Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ooh, The Claws!

While I was in Indianapolis for Drum Corps International Finals, Bro, V, and I had some free time to watch a movie, and we watched "The Wolverine" in 3D.   We actually didn't realize that the showing we happened upon was in 3D, but it's all good. 

  • It's Hugh Jackman's abs in 3D.  I'm in!
  • I've seen fights on top of trains.  But on top of a bullet train?  That's crazy.
  • I was torn between wanting him to fall for Mariko and Yukio.  It didn't help that they were best friends/kinda sisters.
  • "They will disinfect you."
  • I did not like Viper's snake-like qualities.  Eeewww, she was creepy, especially with her skin molting.  Why did that have to happen?
  • Also eeww:  the spider thingy attacking his heart.  For some reason, I had less reaction to him taking it out than I did to the spider itself.
  • Yashida, that's just wrong, dude.  You're a mess.
  • I'm totally over Jean Grey.  I want Logan to be with Mariko.  Or Yukio.  One of them.
  • That sword is awesome.  I want one.  That's probably not a good idea, but I still want one.
  • I like how the credits for the unit in Japan are shown on screen in Japanese characters.
  • Really?  People leave before the credits are over?  For a Marvel film?  Idiots.
Fun stuff.  Of course, now I'm looking forward to the next X-Men film.  

Monday, August 26, 2013

Au Revoir, Indy!

2013 DCI Finals
Travel Day
Sunday, August 11, 2013

After all of the excitement of the previous 3 days, we were quite tired.  But we needed to get packed and checked out of the hotel, so we only slept in a little bit before doing all of that.  V and Bro's friend Alli, whom lives in Terre Haute, drove down to visit with us before we left.

We checked out and made sure to get away from the Lucas Oil area, because there was a pre-season game set for that day.  We ended up parking in a structure across town, and walked to Le Peep, because we needed to keep with the French theme, oui?  Not that they had any French food there.  Unless you count French Toast.  Oh, yeah, and crepes.  Anyway, it's a great breakfast place, and we all enjoyed our meals.  I had a half order of the Original French Toast and a Rasher of Bacon.  The guy said that it's really "just bacon", with a fancy way of saying it.  I don't care.  It's bacon.  
It's like drum corps, in fountain form!

We still had lots of time before our flight times, and Alli was kind enough to give us a ride to the airport, so we hung out at the Indiana World War Memorial.  
Super V at one of 4 sets of huge doors
We were just sitting there, talking on the second level of the Memorial, and Bro told the others about last year's DCI Finals Day, when the brass from the parade participants played up there.  I saw a couple on a bench, and couldn't help but start reciting that "Einstein on the Beach" poem.  Then I realized that I can't get the phrase "Impossible, you say?" out of my head.   Nutso, I know.  
"Two lovers sat on a park bench..."

Then Bro, now with his one Eagle Eye, saw that there was a museum downstairs with free admission.  So we perused.  I wondered if they'd have a tribute to the USS Indianapolis, which was discussed in "JAWS", and they had a room dedicated to it.  I mostly took pictures of bugles and stuff like that, but there was also a cool American flag exhibit, which showed the different renditions of our nation's banner.

See?  More French!

In the restroom lounge, a woman saw our SCV shirts and told us that she was from San Jose, and we discussed the show from the previous night.  I love it when drum corps fans see each other!

We went back to the parking structure and didn't realize that we needed to pre-pay until we got all the way back to the car.  All 4 of us totally ignored all of the signs telling us to bring our parking ticket with us and pre-pay.  Yes, we're all college graduates.  Duh.  After Bro got us all paid for, we headed to the airport.  I realized that Bro had not yet heard Rockapella's "Indiana" during the trip, and played it for him in the car.  

I got in line behind some Troopers, but I was still really early for my flight, and I couldn't check my bag until 4 hours before the scheduled flight.  Bro and V had gone ahead to the gate, so I hung out at Cafe Patachou to have a snack.  After I was finally able to check in my bag, I found myself with more Troopers. whom ended up being on my plane.  I guess that's because we were stopping in Denver.  When we got hungry, Bro, V and I had dinner at Champs before saying our goodbyes.  Aw, sadness.

I got home after midnight, and went to work early in the morning.  For what?  APPARENTLY, I was approved to take that day off, but they hadn't added it to our calendar, so I thought that I was supposed to be there.  I stayed for the day, though.  

We had a great trip.  I'm glad that I bought last year's CD, so now I can listen to that in my car to fend off some of that inevitable DCI withdrawal.  I miss you already, my DCI Orange Cone!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Dreamed A Dream of SCV

DCI Finals
Saturday, August 10, 2013
Lucas Oil Stadium
 Indianapolis, IN

I noticed today that the dates on my other posts for this week were off by a day.  I need to go back and fix those. I woke up in the morning and realized that I hadn't charged my camera batteries.  Oh boy.  Well, at least we had plenty of time before Finals would start so that I could charge them.   Anyway, we decided to partake in the new Finals Week festivities, and walked to Georgia Street to experience Drumline Battle.  We hadn't had any breakfast yet, and Starbucks was way crowded, so we found another coffee place called Bee Coffee. (They are still working on their website).  Their flavors of drinks looked quite delicious and original.  I ordered a HoneyBee Latte, and Bro and V ordered mango smoothies, which were quite yummy.  My latte was fine, although after having a taste of the smoothies, I wanted something fruitier, but oh well.  Next time.  On the way back to Drumline Battle, we noticed that one of the kids from Center Grove HS left their backpack behind on the street corner.  Bro and I stayed there in case someone came back for it, and V ran to catch up with Center Grove.  APPARENTLY, it belongs to Will.  You're welcome, Will!  My sis-in-law is so very nice.  Later on that day, she gave her free drink (soda/pop/coke/whatever region you're from) to one of the hungry vets sitting on the sidewalk.  

