Friday, November 29, 2019

Be The Rabbit

Last Friday, I reserved a ticket to see "Jojo Rabbit", but then I got stuck in traffic and realized that I would barely make it to the movie, even with 20 minutes of trailers.  So I canceled my reservation and went to Disneyland instead.  I did get to see the movie on Sunday, though.

  • Waititi is freaking hilarious as imaginary Hitler.
  • I loved the whole cast, actually.  The kids were great, Johansson was lovely, and Rockwell got me giggling a lot.
  • "You know, in case we ever go to battle in a swimming pool."
  • "...not actual German sheperds."
  • "You should be climbing trees, and then falling out of those trees."
  • That whole scene with Rosie playing both Jojo's dad and mom was very sweet.
  • "I am just going to chew on these grapes."
  • "It's definitely not a good time to be a Nazi."
  • "I am going home to my mother.  I need a cuddle."
  • "Is it dangerous out there?"  "Extremely."
  • "Are you a teardrop specialist?"
  • "I for one am cursed to look incredibly attractive."
  • "Now she has TWO knives!"
I absolutely LOVED this movie.  I will probably see it many times when it is available on TV.

A Different Kind of Batmobile

I saw "Ford vs. Ferrari" because I was in the mood for some Christian Bale goodness.  Also, because cars are cool, man.

  • I didn't know that Le Mans was 24 hours long.  Probably because I always thought it was just called "Le Mans".
  • Loved Miles' reaction when he saw the Mustang.
  • That brawl between Miles and Shelby was classic, especially with Mollie just getting a chair to sit down and watch from across the street.  "Do we need anything from the market?"
  • Just replace the brake assembly!  Genius!
  • That bit with the lug nuts was funny.  
  • Why don't Americans have nice stopwatches like the Italians do?  Do they have better regular watches, too?
  • Wait. So that's Bruce McLaren of the McLaren auto company?  Neato!
  • James Bond doesn't drive a Ford, but Batman does!
  • "That's because he's a degenerate."
  • "It's high risk....Extremely high risk."
  • I liked the chemistry between Bale and Damon.  
  • "Out there is the perfect lap."
I really enjoyed this movie, and I'm glad I saw all of that race action in the theater.  I think someone needs to give a GT40 to Christian Bale.  In black, of course.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

DLR LotD 11/11/19

Disneyland Resort 
Line of the Day

Monday, November 11, 2019

"I'll have the substandard Sticky Toffee Pudding." -- Sherry, to Devon, at Catal

Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Clown Prince of Crime

There's been a lot going on around here, but I finally got a chance to see "Joker", about which I was kind of apprehensive at first.  Opening night happened, though, and I found myself wishing I was in one of the movie theaters to see the film.

  • One of the reasons I was apprehensive is because sometimes Joaquin Phoenix is a little too "extra" for me.  I'm glad that I got over that, though, because his performance was incredible.
  • See, clowns ARE creepy!  Clown masks are creepy!  Or is it just clowns / clown masks with green hair?
  • Also, the song "Smile" by Charlie Chaplin: I have never wanted to actually smile when I hear that song, it's so melancholy, and, many times, creepy.
  • Clowns can also be delusional.  For a moment, I wondered if Sophie was going to become Harley Quinn because of her friendship with Arthur.
  • Interesting take on his laugh being an involuntary neurological response, like Tourette's Syndrome.
  • Poor little guy, having to see one of his friends brutally kill the other one, then he couldn't reach the lock!  I worried about him. 
  • Whoa.  He met Bruce before he became an orphan?  Arthur was an orphan, too?  Fascinating.
  • Bruce sliding down the pole at the playground: I see what they did there.
  • Alfred!
  • I like that in this rendition, Arthur/Joker is not the one that they meet in they meet in the alley that night.
  • This is what happens when society doesn't take proper care of our mentally ill neighbors.  I'm surprised there aren't already a bunch of super villains in the world, walking around the streets in scary face paint.  But then we'd need a bunch of superheroes in cowls and capes.  Perhaps we should prepare for that.
This film was really well done.  I might not be able to watch it again because the mood is very dark, but I did like it a lot.  I will be very surprised if Joaquin Phoenix does not get an Oscar nod.

