Monday, August 31, 2015

Harmonic Journal 08/31/15

Harmonic Journal
Monday, August 31, 2015

"Please, Mr., Please"  by Bruce Welch and John Rostill, as sung by Olivia Newton-John

Harmonic Journal 08/30/15

Harmonic Journal
Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Zombie Jamboree" as performed by Rockapella

Harmonic Journal 08/29/15

Harmonic Journal
Saturday, August 29, 2015

"Orange Blossom Special" by Ervin T. Rouse, as played by Billy Hill and the Hillbillies

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Harmonic Journal 08/28/15

Harmonic Journal
Friday, August 28, 2015

"L-O-V-E" by Bert Kaempfert and Milt Gabler, as sung by the Sun Bros.

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Harmonic Journal 08/27/15

Harmonic Journal
Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Blueberry Hill" by Vincent Rose, Larry Stock and Al Lewis,  as sung by Fats Domino (and Richie Cunningham on Happy Days)

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Harmonic Journal 08/26/15

Harmonic Journal
Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Let's Hear It For The Boy" from Footloose by Tom Snow and Dean Pitchford, as sung by Deniece Williams

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Harmonic Journal 08/25/15

Harmonic Journal
Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Full Moon Feeling" by Steve Dorian 

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Harmonic Journal 08/24/15

Harmonic Journal
Monday, August 24, 2015

"Magnolia" -- chanted by some Filipino merchants, selling milk in the morning

I now want Magnolia ice cream.

Harmonic Journal 08/23/15

Harmonic Journal
Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Me and My House"

I'm having a hard time finding the exact recording of this song when I learned it to sing at a friend's wedding, but this guy does a good job.

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Harmonic Journal 08/22/15

Harmonic Journal
Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Elvira" by Home Free (featuring The Oak Ridge Boys)

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Harmonic Journal 08/21/15

Harmonic Journal 
Friday, August 21, 2015

"Old MacDonald Had A Farm" as played by the 2014 Boston Crusaders in "Animal Farm"

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Harmonic Journal 08/20/15

Harmonic Journal
Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Faithfully" by Jonathan Cain, as performed by Journey

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Harmonic Journal
Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)" by Prince

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Harmonic Journal 08/18/15

Harmonic Journal
Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"Secret Love" from Calamity Jane, by Sammy Fain & Paul lFrancis Webster, as sung by Doris Day

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Harmonic Journal 08/17/15

Harmonic Journal 
Monday, August 17, 2015

"I Just Called To Say I Love You" by Stevie Wonder

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Harmonic Journal 08/16/15

Harmonic Journal
Sunday, August 16, 2015

"Something Within Me" by Take 6

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Harmonic Journal 08/15/15

Harmonic Journal
Saturday, August 15, 2015

"Don't Cry For Me, Argentina" by Andrew Lloyd Webber, as sung by Lea Salonga

For Edgar.

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Harmonic Journal 08/14/15

Harmonic Journal 
Friday, August 14, 2015

"Friends" by Michael W. Smith, as sung by Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith

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Harmonic Journal 08/13/15

Harmonic Journal
Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Magic Kingdom in the Sky" by Da Vinci's Notebook

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Harmonic Journal
Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"So Long Puppy Love" by Steve Dorian

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Harmonic Journal
Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"Edge of 18" by Steve Dorian

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Hamronic Journal
Monday, August 10, 2015

"Get Happy" by the Sun Brothers

DCI 2015 Etcetera

Stuff I learned from reading the DCI Live Blogs from Finals week, which I need to put down here because they answer some questions I had:

  • SCVC made ladder formations
  • Blue Saints had sleeves that looked like barber poles
  • Racine Scouts' artist was 14 years old and they added her element to the show because she wanted to join and had never spun before
  • Colts Cadets' Fire & Ice included a snowball fight and frostbite
  • That drum thing from Surosowan was a Balinese xylophone
  • Crossmen couldn't start their show without the bird calls because they take their visual cues from it
  • Michael Boo is funny. When asked if Phregiment's red feathers will give them a penalty, he responds, "That field will be cleaner than a baby hippo enjoying a hose bath at a zoo." HIPPO!
  • Cadets black uniforms were to accent the neon guard uniforms, because neon is the 10th element.
  • The guy on top of the last prop in Bluecoats' show is the same guy that jumped off of the last platform in TILT last year.
  • Asked what is the minimum age requirement, Boo says, "Birth". HA!
  • Crown's trumpet soloist is the character of the devil.
  • USMC's director is a Blue Devils alum.
  • Many of the Mandarins' CG already knew how to play brass, and they actually played on the field at the end.
  • That big gray ball was the stone that was the door of the tomb.
  • The creator of "Big Hero 6" comics is a HUGE drum corps fan who has named many of his characters after drum corps.
  • It was actually Trixie that died in the Colts show on semifinals night, but before that, it was the sailor guy.
  • The gold 50s are for the NFL's 50th anniversary, and all of the stadiums will have this.
  • Crown forms a question mark -- Heaven or Hell?
OK, I guess I'll go into official withdrawal now. Sigh.

So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done

Drum Corps International
Saturday, August 8, 2015
Lucas Oil Stadium
Indianapolis, IN

We all woke up early in the morning so that we could walk over a mile to get to the start line of the Street Beat 5K.  This time, it started in Military Park.  Bro and V decided to jog, and I don't do that, so I walked by myself.  I wish I had known that they would leave me by myself so that I'd have my earbuds and listen to music, but that's OK.  I hit a personal record anyway (at least a personal record in recent months).  We ended up at Lucas Oil, so we were closer to the hotel than when we started, which was nice.  Unfortunately, Bro's knee gave out on a him a bit, so he was limping for the rest of the trip.  


We went back to Yolk for breakfast.  I had their special, which is like a Grand Slam breakfast from Denny's with the bacon, sausage, eggs and pancakes, except I upgraded to Nutty Monkey Pancakes.  Oh my goodness, those were yummy.  They were pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips in the batter, then peanut butter on top of one, with another pancake over it like a sandwich, topped with more bananas and chocolate drizzle on top.  V and Bro ordered another one and upgraded to Very Berry French Toast.  We all shared the 2 plates and we were happy and full.  


Then it was time to rest and take naps before going to lunch, so we put up our door haiku.  All of the door hangers have a haiku.  I just realized that the 2nd line should not have a contraction in it, to make it a true haiku.

I'm going to use that last line in haiku that I write.

