Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Making 3D Look Good

I had some time to kill before checking into my hotel the other day, so I decided to go see a movie, opting for Men In Black 3 in 3D.  I ended up getting an iced tea that should last me all week.  I mean, does anyone really finish those things during one movie?  

  • I heart Danny Elfman, and I'm glad that he's stayed with this entire series of movies, because it just wouldn't sound the same without his score.
  • Josh Brolin does an outstanding portrayal of a young Tommy Lee Jones' K.
  • How could I not like this movie?  It involves time travel!
  • I could have sworn that Tim Curry was playing Boris The Animal.  His voice was just right, and I could see Curry in that makeup/costume.  But no, it was Jemaine Clement.  
  • Aw, that ending made me cry.  For Men in Black.  So now I cry at alien movies, even when they're not E.T. the Extraterrestrial.
  • Doesn't "getting pie" mean that you're going to be neuralized?
  • I thought that K played a lot of Elvis songs.  Was Elvis a cowboy?
  • I'm also now confused about whoever the woman was in the first MiB that K had to leave behind.  When did that happen, and how does it fit in with the O storyline?  Am I just supposed to forget the details from the first flm?
  • Bill Hader needs to play Andy Warhol on SNL, if he hasn't already done so.  "You've got to fake my death, K....I can't tell which ones are men and which ones are women!"
  • I liked that each jump through time involved seeing Earth from the beginning, with the dinosaurs.
That was fun.  It's weird to see Will Smith in a summer movie that didn't open on July 4 weekend, though.  A great addition to the MiB series, even with those details that confused me.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Wanted The Glow

A couple of co-workers and I needed to find stuff to do while in Sacramento for some training, so we decided to see "What to Expect When You're Expecting".  

  • I like to see Matthew Morrison dance.  I would ask for more of that in this movie, but then it wouldn't be about expecting babies anymore.
  • Yay! Food truck love!  
  • Elizabeth Banks is the best.  I liked her story a lot, because her stuff was too real for her character to bear, and I loved her meltdown.
  • The J-Lo story made me tear up a little bit at the end, as I thought of friends who are currently very close to adopting their own baby.  I'm so excited for them!
  • I liked the concept of The Dudes, the execution not so much.  I did not understand why they were so in awe of the Davis guy.
  • Aw, poor Jordan.  Somebody needs to make him wear a helmet everywhere.
  • As much as I love Dennis Quaid, I do not like to see him being a shallow jerk.
  • Oh, THAT's where I've seen Rodrigo Santoro before.  He was Paulo, a character on Lost that really didn't need to be there.  He is quite handsome, though, and he did have a story in this movie, so I didn't mind him being in it. ;)
  • I liked the fact that Dwyane Wade was one of the contestants in the dance competition.  Why aren't other basketball players on Dancing With The Stars?  Has it only been football players that do that?
  • The movie really didn't focus on pregnancy as much as the relationships wherein a pregnancy takes place. Perhaps that's why I liked Banks' story the best: because it actually had something to do with the pregnancy itself.
It was a funny movie, but it wasn't great.  Just OK.  I'd like to see more star-studded movies that are actually well done, like The Avengers.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Vampy Camp

I arrived in Sacto early, said hi to Spider Bunny, and found out that my friend Arielle was available to play for the day.  That made me happy, because I was too tired to follow my original plan to drive to Napa.  So we saw "Dark Shadows".  Arielle is familiar with the original Dark Shadows TV serial.  I am familiar with the 1991 remake series.  Thus we were both looking forward to seeing the film.