DLR LotD 10/26/19

Disneyland Resort
Line of the Day

Saturday, October 26, 2019

"May I take your plate?" -- Server, to Cindy, WAY too soon, at Cafe Orleans

Swinging Wake Cake
(That's Cindy's not-empty plate in the background)

Journey To The Past

Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Pantages Theatre
Hollywood, CA

I was happy to see that Goldstar was selling tickets to "Anastasia" at the Pantages, because I wanted to see it but didn't want to spend a lot of money.  Bro happily met up with me while I was eating at The Pie Hole before walking to the theatre for the show.

Trick or Treat Pie
Yes, those are potato chip crumbs!

I bought a tiara as my souvenir, because, well, Princess!  Our seats were upstairs on the left aisle of the center section.  Nice view!  The curtain had images of snowflakes falling.  Bro thought maybe it might snow in the theater later, like at Disneyland.

  • I hadn't seen the movie in a long time, but I did notice a bunch of differences in the play, most notably the absence of Rasputin and his bat friend.  I missed them!  The antagonist, instead, was a Bolshevik General named Gleb.
  • Great job by little Anastasia, Delilah Rose Pellow! 
  • Interesting way of showing what happened the night of the fire.
  • How can Anya possibly doubt that she is Anastasia if she is having all of those flashbacks?  I mean, I know she was young when it happened, but how else could she explain all of those memories in the palace?
  • What I remember from the movie is that Anya had the key that opened the music box, and not a memory of the method to open the music box.  They couldn't give her a necklace to make it more visual?
  • I'm glad that they kept one of my favorite lines "And I recall his yellow cat!"  "I don't believe we taught her that." 
  • I liked the set of them traveling on the train.
  • Vlad and Lily were hilarious together!  It was no surprise to me that portrayers Edward Staudemayer and Tari Kelly received the biggest applause of the supporting cast.
  • Beautiful dancing during "Swan Lake", and I like how it worked with "Quartet at the Ballet".  I need to see that ballet someday.
  • I did not enjoy the show as much as I like the movie, but I did like it.  I guess I just really missed my bat, Bartok.  Not because he's the greatest character, but because he's a bat.
  • I liked the songs that I knew more than the other ones, but you know, I'm a purist.  
  • "Once Upon A December" is still my favorite. I love that song.

Typical Sherry Selfie
Thanks for joining me, Bro!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Going Country in Cerritos

Home Free
Dive Bar Saints Tour
Thursday, September 19, 2019
Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts
Cerritos, CA

I drove down to Cerritos after work to meet up with Karla to see Home Free, my first time to see them live.  I arrived with enough time to drive around to get a bite to eat, and sat in my car at the parking lot.  KP saw me and came over to sit with me to chat while I finished eating. This was my first time at the venue and it is beautiful!  I agree with KP that Rockapella needs to perform here. They would love it.

We would purchase much closer seats, though.

I didn't know that my friend Gordon was in the audience that night until later when he saw this on my Facebook page.  APPARENTLY, he can see himself in this picture.  

Our seats were in the center section of the front row of the mezzanine.  I was too afraid of heights to look down for very long, but KP was happy to see we could view the soundboard.  There wasn't really a railing next to the steps, which is my explanation for someone palming my head as folks were being seated.  They didn't push down on my head, but it was almost like someone was about to massage my scalp for me, like one of those copper tingly things you find at the county fairs, or, of course, on Amazon.  Yes, it was weird.  No, I didn't know who did it.  Yes, I think I still have all of my brains and I don't think they were sucked out of me at the time, although I may have killed some of my brain cells with the Mystery Shot at Happy Hour the other night.

I don't remember the names of all of the songs, but I did buy a CD and a drink cozy because the name of the new album is "Dive Bar Saints", and that's me!  Except not in a Dive Bar.  Most of the songs they sang were from this album.  