We tried to go to Gandolfo's deli nearby, and tried to open the door,but they had just closed for the day.  So we ended up at our old standby, Buffalo Wild Wings.  Adam, our server, misses living in California.  I would miss it, too, if I moved away.  

Due to his knee issues, Bro walked to Lucas Oil while V and I went back to the hotel to get our stuff first.  We met up with him and braved the hordes of drum corps fans in the DCI Marketplace area to get to our seats, which were in Section 139, Row 14, Seats 1-3, on the right 38-yard line.

Sergeant Patricia was back, and this time she led us in singing "America the Beautiful".  Why were those guys in our section standing up for the song?  Do they know that it's not our National Anthem?

Exhibition:  2015 Open Class Champions Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets
Whooo HOOOOOO!!!!!  BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think I saw him this time.

SCVC Drum Major Carl Huang

Directors of the Year were announced.
Open Class:  Legends
World Class:  Blue Knights

The INpact band played "Everything is Awesome", and then Al Chez joined them to play Bruno Mars' "Runaway Baby".  At one point after his solo, Al went to look at the music on one of the flute player's stands.  I don't know if he was lost or not, but it was funny.

Sponsors were recognized.
In honor of the recent passing of Vic Firth, his family seat was left empty for the evening.  

USMC Leaving the Field
They did not announce the pieces that they played, but the repertoire included Dvorak's "New World Symphony".  They ended their program with an arrangement of "Stars and Stripes Forever".  

The Star-Spangled Banner was played by the USMC.  That made me happy.

They were on first, and we were ahead of schedule, so they probably wouldn't get a timing penalty today.  I really like how they intersperse bits of "Someday I'll Fly Away" into the program.  Great, jazzy soprano solo, as well as the mellophone solo during "Someday..."  She really sings high.  Pretty, but I do wish it was a horn being played instead of vocals.

The horn players are in pairs while they watch the Siamese Twins.  They also have numbered flags during the High Striker portion.  They lift the guy up, throw a rifle over him, run under him, and catch, over and over, until the last person, whom just hoists him on her own shoulders.  

V noticed that the timing judges dressed up for the occasion.

I learned from twitter that the shako that the DM holds during his salute is one of the original shakos from the 1940s.  All the banners worked today.  The horns were quieter today.  Maybe it's because I'm 13 rows further from them.  I don't know.

Their long strides allow them to quickly cover a lot of ground.  That, with the plume position on their Aussies, makes them seem to go by in a blur when they're running all over the field.  It's just really cool and classic Cavies.  

I wasn't able to watch the show from the stands, so I watched a bit on the monitor at the concessions stand.  There wasn't any sound, though.  I like that "C'Mon, Get Happy" segment.

I like that the Lucas Oil staff puts up barriers so that people can't enter during the performances.  At least they did for our section.


I'm really going to enjoy listening to this show on the CD.  So beautifully played!  

Get it!  So very awesome.  Bummer that the pianist's mic turned off in the middle of the opening solo, but kudos to everyone else on the field for keeping it going until the marimbas saved the day.  I just noticed tonight that the corps flaps their arms like birds during "Pure Imagination".  I love how the crowd erupted multiple times, especially during the drum feature when the corps is in a block on the left side, and also when they all lit up.  I love that one of the corps members winds up everybody with his arm and the corps leans back to react, then the lights are on.  I am going to miss this show!  Always the innovators.  Thank you, SCV,  for the incredible entertainment this season.  Hey, where are the green age-out plumes?  Bro said that it messes with the visuals, but I like the tradition.

Couple in back of us cracked me up a few times tonight.  Their exchange as Cadets set up for their show:
Man: I don't understand what the numbers are all about.
Woman:  It's about the number 10.
Man:  The other numbers.
Woman:  He's always doing weird shows.  Like the door opening and closing on the field...or when they're talking throughout the whole show...
Man:  I do not like the short pants.  I like when they go all the way up to the waist.

That's a lot of 10s.  Oh!  The groups of numbers that they say add up to 10.  Their drill is fast and cool.  Music was very well played.

V and I think that the crowd was rude when they started their "Blooooo" when the Cadets were still cleaning up and still on the field.  I like the echo when it's actually them (I do not like when they use recorded sounds -- just play it live!  What is this, air corps?!), but sometimes it sounds like clown horns to me.  Nice soprano and mellophone solos!

Bro told us to watch the snares during the K-Pop segment, so I somehow took my eyes off of my wolves to watch them.  Oh, they're having fun, too!  They're also really good.  The CG pretends to play their sabers like flutes during the Pied Piper segment.  The little girl does a great job, and mouths "I wish" at the end. Great solos throughout.  I'm going to miss my wolves.  

I wonder why the audience loves that red opaque silk so much, because there's not that much going on with the 3 or 4 people trying to escape.  I mean, SCV did an *entire show* of people trying to escape from hell, and it was much, much cooler.  I know I'm biased, but if you watch that segment, the best part about it is the solo, and they were cheering during the solo, so I know it wasn't that.  Rifles:  Just.  WOW!!! Ending moment has CG lead wrapped in gold instead of white now.

Brandt Crocker announced that 22,085 people passed through the turnstiles of Lucas Oil Stadium tonight, a record high.  

The gold and silver medals were presented to the Open Class winners, SCVC and BD-B, respectively. 

Up For Grabs

"Let the finale begin!"

Vanguard's age outs wore their green plumes, so I was happy.  Cadets' guard formed a "10".  Crossmen's guard flapped their wings like birds, and the man behind me commented, "they're just going to do that the whole night like fools".  Crusaders' guard battled with their swords.  APPARENTLY, there was also someone dressed in the old-school uniform to celebrate the 75th anniversary.  Corps director Jeff Fiedler brought out one of the Tesla coils for Vanguard.

Vanguard Contras

Cadets 10


12) 85.025 -- Crossmen

  • Jim Jones Leadership Award:  Drum Major from Madison Scouts

11) 85.150 -- Blue Stars

10) 86.800 -- Boston Crusaders

  • Zingali Color Guard Award:  Blue Devils

9)   88.325 -- Cavaliers

  • Best Visual Performance: Blue Devils

8)   88.750 -- Madison Scouts

  • Jim Ott Brass Award:  Cadets

7)  90.325 -- Phantom Regiment

6)  91.850 -- Blue Knights

  • Fred Sanford Percussion Award:  Blue Devils

5)  93.850 -- Santa Clara Vanguard

4) 95.900 -- Cadets

  • Best General Effect: Carolina Crown

3) 96.925 -- Bluecoats

2) 97.075 -- Carolina Crown

1) 97.650 -- Blue Devils

Congratulations on championship #17, BD!  The field is yours!