  • I was a little nervous about the campy commercials ruining my good memories of the show, but then I remembered that the series was a bit campy anyway, so I went with it.  I had been watching the DS marathon on the Chiller channel the day before, and I realized that we've come a long way since then with the vampire make-up.  
  • I thought that Angelique was a little *too* campy, though.  Maybe I had a little subconscious jealousy because Eva Green also played opposite Joseph Fiennes, in "Camelot".  And now she's having crazy supernatural sex with Johnny Depp?  Can I please get paid to do such things?
  • Oh, Johnny Depp.  Even as a vampire with blood all over your face, I still love you.
  • When JD and Michelle Pfeiffer were on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier in the week, Ellen's introduction was "I decided to only invite insanely attractive people for today's show."  Totally.  I also love MP.  I guess I love people with well-defined cheekbones.
  • I can't look at Jackie Earle Haley without thinking of the Bad News Bears.  That was a great movie.
  • Arielle was happy to see Christopher Lee.  Since I really only know him as a bad guy, I thought he was one immediately.  Sherry, they're ACTORS.  They play a lot of different roles.  
  • I liked the music that was used, especially "Top of the World".  Reveal yourself, tiny songstress!
  • I didn't recognize the music that Elman used from the original show in his score, but I did like his main theme.
  • Fifteen, and no husband? You must put those child-bearing hips to good use, lest your womb shrivel up and die.
  • Heh.  Macrame.
That was a fun movie.  We then went to Danielle's for a yummy late lunch, and also got our nails done.  What a great girly day!  Thanks, Arielle!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

DLR LotD 05/06/12

Disneyland Resort
Line of the Day

Sunday, May 6, 2012

"I would tweet that, but it's gross." -- Sherry, near Pixie Hollow

Friday, May 11, 2012

We Have A Hulk

I've been waiting for The Avengers  movie ever since I saw "Iron Man".  I was bummed that I couldn't go to the midnight show on opening day, because I had thought that I'd be out of town that night.  But it's probably for the best that I didn't, because I needed the sleep.  Anyway, I bought my Arclight ticket for later that evening.  Frank's here!  He's the guy that was the greeter the night that I saw "Captain America: The First Avenger", so that's totally cool that he was there again for "The Avengers".  I was seated behind a guy with a Captain America shield.  I love opening night!

The trailers we saw were for "Brave" (Yay!), "Prometheus", and "The Amazing Spider-man".  Some of my favorite moments of the evening:
  • "His first name is 'Agent'."
  • "I was having 12 percent of a moment."
  • Steve Rogers paying off his bet to Fury
  • "How does Fury look at this? "
  • "That's my secret.  I'm always angry."
  • "I'm listening."
  • "There is only one god.  And I'm sure he doesn't dress like that."
  • "Dost mother know  you weareth her drapes?"
  • "You people are so petty.  And tiny."
  • I love that Tony Stark is wearing a Black Sabbath t-shirt.
  • Was that one battle at Yosemite?  Did they just scale Half Dome in half a second?
  • Aw...Phil.
  • Second movie this year with archery.  Third one coming up next month.  Will there be any Robin Hood movies this year?
  • GALAGA!!!
  • I want shwarma now.
  • I wonder what the Special Thanks for Ralph Macchio was about.
  • Seen on vanity license plate as I was exiting the parking structure: GRRARGG.  I heart Joss Whedon fans.
I hope I get time to watch this again in the theater.  Loved it.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just Dance

Billy Elliot
Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Pantages Theatre 

My friend June saw that Goldstar had discount tickets for "Billy Elliot", which neither us have seen on stage, so we decided to go. After we parked, we picked up June's wine nearby at a place I need to explore a little more when I'm not in heels. We had dinner at Dillon's Irish Pub & Grill, because it was close by and not as pricey as the other places.  I decided to order a Toasted Irishman, and also a drink.  The server did not get it.  June did, though, so that's why she's my friend.  The drink was tasty.  I need to try their avocado fries sometime.  That night, though, I wanted sweet potato fries instead.

We still had some time before the show started, so we stood outside the theatre and watched an a cappella group perform, called the Street Cats.  They did standard fare, and they were quite good.  I turned to June, though, and said that they needed drums.  I'm like that, you know.  When they sang "Stand By Me", I was happy.  They were taking requests, but I was too shy to ask for a Rockapella original.