I was still hungry, because Bee Coffee didn't really have anything substantial or protein-y for me to eat, when lo and behold, there's the Munchie Mobile!  First of all, I didn't know that Indianapolis was lucky enough to have Jack in the Box out there, and second of all, they have a food truck?!  Yay!  What's more yay-deserving?  They were offering free tacos and fries and shakes.  Wow!  So we each had a taco and took a picture by the Munchie Mobile, and ended up on their Facebook page.    As we ate our tacos, we waited in what we thought was a designated place for a battle.  It seemed that the only battle going on was in a kind of tight space, and we couldn't see much when we passed by, so we hoped that we would be able to catch the second phase or something because it was all staged, and they even had orange cones with air conditioning.  I tweeted the DCI Orange Cone about it.  Of course I did!  Remember how I'm insane?  Well, nobody ever came over to play for us, and we were very close to the port-a-potty, so we walked over to the mall and Bro won yet another plush from the claw machine at Tilt.  
Belt the Sloth (from The Croods) and Mango Smoothie
Then we went back to the festivities and watched Music City perform for a few miinutes.  Had we known then that Music City would disband after Finals, we might have stayed longer.  I get sad when a corps dissolves, and Music City had a lot of promise.  Bummer.  

We returned to the hotel and let V rest for a bit while Bro and I checked out Sound Sport in front of Lucas Oil Stadium.  This is where they should have held the Drumline Battle because there was more space for an audience.  Whatever we saw wasn't really our thing, so we went back to the hotel to get V and walked over to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch.  I had an apple martini, and was happy because it was a green drink, and the maraschino cherry made it all Vanguard themed. We returned to the hotel for a rest, and I changed into my new "Do You Hear the People Sing" shirt before leaving one last time this year for Lucas Oil. 

Finals Time!  Our seats were again in the SCV section.  Bro got lucky this year because he was able to get tickets from them in their block on the day they went on sale.  Usually, they sell out before he gets in touch with them.  Our seats were in Section 442, Row 6, Seats 1-4.  We had a little bit of glass in our view due to our proximity to the stairs.  

The E-Sarn Drumline played for us.  They were the Drumline Battle champs, which makes their trip from Thailand worth the while.  We had seen them getting ready for the battle earlier, and I told fakeChun and his friend that they were really good.  

Directors of the Year were announced:  Open Class DOTY went to Chris Magonigal of Genesis, and World Class DOTY went to Fred Morrison of the Crossmen.  Congratulations!

In-pact, "Indiana's Future" band played the theme from "Rocky" with special guest Al Chez.  I didn't hear much of the kids because Al and the other soloist were so loud.  Go, Al, Go!  Also, they did a lot of set up with stands and we only heard one song, but that was actually enough for me.  

Dan Potter, whom was emceeing all of the stuff prior to the competition, talked about DCIFinals.com and all if its features, including the Entrance Tunnel cam.  I wondered how we would all be accessing that and watching the show at the same time, and Bro showed me the people in front of us watching the Entrance Tunnel thing on their tablet.  I do think it is cool that they were able to broadcast Finals to a live audience on the web, and if I was at home, I would probably have paid for that AND watched the free Tunnel thing, AND been upset that I wasn't actually at the show.  

As Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets entered the stadium for their exhibition performance, they showed the video of the corps members' reaction to their victory on the big screen.  I thought that was really cool.  Hey, when did the drum major get that cool SCV shield?  We watched the show live for the last time, and it still hadn't gotten old for me.  I think I've watched the show about 15 times this year, and I still love it.  I like that the entire corps salutes after the drum major closes his salute.  I could hear all of the solos just fine without the use of microphones.  I love this corps.

Sponsor Recognition happened.  Thanks, Sponsors!

Great job, drums!  I like how the drums cut through the corps after the color guard soloist pushes her saber all the way into each of the voodoo doll guys.  

I like that horn line part of the Gershwin.  Sure, I finally get the secret knock down, and I won't get to see their show anymore.

Nice sound, BK!  I like the show better from up higher than I do closer to the field.  I enjoy the way they spin the double flags at the end so that they're making circles.  Even the tambourines are circles!  "Circles!"  Seriously, I can't stop saying that word from the narration every time I hear it.
That ball has the BK triangles all over it, like polka dots.

V says that she saw a bird formation, like a phoenix.  Oh, neat!  I'll have to look for that when I watch the DVD.  I smile every time I hear them play the bits of "Conquest".
"RISE" spelled in gray on the field

Pre-show chant ending:  "75 years of Loud, Proud, and Pleasing the Crowd!"  They have shirts with that phrase.  I guess the people in back of us didn't know about the singing.  They didn't know about a lot of stuff, actually, and I'm pretty sure that they had been in attendance on other nights.  I don't know.  I cried at this show again, and I missed seeing the guy run on the drums again.  
No PellaPusher finals is complete without a Madison Fleur de Lis

I didn't get to take a picture of the gear formation because it wasn't stationary for very long.  The ladies in back of us called them "ninjas".  See what I mean about them not knowing stuff?

There was a presentation by the US Army All-American Band, giving out a scholarship.

I really like that Bluecoats sound.  Oh, they make an American flag formation!  Impressive color guard moves include one guy spinning the rifle while on his back on top of the moving bleachers.  Are they playing those contras upside-down?!
Bloo on Bleachers

I never noticed the blood spurting out of the witch before.  Was that there this whole time?  I did catch the opening formation of the book page turning, though.
Mickey Wins!

Get it?  "Van"-GUARD (color guard)
Out.F*c*ing.Standing. OK, lots of tears and sniffling around us.   Also lots of people saying "Oh, my God!" after the first standing ovation.  I loved seeing all of the people standing in the stadium on the big screen in the middle of the show.  INCREDIBLE!  V forgot to look for the really cool flag tosses behind the screens because she was busy looking at he corps on the field.  I so didn't want that to be the last time to see this show.  It's become my favorite SCV show ever. I have tears in my eyes as I type this 2 weeks later.  TWO WEEKS.  OK, let me go on now.
SCV Shield

The colors of the show reminded me that I hadn't checked into my Southwest flight.  So I did that, thanks to their Android app.  V likes the colors because they tell her how much is left in the show (they change with each act).  I don't remember that last mellophone player being on top of te box and giving the horn to the color guard guy.  

Cool Bendy Pole Things

Dang, those sopranos can play!  I am torn between liking this show, wanting Crown to win, and wishing SCV would surprise everyone and take the whole damn thing. 

Oh, is this the "John" that BD and Crown have been tweeting each other about all this time?  They'd been tweeting that they'd get these kids engaged by the end of the season, and I thought that it was about members of each corps.  Someone in the stands held up a sign saying, "Yeah, Baybee!"  The horns hurt my ears at one part due to their loudness, and we were all the way up in the 400 level.  Wow.
Crown Spiral

As the crowd waited for the finale to start, Steve Rondinaro and Dennis DeLucia had a discussion in front of the Founders Trophy.  I don't know if that was for the live broadcast or for the DVD.  Once they were done, Brandt Crocker spoke.  "There comes a time when we name the year's best.  This is the time.  Let the finale begin!"