Blue Devils -- "Ink"
BD Drum Major is Happy

BD Snares 

That was such an unpredictable drum corps season, what with all of the different lead changes among the top 4 corps, even during finals week.  Recaps showed scores all over the place, and so do the final caption awards, which are the average of Prelims, Semis and Finals nights.  BD, in the end, held onto the lead even when the ordinals weren't always in their favor, because their scores were still high.  

Vanguard's after party was at Plat 99 in our hotel, so we attended.  Unfortunately, a couple of other groups were there and had taken over much of the place, so we didn't really get any mingling done with other SCV fans.  Instead, the 3 of us sat outside and ordered drinks. 

V ordered "The Nightman Cometh", which contained redemption indiana bourbon, nardini amaro, st. george raspberry liqueur, lemon & beet juices, demerara syrup, plum bitters, dry ice*

*warning: please do not inhale or swallow the dry ice 

Ooh, danger!  Also, it was pretty, and tasted good.

Bro ordered an Old Fashioned with the Redemption Indiana bourbon.

I ordered "Last Man Standing", which contained bulleit bourbon, le reviseur cognac, green chartreuse, benedictine, carpano antica formula, cold smoked*
*please allow a few extra minutes to cold smoke this cocktail

Yeah, "cold-smoked".  It was yummy.

Drinks for V, Sher and Bro

Our server felt bad when he told us that the kitchen had closed, so he brought us popcorn.  V had some, then she remembered she still had popcorn from the stadium and started eating that instead.  Bro ate some, then remembered that he doesn't like popcorn, and stopped.  I tried it.  I ate some more.  It was really good, and I tried to tell them that it wasn't regular popcorn.  They looked at me like I was insane, then Bro tried it again, and agreed that it was different.  I thought it had, maybe, olive oil.  We asked our server.  He told us it was made with truffle oil and truffle sea salt.  Well, no wonder I liked it so much!  Bro ate more popcorn.  V eventually relented and ate the truffle popcorn, and finally tasted the difference.  We laughed a lot.  We were DRUNK.  Those drinks were damn strong.  V even cursed at me.  It was hilarious.  I was not, however, too drunk to think of a cool title for a movie:  "The Other Side of Daylight".  Maybe I'll ask someone to write a song about it.  Maybe not while I'm drunk.

Drunk Siblings

The next morning after check out, we walked to Scotty's Brewhouse for lunch.  V ordered a beer flight, and one of the choices was a Dorian Stout.  I looked at her funny and said, "Did you say 'Dorian Stout'?"  She said, "Dorian".  I looked at her again.  Then she realized why I had her repeat it, and offered to let me taste.  Normally, I don't drink beer because I don't like it, but I did taste this one, and I liked it.  It had notes of chocolate and coffee, so that explains how it might not just be because of the name.  The beer is from Scarlet Lane Brewing Company in McCordsville, IN.  

Enjoying Dorian

We went to TILT, but Bro didn't find anything that he wanted to win from the claw machines.  We took Uber to the airport and hung out among the drum corps folk.  I left first, and listened to people asking each other what that dance break was about during BD's show.  They stopped talking when a guy from BD got in line with his medals around his neck.  My flight from PHX to LAX was delayed because of whatever, so I got to LA much later than scheduled, and then I couldn't find my bag.  I was in a mood about it, but it turns out that the guy whom told us that all of the baggage was out already was incorrect, and I waited in a slow line for nothing.  Then the FlyAway took forever to pick up people (the bus was full) because the other bus driver kept passing everybody, according to the people that got on our bus.  At least I had my bag, right?

The drum corps season is over now, so Bro and I are in withdrawal again.  I'm glad that I don't have too long to wait until the other obsession takes over again.

Thank you for all the fun this week, Bro and V!  I love you guys.

Harmonic Journal 08/09/15

Harmonic Journal 
Sunday, August 9, 2015

"Invention 13 in A minior BWV 784" by J. S. Bach, as performed by the 2015 Santa Clara Vanguard

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Harmonic Journal 08/08/15

Harmonic Journal
Saturday, August 8, 2015

"Children Will Listen" from Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim, as performed by the 2015 Drum Corps International World Champiion Blue Devils

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Harmonic Journal 08/07/15

Harmonic Journal
Friday, August 7, 2015

"Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber, as performed by the 1989 Santa Clara Vanguard

Friday, August 7, 2015

Smiles! Smiles!

Drum Corps International
Friday, August 7, 2015
Lucas Oil Stadium
Indianapolis, IN

We had breakfast at a restaurant connected to the hotel, called Yolk.  Mmmmm....eggs.   My Build-Your-Own Scramble was quite yummy, as was the bite that I had of V's crepe.  After resting in our room for a bit, we went to our home away from home, Tastings.  Our food was my favorite: Goat Cheese & Fig Pizza; Thai Peanut Chicken Skewers, and Spin Dip.  It was actually Spinach Dip, but the guy didn't say the second syllable.  It was weird.  I expected it to spin, but it just bubbled.

Wines we tried (denoted by * means we would have it again):
S: 2011 Grenache Blend "Bayonette" from Maury, France*
R: 2012 Michael David Winery "Earthquake" Cabernet Sauvignon from Lodi, CA*
V:  2013 Orin Swift "Machete" Red Blend from Napa Valley, CA*

R: 2013 Renato Ratti "Ochetti" Nebbiolo from Lanche, Italy*
S: 2012 Michael Mondavi Family "Oberon" Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley*
V: 2013 Chateau Sainte Eulalie "Plaisir" from Minervois, France

S: 2011 C.H. Berres Riesling Kabinet from Mosel, Germany

I'm glad that they're still there for us to relax and try wines and be happy.

Then we walked over to Lucas Oil and picked up our packets for the Street Beat 5K before going inside the stadium.  

Our seats were in Section 139, Row 1, Seats 15-17.  That's right!  ROW.  ONE.  We were excited about seeing faces and other up-close kind of stuff.

The Star-Spangled Banner was sung by Sgt. First Class Patricia from the U.S. Army Band.

Top 12 corps are marked with * and go to Finals.