Our seats in the theatre were in the mezzanine, in the 3rd row, left of center.  I was irritated by the way people dressed for the theatre, like in baseball jerseys and jeans.  I now we're in the balcony, but let's show some respect for the theatre, people!  Anyway, on to the show.

  • Ty Forhan, the Billy of the night, was simply amazing.  He tapped and danced ballet with such ease and just blew everyone away.  I jumped to my feet to applaud him at curtain call.  His singing wasn't as strong as his dancing, but he did a superb job.  The kid is 13, for goodness' sake!  Wow.
  • There are 4 kids that play Billy, probably due to child labor laws.  I would like to be able to compare all 4 Billys, but I don't have that kind of money or time to do so.  If they're anything like Ty, then everyone who sees this show is in for quite a treat.
  • Billy's best friend, Michael, was played by Jacob Zelonky, and he was hilarious and sang marvelously.  That kid is a star.
  • Probably the most Elton of all of the songs for me was "Expressing Yourself".  Loved it.
  • I thought it was weird that the orchestra didn't play the song from "The Nutcracker", and it was recorded music instead.  But maybe they didn't have enough string instruments to pull it off by themselves.
  • Oh, wow, that Nutcracker piece with the aerial work, with adult Billy dancing with young Billy.  That was cool.
  • I really liked Leah Hocking, who played Mrs. Wilkinson.  Great, strong voice.
  • I also enjoyed the performance of Rich Hebert, who played Billy's dad.  I was especially moved during "Deep Into The Ground".
  • "Electricity" = what every performer feels when they're on stage.  More wow-ness.
  • Grandma, played by Patti Perkins, cracked me up a lot.  
  • Aw, Mom's letter to Billy, and then his back to her.  Awww...
That was an enjoyable show.  I'm still amazed by that kid's dancing. Have I typed "Wow" yet?

Billy Elliot plays at the Pantages through May 13, 2012.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

DLR LotD 04/27/12

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Friday, April 27, 2012

"It's basically pig butter." -- Chef Nick, to Cindy, at Catal

Thursday, May 3, 2012

La PrinciPella

Rockapella in Napa Days 2-3
Sunday-Monday, January 29-30, 2012
Napa Valley Opera House -- Napa, CA

Up at 6 am.  For those of you paying attention from the prior post, that means that I had 4 hours of sleep.  So I posted pictures to FB and stuff.  When breakfast time came around, I had a yummy waffle and some other stuff that I can't remember because the waffle was so yummy.  Then Jenn, Cindy and I headed out for some Napa goodness.  Cindy had never been to Napa before, so I wanted to show her the big stuff for now, then we can do other stuff on future trips.

Sher & Jenn at Castello di Amarosa
Therefore, our first stop of the day was the castle: Castello di Amarosa.  We almost missed the entrance because Jenn said that we couldn't miss it, but you can't really see the castle from the beginning of the driveway.  It has changed slightly since I was last there, but it had changed even more for Jenn, who had last been there when the castle was still being built.  I decided to go for the Wine Tasting Paired with Chocolate, as did my companions.  I think.  I don't really know, because they later upgraded to the Reserve Tasting.  They were looking at the cats.  I see cats all the time, mostly on pictures that my friends post on Twitter and Facebook.  I do not need to see more cats.  I was focused on the sheep.  I don't remember seeing animals at all the last time I was there, and got excited about a chicken walking around.  Yeah, I'm crazy.  Anyway, we took lots of pictures around the castle, and I hope to have more time someday so that I can take a tour, which includes going down to the Torture Chamber and stuff.  At one point, we thought that we were looking at a torture device, but it turned out to be a wine press.  To us, manual labor is torture anyway.  Jenn was on a dragon kick due to her new game obsession, and I like dragons anyway, so there were many times where one of us would just yell, "DRAGON!"  OK, I yelled.  Jenn quietly took pictures.  