The corps marched in to a recording of "Summon the Heroes".  I felt like Bob Costas should be present.  As each corps was announced, they showed highlights of their show on the big board.  Yay!  SCV and BD get to be next to each other!  I love that.  I also loved that SCV was directly in front of our section.  Shouldn't the Cadets' formation been the CG standing side by side, and not an "X"?  I mean, I get the sideXside reference, but whatevs.  Blue Knights' color guard skirts looked like little circle tarps.  SCV didn't seem to have a lot of green feathers in their Aussies, so I guess that a lot of them will be back next year.  Yay!  
Right Half
Left Half

The Blue Devils drum major led all of the brass in "America the Beautiful".  Then there was a video montage of the week's highlights.  


12) 85.45 -- BLUE STARS

Jim Jones Leadership Award:  Dean Patterson of Phantom Regiment

11) 86.40 -- SPIRIT OF ATLANTA

10) 87.75 -- BLUE KNIGHTS

Zengali Color Guard Award: Blue Devils

9) 90.10 -- MADISON SCOUTS

Visual Award:  Carolina Crown


Jim Ott Brass Award: Carolina Crown

7) 90.50 -- CAVALIERS

Sanford Percussion Award: Cadets


Overall General Effect: Carolina Crown

5) 93.35 -- BLUECOATS

Long pause after this next score was announced.


3) 96.95 -- CADETS  (Yes, by a tenth of a point.  AUGH!)

Another very long pause after this next score was announced.

2) 98.05 -- BLUE DEVILS  

And people were throwing babies everywhere while cheering their heads off.

1) 98.30 -- CAROLINA CROWN

One of the women behind us said, "Well, I'm all cranky now."  I feel your pain, sister.  But I'm really very happy for Crown getting their first world class title.  They are the first corps to have won in both open and world class categories (not in the same year).  Bro said that now he won't have to read about all of the whining of BD winning everything.  Well, at least for a year.  He'll just have to hear me whining about that goshdarn 0.10. 

I thought it was cool to see the Blue Devils go to Carolina Crown and hug them.  They've had quite a competitive summer, and they've been great sports the whole way.  Bro thinks he might have seen a proposal on the field in the midst of everything.

Usually, Bro calls V at this time to tell her who won.  I told him to call her even though she was sitting right next to him.  He did not.

Congratulations, Carolina Crown!  The field is yours!

-- While they were in their huddle, they chanted "Shark Bait! Shark Bait!"
-- They sang their corps song: "Carolina In My Mind"
-- Full show, weird shakos off.  Aw, I won't hear that treacly poem again like that?  But it's been done in LEGO!
Crown Drums and Vocalists

I need someone to do SCV's Les Miz show in LEGO.  Bro, get on that, would ya?

Thank you to all of the corps for a great year of competition!  To Vanguard, congratulations to SCVC for a terrific win, and to the A-corps, I will love this show forever.  Thank you for making it a reality!
Vive Le Vanguard!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Do You Hear the People Sing?

DCI Semifinals
Friday, August 9, 2013
Lucas Oil Stadium
Indianapolis, IN

I am going to preface this post with a disclaimer:  I have had a very full glass of cabernet sauvignon.  So, um, if there is any profanity, I apologize in advance.  

While I was finishing up the recap of Prelims on Friday morning, Bro and V picked up breakfast some Starbucks, then after they visited Tilt for a few minutes and I posted to the blog, we ordered food from Spice Box, a food truck that was with a bunch of other ones on Georgia Street.  The guy serving us was really nice, and used to live in Tempe, so he talked to V and Bro for a bit.  The food was tasty, and I recommend it to those who like food with lots of flavor.

V and I talked about the Troopers, and how she liked the uniform in the Sunburst.  I thought that she said "unicorn", and didn't know how I missed seeing a unicorn in their show.  Much giggling ensued.

Then it was Semifinals time.

The Star-Spangled Banner was again sung by the same lady as yesterday, Kristen Litzenberg (or a name that sounded a lot like that).  She did a beautiful job again today.
Kristen L

Our seats were on the left 35 yard line, Section 141, Row 19, seats 12-15.  We were a lot closer to the field, which made me stare at the baby DCI Orange Cone a lot more.  I follow the cone on twitter.  Yes, I follow an inanimate object on twitter.  Don't judge me.   I took these pictures at intermission.
Baby Cone -- SO CUTE!

Daddy Cone

Corps with the top 12 scores, marked with a *, move on to Finals.

Dan Potter was announcing at the beginning of the show, and Brandt Crocker took over after the long intermission.

MUSIC CITY - 72.75
Nice solos and duets!  I like that low contra note.  OK, I think my ears might bleed later.  There is a big sound already, and my ears are already feeling it.

SPARTANS -- 72.85
Why can't some of these spectators include the "T" when they pronounce the name of this corps?  Their ballad is really nice.  I forgot to watch for the chain breaking in the screens.

GENESIS -- 74.65
They have mirrors on the stock of their rifles.  Oh, those flags have the Wicked Witch's profile on them!  I really like how they mashed all of those Wizard of Oz melodies together.

it's like watching some of "Drumline", but wackier!  The marimba players high-five each other with thunder sticks during the show.  Sopranos!  Kickin' it!  There's a disco ball on that drum rack.  OMG, Drum Judge!  Keep up!  You're already getting run over, and we're still in the first block of corps!  He was already almost getting hit by the Genesis drum line.
Drum Rack with Disco Ball

Welcome to the Acadeh -- ME!  "This guy's not looking at his girlfriend, he's like, 'Lola'!  You'll see her on Facebook later."  Great brass work.  The big bass drum in the pit is like a disco ball with the squares on the mirror, especially when it gets hit.  
See the Reflections in the Bass Drums?

BLUE DEVILS B -- 77.95
The middle vertical line at the backfield was stuck for a minute until a color guard gal fixed it.  Great horn sound!  Why is the SCVC Color Guard already waiting on the side line?

