.  We were too early, though, and saw one of the buses arriving just as we were walking back to LOS.  It's nice that the convention center was right there, so that we could walk through the huge air-conditioned building to get back to the stadium.  It had finally warmed up a bit, so we were grateful for that.

The seats where Bro and I were sitting were in the 5th tier, along the 15 yard line, in row 1.  Do you know what that means?  Yes, we had a desk!  It's the simple pleasures, people.  I like to have a place to put all of my blogging supplies. :)  When I bought a bottle of water at concessions, they took off the cap.  Little did they know that I had brought my own.  Thanks for the tip, Bro!  

Unfortunately, the USMC drum corps was unable to attend due to transportation issues.  That was quite a bummer, because Finals is not as great without them.  So the Hellcats played for us yet again.  They played patriotic songs, including "Over There" and "This is My Country", then played that arrangement of the "Star-Spangled Banner" that we don't really like very much.

The directors of Blue Devils B and Madison Scouts won leadership awards.

InPact played "Live for Music" with American Idol contestant Shaun Canon.  That was a lot of set-up and work for just one song.  Shaun Canon does a lot of performances around the country to support music education, and he used to be in a marching band in high school, so he naturally likes drum corps and supports the activity.  Another big supporter is Janina Gavankar from "True Blood", whom actually auditioned for Phregiment back in the day, but was accepted to Yale and  went there instead.  She has a bunch of pictures from Finals weekend on her FB site.  I love that she's a drum corps fan.  I don't even know her, but I watched True Blood for a couple of seasons before it got to be too much for me.

Oregon Crusaders, Open Class Champions, performed their show in exhibition.  I like how the bass drummers bow before their final push.
The Sun Will Come Out for Martha

DCI's sponsors were recognized.  There was a special recognition for Fred J. Miller, of the uniform company in his name, whom passed away this year.  His widow was present, and I tried not to cry during the standing ovation.

Now, on to the big show!

XMen's Signature Marquis Cross
I really like how those blue double flags look like water when they wave them.  Oh, those animal print flags represent animals!  And the rifle guard members are the hunters.  I love how I didn't figure this out until I was watching from our farthest vantage point of the weekend.  Duh.

Lucky Sevens
They formed a bunch of 7s because they are Vegas.  In their opening formation, they formed a triangle at center field, and we decided that it was the Luxor, with the Colts helmet as the beacon.

I love how they do the change in their shakos to the bright red color.  Congrats, Stravinsky winners!  They were the only corps that played Stravinsky to make it to Finals.  Oh, no.  A horn player fell down.

Madison Reframed
Oh, Scouts, why do you have to disappoint me so with not forming my favorite fleur-de-lis?  The dude in back of us says they should just do Malaguena every year.  Their choir corps sounded really good.

My fave flags from this show
Go, guard!  They were excellent.

The bass drummers set their drums down and stand beside the tenors to play them, too.  

It's weird to see the Cavaliers prior to intermission, instead of way afterward.

Awards from the parade were announced:
Best Visual: Academy
Best Dressed Color Guard: Music City
Best Cymbal Line: Pioneer
Best Drum Major: Legends and Glassmen
Grand Champions: Pacific Crest

The thing is, they don't have their shakos off for very long, so you can't see the masks on the corps for a long time before they throw them off.  Oh, I think those flags during the talking portion are from the movie "Mask".  Bro feels like they were flat today.  They tend to lose me as soon as they start with the talking.

SCV Shield
I had post-show teariness.  It started with "Music of the Night", and then it just kept going.  I'll miss this show.  I'll be wearing out that portion of the CD for sure.

O Tannenbaum
Even their pit tractor is decorated with Christmas lights.  One of the solos was a little flat or something.  They formed two bells.  It's amazing how much more you can see from up high.  While the color guard does their awesomely unison drill with the silver flags, they are in a formation of a Christmas tree.  I was concentrating so much on the beauty of their spinning that I didn't notice that before.  

Phreg Chev
I remembered to yell for Mike before the show started.  They entered the field from all four corners to set up.  I don't think that they did that on the other 2 nights.  Still no kick at the chevron?  Bring it back, please.  Beautiful "Nessun Dorma" solo.  The phans yelled "SUTA!" after the costume change.  

Crown's Crown
If they could win on audience noise alone, they would totally get it.  Wow.  They only use 2 flag designs throughout the show.  I see a bunch of Superman symbols in the show now that I'm looking for them, even on one of the flag designs.  Also, Batman, and maybe Spider-man.  Ohhhhh.

Those horns are incredible.  I forgot to watch the pit girl bang on that weird metal thing.  I like when they roll all the hoops to center field at the end.

The Hellcats played as the corps took the field.  SCV didn't do their usual precision drum-setting, which disappointed me, but maybe it was for the better since I wasn't hearing the Marines' cadence.

The Cadets DM led all of the corps in that arrangement of Simple Gifts that we don't like.  Are you sensing a theme here?  I don't know why people mess with the classics when they really don't need to do so.  I told Bro that SCV Age-outs were probably thinking "Well, this is crap!  What the hell is this?!"  I mean, hello, their 2009 show was soooo much better than that dreck.

SCV playing Simple Gifts
Then they played a video on the jumbotron that SCV couldn't watch because they're so disciplined and just look straight ahead.