During the tasting itself, Jenn and Cindy decided that they would be able to order enough wine for a free shipment if I could also contribute.  This was not that difficult a decision for me here at the castle, because I did enjoy several of their wines.  My favorite is the Il Passito, which I had tasted the last time I was there, and, of course, it is the most expensive bottle.  But I love that stuff.  I also ordered the Late Harvest Gewurtztraminer, the Il Raggio Del Sole (Muscat Canelli) and the Gewurtztraminer "Dry".   I want to try their Reisling non-alcoholic grape juice some day.

Beautiful Peacock
When we went outside, I saw that the sheep were nearby, and I wanted to pet them, but there was a sign posted stating not to do so.  So I followed directions.  Others did not.  I was irritated.  Then I saw the beautiful peacock, which stupid people behind me called a "parakeet".  REALLY?!  Idiots.  There were also more chickens.  I didn't realize that I had missed a chicken mating event that was going on nearby, because I was admiring the view and thinking of the stupid people, all at the same time.  

We then drove to CIA/ Greystone to meet up with the non-wine drinkers for lunch.  Since we were in Napa during California Restaurant month, I wanted to partake of the special menu, which was a prix fixe called "The Whole Hog". Most of my companions ordered the same, and Jenn got special stuff so that we could all taste other items on the menu.  She's so generous, that Jenn!  This is the restaurant that Jenn brought me to on a previous trip to Napa, and now I try to get others to dine there because I enjoy it so much.  It was at this restaurant that I realized that I like foie gras.  Mmmm...  Anyway, there was so much food that most of us went into food comas.  However, Cindy and I still wanted to shop in St. Helena, so we went into town while the others returned to the hotel for their naps.  

We can't believe we ate The Whole Hog
First, we went to Woodhouse Chocolates, and I tried not to get too much.  I do love their beautiful display of gorgeous chocolates.  Also, the chocolates are delicious.  I need to go back there someday and buy some salted caramels.

Then I brought Cindy to the St.Helena Olive Oil Company.  We enjoyed tasting the different vinegars, olive oils, salts, and some of the recipes that they made with the different ingredients they sell there.  While we were browsing, I received a reminder on my phone that I needed to check in to my flight.  The cell service was bad inside the building, so we walked outside.  Then we noticed that the store would be closing at 5 pm, and felt very pressed for time, especially because my phone decided to go nutso at the time.  So I called Jenn and asked her to check in for us.  Meanwhile, Cindy went inside the store to tell Karen (the very nice person helping us) that we were outside checking in to our flights.  She said that since we were there before 5pm, we could continue shopping.  This was, of course, after Cindy started to hurriedly place everything that she needed on the counter as if she was in some shopping-in-5-minutes TV game show.  It was quite funny.  She asked if I thought that we could place our stuff together for the free shipping offer, and I said probably.  She ended up getting to the minimum order all by herself, though!  Karen told us that the bath items that used to be in the back room were now in their own store across the street, so we checked that out before we left.  They had just closed, though.  Oh, and at the Olive Oil Company, I finally bought the white truffle salt that I wanted, as well as basil EVOO, and a 19-year aged balsamic vinegar that was delicious and 50% off that day.  They had a LOT of other stuff that I refrained from buying, lest I get more than I can use all by myself.  Stuff like truffle honey and other salts and such.  Yeah, you read that right: TRUFFLE HONEY. Karen had also given us copies of the recipes to make the stuff that was provided around the store for the tasting.  While Karen was taking Cindy's information, we found out that the Sherry Vinegar that Cindy was buying was from Jerez, Spain.  Jerez!  Sherry!  That's my name twice!!  Perhaps I should buy that for myself sometime.
Cindy and Karen at St. Helena Olive Oil Co

We returned to the hotel and I visited Karla for a few minutes so that I could check out her room, which was not in the main part of the hotel.  Oh, but it was spacious!  She had a sitting area and for some reason, there was a sink in her closet, as well as in her bathroom.  She decided that it was the shaving area.  Not for her, but for guys.  Then I went downstairs and had tea and cookies before getting ready for the night's show.  Jenn was up by then, and was dealing with preparations for her grandmother's funeral.  I didn't mention in my last post that her grandmother had passed away earlier in the week, but she didn't want to miss the Napa trip, especially since they didn't need her for everything, and she figured that Mama would not want her to stay home and be sad.  We made a toast to Mama with our little cups of pea soup at the CIA.  Anyway, she was being quite the trooper, and remembered to enjoy herself as much as possible.  We met up with the rest of the posse, and drove to the Opera House.