I want to use my laser eyes to bore a hole through the heads of the guys seated in front of us, because they kept talking during the show.  Shut the f*&$ up during SCVC, already!  Or leave.  Wonderful job, SCVC!  I just noticed that when they throw those red/white splashy flags in the air, it looks like blood is spilling.  Great music.  So, this is the second corps to play "Night on Bald Mountain" today.  There will be another.  The woman in front of us said to her friend, "This is a popular song."  Somebody's shoe came off.

V is still on the Journey to Understanding this show.  It still doesn't need the singing, especially when it's off key.  Somebody dropped her rifle, and it almost tripped up one of the contra players.  "House of the Rising Sun" is still the best piece out of the whole thing.


MANDARINS -- 79.75
Oh, there's the 3!  Still didn't see the 6, because the high camera view wasn't focused on that formation during that moment.  I just noticed today that the dragon eats the person that is sitting atop another person's shoulders.  People in back of us think that the narrator was George Takei.   Their sound got messed up a little bit, so we couldn't hear the set up of the paper dragon in the suitcase.  See?  This is why you shouldn't rely on narration. Aside from that, the Mandarins did a great job this year.

COLTS -- 82.45
They are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year.  I like that last purple/orange flag with the graphic that looks like their old uniform.  People shouldn't drop their rifles at Semis.  But they do.  Sigh.
Old Uniform on New Flags

Aw, that's the last time I get to see that show.  Sadness.  Great job, PC!
The Heart Fills

TROOPERS -- 86.15
I only counted four "11" formations.  I was hoping I'd see 11 of them.  That Sunburst gets its due respect, I tell ya..and so does that unicorn uniform.  Fantastic sound, Troop!
Vintage Troop

CROSSMEN -- 84.85
Ooh, they ROCKED that fun. piece!  "Our tun, let us go!  Our turn, start the show!"  Those dove flags look evil because of their red eyes.

BLUE STARS -- 86.2*
There is a little DCI Field Judge voodoo doll hanging from the drum kit.  Eek!  Too many rifle drops at the beginning of the show.  But the high saber tosses are awesome...even while the guard guys are lying down when they throw them up in the air.  I'm pretty sure that they tossed their flags using their shoulders at one point, because I don't think they were using their hands.

SPIRIT -- 86.4*
I don't remember the black sparkly jackets and hats, or the "Sssshhh.." or the orange dresses at the end.  I must have been really sleepy during the show at Prelims.  I do like the silent drill, though.
Belly Up to the Bar

No powder today.  They were penalized for it last night.  I like the body movements by the horns when they're in pairs.  During this part, the drummers are posing in the right side of the backfield.  Great color guard work!  They have laundry baskets to pick up the discarded gray clothing after the show.
We Will RISE! 

BLUE KNIGHTS -- 89.35*
According to Bro, we should follow the big blue ball because that's where the ation is supposed to be.  However, when V and I remembered to look at the ball, it was in the end zone and nothing else was happening over there.  
My View

I purchased last year's DVDs and CD, and the 3rd DVD was free, so I got the Legacy DVD from 1989.

Dan Potter interviewed a kid on the field, who was granted a wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  His wish was to go to DCI Semis and Finals to see the Cavaliers.  Dan asked if he wanted to sit in a suite, or on the field level.  The kid chose the field level.  Smart kid.  Then tears happened in my eyes.  V:  "They're trying to make me cry."  

CAVALIERS -- 91.25*
Ooh, that piccolo trumpet solo was very well done.  They form a triangle like their Secret Society symbol toward the end of the show.  They tricked me with that last flag change again.  I think that there might actually be more to the end of this show, because it seems to end abruptly at this point.  Is it wrong that I prefer the gray color guard uniform before they change it to the green?

So who does the announcing for them?  They start old school, with "On the starting line...."  There were a LOT of Scouts alumni sitting in front of us.  There was much crying.  The guys in front of us sang along with "You'll Never Walk Alone", and they had their arms around each other.  I didn't care that they were blocking my view because it was very touching.  I can't believe that I didn't notice yesterday that the dead soldiers are being carried to the front of the field during this song.  I guess that I was busy yesterday, looking at all of the alumni singing their corps song.  I saw the guy running on the drums this time, and finally understood what Glenn had texted to me the day before.  I told the guys in front of us that they made me cry.  The younger guy said that he was looking forward to seeing SCV's show.
My View

I think that this is Brandt's favorite corps to announce.  V asked if the color guard girls were wearing extensions in their hair, or maybe wigs.  I think so, since they all kind of look the same that way.  Unless their hairists, and only allow girls with long hair to join the color guard.  The formation of the book opening up is really cool.  The dark purple (or maybe it's blue) outfit is my favorite color guard outfit this year, but I'm not crazy about the outfit that they change into later on in the show.  Phregiment + Shostakovich = Peanut Butter + Jelly.  Mickey wins!  

BLUECOATS -- 93.05*
Yup, you read that right.  Another tie. but with 2 different corps.  I saw the extra (white) balloons behind the bleachers, coming out of the storage drawer.  V had been wondering where they came from in yesterday's show.  Those faces on the American flags in the bleachers:  whose are they?  Great guard work, including when they spin rifles/sabres on top of the bleachers and then do a perfect toss/catch.  
Bloo on Bended Knee

As soon as they took the field, there was so much screaming that my ears were ringing.  We took pictures with the sign that the people seated behind us had made, and everyone made sure that we knew when to yell "VANGUARD!"  I was crying by the end of the first minute of the show.  I think that the corps felt us all supporting them (how could they not?  We were LOUD), and kicked it up a notch.  Awesome crowd response to just about everything possible, and we stood a few times during the show.  The "Bring Him Home" solo was brilliant, and the flags during "Do You Hear the People Sing" were incredibly effective.  By the end of the show, I was a hot drum corps mess of tears.
The Elusive Big Ass Flag

CADETS -- 96.85*
I still don't get it.  I like the effect of the shiny bendy poles.  People around us were talking after the push because they thought that the show was over.  Oops.
Box Tops

WOW.  I heard a word last night that describes Crown's horn line to a T:  "Crisp".  Exactamundo!  Lots of standing ovations for Crown today.  I watched the singers because V told me to look for their hand and head movements.  V tried to imagine George Takei saying the narration because she thought she might like it better that way.  I offered that he would say, "I was born a poor black scientist."  I am insane.  BTW, that method didn't work for V.  She still doesn't like the narration.
Little Einsteins