LEGENDS -- 70.25
I love all of the faces!  Grrr-like and happy, too!  Great job, drum line!
Legends Color Guard

CASCADES -- 71.275
Drum Majors move the Earth around.  I like the Jupiter/Black Hole Sun mash up, but it really needs to be in tune.  The color guard members have a star on their right eyes. Too many rifle drops for today.

SPARTANS -- 71.5
They use that marching block thing.  I obviously don't know what it's called, but it sounds like a bunch of people marching.  Intense faces for most of the show, but then they end in happy smiles.  That soloist gets to wear a cape.

Spartans soloist

GENESIS -- 73.5
The pianist and his awesome facial expressions:  I. Just. Can't.  They have roses on their drums, and a rose on their sashes.  The pit members' bouncing reminded both me and Bro of Friends' Ross playing his keyboard.  If I'm this dizzy with the running around now, what will I be like later?
Difference in Expressions

Best I've heard them this year.  Feet not so much, though.  The Depeche Mode soloist was also the best I've heard him this year.  Great job, PC!  I was happy to cheer you from the front row!


MANDARINS -- 76.425
The clay (?) ball kept itself together today, and it didn't look so much like trash.  But I still didn't get it.  Great soprano ensemble portion!  Remember the dude in the pit whose hair matched his uniform at the beginning of the season?  Now it's just in the front of his hair.


BLUE DEVILS B -- 77.175
I love that Doctor Who piece.  I also like the smile on the marimba player.  I was tired and I almost fell asleep.  Sorry, BDB.  I do like your show.

Me to person at concessions:  What are onion chips?
Concessions employee:  They're like onion rings, but...chips.
Me:  I'll order one, then! 
They were yummy.

The drum major was all intense during her salute, and she was crying at the end.  That's passion, man.  The pit members were intense, too.  This show is full of tragedies (the theme of the show, not the performance).  I'm hearing much more narration down here than I did yesterday.  That doesn't really make me happy.  

They have garland on their instruments, and a green design on their rifles.  Nice upper brass ensemble moment!  Great job, soprano soloist!  My interpretation is that the plants eat her in the morning.  My interpretation may be unique.

Dilly Dilly

I yelled for Brandon.  REALLY LOUDLY.  I wonder if he heard me.  I wonder if he remembers that I said I would cheer for him when I met him last month.  Awesome job, SCVC!  They had only beat O Cru last night due to a penalty, but they also beat them tonight without penalties on O Cru.  What a nice ending to their season!

SCVC Drum Major Carl

ACADEMY -- 81.825
I had tears in my eyes as soon as they started the show.  Dan Potter stood in front of us, and sang "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" along with the corps.  Hey, so did I!  We didn't realize that the person playing Mary Poppins isn't always the same girl.  I enjoyed watching the drum major on the right.  I was weeping during "Feed the Birds".  It just means too much.  I'm going to miss this show.
Tap Away!

COLTS -- 83.025
It was kinda fun watching the radio show, but I wish it wasn't at the expense of drum corps.  I had to explain the ending to Bro and V:  bad guy goes after good guy that got the girl.  Friend of good guy and girl struggles with bad guy, and shoots.  He misses the bad guy, and the good guy dies.  Somewhere in there, instruments are played, and a song is sung that doesn't sound like it's from that era at all.  Bro:  "They don't need tubas anymore.  They've got synthesizers to do that stuff instead."  Sigh.  Positive note to show I'm not a total hater:  Nice rifle catch and swap between the Bad Guy and the Good Couple's friend.

Radio Heads

TROOPERS -- 83.8
V: If they insist on having someone sing, they should choose someone that doesn't have to run around because she's out of breath.
I think she was nervous, too.
Oops, that Trooper penned in the horses all emphatically, and all they did was break down the other fence and run off the field.  I would the horns more if I could hear them instead of hearing this singer on her microphone.

CROSSMEN -- 83.875*
Uh oh.  Something was wrong with their electronics, and they started late.  I guess they needed sound for the unnecessary vocalist.  I swear I didn't unplug anything, even if Tim coached me to do so.  Saw Bones this time.  Great sound, horn line!  Wow -- the timing penalty was 1.4.  They almost lost the Finals spot.

BLUE STARS -- 85.275*
That guy probably weighs 50 pounds and she's lifting him on her shoulders to let people throw rifles over him.  I didn't notice the narration before.  I'd rather go back to that, thank you.

Side Show Juggler

CRUSADERS -- 86.25*
The guy in back of us insists that this show is about Game of Thrones.  OK, sure!  I want that purple cloak!  The drum major salutes while holding what looks like it might be their original shako.  Great show, Boston!  Happy 75th anniversary!
Boston Crusaders DM

My bag is wet because I didn't close my water pouch carefully, and now my money is wet, too.  Then I had issues trying to get food, so I ate a pretzel while being irritated.

CAVALIERS -- 88.4*
They move so fast that it's all a blur!  Great horn action.  There were a couple of rifle drops.  I like the studs on their statues.  Bro does not.  Oh.  A guy is singing "Run Boy Run".  The things you notice when you sit up in front! (I really should have noticed that yesterday, though).
I love this salute

The mobsters really like to play with the cutout lady in red.  The guy on the drum kit waved and blew kisses during the show.  One of the flags looks like the vests that the CG wears at the start of the show.  I love that last looooooooong note!

Gotta Dance

PHREGIMENT -- 89.775*
The show is growing on V.  She has one more day.  I don't remember the "Madames and Messieurs..." announcement.  Nor do I remember a male voice singing "I love Paris".  WHAT is happening?!  The shopping bag had printing on it that said, "No. 2015 Phantom Regiment".

Love the smiles!

BLUE KNIGHTS -- 91.15*
They waited a long time for those drums, remember?  At the end of the show, the drum majors get off of their podiums and kneel, facing the corps, while the final song ends in a decrescendo.  Beautiful show.
BK Drum Major

Dan Potter showed video of a guy named Brian who changes his shirt for every corps.  I remember that guy.

Those electricity balls on the marimbas are cool.  I finally watched the theremin in action.  The drum major gets to have red lights.  I love the intensity of this show!

BLUE DEVILS -- 96.625*
Last night's low score was due to a 0.5 penalty, and BD is back in the top 2.  Bro pointed out a visual proficiency thing for us last night, and I saw it, but can't describe it well.  Wolf butts!

I'm far too amused by this
 Those horns.  Just wow.

BLUECOATS -- 95.775*
WHAT  is this narrator talking about?  WHY is there a narrator?  Sopranos!  My goodness!  Great CG work, too.  Dude behind us:  "Wow.  That's sexy."  If you say so, dude.  I was not turned on at all.  Is it a guy thing?