DCI Finalists
The caption awards were presented by the remaining founders of DCI.  "Here we go," said Brandt Crocker.


12) 84.0 -- CROSSMEN

Jim Jones Leadership Award: Shawn Fay-Lynn of Madison Scouts


10) 86.7 -- BLUE KNIGHTS

Zingali Color Guard Award: Blue Devils


Visual Award: (in alphabetical order) Blue Devils and Carolina Crown 
 (So they both won visual at finals?  The rule is that the caption awards are calculated based on an average of Prelims, Semis and Finals.  If there is a tie, then the tiebreaker is whomever won the caption at finals.  The recaps tell a different story, which is that BD won visual at finals).

8) 88.85 -- CAVALIERS

Jim Ott Brass Award, presented by Harold Ott: Well, first Mr. Crocker announced that BD got it, but it was actually Crown.  Oops.  That announcement led to a very loud cheer from the Crown fans.  I felt sorry for BD at that moment.


Sanford Percussion Award: Blue Devils

6) 92.55 -- BLUECOATS

General Effect -- Blue Devils


4) 95.05 -- CADETS


2) 97.65 -- CAROLINA CROWN

1) 98.7 -- BLUE DEVILS

You've gotta respect the execution of that show, whether you like it or not.  They are amazing.

Blue Devils, the field is yours!  
They got the BD faithful going with their F-tuning warmup.  I haven't heard this in forever!  OK, 2 years.  But still, that's a long time for that.  
Drums did some warm-up of their own.
Then the horn players sang something.
Dada.  One more time.  This is the last time I'll get to see that girl beat the hell out of that metal thing.  Crazy brass runs:  I mean, that DIDN'T win best brass?!?
BD's hoops and horsies
I still don't like their color guard hats.  I do like when they roll the hoop up the backs of 3 CG members, and the last one in the line catches the hoop.

S: I really don't understand this show.  (regarding the jackets) Why do they put them on?
R:  Because there's a hanger in a frame.

Well, that pretty much hilariously sums up their show!

We returned to our hotel, and I didn't sleep well, probably because I was worried that I would miss my early flight.

The next morning, I talked to a guy as we waited at the Indy Go stop.  He also goes to Finals every year, and he marched with Boston Crusaders.  He asked for my honest opinion about BD's show, and I told him that I hated it at first, then liked it, then hated myself for liking it.  He said that his friend feels the same way.  So I think that was all on purpose.  Well played, BD.  And congratulations on another successful year!

As usual, I had some drum corps folk on my flights home.  At the Las Vegas airport, I went up to a group of SCV guys, and told them that they made me cry...and that it was a good thing.  They smiled and thanked the crazy lady.

Now is the time for drum corps withdrawal.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stravinsky Fest

DCI Semifinals
Friday, August 10, 2012
Lucas Oil Stadium

I think that the concept of the live blog of Semifinals was a fun one. It was also a bit more work for me, because I was still writing stuff for this more complete blog.  But it's a good basis for today's blog, so I'll be using the comments from that night and embellishing a bit with pictures and more  comments.

In the morning, we got a little something to eat at Starbucks, then watched the Olympics for a while before going to lunch at our favorite place, Tastings.

I only had 3 tastes of wine, since I wasn't that hungry, and neither was Bro.  But they were all pretty good.  The food was also quite tasty.  We shared a White Pizza, which was a flatbread pizza with cheese (I think it was gruyere) , arugula and a garlic and olive oil sauce.  Delicious.  We also had some steamed mussels, in a broth made with wine and garlic.

The wines I tasted:
1) 2011 Villa Wolf Gewurztraminer* -- sweet and yummy.
2) 2010 Pennywise Pinot Noir
3) 2010 Discoveries Moscato* -- really like this one

So my favorite, not surprisingly, was the Moscato.  Also, I guess I go for the California wines, because the descriptions seem like I would like them more than the others.  

We got to our seats at LOS just in time to hear the Hellcats trumpet players play the Star-Spangled Banner.  I didn't really like the arrangement, but at least it was live.  For today's show, we were 18 rows up from the field, along the 30-yard line.  So we get to see faces of the drum corps members!

Top 12 scores, marked with *, advance to Finals

CASCADES -- 68.75
Cascades Drummers
Their intonation was off.  Where are their shakos?  I thought they wore them yesterday, at least the horn players.  Someone's heel got stuck on her flag for a moment.  Bro told me the next day that he read that someone forgot the plumes to the shakos, and they didn't want to look weird without the plumes, so they didn't wear the shakos at all.  So there was violence in the early afternoon without hats.  I like their martial arts moves.

SPARTANS -- 70.75
I thought that the dead person from the first show was still on the field, because the show starts with someone laying in the center, just like the other show ended.  We are about ready to see some real drum corps with NO MICROPHONES!  This is the first corps out of several that are playing Stravinsky today.  There were a couple of drops from the CG.  One of the guys playing the marimba was really into the last portion of the Firebird theme.

Chant Corps
The color guard members' faces were painted.  I don't remember seeing that before, but maybe I just didn't sit close enough to see that last night.  They should have used real stones for the temple.  That wouldn't have been heavy or anything.  The chant corps portions went well, and I like the battery feature.  

