Saturday, September 29, 2012

Traveling on the 13th: Yikes!

Rockapella in Boston
Day 1
Thursday, September 13, 2012

Finally!  A trip to see Rockapella in concert.  It's been far too long since I've seen them.  When they announced that they were going to perform a new show entitled "Motown and More", which included something by Stevie Wonder, I got on my phone and sent a text message to Liz straight away and bought us tickets.  Liz and I have been waiting for this for about 10 years now, and I needed her to be beside me when it happened.  Despite her busy schedule, Liz said yes, and we made plans to go to Boston. Just don't tell my (late) grandfather that I rode on a plane on the 13th of the month.  He didn't even want to go outside on those days, much less leave the house.  Ah, but it's for Pella, Papa!

I had already packed the evening before so that I could go get my nails done in the morning.  I had the gelish manicure done at my new go-to place, Peridot Nails and Spa.  (I would have a link to that place on here, but it seems that the link isn't safe to use right now).  The first time I was there, it was to celebrate Lo's birthday, so they gave her complimentary champagne.  I was driving, so I had water.  They didn't offer any of that this time, but it was a weekday and that particular manager wasn't there.  Not that I could handle champagne anyway at that moment.  This time, I got a nice ruby red that had some sparkle to it, but not too much.  Henry did a beautiful job.  I just wanted something that would last me until the event on the weekend after Pella, and it still looks good if you can get past the fact that my nails grow really fast, so the nail bed portion is growing out now.  Anyway, I really like it.  

Then I went to my ophthalmologist's office to finally pick up my prescription reading glasses that I had ordered months ago.  I tried to visit Dr. Mo while I was there, but she wasn't available at the moment.  It's just as well, since I needed to get some food in my tummy before the journey. So I had brunch at Nano Cafe and it was enjoyable.  I love their chicken and spinach scramble.  I had enough left over to make a sandwich for later, which ended up being a genius idea.

I made it to LAX with plenty of time to spare, which was good because their security lines are always long.  Liz was already there with Jordan, because she had an earlier flight to catch to get back to her college home.  Despite our B-level boarding passes, we were still able to sit together, which was nice.  For some reason, one of the SWA flight attendants was grumpy, so we giggled at her impatience during the flight to Chicago Midway.  Liz and I caught up on our recent trips without each other.  

When we touched down at Midway, we were early for our gate, and had to wait until the other plane pushed back.  Well, that plane pushed back late, so Liz and I ended up having very little time to get to our connecting flight.  We all had to get to a bathroom, and pretty much all headed there before getting to our respective gates.  All except for the one chick who decided to go to the bathroom while we were still on the tarmac, therefore delaying our plane even further because the captain didn't want to move the plane without everyone seated.  Sigh.  They finally decided to just resume taxiing, and Liz and I laughed when I suggested that the captain probably wanted to jerk the plane forward just to piss off whomever was in the lavatory, but despite the grumpiness, they were complete professionals and didn't do so.  After our very quick restroom stop, we jogged over to the other gate for our connecting flight.  It was NOT close by, but at least it was in the same terminal wing.  We still somehow got seats together in the back of the plane, because there were people who boarded later than us.  I was glad to have my leftover sandwich, because I really needed protein at that moment.  Thank goodness the flight attendants were not grumpy.  As I sat and thought about that experience, I wondered if our luggage made it onto the plane.  I didn't voice my concern to Liz, though, because I didn't want to worry her needlessly.