CADETS -- 95.5*
Man, Hoppy can NOT keep still!  He walks all over the place, but it's cool to see how encouraging he is, like a coach at a basketball game.  That's why he has that nickname, I guess.  The DM did not salute.  I don't like that.  Those green/purple drums are cool.  They're just so clean!
Cadets Start of Show

That soprano solo is just GORGEOUS.  Big Ass Flags are Big.  Me to V about the rifle toss over the CG:  "She almost died."  They really don't need the synthesized choral singing during "Ode to Joy".  Great show, though!

Crown Drums

In exhibition:
Jim Ott Brass Ensemble
They played clips of old shows that were influenced by Jim Ott, while they played the familiar song.
  • Russian Sailors Dance -- 1973 Commodores
  • Legend of the One-Eyed Sailor -- 1976 Blue Devils
  • Georgia On My Mind -- 1980 Spirit
  • Let It Be Me -- 1980 Spirit
  • Malaguena -- 1980 Madison Scouts
Scholarships were announced, as well as the Hall of Fame.

Congratulations, Tom Blair!  Thank you for your innovation in the world of drum corps recordings!

Volunteers of the Year were announced, and a girl nearby yelled out, "THAT'S MY DAD!!!!"  Too cute.

Individual and Ensemble Winners included
  • Pacific Crest Brass Ensemble
  • Academy Bass Drum Ensemble
  • Academy Cymbal Ensemble
  • Snare Drummer Brandon Olander of Blue Devils -- that kid is damn good.
Age-Out Ceremony was led with a cadence from the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps.  They're, like, 300 years old.

The last two scores were announced, and we saw a LOT of motorcyclists on our way home, due to a convention or something in town.  They were there last year, too, I think.

Bed time.  Got a 5K tomorrow, and it's more than a mile to the start line for us.

Next up:  Finals, already?!

Light Em Up Up Up

Drum Corps International
Thursday, August 6, 2015
Lucas Oil Stadium
Indianapolis, IN

I woke up on Wednesday morning and was dilly dallying so much that I thought I'd be late to catch the right FlyAway bus.  While I raced to Van Nuys, though, a truck on the freeway made me feel at ease, like the universe was telling me that everything was OK.  What kind of truck was it?  An FFE truck, of course!  I giggled and relaxed, got to the FlyAway, and made it to LAX exactly 1 hour before my flight was scheduled to depart.

While looking for a seat on the plane, I was about to sit down when a gentleman at the window pointed to my "Do You Hear The People Sing" SCV shirt, and asked if I was with the Vanguard.  I told him that I wasn't with them, but I'm a big fan.  Turns out that he's an alum from The Cavaliers!  We were talking so much that I decided to just take the middle seat so as not to annoy whomever got stuck between us.  Tim and I talked pretty much until we got in the air, and I didn't want to bother him with more questions.  He didn't get on this flight to talk to me!  We landed in Dallas  but didn't get off of the plane.  A guy was also waiting who had what seemed like horns on his shirt.  They weren't drum corps, though, and he didn't even know what DCI was when we asked him if he was going.  APPARENTLY, he was never in marching band, even though he plays the drums and went to Center Grove.  I don't know how that happened, but he was nice.  He was also hungry.  I offered to give him some Green Tea Kit Kat, but that sounded too weird to him.  We all changed seats at that point, so I got my own window seat.  The flight was a little bit bumpy, and the pilot apologized to us because he wasn't able to get away from it.  Just get us there, safely, Captain!  When I landed, I waited about an hour for V and Bro to arrive.  They were all relaxed from their fancy First Class seats.  We decided to take the IndyGo shuttle, and met a guy whom said that you could track the shuttle on your phone.  Isn't technology amazing?!  We checked into our cool trendy boutique hotel and had some spa water and candy before going to dinner at O'Reilly's bar.  We walked around a bit to find a place we might like to eat, and were happy to find this place.  I ordered a Toasted Irishman, which I had to tell them how to make, and an Irish Meatloaf.  Do you know that "Champs" are mashed potatoes mixed with butter and scallions?  Now you do.

This morning, after I woke up and took a shower, Bro took a shower, and while he was in there, I needed to go downstairs.  I took the key card, which was in the thing that keeps the lights on.  So Bro was taking a shower in the dark until he got out to get his key.  Sorry, Bro!  We went to Starbucks for breakfast and said hi to Steve Rondinaro, then made our way to Lucas Oil Stadium.  We bought some stuff, and realized that we could have just eaten breakfast at the stadium instead of walking all over the place in the rain.  Bro got a cool Limited Edition shirt from The Academy that was orange/blue (not my happy color combination), that said "SupercalAcademysticexpialidocious".  He was very happy.  We then went to our seats:  Section 388, Row 4, Seats 8-10.  We were on the right 30-yard line, and had nobody in back of us, except for people trying to get to their seats.  Bro changed about 3 times because he wasn't sure which shirt to wear:  the one he came in, or one of his 2 new shirts.
Look how happy he is!  

There was a presentation from the city (maybe for the news) and Dan Acheson to announce that DCI Finals will take place in Lucas Oil Stadium through 2028.  I think we need to buy a summer home out here or something.

The Star-Spangled Banner was played by a trumpet soloist named Derek.  He did a great job.  I would have probably enjoyed it even more if some soprano vocalist didn't decide to show off and sing at the same time, like she was having her own personal concert with the cool acoustics in the stadium.

Scores were announced at each intermission.  Top 25 advance to Semifinals, and are marked with *.

BLUE SAINTS -- 46.75
Repertoire: "Demon of Seville" -  Barber of Seville by G. Rossini; Ballad of Sweeney Todd  by S. Sondheim; Not While I'm Around (from Sweeney Todd) by S. Sondheim; Moonlight Sonata by L. van Beethoven

Nice duet.  I like the soloist that did "Demon of Seville".  Well, she really killed him with that huge straight razor, because he stayed dead until they left the field.