SCVC -- 72.75
The Queen and the Aussie
It's difficult to watch drum corps and take pictures when you have tears in your eyes.  I am totally in love with that show.  I like the...everything!  The CG was spot on.  I like how they taper the snare drum ensemble down to the center snare solo.  The mellophone solo for "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" was beautiful.  I've only seen the show twice, and I know that I'll miss it until I get the recording on DVD.

BDB -- 73.60
BDB Big Ass Drum
So now we're sitting close enough that I can hear narration.  The dude is saying something about when you pour water into a cup, the water becomes the cup.  I thought that maybe this was "Dada II".  Oh, those ARE rain sticks!  Bro rolled his eyes at me.  They have some big ass drums.

Dan Potter informed us that Lucas Oil Stadium is the first stadium to be built with the marching arts in mind.  They have rehearsal space and acoustic design and everything.  Impressive.

SURF -- 75.45
Bridgemen Junior
So. Much. Fun.  "Pure Imagination" was more beautiful than I've ever heard anyone play before.  I've never actually been fond of that song, but I love the way that Surf plays it.  "Have fun at your band show with the bugle corps."  Every day I'm shufflin'.

ORE CRU -- 77.45
Red Fans for Tango
Bro figured out that the girl was singing underneath the pyramid thing during the orange section.  I'm pretty sure that I told him about that yesterday.  I think that any corps that plays Simple Gifts should have yellow flags, so that it can be a tribute to SCV's "Ballet for Martha", whether they mean to do it or not.. Just like they did. And it was gorgeous.

TROOPERS -- 77.65
I like the steam sound effect that happens when they just blow air through their horns.  Other people enjoyed their hip action.


COLTS -- 79.20
I'm now just convinced more than ever that those hats are bird heads.  A judge got hit by the green boundary while it was being formed.  Bro didn't understand why it's called "Boundaries" if they keep moving the boundaries around.  Another standing ovation for that awesome soprano solo of "All By Myself".  She played without any accompaniment, and the audience was dead silent, soaking in the beauty of the music, until she hit her high note.  Then we all went crazy.  So very nice.  One of those other soprano players looked to be about 5 years old.  

PC -- 80.25
Smiled.  A LOT.  I was almost to the point of Proud Mama tears.  I yelled out, "GO, ANDY!" for Mike's friend's son.  Then I thought that maybe his name is Adam.  So I yelled that name quieter.  I could see the soloist breathing in preparation for the solo during the rest.  

ACADEMY -- 81.90
Yelled Kyla's name.  Then I asked Bro if that was right, because I said the wrong one yesterday.  I'm so insecure about the names today! They do a move that looks like the "Back to Back" choreography in Rockapella's "Zombie Jamboree".  That only makes me like them even more than I already do.  They keep slicing that one girl's neck, but she's still alive at the end.  I like the tug of war, with her in the middle.  

GLASSMEN -- 82.25
I like the way they play the Saint-Saens.  I didn't know that they had a sound of shattered glass from the synthesizer.  They don't need it.  Actually, nobody needs the synthesizer.  

XMEN -- 84.90*
I watched this on the jumbotron because I needed to leave immediately after the Glassmen show.  After the center snare steps in front of his section, they throw him a stick.  I don't think the drummer needed it, but OK.  Pretty marquis cross formation.  

BLUE STARS -- 84.60
I thought that the first girl was a mermaid, but she was just a wave.  The mermaids came later, though, along with a prerecorded siren song.  I would have liked it more without the prerecorded singing.  They had red-headed mermaids on their flags, and an anchor painted on their rifles.  I also like the half-anchor props.  

SPIRIT -- 85.65*
There she is!
I got a picture of the sexy Jubilee dancer girl.  Too much talking and prerecorded singing.  

BLUE KNIGHTS -- 87.65*
BK continues the Stravinsky theme of the day (Academy also had a Stravinsky piece).  This  time, I saw them changing the plumes on their shakos.  The change in color caught me by surprise yesterday.  It's Firebird, in space!  Now I get that the flag is of a planet, maybe Saturn.  Love the Phoenix formation at the end, as well as the flags.  

MADISON -- 88.80*
Choir Corps
Fun show, love it.  I love their arrangement of "Pictures at an Exhibition". Also, they sing it.  If only they would make a certain formation...maybe tomorrow?

Dan interviewed the Madison Scouts director and asked about their food truck, which had burned down.  He said that as soon as the news hit the drum corps community, the leaders from both Carolina Crown and the Cavaliers offered to help feed the Scouts.  I love this activity!

The Edge performed in a section of seats nearby.  Dan conducted a drum corps trivia challenge, sponsored by Zildjian.  Aw, no dizzy people?  Bummer.

BO CRU -- 89.30*
I like their "Pines of Rome".  I don't really feel emotional about their show, though.

CAVALIERS -- 89.40*
Pop Art
I like when they get their swagger back at the end, especially because the DM just stands there without conducting it, facing the audience and nodding.  I hope it crosses over to next year.  Too many rifle drops.  

BLOO - 92.80*
Bloo Masque Drums
Oh, the CG has writing on their chests at the end, after they've stripped off their other clothing.  Bro can't read the Chinese one.  I guess he's not fluent by marriage to second generation.  Oh, and I can't read it either.  I really don't need the adjectives being told to me via talking.  

SCV -- 93.70*
Starry Night
They got me that time with "Music of the Night": I got all teary.  The Whitaker piece so awesomely blends with the Jupiter.  I love the pose right before Mars starts, like they are using a bow and arrow.  I tell ya, me and archery this year...