This time, I did not follow Jeff, and parked on the first floor of the parking structure.  The theatre wasn't as full as the previous night, and Jenn, Karla and I were seated in the 2nd row on the right side of the aisle (which was really like the 1st row because there were no seats in front of us).  I sat in the middle of the 3 of us this time, so that Jenn wouldn't feel so abused.  Cindy, Jeff and Wendy were in the front row, also on the right side.  

The show did not start late this time, so I guess everybody had their clothes.  Bummer.  ;)  Scott, John, and Jeff were all wearing black shirts this time.  (They were wearing silver the night before).

Dragging the Line
I like this one, especially at "Peace of mind."

And I'm already staring at Scott's pants.  

George held Steve's microphone for him.

Scott said that they had a lovely room at the Holiday Inn Express.  He also said that the guys saw a lot of "vineries" today, and turned around to ask which ones, discovering that he was alone on stage.  "And they've left."  Steve returned to the stage and said that one of the 4 that they went to was at Castello di Amarosa.  We cheered.  Scott asked the audience, "Is everyone liquored up?  It always helps."  When introducing the different vocal parts, he said that the "tenors are the white wine".

Nuthin But
When George sang "Bangkok Heat", he sang it to me.  That's me, baby: HOT!  Yeah, right.

Got To Get You Into My Life
Steve wants to hold Cindy's hand.  He told her so.

Just My Imagination/ Imagine
They paused a little after the first intro, and Geo smiled at John.  Nice, John!  Loved it.

Hard Time
Scott: "That's from our new CD, "Bang", which is miraculously available in the lobby, I've noticed."  (For those of you keeping score, this little plug is courtesy of Keith Lockhart of the Boston Pops).  

Then Scott talked about finding Steve.  "Steve came with so much chutzpah and gentility, kind of contradictory in terms."


California Sad-Eyed Girl
Scott advised that this song is on "Bang" and is really melancholy (or something else that I can't decipher from my notes--sorry).  "When we sing that song in Southern California, coming from someone from Indiana who needed a 5-syllable phrase, I needed a sexy place.  Turns out it's not really such a sexy area, San Bernardino, don't know how unsexy it is, though.  But there's always a giggle.  So thanks for showing some restraint."

Then Scott started comparing the guys to wine.  JT said that Geo was a Pinot Noir.  Scott asked, "Was that a racist comment?"  Scott said that JT was the Mondavi of Spit.  He then talked about the life in Napa among the wineries: "Maybe a few bucks here and there, making a substandard living, but you can eat."  KP noticed that Jeff was wearing black socks.  Then John said that he likes to call Scott "Jingle Legs Jones," to which Scott again asked, "Was that a racist comment?"

Scott talked about records, and described these old-school music items, saying "I wish you could have been there."

Paper Doll
Steve and I sang to each other on the line "Fickle minded real live girl."  HEY!

Rock the Boat
We were on Geo's "Do The Hustle" side, and we were getting so loud that he said, "Oh, you want it like that huh?"  Scott calls his dance "The Mondavi".

Malibu Grand Prix
During all of the chaotic choreography, Steve backed into Scott.  When the word "King" was sung, there was bowing.  When the word "Queen" was sung, Scott curtsied.  A certain protrusion on Steve's shirt distracted me.  I'm just sayin'.  At least it was the SHIRT!

Whomever was doing the spotlight was late.  Did you not work the show last night?  

I like how Scott blows on his imaginary gun at the end.  (No, that is not a euphemism.  Stop it!)