Big Ass Comb

Repertoire: "Behind the Brush Strokes… A journey through the mind of Vincent van Gogh" - Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) by D. McLean; Ritual Fire Dance (from El Amor Brujo) by M. de Falla; Music of Eric Morales; Music of Philip Glass  

She drew that picture during the show!  Those Van Gogh flags are beautiful!  Nice "Vincent" solos.  That Philip Glass just makes me want to watch SCV.
Van Gogh Flags

LES STENTORS -- 52.975
Repertoire: "Tale of the Tales" - Selections from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by D. Elfman; Selections from Alice in Wonderland by D. Elfman; Santorini by J.Y. Christopher; Carmina Burana by C. Orff; Romeo and Juliet by S. Prokofiev

Each color guard member was carrying a flag with a fairy tale character's name on it, which is also the way they are dressed.  Ursula!  The music didn't match who they were spotlighting, though, nor did it match the pages they showed.  I was confused.  

Les Stentors

RAIDERS -- 56.675
Repertoire: "From the Ashes" - Olympiada by S. Hazo; Fanfare - A Vision and A Dream by R. Nowlin; Our Yesterdays Lengthen Like Shadows by S. Hazo; Into The Light by J. Bocook

Bro wants Crown to rise from the ashes next year from this year's Inferno show.  The narration was unnecessary.  They changed their sashes from silver to bright orange during the show.  There was no Firebird during this show, which I thought would happen from the title.
Firebird on Flag, not in music

COLT CADETS -- 57.15
Repertoire: "Fire & Ice" - The Inferno (from The Divine Comedy) by R.W. Smith; Firebird Suite by I. Stravinsky; Cuban Fire Suite by J. Richards; Ice Dance (from Edward Scissorhands) by D. Elfman; Russian Christmas Music by A. Reed

Oh, THERE'S a Firebird!  I like the effect of the uniform change to blue for the ice portion.


CHIEN KUO -- 60.875
Repertoire:  "Void" -- Orawa by W. Kilar; Layers by R. Saucedo
Balls.  Lots of them.  Candence would like this show.  Cadence is Bro's dog, whom is obsessed with balls.  Circles!  Bro likes their black Aussies.  First we hear "Canyon", then this one has "Pathways"'s all Vanguard!  Also, the Aussies!  

Balls.  Big and Small.


Repertoire: "Sound of Surosowan"
Neato drum thingie, which is surrounding the player as she sits cross-legged on the stage.  Nice drum major uniform!  I also like the salute and the bow.  Bro feels welcome to the show because of the open-armed salute.  Very colorful show!  Aw...they didn't play the drums on those other stages.  Standing ovation.  Ooh, scimitars.
This is the kind of conversation that Bro and I have during a full day of drum corps.  
Bro:  "He's Taiwanese.  He's Thai."
Sherry to Bro:  "Chun is Taiwanese, but he is not Thai.  Like, we're Filipino, but not Philippian."

Drum Thingie

Repertoire: "And the River Flows On" --  The River Flows Through You by Yiruma; The River by Yiruma; Shenandoah (Traditional); The Water is Wide (Traditional); Wait/Fantasy by A. Gonzales, J. Meldal-Johnsen, Y. Gonzales, M. Kibby, and B. Laner

She slides down the hill, she leaves a river of blue cloth.  I think it looks like she's leaking.  Uh-oh.  Narration.  The hymns would have been better if they were in tune.  The river died, and they had a funeral for it.  Sadness.  Part of the river did not want to stay dead and got caught on the mutli-tenor.  

GOLD -- 60.525
She looks naked at one point.  Why is she kissing the drum major?  The snare drummer got caught on the tarp and everyone had to go around him.  Also, the tarp was way dirty.  So it's a dirty vagina.  Yeah, I went there.
Bro wants this one

JUBAL -- 65.575
Repertoire: "Beyond" -- Stay (from Interstellar) by H. Zimmer; The Attic (from The Journey) by A. Lockington; Hands of Fate Part 1 (from SIGNS) by J.N. Howard; Central Park (from King Kong) by J.N. Howard; Septimus (from Stardust) by I. Eshkeri; Shooting Star (from Stardust) by I. Eshkeri

The pyramids join together at the end, and are laid out flat to form a big silver triangle.  Congratulations to the 2015 International Champions!  They played well. I didn't notice the half-tux tail on their uniform until late.


MUSIC CITY -- 69.625
Repertoire: "In the Stars" - Music from The Planets: Mars; Venus; Jupiter by G. Holst

The drum majors saluted together.  Planets.  Happiness.  It got "Toxic" out of my head.  Bro wanted more sforzando legato, not the staccato arrangement.  The rings had a nice effect.  That's not the "Venus" that Cindy requested.


V's here!  I ordered a Wings of the World basket with Teriyaki sauce.  We saw the guys that we always see at Western Corps Connection.  A guy in line at concessions asked if I was from CA because of my SCV shirt.  He said that his son is in Newport Beach and is not happy that he's here without him.

7TH REGIMENT -- 70.675
Repertoire: "The Labyrinth" - Rue's Whistle Song (from The Hunger Games) by J.N. Howard; Rue's Farewell (from The Hunger Games) by J.N. Howard; Long, Long Time Ago (from Pan’s Labyrinth) by J. Navarette; The Power Plant (from The Matrix) by D. Davis; Burly Brawl (from The Matrix Reloaded) by B. Watkins & D. Davis; Battle Music by D. Holsinger

Nice sound!  They had little bass drum inside frames, and rolled them around.  Bro asked if you could go from one end of the maze to the other, but I saw a dead end on the right side immediately,

7th Regiment

LEGENDS -- 70.75*
Repertoire: "The Climb" - Ascend (From Everest) by K. Poulan, P. Rennick & S. Rennick;  The Mountain (from The Bucket List) by M. Shaiman; Avalanche (from Vertical Limit) by J.N. Howard;  The Climb by J. Mabe & J. Alexander

The cymbal players got to dance with the color guard.  Neato!  Very good sound.  nice effect when they reveal the flags with the neon.  They climb on top of the color guard.  Nice floor movement by the sopranos during the last song, because they went quickly and seemed difficult.  I really like this show.

GENESIS -- 73.45*
Repertoire: "Phantom Revisited" - Phantom of the Opera by A.Lloyd Webber

I thought they wore green.  So did Bro.  Death by Flag Strangulation.  Nice solos for "Think of Me" and "All I Ask of You".  They sang "Christine, I love you."  She holds up a mask at the end.  I like the company front of "Music of the Night".  V wanted the songs to last longer.