CADETS -- 94.10*
Cadets Gifts
They made a Christmas tree.  Do you hear what I hear?

PHREGIMENT -- 95.70*
They continue to do their Chevron, but still have not kneeled.  Eeww...that's a really bloody big read flag.  I love those pretty solos.  

CROWN -- 97.45*
You've got something on your chin
I think this is about the Green Lantern.  Or Superman, without the cape.  Or Peter Pan.  Again.  I really need to see the program.  CUBES!  A kid behind us could be a drum corps commentator, he's so knowledgeable.  He's, maybe, 8 years old.  

BD -- 98.20*
Why do they have to be so good at such weird stuff?  We like it, but hate ourselves for liking it.  I asked them to stop talking, but they did not.  Yet I still like their show.  Bro and I decided that we're like abused drum corps fans, taking a beating then coming back for more, over and over.  Is that irony?  It's probably Dada.  Whatever it is, they've succeeded in making us like them and hate ourselves for it.  Anyway, they played the heck out of that show.  

Awards were given.  The Jim Jones Leadership award went to the DM from Oregon Crusaders.  I like her name: "Happiness Yi".  So cute, and her smile fits her name.  The volunteers of the year included a woman who has been volunteering with the Colts for 30 years, and a couple that tabulates the scores.  The DCI Hall of Fame alumni were also introduced.  Thank goodness, no speeches.  The remaining 8 living founders of the original DCI were honored.  Then the Hall of Fame Class of 2012 was introduced.  Congrats, Sco Jo!  Then a bunch of DCI alumni got on the field for the Grand Reunion, and they welcomed the 2012 Age-Outs onto the field to join them.  On the jumbotron, a list of all of the DCI corps scrolled on, and I realized how many corps I've seen before that are now gone, and I missed their presence.  Then the lights went down, and we heard 5 alumni play solos.  GREAT solos from right below the jumbotron.  They were incredible.  We were then all invited to go to the Grand Reunion party, but we were tired and didn't feel like paying to get into a party, so we went back to the hotel to sleep while watching the Olympics.

Next Up:  FINALS

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Masks, Hoods, Birds, What's the Point?

DCI Prelims
August 9, 2012
Lucas Oil Stadium -- Indianapolis, IN

We went downstairs to the Pullman Restaurant for breakfast.  I looked to see if the cute Italian waiter would be there, since he was recommended on Yelp, but we got non-Italian Zac instead, who provided sufficient service anyway.  We met a couple of people on the elevator that were in town for the US Open Swim Meet.  We were, like, a swim meet?  Now?  They just completed the swimming competitions at the Olympics!  Wacky.

LOS is really close to our hotel.  We have a skywalk that connects to the convention center, so we walked through there, and just crossed the street to get to LOS.  Our walk would have been even shorter had we not gone up ramp to find that those gates weren't open. Duh.  We filled out our annual Superfan-that-doesn't-win info, and got our lanyards, which were even thinner than cardstock.  I miss just having a sticker.  I also miss when they would give out prizes, like shirts and stuff.  I think that they pull a name from the box every day, but they actually used to go into the stands and throw stuff to the Superfans.  Now it's just lame.

Our seats for today were in the second tier of seats, on the left 30-yard line.  They are the club seats, so they're cushy.  This is important for a more-than-12-hour day.  I brought snacks to munch on when we didn't want to deal with concessions.  But I did need water, and since the people working concessions were actually band boosters, they left the cap on the bottle for me. Bro told me to save it for another day.  So I did.  

The Star-Spangled Banner was played on a recording.  That didn't surprise me, but I do expect more from an event that features live music.  I asked Bro for like the 3rd or 4th time what the buckets were for on top of the lighting rigs.  APPARENTLY, he has told me on more than one occasion that the buckets are there to hold the cords so that they don't hang down all droopy everywhere.  He also told me to write it down so that I would remember.  So noted.  Now, on to the corps!  

Top 25, marked with *, advance to Semi-Finals

Repertoire: "Diamond in the Rough" -- Selections by M. England, P. Glass, R.V. Williams and R. Simonsen

Blue Saints Fringy Circles
They have shiny silver hoops with fringe.  That person taking off the capes is either a little girl or she's just really short.  So she takes off their capes, then when she takes her own off, she has a diamond on her uniform.  So she's the diamond?  Those big shiny diamonds look like solar panels.  When they played the Glass piece "The Canyon", I said to Bro that that piece is hard to lay with so few people.  My reference point is SCV's 1999 show, so I know my Canyon. They only had 2 snares, 1 tenor, and 5 bass drummers.

So, here's my question.  Why did we not play the Canadian National Anthem?  Blue Saints are not from USA.

Repertorre: "The 60s" -- Le Yaya by Dorsey/Lewis/Robinson/Levy, Dillou De St-Tropez by LeFebre/Pascal, Wipe Out by M. Ferraro, Manon Vient Danser le Ska by D. Lautrec, Splish Splash by Darrin/Kaufman, Da Doo Ron Ron by Barry/Greenwich/Spector, Ce Soir le Serai La Plus Belle pour Aller Danse by S. Vartan, Agadou dou dou  by The Bahmias, Your Love Has Changed My Life by The Clash

OK, so this is now the second Canadian corps.  Bro suggested that I just go up there and sing their anthem.  OK, but this is all I know: "O Canada".  That's it.  Something something "Land".  Yeah, that wouldn't be any good.  It's so good to have two Canadian corps here, though!  I miss the Kiwanis Kavaliers.  What was really cool is that they were counting off their beats in French. During "Wipe Out", the drummers played on snares that were on stands, and a couple of women nearby totally rocked out and danced in their seats.  Not that I didn't, but they were really into it. Yay!  Splish Splash!  During the last song, the snares and tenors threw their hat and played on the orange drums as well as their own.