  • My favorite band member ever since I first saw them on "The Sing-Off" is Tim, the bass.  Very bass-y.  I like that they know that he's popular and give a lot of the lead parts to him.
  • They had an Instagram contest, and whomever they chose would get to have a backstage pass after the show.  Neither one of us won.  You know who did?  A lady that sketched Tim when he made fun of her for taking so long to take their picture that she might as well have drawn it.
"Listen, 'Flip Phone'..."
  • The songs were Tim-heavy, and I would have liked to hear the other guys sing lead a little bit more.
  • Adam is an amazing vocal percussionist.  He gets to stand on top of the set table and solo for a really long time.  Guess that's because he's also the founding member of the group, but he also deserves the recognition.  He even danced when he did some "Billie Jean".  I mean, he's not the greatest dancer, but he did dance a little bit.  
The guys joining Adam at the end of his solo

  • They've got a lot of lighting cues going on, especially during Adam R's drum solo.  
  • They demonstrated some live "looping", which they learned from watching Ed Sheeran.  Pretty cool, and that's why they have that table on the stage,so that Adam R. could DJ the looping.
  • Tim does most of the talking, probably because he's the funniest, and probably also because people love listening to that awesome voice.
  • They sang "Elvira", and it made me very happy.  I love their version of that Oak Ridge Boys song.

  • Then later they sang John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads", and I fought back tears. I remembered at that moment how sad I was when JD was in the fatal plane accident.  What a great songwriter he was.  Their version is beautiful.
  • I wish they would have sung "Ring of Fire", and brought fellow Sing-Off performer Avi from Pentatonix on stage to sing it with them.  Well, maybe he wasn't there, but they were in his hometown, so he maybe could have made a guest appearance, right?  I wish for many things.
  • I think my favorite original from this album is "Love Me Like That", and Austin wrote it, which makes sense why it resonated so true: it came from his heart.
  • We got in line for the meet and greet, and KP talked to her Target Husband.  His wife is one of the "Home Fries", the moniker for HF's loyal fans, and was in line ahead of us.

Meet and Greet

  • They don't really give us much time to talk to the guys, but I did get to tell Adam R that he was incredible.  I also told Tim, "You're my favorite.  Don't tell the other guys."  To which he responded by yelling to the other guys, "I'M HER FAVORITE!!!!!"  (I did not tell Tim that part of the reason he's my favorite is that he's friends with JT of Rockapella.)
  • They didn't really gather round to take pictures with the fans.  I guess not everyone can be as personable and take time with their fans as Rockapella, and Home Free has got quite the whirlwind tour.
I had fun and would definitely go see them again!  Thank you, Karla!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Bye, Mitch

Rockapella in Newtown III
Edmond Town Hall
Saturday, September 14, 8:00 p.m.
Newtown, CT

Dodie and I had seats again in the front row, this time on the rhythm section side.  Weff had 2nd row seats on the other side of the aisle.

I like that at the end of the video montage, the 2nd "A" in Rockapella looks like the one from the Avengers.  The guys changed their shirts since the last show, so that's a good thing.  All fresh and clean!

Rock Around the Clock

Jailhouse Rock

Scott:  "We're going to do a show in Newtown every night for 3 months.  We're trying to sell tickets."  I guess I need to move to CT, then?

Scott, regarding JT's throat mics:  "That always surprises me; never fails to get me.  He's so funky, that man."

Dancing in the Moonlight
I never noticed before that Cal and Bryant play off each other during this song.

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

Mitch chose Laurie to help him out.
Laurie:  "I just think I'm the worst singer ever..  I lip sync in church."
Mitch:  "That's the one place where you can't be judged."  He started to quote the Bible, then said, "That's for another day."

When Mitch got back to the stage and the guys set up to place their stools in position, Scott announced: Mitch has decided to take a position as a music minister, and this is his last night singing full time with us."  Much sighing ensued from the fan base, including the Posse, but he also received nice applause for his choice.  


Yeah, we hate being right sometimes.  I sure am glad I bought that CD and had him sign it yesterday.

Moon River
Mitch complimented Calvin again, just between the two of them.  So cute.

Scott talked about Bryant's very full beard, and he just kept stroking it.

Scott talked about the records at his mom's house.   Mitch again gave him a quizzical look, to which Scott retorted, "You still haven't figured it out.  You're going to leave Rockapella not knowing what a record is.  All you do is shrug.  Google it."  Aw, Scott's gonna miss his young'un.

Paper Doll

Rock the Boat

Scott finally learned how to spell this with his fingers instead of using his entire body.