Star Flags

SPARTANS -- 71.775*
Repertoire: "Spartans... At The Gates!" - Prelude to War by K. Poulan, M. Moore & M. McGuire; To Victory (from 300) by T. Banks; Toccata con Fuoco (from Piano Concerto No. 1) by K. Emerson; Empyrean Mercenaries by Immediate Music; The Battle (from Gladiator) by H. Zimmer & L. Gerrard; Lauds Praise High Day by R. Nelson

There's going to be a battle.  Those elaborate gates are pretty.  The color guard died.  I've always loved the Spartan CG.  I may not like their uniforms, though.  This is that time.

At the Gates

BLUE DEVILS B -- 77.05*
The pylons light up now.  Great drum feature!  Their drum heads look like the flags they use at the end.
BDB's Drums

Beautiful!!!  Yay, Brandon!  I don't remember the ladders having a black border, but they look nice.
On Cloud 9


PIONEER -- 66.175
Repertoire:  "Divide the Sea, Unite the People" - Theme from Exodus by E. Gold; Selections from The Ten Commandments by E. Bernstein; Selections from Man of Steel by H. Zimmer

I like the CG's long, braided ponytails.  Tambourines!  I like the music.
Beginning of Pioneer's Show

JERSEY SURF -- 68.75
Repertoire: "Sun Surfing" - Here Comes The Sun by G. Harrison; Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me by E. John & B. Taupin; Wipeout by B. Berryhill, P.Connolly, J. Fuller & R. Wilson, Ron; Good Vibrations by B. Wilson & M. Love

That is a LOT of orange.  It's going to burn my retinas or cause permanent damage to my camera.  That guy was still wearing his poncho when everyone else wasn't.  My favorite part was "Good Vibrations".  

Surf Drums

CASCADES -- 71.1*
Repertoire: "Intergalactic" - Mars (from The Planets) by G. Holst; Enterprising Young Men (from Star Trek) by A. Courage; Short Ride on a Fast Machine by J. Adams; Black Hole Sun by C. Cornell; Venus (from The Planets) by G. Holst; Mercury (from The Planets) by G. Holst; Jupiter (from The Planets) by G. Holst; Intergalactic by M. Diamond, A. Yauch, A. Horovitz, & M. Caldato: Theme from Star Trek by A. Courage

They're blue now?  Big Earth and silver stars.  Intergalactic Dance Break!  And now I want to hear Vanguard again.  

Cascades in Blue?

PACIFIC CREST -- 74.175*
I thought I was told that the catalyst would have lights.  I guess they couldn't get them to work.  Good music, though.

MANDARINS -- 77.025*
Oh, that sphere thing is covered!  What is it?   A big ball of clay?  A big wadded up piece of paper?  What?!  Finally, the soldiers are on the field...and my battery died.  ACK!  Great job, drums!
I DID get it!

Repertoire: "The Midnight Garden" - Cinderella Suite (No. 1, I. Introduction: No 1, III. Quarrel: No 1, VII. Cinderella's Waltz) by S. Prokofiev; Who Is She (from Cinderella) by P. Doyle; Pumpkin Pursuit (from Cinderella) by P. Doyle

Statues.  I'm glad they don't appear to be naked.  The cymbal players get to be statues, too. The clock changes time.  "Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly..."  Those aren't lavender flowers on those flags.  Pretty music.
Cymbal Statues

Repertoire: "Out of the Ashes" - Tara's Theme (from Gone with the Wind) by M. Steiner; Southern Harmony by D. Grantham; Full Pull and Cage Match by S. McAllister; Wild Nights (from Harmonium) by J. Adams; Original Music by W. Pitts, B. Pyles, & G. Tsaliki

I think they burned down their Magnolia tree, and they are in recovery.  Nice soprano solo for Tara's Theme.
Spirit Delta

I think I'm done buying drum corps stuff for the season now.  SCV had better not add something really cool tomorrow.

Big, Loud & Live 12 cinema broadcast begins
Hi, y'all in the theaters!

THE ACADEMY -- 81.1*
They form a bird, as well as a house.  I teared up during "Feed the Birds".  Oh, there's a shirt of that, too!  V got it later.  They colored their tap shoes orange, and now Mary's umbrella has a white trim.
Academy Drums

TROOPERS -- 83.575*
Repertoire: "Wild Horses" - Theme from Dreamer by J. Debney; Open Spaces by R. W. Smith; Wild Horses by N. Bedingfield, A. Frampton & W. Wilkins;  Adrenaline City by A. Gorb

She has a beautiful voice, but I could have done without the singing.  I like when the corps does horse mannerisms.  They have bright orange lassos.  One of the formations is a horse's head, and then the horses run.  They also run off of the field at the end.  That's because they're wild.


COLTS -- 82.75*
Repertoire: "...And A Shot Rings Out: A Johnny Staccato Murder Mystery" - The Man With The Golden Arm by E. Bernstein; Lex (from Metropolis Symphony) by M. Daugherty; Science Fiction by C. McBride; Moanin' by C. Mingus; Audrey's Dance (from Twin Peaks) by A. Badalamenti; Original music by C. Naffier & C. Nelson; Lay Me Down by S. Smith, C. Naffier & E. Smith; Scherzo (from Fire Water Paper: The Vietnam Oratorio) by E. Goldenthal

Dear The Colts:  I really thought that this year's show HAD to be better this year.  Not so much.  Still a lot of talking!  I have now been disappointed 2 years in a row.  I hope it gets better next year, or I'm just going to give up on you. 



Also, there was singing, and the song was inappropriate for the period of the piece.  I did like the chalk outline formations.  I guess we were supposed to "Boo" when they spelled it.  Most of us did not.

He's Dead, Jim.
CROSSMEN -- 84.4*
Repertoire: "Above and Beyond" - Fly to Paradise by E. Whitacre; Jubal Step by W. Marsalis; One Day I'll Fly Away (from Moulin Rouge) by W. Jennings & J. Sample; Ascent by A. Markworth; Butterfly by M. Makaroff

Where is Bones?  Where is the Maltese Cross formation?  I feel like I"m missing out.  What is with all of the unnecessary singing this year?  Great brass sound as usual, especially during "Someday I'll Fly Away".  Nice soprano ensemble solo.

V wanted them to throw these.