COLT CADETS -- 57.95
Repertoire: "Alive!" -- Escape from Chronopolis by R. Clark, Themes from "Van Helsing"  by A Silvestri, Piano Sonata No. 8, Op. 13 "Pathetique" by L. van Beethoven, Theme from "Psycho"  by B. Hermann, Facade (from "Jekyll & Hyde") by F. Wildhorn

They wheeled out things on boards.  Here's the conversation I had with nobody:
S: "That looks like bodies.  Is that BODIES?!  That's bodies."
Body on Board
So the color guard members are the doctors, and the bodies end up being the cymbal players. Very effective use of their role in the corps.  I loved the bright colors.  I wonder if those uniforms got hot in the sun?  Somebody lost their shoe.  Yay!  Jekyll and Hyde!!!

RAIDERS -- 61.05
Repertoire: "Warped" -- Ripple, Shift, Bend and Suppress, Warp! all by K. Poulan
Raiders Field, not in Oakland

Oh, look, they brought their own football field.  This reminds me of Cadets 2001, in whose show I hated the tarps because they kept blowing away.  I like the red brick flags.  I would have liked the show more if they actually followed the squiggly yard lines.  Nice sound.

MUSIC CITY -- 62.85
Repertoire: "Phantoms of the Grand Ole Opera" -- The Phantom of the Opera by A.L. Webber, Ring of Fire by M. Kilgore & J. Carter, Sweet Dreams by D. Stewart, Music of the Night by A. L. Webber, Your Cheatin' Heart by H. Williams, Point of No Return by A.L. Webber, All I Ask of You by A.L. Webber, Stand By Your Man by T. Wynette & B. Sherrill
Phantom Throws His Rifle

I like the arrangement of country music mixed with Phantom.  The Phantom appears to be Johnny Cash in this instance.  I could have done without the recorded singing, though.  For instance, I don't remember hearing the Hank Williams piece played by the corps at all, because I was so focused on the fact that they played the recorded singing version.  Pretty mask flags at the end, and they form a heart during Music of the Night.  

LEGENDS -- 63.40
Repertoire: "The Edmund Fitzgerald" -- Four Sea Interludes Mvt 1,2,4 by B. Britten, Coming Home from the Sea (from "The Perfect Storm") by J. Horner, Bishop's Countdown (from "Aliens") by J. Horner, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by G. Lightfoot
Big Wave

OK, so both Bro and I heard "The Ella Fitzgerald" and wondered what the sea had to do with the songstress.  So anyway, the Edmund was a ship that sunk on Lake Superior, which the program now explains a lot.  Legends is from Michigan, so this was big news over there in 1975.  They had a big blue flag that washed over the corps to indicate the ship sinking and the people perishing.  

I got a veggie burger basket, which came with a free chicken nugget.  Yes, I checked to make sure that it was chicken first.

GOLD -- 66.35
This is Gold's first trip to Indianapolis, and we were happy that the made the trip, unlike Impulse and Velvet Knights.  (Revolution went home right after Open Class finals, and Forte also didn't come up for the rest of the tour).  I hope that they can all make it next year, but I know that raising funds is difficult.  Good to see Gold, though!  They had different CG uniforms than I remember from last month.  Get it, drums!  Great job, Gold!  Welcome to Indy!

GENESIS -- 63.50
Repertoire: "Epic" -- Strength of 1,000 Men by T. Bergersen, Someone Like You by A. Adkins & D. Wilson, Original Works by F. Gobbel & D. Ingle, United We Stand, Divided We Fall by T. Bergersen

Hmmmm.  Brandt Crocker didn't announce the corps.  Instead, they used some sinister recorded opening.  
R:  "What's the point of having the hood if you're just going to take it off right away?"
They used a goose-step-like march to indicate the Empire, I'm guessing from the program I just read.  Since we didn't read the program that was in our possession, this was my interpretation after the show:
S: "So she's an abused woman, and she gets beaten senseless, and dies, and he wins?  I don't like this show."  (I was way off, but still).

The dude sitting near us thinks I'm a drum corps spy, because I'm taking so many notes.  I told him that I wasn't a very good one, then, if he noticed.

7TH REGIMENT -- 64.45
Repertoire: "24601-R" -- Symphony No. 7 Mvt. 3  by L. van Beethoven, Enterprising Young Men (from "Star Trek XI") by M. Giacchino, Ara Batur by S. Ros, Fire (from "Elements") by B. Balmages, Finale (from Symphony No. 2) by Sibelius
Sleeveless Javert and the Prostitute

So I should have know by the numbers that this was Les Miz-themed.  Yet I still needed to see them in writing to get it.  I just wanted to know why he CG was dressed as prostitutes. So when I read the Les Miz thing, I got it.  Except that they didn't actually play anything from that show or the movie.  So the drum major is Javert, and Valjean is a corps member, then a cyberpunk guard girl.  Uh oh.  Someone fell as they ran to get into position, but they got right back up into the right place.  I like the way they carried the dead girls on the rifles.  