Scott talked about succumbing to the corporate bullies for a quick buck.  This was met with applause, while JT cheered silently with his thumbs up.  During the first Almond Joy commercial, their head movements were not in sync.  Scott responded to the jolly laughter in the back of the audience: "Oh ho ho, Santa's here.  It's off-season."  George sang his "yummy milk chocolate" line to me.  :)  That's right, I'm yummy.   I'm not used to Scott sweating so much on his forehead.  John kept cracking up.

John told us that wife Christina is in the audience.  This was the first time she'd ever seen The Rock outside Florida, and her first time in California.  (Yes, I know that she saw them sing on the cruise, but maybe JKB had forgotten about that).  "Where are you, baby?!"  She was in the balcony.  "Man, you guys know about wine here."  He talked about taking a tour of the winery, and learning about patience, waiting 2 years to make a bottle of wine.  And regarding what he learned about the land, "you guys are number one."  Ahh, Napa.  I agree, JKB.  

Then John walked into the audience to pick someone to sing to.  SonofaBITCH, I am NOT kidding, he picked the person in Wendy's night-before seat.  O.M.G.  Wendy and I were incredulous that this had happened again.

My Girl
Jaime from nearby Vallejo, CA was the lucky girl of the night.  Scott: "What do you do in Filet-o?"  What?!  Then he asked if she wanted to sing "Stand By Me" with them, and she responded with, "Can I just dance?"

Ain't Too Proud to Beg
She was running away from Scott and his butt-dance.  Run TOWARDS him, Jaime!  He patted John on the shoulder as he begged her.  Oh, Jaime, so shy.

George started to say, "When I was 10 years old..." and both Jenn and I simultaneously said in Dolby Stereo, "Uh-Oh."  He ignored us.  "My dad said, 'George, it's OK, cause the ladies like it when you drop it."  (I think).

Scott was still chewing whatever when they got the cue to get back on stage.  As usual.

O.M.G.  Have you ever had George sing to you from the stage?  You have?  Have you ever heard him use your name in the song that he was singing while he sang to you from the stage? Well, my posse and I can now say that he sang our names!  Seriously!  During the place where he would ask for the lady's name/number/sign, instead, he sang, "I'm here for Jenny, Sherry, Karla, Wendy, Jeff.  I said your name."  And Jenn didn't realize he said her name.  Jeff didn't realize his name was said either.  I don't know where they were that they couldn't hear their own names, but I heard mine!!!  I can now no longer hear that song without inserting my name.  Which George sang.  From the stage.  Oh. My. Geo.

After that, I thought I could calm down.  But no.  Then they sang...

I love this song.  I don't know who talked about Captain Morgan, and drinking responsibly.  It must have been Scott because he's wacky like that.  I've got the choreography down on this song, and I love it!  Of course, now when I'm in front of my computer, I have no idea how it goes, but I had it down that night.

Zombie Jamboree
He sang "from Napa to Rome".  Yay!  Then Scott dropped out.  Did he forget the words?  What was up with that?

Carmen SanDiego
JT wiggled his fingers during his solo. 


Papa Was A Rolling Stone

A Punk
Ay Ay Ay Ay!!!  I can't hear that song without picturing Steve and Geo doing that in the NVOH greeting area last year after the show.

Up On The Roof/Wonderful World
Scott gave the pitch and Geo looked at him.  "Is that too high?  I don't want to hurt you."  "Don't know much about geography" -- Scott sang as he smiled at me.  Then I mouthed "shoop shoop shoo be doo" at Steve while he sang that part and caught me.  During Scott's pause at the end of the song, he sucked up lots of air.