BLUE DEVILS -- 97.6*
Bro did a quick calculation of the poles, and said that there were, indeed, 100 of them, which could represent the 100 candles on the Rite of Spring birthday cake. There is a faint howl that can be heard while the show is setting up, so perhaps this explains the wolves on the bass drum heads.  I don't know.  Wow with that screaming soprano duo holding that high note!  The last soloist didn't use the microphone while nobody else was playing.  Bravo!  He did use it again when everybody else came in, because they were really loud and there's no way we'd be able to hear him.  Bro doesn't like himself again because he liked the show today.  That's how I felt today, too.  What is it about this show that makes me not like it one day, then really like it the next?  So weird.  
Bass Drum Wolves

Scholarship awards were announced, followed by the Hall of Fame inductees.  I like hearing Dan Potter talk about seeing Steve Rondinaro for the first time when he turned to some program about some activity called Drum Corps International.  Then the Volunteers of the Year were announced.  It was really sweet to see Blue Devils B's volunteer, Frank Molina, cry as he accepted his award.  

I told Bro that The Academy was going to be selling their red chairs as a fundraiser, and asked if he'd buy one.  He asked what he'd do with the red chair.  I replied, "Sit on it, Potsie."  That's me, a "Happy Days" fan for life.  

The Colts alumni played as the Age-Outs took the field.  They played "Summertime" and "76 Trombones".  There were a couple of Boston Crusaders walking around with canes like they were old men.  I wonder if they were given those to use or if they did that all on their own.  

We went to the Omni to check out the after-party, but we weren't interested in staying, so we went to the bar at the hotel and had our complimentary drinks for being a member of Priority Rewards.  I had a big glass of Douglass Hill Cabernet Sauvignon with some Angus Steak Sliders.  Bro told me to keep the pickle slice on top of the slider so that I could live a little.  OK, then.  I thought I'd been living plenty this week, but followed his lead anyway.  It didn't make me feel any more adventurous than I already feel on a daily basis.  Thanks for trying, Bro.

Here are my companions right before the SCV show.   The people behind us had a banner, and Jeff Fiedler (SCV's Director), came over to say hello before SCV performed.  I loved being there with fellow fans.  So that's the image I leave you with today.

Good night, everyone!

Next up: FINALS

Friday, August 9, 2013

You Say You Want A Revolution

DCI Prelims
Lucas Oil Stadium
Indianapolis, IN
Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yup, I got up early and worked out on the treadmill this morning.  Yay, me!  We had breakfast at Pullman's Restaurant at our hotel, then walked over to Lucas Oil Stadium.  We showed V how to get there because she needed to do some work for a couple of hours first.  Armed with his own cup (with lid) and 3 straws, we were ready for the ordeal at concessions later on.  We shopped a little bit, and I wanted a coin purse.  I finally found one at the Spirit booth, but wanted to shop around a little more first.  Besides, we needed to get to our seats for the National Anthem.

Our seats were in Section 242, Row 9, Seats 7-10, on the left 25-yard line.  Bro wanted me to note that he does not want to get future tickets to Section 242, Rows 5-7, Seats 1-8 because of the glass.

The Star-Spangled Banner was beautifully sung a capella by someone named Kristen.  It was so nice that a guy sitting 4 rows in front of us turned around to tell us that she needs to be at Finals, too.  

Brandt Crocker sounded a bit tired as he named off all of the corps that would be performing today.  No, he didn't sound tired due to how many there were. He sounded tired at the first corps name.  We think he did a bit too much partying last night at the Hall of Fame party.  At least, we hope that's what it was.

On to a long, wonderful drum corps-filled day!  Top 25 scores, marked with a *, advance to Semi-Finals.

Repertoire: "A Canadian Journey" -- The Elements by B. Balmages; O Canada by C. Lavalee; The Snow is Dancing from "Children's Corner" by C. Debussy ; Winter from "The Four Seasons" by A. Vivaldi ; In the Hall of the Mountain King by E. Grieg

I saw frames.  Bro saw Aztec.  Aztec Frames.  No, we were both wrong, obviously.  I love how we just try to guess the show rather than look in the program that I bought just 20 minutes beforehand.  Dude a few rows in front of us stood up in the middle of the show, stood there for a few seconds, then sat down.  We don't know what that was about.  They had two fake endings.  I like the last ding of the triangle at the real ending.  Bro said that there was too much echo in the building, because it makes the drums sound really muddy.  They've tried to remedy that by putting up a lot of curtains, but it still happens.

Repertoire: "From the Ashes" -- The Firebird by I. Stravinsky

They had pretty red rifles.  At one point, all of the corps (except the percussion section) had rifles, although the corps proper did not spin them.  They also didn't get to hold the pretty red ones because those are too pretty for other people to hold.  I thought that they'd end the show wearing their regular helmets like some corps are doing this year, but they kept their paperboy caps on.  I like the double flags with different shades of purple.  Nice mello solo!

Repertoire: "25!" -- 1. Remember a dark and energetic time (1997-1998-1996-2004): Interstellar Result  by A. Bhatia; The Lord of the Rings (Gandalf) by J. DeMeij; 2. Our most tender moments (2010-2002-2010-2001): Til the day I die by G. Charles;  Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (Phantom of the Opera) - A. L. Weber; As The First Day - A. Gagnon;  3. Combining our humorous times (2011-2010-2009): Rap Ti-Petang by The Boot smiling; Revolution by Tryo; The Incredibles by M. Giaccino;  4. Majestic and grand final to conclude our tribute. (1998-1999): The Lord of the Rings (Hobbit) by J. DeMeij; Overture to a New Age - J. de Haan
Not PC.  Stentors.

Hey, where did Brandt go?  Who is this guy?  He's loud.  Does Brandt not do the French?  Their first flags look like they belong to Pacific Crest.  They have puzzle pieces with different years on them, to identify the years to which they're paying tribute for their corps.  Did that guy assembling the puzzle do anything else, or did he just deal with that thing?  The puzzle turned into a "25" later.  Bro said that it was magic.  During the percussion feature, the bass drummers laid their drums flat on the ground, and played on washboards.

Repertoire: "The Butterfly Lovers" -- Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto by C. Gang & H. Zhanhao

APPARENTLY, this is a Chinese love story equivalent to "Romeo and Juliet".  The white color guard outfits were very pretty.  Actually, the show is pretty.  The color guard gal dropped off of the stage thing (on purpose) while the corps fell to their knees.  I really liked the white butterflies at the end.  