SPARTANS -- 69.35*
Repertoire: "Renewal" -- Firebird: Infernal Dance, The Princess Game with the Golden Apples, Dance of the Princesses, Dance of the Earth, Berceuse and Finale by I. Stravinsky
Shiny Firebird Wings

The pre-show is focused on the CG leader taking the field and next thing you know it, she's dead.  Bro: "What's the point of having her there early?"  They used absolutely NO amplification.  None.  We LIKE.  Oh, she's the firebird.  I like her final wings.  They're shiny.

Repertoire: "Heroes and Legends" -- Main Titles (from the television show "Rome") by J. Beal, Danse Bacchanale (from "Samson and Delilah") by C. Saint-Saens, Viva la Vida by Coldplay, Medea's Meditation & Dance of Vengeance by S. Barber, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again by A. L. Webber, Russian Christmas Music by R. Reed, Great Gate of Kiev (from "Pictures at an Exhibition") by M. Mussorgsky
Before, in purple with hoods

Drums changed

Final Change

OK, I was not prepared for the emotions that this show would stir within me, and I was crying a bit at the end.  I didn't even recognize the corps because their uniforms were covered.  Bro told me to look at the drum major.  OH!  So this show has a LOT of SCV's renowned repertoire, which is what got me all emotional because of this moving tribute to their parent corps.  Before the show, the drums were loudly playing behind the big screens.  Cool change of uniforms with the queen wearing the old school SCV uniform. "Wishing" started me with all of the teariness, and then it just wouldn't stop.  I liked seeing the passing of the Aussie to the different players.  I want to see that show again, so I'll probably need to get the DVD, which will come with al of the death shows.  But yay!  I'll see them again tomorrow because they made it to semis!

BLUE DEVILS B -- 73.45*
Repertoire: "Ecstatic Waters" -- Ecstatic Waters by S. Bryant, Kingfishers Catch Fire by J. Mackey, Over the Edge original composition by J. Meehan, Splashdown original composition by B. Dinkel & J. Mapes, River's End original composition by J. Meehan

Big BDB Drum
OK, so I heard something about a sky.  I was incorrect.  I like what happens during the dream feature, like the big drums and the CG hanging upside down from the poles. Bro thinks they should have used rain sticks at the beginning instead of synthesizers or whatever.

Repertoire: "Dreaming in Color" -- Sleep by E. Whitacre, El Tango de Roxanne (from "Moulin Rouge") by Sting/Mores/Luhrman, Libertango by A. Piazolla, Channel One Suite by B. Reddie, Rhapsody in Blue by G. Gershwin, Fantasian on the Dargason (from "Second Suite in F for Military Band) by G. Holst, Rondo (from "Abdelazer")  by H. Purcell, Simple Gifts by J. Brackett, Kingfishers Catch Fire by J. Mackey

Tenors Yellow
Always with the big props.  So this is the color wheel in reverse.  I said, "So it's Biv G Roy?"  Yeah, I know that's wrong.  Plus, that's the spectrum, Bro told me.  Aw, "Simple Gifts" with yellow flags!  It's like "Martha" is here.  The multi-tenors play some kind of yellow wood heads.  I really like the cool black/white rifles, as well as the tango portion with the red fans.  Fun way to do Rhapsody with the solo contra playing the low note and causing the corps, kneeling in front, to shiver their shakos. Awesome bass drum run.  I can see why this show won Open Class, although I still would have rooted for SCVC.


PIONEER -- 66.20
Repertoire: "Irish Immigrants: The Hands That Built America" -- The Irish New World (movements from Anonin Dvorak's "Symphony No. 9"); I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen by T. Westerndorf, Recollections of Ireland by I. Moscheles, I'm Shipping Up to Boston by the Dropkick Murphys

More fun with not reading the program:
S: "What's their show? America?"
R: "I'll give you two guesses."
S: "Ireland and America"
Then the program title was announced and we giggled.  I was right!  New World sound was bigger than I've heard them before.  We got to clap along with the DM as they played the jig.  Choir corps!  I don't know that song, though.  Bro couldn't understand whatever the narrator said.  They had these big trunks that hey hardly used.  No, Bro, they were not covered in Hawaiian grasses. 

CASCADES -- 68.65*
Repertoire: "Shinto" -- Kingfishers Catch Fire by J. Mackey, Panda Po by H. Zimmer, Shogun by L. Norfleet

Their props have really squeaky wheels.  It's good that they don't move them during the show.  A contra player dropped his hat.  Oh, a CG guy got sliced in the neck by the cymbal player after he thought he stabbed him to death.  They use Japanese drums, and they have a cool DM stand.  Big sun at the end.  How many corps are using this Mackey song, anyway?  I didn't notice until I did this write-up!

MANDARINS -- 71.70*
They now have a temple.  The last part has more chant with the gal waving the 50th year flag, and the Mayan priest changing into the old school Mandarins uniform, from back when they were in Division III and wore purple.  I think the ending took people by surprise.  