Due to the late departure of our plane, we arrived late to Logan Airport as well.  Luckily, I had called our hotel in the afternoon to advise that we would have a late check-in, because I didn't want to have any problems with our hotel (I had booked through  Well, my other worries ended up having some basis, as Liz's bag never got onto the carousel.  Mine came off almost last, and when the carousel stopped, we groaned with displeasure.  Liz reported the missing bag, and I reminded her to ask for an emergency toiletry kit from the airline.  Good thing she did, because that was the last one there.  They must lose luggage a lot, Liz said to me.  Poor Liz.  There she was, all worried that in her hasty packing, had not brought any pants, and now we had to worry about her entire weekend wardrobe.  They told her to call them at 1:00 p.m. if she hadn't heard from them yet, and the first flight from Midway would be in the morning, so they would check that flight.  Which makes me wonder why the heck we have bar codes on our luggage tags.  Shouldn't you be able to scan our receipt and find out where the heck the bag last got scanned?  At least the toiletry bag was nice: it had plenty of amenities, and had a hanger on it, and it was black and had pockets.  

So then we had to deal with transportation.  I only knew that the hotel didn't have a shuttle to the airport, but had not done any other research because I was being hella lame in the planning of this trip.  I found the taxi pickup area, but wasn't sure if I should get the one that arrived, because I hadn't actually called one.  But that was the only one there, and he wasn't picking up anyone else, so he brought us to the beautiful Hyatt Regency in Cambridge.

The desk clerk was a little sleepy and didn't understand me at first when I asked for two beds instead of one king bed.  But then he woke up and got us a room with a view of the St. Charles river.  Even in the dark, it was lovely, because there were plenty of lights from across the way.  I'm going to love waking up here in the morning!

Up next:  Pella Day!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mine! Mine! Mine!

Last week, I met up with Linda at the AMC at Westfield Santa Anita to watch the TCM Event Series showing of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds", presented by Fathom Events.  Thanks to technology, I actually made it there in time, because Linda had sent me a text message saying she was there early.  I had just arrived at home and was about ready to cook dinner, having completely forgotten about our tickets.  So off I went, and on the way, saw that they were still filming at the parking lot of the Santa Anita race track (they're filming "The Lone Ranger" there).  Cue Sherry daydreaming about Johnny Depp.

Anyway, while we were sitting on a bench in the theater lobby, a woman walked by with a stuffed bird on her shoulder.  Funny and creepy at the same time.  I've seen "The Birds" many times on my TV.  Anyone that knows what has happened around my house lately with the fauna probably wonders how I'm brave enough to watch this movie at present.  But I do like this movie a lot, so there you go.

  • Before the film itself, Robert Osborne had clips of interviews with Tippi Hedrien, Suzanne Pleshette and Rod Taylor.  I was digging Tippi's cool birds broach, then she mentioned that Hitchcock gave it to her when he told her she'd be starring in this movie.
  • I like seeing all of the Bodega Bay scenes, remembering when I went there on the Girls Trip to Napa.
  • The restoration of the film is beautiful.  I wish I had money for the Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection on Blu-Ray.
  • Do you know that in the attic scene, prop guys were actually throwing real gulls at Tippi?  She was not warned that this would happen.  Yikes!  I watched that scene and cringed.  She was really shaken up after that, as most people would be.
  • When Melanie (Tippi's character) was playing her joke on Mitch, I felt like her antics were pretty much like a stalker.  So I called her Stalker for the rest of the movie.  Linda agreed and did the same thing.
  • That shot of the first bird attacking Melanie was done in one take.
  • There were several moments where I was really tense, but didn't realize it until the scene would be over, and I had to shake out my hands from all of the clenching.
  • All of the seagulls made me think of the gulls in "Finding Nemo" (see title of post).
  • Dude, that woman would have thought that I was evil too, what with the hawks hanging out at my house.
  • You know what's REALLY creepy about this movie?  NO MUSICAL SCORE.  Just silence.  And birds tweeting.
  • So, really now.  WHY the heck were all of the birds attacking the people?!?!  Eerie.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Couch Couple

Last night, Linda and I watched "Hope Springs", starring Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell.  The other movies opening this weekend didn't look as appealing to both of us.  As usual, when we have time before a movie starts at the theater we frequent, we also browse around the toy store next door, The Dollmakers' Kattywompus.  I like the store because it has all kinds of different things that are not always found in the big chain toy stores.  We met their new dog, Tutti Frutti, and I bought a couple of items for gifts.  I refrained from getting myself a hippo, though.  Anyway, on to the thought bullets!