BLUE STARS -- 85.45*
Repertoire: "Side Show" - Entrance of the Gladiators by J. Fucik ; The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze by G. Lyle & A. Lee ; I Will Never Leave You (from Side Show) by H. Krieger & B. Russell; Send in the Clowns (from A Little Night Music) by S. Sondheim; Carnivale Theme by J. Beal; Original Music by R. Saucedo

That guy was juggling 4 things at a time.  They form a star.  That makes me happy, because it's in their name!  I want to hear "Clowns" for real now.
Side Show Star

Repertoire: "Conquest" - Game of Thrones by R. Djawadi; Conquest (from Captain from Castille) by A. Newman; Palladio by K. Jenkins; Take What is Ours (from Assassin's Creed 4) by B. Tyler; Five Variants of Dives and Lazarus by R. Vaughn Williams; The Battle (from Gladiator) by H. Zimmer; Original Music R. George & E. Hampton

Is this Harry Potter?  I see the 4 houses.  Game of Thrones?  That singing didn't really need to happen for most of the show, but when she sang the high note and stabbed the other girl, it had a really cool effect, and it was accompanied by red streamers being thrown to symbolize the blood.  I know the hymn, but ordinarily we don't see swordfights in church when we sing it.  Red wins!
She's Dead, Too.


Repertoire: "78th & Madison" - N.Y.C. (from Annie) by C. Strouse & M. Charnin; Gotta Dance (from Singin' in the Rain) by N.H. Brown ; Good Morning (from Singin' in the Rain) by N.H. Brown; I Got Rhythm (from An American in Paris) by G. Gershwin; Moses Supposes (from Singin' in the Rain) by R. Eden, B. Comden, & A. Green; The Boy Next Door (from Meet Me in St. Louis) by H. Martin & R. Blaine; Traffic Jammin' (from New York Cityscape for Wind Ensemble) by J. Tyzik; Get Happy (from Summer Stock) by H. Arlen & T. Koehler; Happy Days are Here Again by M. Ager & J. Yellin

They start out with an "M" formation, and yes, there is a fleur-de-lis, but not for long.  They also start out with the sound of the MGM Lion's roar.  Yay, Leo!  They dance on huge luggage trunks.  They also dance with girl silhouettes, but not on the luggage.  I love all of the fun that they're clearly having.

THE CAVALIERS -- 88.075*
Repertoire: "Game On" --  Fetes (from Nocturnes) by C. Debussy; Macrotus (from Batman Begins) by H. Zimmer & J.N. Howard; Fantasie Brillante (from On The Shoulders of Giants) by P. Graham; Run Boy Run by Y. Lemoine; Finale from Symphony No. 8 by A. Bruckner

I love the bright tone of their horns.  Break that wall!  I was hoping that this would be more about video gaming, and not so much about boxing.  They do cool boxing moves in the corps, though.  They jump over people.  Classic Cavies.  Love it.
Cavies Drums

A snare player lost their helmet.  A soprano player picked it up and played one-handed, holding it behind his/her back for a while before throwing it behind a screen.  They now do the Chevron at the end.

BLUE KNIGHTS -- 90.55*
Ooh, I love those big flower flags!  Such a pretty show.  Those blue/orange hypnotic things are just for show at the souvie booth now, I guess, because I didn't see any during the show.  

Flower Flags

So I ask Bro how we're going to see them light up if it's so bright here in the stadium.  He looks at me like, "Shut up!  I haven't told V!"  Oops.  She thought I was talking about the fact that everyone had their phone lights on, though, to cheer on SCV.  I was annoyed by the guy in front of me because he had his up in front of my face and I wanted to take pictures of the corps.  He brought it down when they started, though.  I hope he's not sitting in front of me tomorrow.  The lights are awesome:  little ones on the guard's wrists, on the Tesla coils, on the flag poles, on the bass drums, on the pit,  and on the uniforms.  VERY COOL!
Light Em Up

BLUECOATS -- 95.425*
Repertoire: "Kinetic Noise" -- Shaker Loops by J. Adams & J. Anderson; Electric Counterpoint by S. Reich; Woods by J. Vernon; Gene Takes a Drink by M. Gordon; An Animated Description of Mr. Maps by N. Zammuto & P. de Jong; Dense by D. Denis

Too much electronic stuff, and I can't tell when the horns actually play, unless I'm looking closely.  Those hamster balls are cool, though.  I like that they're (mostly) constantly moving.  Not as close as Moto Perpetuo, though.  See?  I really want to see more Vanguard.

More Balls

Repertoire:  "Inferno" --  Gates of Hell by T. Hannum & T. Nunez; Dies Irae (from Verdi's Requiem) by G. Verdi ; Symphony for Organ and Orchestra by A. Copland; Adagio in G minor R. Giazotto; Symphony No. 9 by L. van Beethoven

Imagine you're in hell and you can't get out.  Wait.  Wrong show.  "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."  Those are Big Ass Flags.  I just can't not like this horn line!  I can, however, not like the pants, or the hats.  Rifles!  You could have killed each other!  Craziness.  They cover the horn line in red opaque silk, while they're trying to escape, but keep getting pulled back in.  But then later, someone arises out of the white silk.  There was no fire in the show, though.  There are considerably less props on the field than last year, and this makes me happy.
Let Me Out!

CADETS -- 96.475*
Repertoire: "The Power of 10" -- Symphonic Movement by V. Nehlybel; Symphony No. 10 by D. Shostakovich; Diane and Camilla (from Mulholland Drive) by A. Badalamenti

They made a 10 at all of the yard markers.  They must have been told in advance about the 50 being gold-colored, so that SOMEBODY wouldn't get all upset and insist on intermissions every 30 minutes.  That horn line.  Yes.  Z Pull!  There is so much black on the field now with their new uniforms.  Hmmm...french horns.  They are not as loud.  I would prefer mellophones for that sound.  Like, use, I don't know, DYNAMICS.
10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 

BLUE DEVILS -- 95.35*
Did they steal a child?  She wasn't in the show before.  Rumor has it that she's the lead from BD-C.  I guess she's not too old, so that's OK.  They use Big Ass Calligraphy Pens.  There's also Big Ass Litter on the ground.  The low score is due to a 0.5 penalty.  Well, that makes sense.  
Write it Down, it'll last longer

Exhibition: Calgary Stampede Show Band 
Repertoire included Shake It Off, Bang Bang, Uptown Funk, and You Can Call Me Al

V didn't want to hear more than one "WHOO!!!" from that one woman.  They were fun, though.  I like those red shoes.  I remember them from the Rose Parade.

Last scores announced and we went back to the hotel, now in dryness, thank goodness.  I took pictures of some of the cool art in our trendy artsy hotel, and we watched The LEGO Movie while getting ready for bed.  

That was a long but fun day of drum corps.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow, except for all of the singing...and I'm a singer.  Sad, huh?

Next Up:  Semifinals