JERSEY SURF -- 74.50*
Repertoire: "Bridgemania: Celebrating the Legacy and Spirit of the Bridgemen" -- In the Stone Fanfare by Earth, Wind & Fire; Land of Make Believe by C. Mangione, Tell William by G. Rossini, Pure Imagination by Bricusse/Newley, and Party Rock Anthem by S. Gordy

Pure Imagination Butterflies
OMG, this show is awesome.  First, the DM gets a hilarious phone call from his mom.  Then the corps, dressed in bright blue, turns around, and you see a bright yellow Bridgemen-inspired vest.  Then the music starts and it's just all fun.  I don't know why there's someone dressed as a parrot for a minute, and I don't care.  They pulled little wooden horses for the William Tell overture, and the CG got up on them to twirl their rifles.  The Wonka song had pretty butterfly flags.  Then they do the Party Rock thing, and even the (fake) judge throws up his hat and dances along.  Wait. Aren't thundersticks considered to be artificial noisemakers?  How are those allowed?  Not that I actually care, because it's just so Bridgemen.   I wouldn't want to follow this with a serious show. Bro said that this is what he was hoping that Impulse and the resurgence of VK would be like, but no.  Methinks they need to look at this Surf show for some inspiration.  I'm really glad that we get to see this show again tomorrow.

TROOPERS -- 76.30*
Repertoire: "This Was The Future" -- Galop (from "Souvenirs, Op. 28") by S. Barber, The Heiress Suite by A. Copland, Music for the Theater by A. Copland

Yeah, I would have hated following Surf's show with this one.  I like that their CG uniforms and flag actually coordinate with the corps uniforms: yellow, tan and copper.  The pit members are all wearing different clothing, like from the steam era.  Steampunks would pay attention to this show.  Maybe.  If they weren't still thinking of that parrot.

COLTS -- 77.45*
Repertoire: "Boundaries" -- August's Rhapsody (from "August Rush") by M. Mancina, Boundaries by D. Nelson, Piano Concerto No. 2 Mvt 2 by S. Rachmachninoff, All By Myself by E. Carmen

I do not know why the color guard is wearing those big turquoise hats.  Are the birds? What's with that one-arm pose done by everyone?  Are they flamingos?  Their uniforms look the same, but more sparkly, and not obnoxiously so.  I like the way they have a little glint when the lights hit them.  What's with all of the drum majors playing stuff?  The Surf DMs both had solos, and now the Colts DM is playing a solo.  The solo is BEAUTIFUL, though, "All By Myself".  I love this song, and this rendition had the crowd on its feet.  

PRETTY.  I love that last reveal from all of the white flags to all-different colors.  Making me proud, PC!  :)

Set up time for the Big, Loud, Live broadcast.

So someone representing the Army sings "God Bless America".  WHY ARE PEOPLE STANDING???  This is not our national anthem, folks!  

THE ACADEMY -- 79.95*
Pink Spears
GO KYLIE/KYLA!  Bro met a woman on the plane, and I met her on the IndyGo, whose daughter plays for the Academy.  So I said I'd yell her name.  Then I said it wrong.  I'm an idiot.  Out loud, even.  Anyway, they all sleep at the end of the show now.  Awesome sound: the forte is GORGISSIMO!  They didn't have all of those spears before.  neither did they have those hats which they put on sticks, like Phregiment.  Also, I don't remember those primal screams.  Left of Spring, indeed.

GLASSMEN -- 81.25*
Repertoire: "Glassworks" -- Movement 1: Sand Mishima by P. Glass; Movement 2: Clear Glass original composition by Poulan/Ferguson; Movement 3: Shattered Glass original composition by R. Ferguson; Movement 4: Mirrored Glass Ethiopia III (from "Beyond Borders") by J. Horner; Movement 5: Stained Glass Symphony No. 3 in C minor, Op. 78 by C. Saint-Saens

Shards of Glass
Bro is having an issue with the people wearing hoods today.  "Are they going to take those off right away, too?"  They did, but they put them back on.  So now the guy in the stands that normal waves the Union Jack for every GMen show now also waves what we think is the flag of Belgium.  WHAT is that about?!  Cool to see the rifles that look like shards of glass.  They have their faces on their flags!  The Saint-Saens was very nice.  Also, I like to say "Saint-Saens".

CROSSMEN -- 83.40*
Repertoire: "Fragile" -- Earth Song by M. Jackson, Wailers by B. McFerrin, PD7 by A. Shankar, Here Comes the Flood by P. Gabriel, Finding and Believing by P. Metheny

The show starts with all of them lying down, making an outline of most of the continents.  They have silhouette people standing around.  Oh, the PEOPLE are fragile.  They die because they killed the planet by not recycling.  (Don't you love how I interpret things without looking at the program?  I might do this every year because it's fun to see how wrong I am).  Anyway...that note is really high, dude!  

BLUE STARS -- 83.75*
Repertoire: "The Blue World" -- Fate Has Smiled Upon Us by M. Streitenfeld, The Explorers (from "Symphony No. 1, A Sea Symphony") by R. V. Williams, Variations on Symphony No. 9, New World Symphony by A. Dvorak, original compositions by Sullivan/Aunst/Larrivee

There are ocean scenes, with a dock, rocks, and nets, one actual net, and the other made by the bodies of the color guard.  Interesting.  They also have fish flags.  I love that they use New World because it has a little bit of the "Jaws" theme in there.