Christina & Sher
Christina!  Christina's in the lobby!  I said hi to her and gave her a big hug.  She was so happy (and probably tipsy) that she also hugged Cindy as if she knew her.  Cindy asked me if she looked like anyone that had gone on the cruise.  Well, no.  But that doesn't matter, because Christina is adorable.  She said that she hadn't seen "Malibu" with the choreography, or "Shemibos", so she was excited, too.   (For those of you paying attention this paragraph was in the previous post, and then I realized that I didn't see Christina until the following night.  So I moved it here.  Just didn't want you to think that you're crazier than you already know you are.  It's not you.  It's me).   Christina also didn't know that they were singing "Bang", and likes all of the new stuff.  She said that she's happy to be in California, and thinks it's beautiful.  She is looking forward to seeing the Golden Gate Bridge.  She also thinks there should be another cruise.  John brought her a glass of wine, which prompted Steve to bring a glass of wine to Laura.  She asked what kind it was.  He said, "I don't know, it's red!"  Ah, the wine non-connoisseurs.   

Sher & Laura
While talking to Laura, I noticed her jewelry.  APPARENTLY, Steve has good taste in jewelry, because he had given her the pieces I admired, as well as her boots and purse.  I need Steve to go shopping for me.  Actually, I just want him to buy me stuff.  Anyway, he talked about their day in Napa.  They took a tour at Castello, and saw the torture chamber, and did some wine tasting, thanks to a friend of Steve's, who took them around and got them on a private tour of a winery.  She works for Pirates Adventure as a princess, as well as for Penguin Entertainment, and for a traveling circus as an arial artist.  She's quite talented!  She also used to work on cruise ships, and loved Turkey.  She had only known Rockapella from the Folger's commercial, not from Carmen.  Steve took pictures of Laura and me.  She insisted that he take more than one because she didn't like everything that was showing.  Um, she had nothing to worry about, but OK.

Sweet Wine Lovers
Steve remembered that we were going to lunch at CIA and thought of us when they drove by.  :)   They DO listen to us!They went to 4 wineries, because Laura was on East Coast time, and was wide awake at 7 a.m.  Steve's relatives got a private tour at one of the wineries, and they had reached their 2nd or 3rd winery by noon.  At Castello, he liked the Late Harvest Gewurtztraminner and the Moscato.  Yup, we both favor sweet wine.  Laura said that she learned that the stones of the castle were actually brought in from Italy.  She got to see the peacock with his feathers out.  Cool.  She wants to go to Hong Kong.  Cindy told him that she rally likes the Sam Cooke song.  He told her that he had to sing 3 songs for the audition, which included "Tonight" and "Just My Imagination".  He was very complimentary about what Scott does for their arrangements.  He wanted to go somewhere that there was a forest, so someone suggested Muir Woods.

If El saw this, would he say, "F the Shrimp!"?
Cindy likes Scott's shrimp shirt.  I asked about his kids, and he said that he's proud of Jesse as we talked about his videos on YouTube, and said that Natalie is really girly, dressing up her dog.  KP told him that he can sing for free at St. Joseph's if he wants to come to CA.  We should control his tour schedule.  He agreed.  Maybe.  KP had a moment where she felt like she was hearing him for the first time.  "I love that sound.  It was during chocolate."  Scott said, "Yeah, I think I'm meant to sing that."  Oh, and the curtsy in "Bang" was, of course, his idea.  Aw, Tinkerbell, we love you!  

Fred & Sher have their souls stolen
Fred's knee is recovering nicely.  He talked about airline miles due to acquiring Platinum status with Delta.  When I asked to take a picture of him, I told him that I would steal his soul.  KP complimented the light guy on "Thunderball".  Fred said that Tim couldn't come due to flight issues.

Sher & Stage Batman
JT noticed Jenn's fur and diamonds and was so impressed that he petted the fur and said, "Nice Kitty".  Also, he smelled it. Then he fist-bumped Jenn.  He told KP that she was really enjoying herself during the concert.  He could tell because she was well-lit.  He controls the video from his utility belt.  He's like Stage Batman!  We told him about the menu at CIA, and he said that Fred doesn't eat good food.  They had In-N-Out yesterday, which he loves, and is ready for more today.  When I told him that Aura said hi, he said that he wished she could have been there.  KP told him about "Once On This Island" and he asked, "Is that about math?"  He was offended for KP that she is always stuck in the box office.  He wished us a safe drive back in a car full of cackling.