  • First shot of the movie is of Meryl Streep getting pretty for her husband.  Too bad her husband is not in the mood.  It was heartbreaking to see her get rejected.
  • Oh, Tommy Lee Jones.  You're so good at not showing emotion, and then showing it,and then hiding it.
  • But he must love her, or he wouldn't have gone to Maine to try to make her happy, right?  Sweet.  
  • Steve Carell is not funny in this movie.  This is not an accident.  Yet I still love him, partly because he's so very good at acting in scenes with uncomfortable situations.
  • Oh, and how uncomfortable were those therapy sessions were?  Quite uncomfy.  Especially the parts where they were asked to talk about their sex life.
  • Great way of showing the different phases of the intimacy by the juxtaposition of Kay and Arnold on the therapy couch.
  • At many times during the therapy sessions, I looked at the movie from a therapist's point of view.  So this is what I would have been doing had I not gone a different way in life.  It would have been difficult to deal with a client like Arnold, but I hope that I would have handled it as well as Dr. Bernie.
  • During the scene in the grocery store, Kay picks up a tube of cookie dough.  S: "Girl, that's too big!"  
  • I had a weird Men in Black moment when Arnold said Kay's name.  Isn't that HIS name?  
  • That nose that they broke looked like a model of Carell's nose.
Sweet movie.  I hope that when I get lucky enough to be married that long, my husband (whomever he is) and I don't have these problems.  But if we do, I hope that we find a therapist like Dr. Bernie.  

DLR LotD 09/02/12

Disneyland Resort
Line of the Day

Sunday, September 2, 2012

"No Daisy." -- Sherry, looking at a scene from "Bambi", during World of Color

Saturday, September 1, 2012

DLR LotD 08/30/12

Disneyland Resort
Line of the Day

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Special Robert Craig Winery Catal Wine Dinner Edition!

"Pan con Tmate" air bread, Manchego cheese espuma, Jamon Iberico de Bellota
2008 Mont-Marcal Vinicola, Brut Reserva, Cava

"I'm melting!" -- Jenn, on the terrace

Hokkaido Scallop Crudo
Raw Hokkaido scallop, aji amarillo emulsion, cancha corn, cucumber sorbet, micro cilantro
2010 Robert Craig Durell Vineyard Chardonnay, Sonoma Valley  

"That's dangerous.  I didn't even see that being poured." -- Table Mate Barbara

Liberty Farms Duck Breast
Roasted duck breast, mountain huckleberries, pumpernickel crumble, mache
2010 Robert Craig Mt. George Cuvee, Napa Valley

"Which one is full?" -- Jenn, looking at all of the glasses in front of her

Suckling Pig Confit
Soft white polenta, market cherries, cacao nibs, wild arugula, smoked pork jus
2008 Robert Craig Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

"Eat your pig." -- Valerie, to Sher

Prime Hanger Steak
Coffee dusted hanger steak, pommes puree, market vegetables, smoked oxtail relish
2008 Robert Craig Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

"Oh, no." -- Jenn and Sher, simultaneously, as the 5th bottle of wine was being poured into Sher's glass

Bonus Tasting
2009 Robert Craig Affinity Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

"Prepare to want more and be disappointed." -- Sales Rep Adam, who was not wrong

Arroz con leche
Rice pudding, market fruit raw and roasted, micro tangerine lace
2008 Alvear, Pedro Ximenez de Anada, Mantilla Moriles D.O.

"You're as cute as she says you are." -- Jenn, to Chef Webber

It was all quite wonderful, and we were quite tipsy.  My favorite dish was the scallops, and favorite wine was the Mt. Veeder Cab.  Thanks to Jenn for getting us a room within walking distance!