BLUE KNIGHTS -- 85.85*
Repertoire: "Avian" -- The Firebird by I. Stravinsky

What is with the synthesized singing in the pre-show?  Firebird has lyrics?  The corps shako plumes match the color guard blue/green.  Then they change them to red at the end, and they form a bird!  I like the little moments of Star Trek and the Jetsons during the transitions.  I don't like the synthesizer.  I like this Firebird better than the other one.  Uh-oh.  Somebody fell down.

Repertoire: "Sin City" -- Music from the film "Bullitt" by L. Schifrin, Harvest: Concerto for Trombone by J. Mackey, Luck Be A Lady by F. Loesser, Poker Face by S. Germanotta (Lady Gaga), Music from the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" by J. Powell

Their screens are a bunch of Vegas scenes, mostly of the strip, mostly the old one.  Ooh, their drum heads look like poker chips.  They also have little stages made of poker chips, and later on, one of the guys rolls on them.  Aw, the King and Queen cards are in love, and they kiss at the end of the piece.  I need to get a picture of the Jubilee dancer and the feather fans.  I do not like the recorded singing, and the show has a lot of it.  This synthesized stuff is out of control.

Repertoire: "Reframed" -- Pictures at an Exhibition by M. Mussorgsky, Malaga by B. Holman, The Way We Were by M. Hamlisch, Theme from "Ice Castles" by M. Hamlisch, Malaguena by E. Lecuona

I like the Pictures arrangement.  Malaguena rocked the house, of course.  I thought that they were building to a fleur-de-lis formation, but it was a company front, which the audience loves anyway.  I love that they play to the audience, and just happen to get good scores, too.

There is no vitamin water where there is a sign posted.  I guess I'll stick to my boring water.

Repertoire: "The Titans" -- Enter the Titans & Celebration Pines of Rome by O. Respighi; Ritual Roman Festivals  by O. Respighi, Symphony No. 10 by D. Shostakovich, Evey Reborn b D. Marianelli; Titanomachy War Dance by O. Respighi; Return to the Hall of the Gods Symphony No. 1 by G. Mahler

I like those long red/black double flags.  They managed to fit their Conquest theme ino both main pieces.  Their music was well done, but I don't picture Titans when I hear "Pines of Rome".  I picture whales jumping.  Blame Disney.  I can't help it.

Repertoire: "15 Minutes of Fame" -- Don Juan by R. Strauss, Dead Elvis by M. Daugherty, Paparazzi by Germanota/Fusari, Don Giovanni by W.A. Mozart, Vesti la Giubba by R. Leoncavallo, Out Here On My Own by M. Gore, In the Hall of the Mountain King by E. Grieg

The color guard has white makeup on their face and colored hair.  Oh, they're Warhol Pop Art!  I get it!  Not so much crazy stuff this year...until the DM bows and the corps dances with more choreography, while wearing sunglasses.  Cool!  I like the different-colored bright rifles.  The drums have a $ sign, and they also form the same.  

BLUECOATS -- 92.25*
Repertoire: "Unmasqued" -- Masquerade (from "Phantom of the Opera") by A.L. Webber, Filet (from "La Reve") by B. Jutras, Flume by B. Iver, Ritual by Rarick/Thrower, Love Dance (from "Ka") by R. Dupere, Blue Cathedral by J. Higdon, Epiphanies (Fanfare and Chorales) by R. Nelson

They all threw off their masks at the end.  I didn't even know they had them on, because of their hats.  Unnecessary talking.  I was liking the show until that part happened. Nice soprano solo, with NO microphone.

Look!  There aren't any stars for the guard to point to!  I almost cried during "Music of the Night", which has been added since I saw the show.  But I had no time to think about it because they went back to playing "Mars".  Not that I'm complaining.  You've gotta love that quiet Jupiter ending.  I thought of the Curiosity rover during "Mars".  Outside, there was much thunder and lightning.  We found out later that this affected the reception of the live broadcast.  It was a cool effect during the "Mars" bit for us, though.

THE CADETS -- 94.05*
Repertoire: "12.25" -- Carol of the Bells by M. Leontovych, Jingle Bells by J. Pierpoint, Do You Hear What I Hear? by Regney/Shayne, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing by F. Mendelssohn

Merry Christmas!  Ooh, snowflakes.  The color guard is dressed as gifts.  They had big gift boxes on the field, which opened, and one of them turned into a picture of a church steeple.  Is this angel the same as last year?  They form a crown and a Jesus fish.  I don't really need the talking to tell me that they're illustrating the real meaning of Christmas, thankyouverymuch.

The Beheading
I finally saw the beheading.  So they have a happy ending.  Is that just for now?  I had to look up the Turandot story again to make sure that nobody dies at the end.  I mean, enough people die during the real show that they don't need that at the end, too.

Repertoire: "For the Common Good" -- Third Symphony (Fanfare for the Common Man) by A. Copland, Dreams by B. Moren

More hoods.  There is an abundance of tympani.  4 sets of them.  What a beautiful show!  There's Copland, a teamwork theme, and cool silver cubes with people stretching in them, and someone balancing one on his chin, then the DM even has one at the end.

BLUE DEVILS -- 97.55*
Crazy show.  They place the horses in a circle like a merry-go-round.  

We didn't stick around to hear the final two scores, because I was hungry.  We ate at the bar at Pullman's, and there were a bunch of other drum corps fans there, too.

Next up: Semifinals