Sher & The Movie Star
I told John that he looked like a movie star because of his glasses.  He actually made an effort to drink wine, which he didn't on the cruise.  But he's in Napa.  Got to do it, man.  He asked KP how to get to Sequoia.  He doesn't realize that KP does not drive all the way up here.  While I was waiting for Scott to stop talking in order to take a picture, he told me to just grab him.  OK, but grab him where?  No, I didn't ask John that.

He sang my name!!!
When I got to George's spot at the signing table, I sang to him loudly, "You sang my name!  You want my number!" and thanked him profusely.  While we were talking later on, he kept singing to me, "I said your name!"  Pure Awesomesauce.   Geo said that the next time he sees us, he'll be a married man.  He also told Jenn to "stop blowing up my phone!"  (She kept tagging him on FB).  He said that he's blind as a bat, and needs contacts already, and will be getting transition lenses.  We talked about getting older, and he said that it is not fun.  Then he and I had a long chat about his role with Penguin Entertainment.  He sees himself as an extremely tough director, and expects the most out of his performers.  He pretended to fire me, saying, "Enjoy it, because you're never going to work for me again."  (He scared me).  He doesn't like people to get swelled heads, because they need to remember why they're there.  He's giving opportunities to them that they don't even know about.  Penguin Ent gave him a watch for Christmas, and wishes for the next time that it be a gold Rolex. You got to treat Geo right, PE! He also told me about some caucasian woman at MLK Day where they did a Motown concert, and he played Barry White, and she was rocking out.  I want to see Geo play Barry White!     I asked him about his gig reciting the Pledge of Allegiance for President Obama's appearance at WDW.  He said that when he was asked to do the pledge, he heard what time he'd need to appear, and said no.  Then they told him that it was for Obama, and he said, "OK!"  On that day, he was too nervous to look at anybody.  He walked up, said the pledge and left the stage, so he didn't actually meet the President.  Well, that was a lovely conversation with George.  I feel honored that he felt comfortable to talk to me for so long like that.

After we said our goodbyes to the Pella, we went to In-N-Out at the drive-thru. As always, I was on a major Rockapella high, and told the In-N-Out guy about the concert, and that I hadn't had a drink in at least 12 hours.  I don't know why my friends thought that wasn't impressive.  I mean, I'm in Napa, I'm happy, and I'm NOT drunk?  What's that about?  The guy was amused, though, I think, and I told him to ask the people in the car behind me about the concert.  (No, not strangers.  The other part of the Posse).  We took our food to KP's room (except for Jenn, whom wasn't feeling well), and debriefed as we enjoyed our burgers.  
Cindy, Sher & Bananaman in hotel courtyard

Waffle Time!
The next day, we enjoyed our last waffles of the trip, and took some pictures around our little hotel before leaving.  While the others went back to St. Helena to do the stuff they had missed while in food comas, Cindy and I shopped at Historic Napa Mill, and I bought crystal-like earrings that look like a bunch of grapes.  You know what else they have over there?  La Pelle Skin Spa.  PELLE!  I need to check that place out sometime.  

Bananaman & The Bear
We all met up at Black Bear Diner, where I took many pictures of Bananaman with the wooden bears.  Wendy had kindly bought the lavender sugar scrub for me at St. Helena Olive Oil Company's bath shop.  Thanks, Wendy!

 Then we made our way back to SMF to see Spider Bunny before taking our flights home.

Does whatever a SpiderBunny does

What a great weekend that was!  Thank you, PellaPosse, for the wonderful time!  Thank you, Rockapella for all of the musical and personal goodness.  I'm in serious withdrawal as I write this, so look for a couple of extra Rockapella-related things on this blog until I get to write another Rockapella Trip report.  

The Pella Posse at the Facts of Life house