Repertoire: "Red" -- Habanera (from Carmen) by G. Bizet; The Heart is a Lonely Hunter  by D. Grusin;  Happy Ending (from The Red Pony Suite)  by A. Copland; Red in the Air  by T. White & B. Zegli
The Red (Bass) Violin

Heart formation!  Nice duet, and the trumpet solo rocked.  At one point, some kid decided to go down the stairs to watch from the bottom of the section.  Standing up.  Bro encouraged me, and I mimicked blowing poison darts at his neck.  Then after one song, he went back to his seat.  So next year, we're bringing poison darts.  That last flag looked like Mickey's pants.  This was the first corps where Bro noticed that amps were used.  

RAIDERS -- 64.9
Repertoire:  "The Raven: A Descent Into Madness" -- The Raven by K. Poulan
Raven Flags

Oh, no, there's a door!  I just had a flashback to Cadets 2005/2006.  We didn't recognize them because their normally white sash was covered in black raven-like feathers.  Edgar Allen Poe's poem was recited throughout most of the show.  Nevermore!  This was the first show of the day that utilized narration.  It wouldn't be the last.  They had very shiny flags.  I like the big flags that were black with yellow trim.  Why are so many people dropping their color guard stuff today?  This corps and Colt Cadets dropped.  

LEGENDS -- 68.4
Repertoire:  "Ichabod" -- Main Titles from "Sleepy Hollow" by D. Elfman; The Vote from "The Village"  by J. N. Howard; Chester by W. Schumann; Shepherd's Hey by P. Grainger; The Chase from "Sleepy Hollow"  by D. Elfman
Legends Bridge

When we saw them enter the stadium, they appeared to be doing the other songs from Les Miz that SCV was not doing, because there was a bridge (I started to sing Javert's song, "Stars"), and women in long dresses (then I sang "Turning, Turning").  Alas, this was not the theme of the show.  They had pretty flags, one with a full moon, the other with a sunset.  My favorite flag, though, was the horse flag.  There was no actual horse in the show, but we did hear a horse's whinny.  I like the dancing song.

I tried to buy a kid's meal because it came with apples and string cheese, but those were not available.  Bummer.  So I got a grilled chicken sandwich to share with V, whom arrived shortly after I ate my half.  OMG, now they have lids for the cups and they also have straws.  So we didn't need to bring our own straws.  Or a cup with a lid.  I doubt that they'll have poison darts available here next year, so we'll still need to bring our own.

7TH REGIMENT -- 67.0
Repertoire: "Luminous" (details unavailable)

Well done solos and pretty, sheer white flags.  I also like the gold flags at the end.  They point up a lot during the show.  Not sure if it's to God or the judges.  

GOLD -- 69.95
They added 12 martial artists from the Laizhou Shandong Province, which includes little kidlets.  That one color guard guy no longer struts after catching the high rifle toss.  He now tosses up, and one of the martial arts guys leap frogs over him, and then the guy catches the rifle.  That was fun.  
East Meets West

MUSIC CITY -- 71.55*
Repertoire: "Postcards from Havana" -- El Cumbanchero by M. Hernandez; Rapsodia Cubana;   A Mis Abuelos by A. Sandoval,  La Suerto de los Tontos from Cuban Fire Suite  by S. Kenton

Aw, that reminds me of when I first fell in love with The Academy. in 2006.  I wish that Music City could have articulated the song more, and projected their volume a little more.  I like the contrasting stripe flags and the way the flags look when they spin.

SPARTANS -- 72.8*
Repertoire: "Live Free" - Music from Swan Lake by P.I. Tchaikovsky; Music from Matrix by D. Davis;  Naqoyqatsi by P. Glass
Spartan Ninjas

Dude near us has a great yell voice.  The show starts with guy surrounded by color guard holding chains like whips.  Are they ninjas?  Eventually, a couple of the screens in front show broken links instead of links that are attached.  They change from partially black color guard outfits to all white.  Very nice sop/mello duet.  Great color guard work, nice music, Classic Spartan.  Except for the amps.

GENESIS -- 73.75*
Repertoire: "mOZaic" --  Music from The Wizard of Oz: 1939 Theatrical Version by E.Y. Harburg & H. Arlen; The Wizard of Oz: 2010 Andrew Lloyd Webber Adaptation Music from The Wiz; Music from Wicked by S. Schwartz;  Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd;  Music of The Doors by The Doors;  Music of Dead Mau5 by Dead Mau5;  Music of Skrillex by Skrillex

I saw the color guard walk onto the field, and asked, "Are they hobos?"  Oh, they're the scarecrow from "The Wizard of Oz"!  They made an Oz formation, with the Z inside of the O.  I like the way they mix in "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" during "For Good".  Very nice "For Good" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" solos.  Nice dynamics.

BLUE DEVILS B -- 77.75*
OMG, the tarp is back, and now they're taping it down to the field.  The bass drum heads now have the hypnotic black/white pattern.  Those lines going up vertically weren't there before.  Now the drum major falls to his knees from the hypnosis, or craziness, or whatever.
BD Bass Drums

I don't remember all of that lying down before.  Nice job with the Agnus Dei!  What happened to their lines?  I thought it was really cool that the video of their win was playing while they left the field.  Congratulations again, SCVC!  
SCVC Horns One-Handed

Bro and V saw a new shirt at the SCV booth.  It says "Do You Hear the People Sing" and has a fleur-de-lis on it.  I need that shirt!

PIONEER -- 69.05
Repertoire: "A New Spirit" -- Doxology "Old Hundredth" Hymn by L. Bourgeois; Awesome God  by R. Mullins;  Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Traditional); It's Well With My Soul by P. Bliss; When the Saints Go Marching In (Traditional); Joyful, Joyful by L. van Beethoven; Garry Owen March (Traditional)

Nice sound!  I like how they mixed their jig with "Ode to Joy".  I don't like their big corps being in front of the pit, but it did allow us to hear them better than we usually can.

CASCADES -- 69.85
Repertoire: Solar Sailor from Tron by Daft Punk; Original Music  by L. Norfleet

Uh-oh.  Somebody dropped a mallet.  So why did that one guy do tai-chi or yoga or whatever with the color guard?  Pretty solos, even though they used microphones.

JERSEY SURF -- 74.55*
Repertoire: "Soul Surfing - Bring On The Funk" -- (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher by G. Jackson, R. Miner, and C. Smith; Faces by P. Bailey, L. Dunn, M. White, and V. White; Always and Forever by R. Temperton 
Always and Forever

Thunder sticks were clapping all over the place.  This corps, with their psychedelic designs, and BD-B, with their hypnotic designs, make my camera crazy and it takes a long time to focus.  Yay!  I love that first song.  Nice hip action during "Always & Forever".  I also like the purple flags with the hearts.  A fun and funky show.  Even Aretha is here!  I love seeing the corps dance.  

THE ACADEMY -- 77.45*
Repertoire: "Piano Man" -- Wilkommen (from Cabaret) by John Kander;  Alabama Song by Kurt Weill; Falling In Love Again by Fredrick Hollander; Piano Concerto No. 2 Mvt. 1 by Dmitri Shostakovich;  Piano Man by Billy Joel

The pre-show is a color guard guy playing the character of 'Piano", asking if we know the word for "Welcome" in German and French.  "I know that guy's excited.  He's pushing his tubes together."   Hello, Lola!  (Not my mom). I like the red glove accent to the corps uniform, because it's fun.  I sang along to Billy Joel's song.  I can't help it.  I like the pink piano key flags.  Very nice soprano solo.  Their bass drum heads are mirrors.  Neato!  

MANDARINS -- 79.25*
I'm now wondering if the numbers during the interrogation are formed in the block with the Chinese symbol of that number.  OK, not 7 or 3 or 2, but 6.  V drew it for me, so I'm going to check that out later.  I couldn't really hear them saying the numbers during the interrogation because the drums were so loud.  I guess that's a good thing for us non-narration fans, but it probably takes away from some people understanding the show.

Repertoire: "My Heart, My Battle, My Soul" -- Going Home (from New World Symphony) by A. Dvořák; Summertime (from Porgy and Bess) by G. Gershwin; House of the Rising Sun (Traditional)Rolling In The Deep by Adele; Jericho by M. Gould

V:  "Why did they bring so much furniture?"
Aaaannnd I'm back to disliking the song "Summertime".  I think I need to go lisen to some GLAD A Capella, because they made me really like the song.  I don't need all of the singing in this show, though.  APPARENTLY, the gal singing is supposed to be dead.  I cringed at times.  During the pre-show it was OK, but not during the show, especially several times during the show.  I like the steeple chase horses.  That's the only time the odd off-the-shoulder-looking uniform worked for me.  Awesome solo for "House of the Rising Sun".  It made me miss Rockapella's Kevin, though.

COLTS -- 81.40*
Repertoire: "Field of Dreams" -- Can't Help Falling In Love by H. Peretti, L. Creatore, and G. D. Weiss; At Last by M. Gordon and H. Warren; American Graffiti, an arrangement by A. Guidry; The Place Where Dreams Come True (from Field of Dreams) by J. Horner; Chorale & Fugue In Jazz by M. Gould
From the Back

For the pre-show, we get to hear the choir corps sing "Can't Help Falling in Love", which was nice.  Awesome trumpet duet at the real opening of the show.  I like the effect of seeing the corps' backs with the black in the plume surrounded by the white.  The theme from "Field of Dreams" was beautifully done.  I like to see the Colts having some fun after several years of darker repertoire.

This was the long intermission in order for the producers to set up for the "Big, Loud, Live" theater broadcast.  I bought the SCV shirt that I needed, along with their 2012 DVD and a Les Miz SCV shield pin.  I also got a flag by contributing to the fuel fund.  No, not just any flag.  It's the French flag!  We got some dinner and Bro got irritated when I left the spot that I said I'd be at for a while, and joined V when she found us a table.  He couldn't find me when he came back.  I told V, "Let's play 'Hide from Ryan'."  I'm a brat.

YAY!  This is the first time that PC has made it to the live broadcast, and Glenn told me later on that the theater in Covina was full of PC family and friends, and it was loud.  Yay again! I like how they all raise their chests with the heartbeats of the bass drum at the beginning of the show.  This show has no talking, and it is still an understandable and wonderful show.  Now the purple heart fills up at the end of the show.  They sounded great and looked great.  Congratulations, PC!  I'm really proud of you!
I Heart You, PC!

Brandt is back!  The other guy was good, though.  He knew how to pronounce "Yuehfu" and "Mandarins" correctly.

TROOPERS -- 83.6*
Repertoire: "Magnificent 11" -- Magnificent Seven by E. Bernstein; The Theme "John Dunbar" from Dances With Wolves by J. Barry; Battle Hymn of the Republic by W. Steffe; Original music by R. W. Smith and P. Rennick

What a glorious show!  Lots of "11" formations.  I wonder if there are 11 of them.  I love their Sunburst formation at the end during Battle Hymn.  I like the old uniform, too.  Great sound!

CROSSMEN -- 83.75*
Repertoire: "Protest" -- The Prophet's Song by B. May; She's Too Good For Me by G. M. T. Sumner (Sting); The Sound of Silence by P. Simon; They Don't Care About Us by M. Jackson; Some Nights by J. Bhasker, N. Ruess, A. Dost, and J. Antonoff (Fun.); We Shall Overcome by L. Shropshire, adapted & © by P. Seeger, G. Carawan, Z. Horton, F. Hamilton, and M. Horton; Goodbye Blue Sky by R. Waters; Find the Cost of Freedom by N. Young

Good sound.  They form the symbol for "woman" during the Women's Voting Rights portion.  I like the duet for "Sound of Silence".  They also throw peace signs during the Peace formation.  I really like that fun. song, and had it in my head for a while.  What do I stand for?  What do I stand for?  OK, let's go on now, Sher.

BLUE STARS -- 85.5*
Repertoire:  "Voodoo: I Put A Spell On You" -- Voodoo by R. Saucedo, I. Grom, and J. Mapes;  Put A Spell On You by Screamin' Jay Hawkins; At Last by H. Warren and M. Gordon; One Speed by G. Revell

Nice saber work, guys!  I like the big voodoo doll with the corps doing whatever is done to the doll.  I don't really like the colors that the color guard uses, though.  Scary props include a skull that is way too big to be a regular human.

SPIRIT -- 86.75*
Repertoire: "Speakeasy" -- Piano Concerto in F by G. Gershwin; Crazy World by H. Mancini; Overture from "Chicago" by J. Kander; Solace by S. Joplin; Songs for Simon by Psathus; Sweet Georgia Brown (from Bubbling Brown Sugar) by Count Basie; Symphony #1  by P. Creston
Knock Knock!

There's a fake piano on the field.  It's good that it's fake, though, or that thing would be heavy!  The cymbals formed a door on which to knock to get into the speakeasy.  The bass drum heads have a picture of the speakeasy peep hole.  The blue skirts with the blue flags are very pretty.  Fun music, and the corps is clearly enjoying themselves.

BLUE KNIGHTS -- 88.05*
They have a tarp now.  The big blue ball is in the way of my sight line.  They like to do cartwheels.  The one-handed kind.  When the girl spins to twirl her dress around, we all pictured Miss O doing that.

Repertoire: "Rise" -- Sit Down, Stand Up by T. Yorke; Water Night by E. Whitacre; Falling Slowly by G. Hansard; Lean on Me by B. Withers; Test Drive (from How to Train Your Dragon) by J. Powell; Time (from Inception) by H. Zimmer; Original Music by R. George

Where's the corps?  Oh, there they are, coming out of the tunnel with a bunch of powder, representing the ashes from which they're rising.  When they do their uniform change, they form the word "RISE" with their discarded clothing.  Did the drummers just spell "rise" using American Sign Language?  I'll need to listen for "Lean on Me" next time, because I didn't hear it during the show.  There are several corps with a revolutionary theme this year.  Especially my favorite one, still to come.


Repertoire: "Corps of Brothers - 75 Years of Survival" -- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 by B. Tyler; Corps of Brothers Fanfare by R. W. Smith; Night on Bald Mountain by M. Mussorgsky;
The Battle Rages by L. Beddis, N Pourcho, and R. W. Smith; Afghanistan 2025 by J. Wall; You'll Never Walk Alone by Rodgers & Hammerstein
Celebrating 75 Years

Nice entry, Scouts!  The battery makes machine gun noises as the horn players mimic machine gun shooting with their horns.  Ooh, helicopters!  The ballad was beautiful, and I loved seeing the alumni stand while singing along with their corps song, "You'll Never Walk Alone".  Very well done.

CAVALIERS -- 89.9*
Repertoire:  "Secret Society" -- Rose of Arimathea (from The Da Vinci Code) by H. Zimmer; Air (from Angels and Demons) by H. Zimmer; Drum Music (Mvt. 3: Incinerate) by J. Mackey; Secret Society by D. Shanefield; Enterprising Young Men by M. Giacchino
Ssshhhh...It's A Secret

Is that chanting I hear?  That pyramid was wow.  Vintage Cavalier acrobatics.  Nice change to the final orange flags!

BLUECOATS -- 92.90*
Repertoire: "...To Look for America" -- Concerto for Wind Ensemble by S. Bryant
Red, White and Bloooooo

Bro is going to go sit on the bleachers that Bloo brought onto the field.  The balloons on sticks look like Dum Dum lollipops.  I like the dynamic contrasts as part of the cops marches in a parade block, while the rest of the corps is playing other stuff.  I pictured Miss O as the girl with the balloon.  That girl is so young-looking!  Maybe it's the shorts.  Or maybe she's the shortest one there.  I don't know.

Repertoire: "Triumphant Journey" -- Music from "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" by C. Armstrong and A. R. Rahman; Cape Fear by B. Herrmann; Four Sea Interludes by B. Britten; Enigma Variations by E. Elgar; Symphony No. 11 by D. Shostakovich
Phregiment at Start

Trees.  White trees.  Beautiful sound, as always.  I like the blue dresses that the color guard wears at the beginning of the show.  Is that the evil queen?  Or is that Maleficent?  She turns into a dragon...or at least a queen with bat/dragon wings.

I'm all verklempt.  Dude with the great yell voice is a Vanguard fan.  So he yelled for them.  Yay!  Pretty screens, and I like what goes on behind them.  The corps is behind the screens during the "Bring Him Home" solo, and then later, different flags are tossed from behind one screen to another, and it flows nicely with the music.  The big fleur-de-lis flags are there only for a moment.  I want one!  I yelled "Vanguard" because I saw all of the other fans getting ready during "I Dreamed A Dream".  A tear formed in the corner of my eye, and my eyes were kind of stinging with tears during the show because I had been anticipating this show all night and there it was!  Beautiful job, Vanguard!
Vanguard Shield

CADETS -- 96.1*
Repertoire: "Side By Side: The Music of Samuel Barber" -- Symphony no. 1; Adagio for Strings; Medea's Dance of Vengeance all by S. Barber
Cadets at Start

Oh, hell no, Cadets.  You are not allowed to beat SCV by playing something that they won with in 1999.  No, no, no.  So, yes, of course I was irritated.  Also, their rendition doesn't move as quickly as SCV's, and it's just not as good of an arrangement.  I'm not biased or anything.  :) So, those big boxes are really only functional for the last 30 seconds of the show?  Whatever.

V was able to concentrate on the brass more instead of the narration this time, so she liked the show more.  This was Glenn's favorite of the night in the theater.  I wondered what the big round things were, and I was informed that they were portals, with the guy going into one and coming out of the other one.  Ohhhhh....  This was the new ending to the show, and they do a reprise of "Also Spach Zarathustra".  They kick butt, but it wasn't as loud as I last saw them, most likely due to the fact that I wasn't sitting as close to them and we were in an enclosed stadium.  
Crown Portal

BLUE DEVILS -- 97.2*
OK, some of that is now being played an octave higher than when I last heard them.  The crowd reaction was flat, as usual.  I kept hearing Tim's analysis of the show in my head as I watched it.  Hi, Tim!

We had some entertainment while waiting for the last 4 scores:  E-Sarn Drumline.  I called the center snare guy "Chun" because our friend Chun is in Thailand instead of here at Finals.  Also, he kind of looked like he could be Chun's long lost son.  They were fun to watch, and will be competing in the drumline battle this weekend.
Chun and Friends

We walked to Shake Shack and I ordered a Peanut Butter Banana shake, which was yummy.  We met a couple whose sons were both in Pacific Crest, and they were impressed that we were fans without having children in any corps.  I told them that I was really proud of PC and they're going to tell their sons about us.  :)

So, that was about 13 hours of drum corps.  Wow.  25 to see at the next show.  I love Finals Week!

Next up: Semi-Finals