WAIT A MINUTE!  Mitch just pointed a time when he sang "Clowns to the Left".  What the heck, man?  He slapped Calvin on the back, and startled him.  Cal got him back, though, by taking Mitch's arm and entwining it with his so that he couldn't do any more than that.  They're so cute together.  Well, dangit, now I'm crying as I type this. 

Bryant decided to sing "dark chocolate" a lot of times.
When Scott gave the pitch to the theme from the Today Show, he said to himself and everyone else, "That's the wrong key."
During "Ringworm", Scott kept on fake screaming, and yelled out, "HELP!"  Silliness.

Scott:  "I was singing about coffee so tremendously, and I got this lightning bolt."  He jumped off of the stage, and got distracted by the drinks in the buckets for the front row.  He called the beer "Rub Light".   He told us a story about Natalie coming home one day and telling him that her teacher was drinking "Rub Light" at school.  He asked her, "Bud Light?" 
Natalie: "Yeah, Bud Light."
Scott:  "It was Red Bull.  I thought we were going to have a scandal about a hopped-up teacher."

Scott picked Marilyn to go on stage with him.  She lives in Upper West Side of NYC.  Scott does, too, but not in her area.  He said that she wanted to sing. She said no.

Stand By Me
Marilyn sang:  "I don't know what to sing."  It was hilarious.  She knew the tune but not the words, even though Scott tried to mouth them for her.  She sang "Baby, Baby" instead of "Darlin', Darlin'", and then she sang, "I still don't know what to sing."  So funny!  

Ain't Too Proud to Beg
Mitch put his leg on her knee.  She was fine with it.  She hit Scott on top of his head.  Bryant almost knocked her off of the stool.  Then she started to dance with them, and when Mitch moved his butt toward her, she said, "I don't do that," and tried to walk away, to go to the stairs off stage.  So, of course, Mitch followed her... butt first.  Ladies and gentlemen of Mitch's church:  this is your new music minister!  

After they finally allowed Marilyn to go back to her seat, Bryant said, "Marilyn, I wanna hang out with you!"


JT is so excited about the new CD that he dropped his mic pack.  When he fills out his taxes, he notes his occupation as "Sad Clown".

Vocal Percussion Jam
I love this segment.

Carmen SanDiego
I love seeing Scott look at the screen to watch the clips from the TV show.  They were such babies!!!


Rapper's Delight

Scott:  Would you like to hear another song?
Random audience member: "Free Bird!"  Ah, good times.

Up On The Roof / Wonderful World  (off mic)

Meet and Greet

Mitch told us that his ministry is at Elevation Church in Melbourne, FL, which isn't too far from his current home in Coco Beach.  I said, "Mitch, one last time", and showed him my camera.  He didn't even need to ask me what I was requesting.  

This video was supposed to be longer, and would have included me singing backup for him, but when he flipped it around for a video selfie, the camera must have switched off.  

Wendy asked him to sign his arm.  I don't know how she was going to avoid washing it for a while, but he sweetly obliged.

Too bad we didn't have any tattoo equipment on hand.

I told Mitch what I almost said to him the day before about the thing in his pants melting.  JT overheard and said, "I beg your pardon?!"  
Sherry:  "They were going to pay me cash to say that to you, but I didn't get a chance to do so."
Mitch: "Well, I'm glad you didn't.  And now I think I wish you hadn't told me."
Sherry:  "I had to confess to you, though!  Because now you have your new job!"
Mitch: "You really didn't have to."

Mitch said that he also left his Monster Jam job, which made the Rockapella guys feel better because he was putting his whole heart into his new role, and he didn't choose Monster Jam over Pella.  

Bryant said that his beard was cut 3 inches from the side of his face recently, and said that the beard says evil things, like when BV calls Mitch an asshole (for leaving them).

Sherry, Bryant, and his evil beard

Scott wants to come to California, but they're not getting the gigs.  We need to get to work on our campaigning, PellaPosse!  Dodie told him that we made her go to a forest after watching "The Forest".  Scott said that those Japanese movies can be scary, and he told Dodie how much he loved living in Japan and learned the language.  Dodie needs to listen to the "Live In Japan" CD so that she can hear Scott speak fluent Japanese. It's really cool.

Sher and Scott Selfie!

Calvin said about Mitch: "Good riddance.  Nobody's going to pee on my leg anymore."  He said he got Mitch good when Mitch slapped him on the back tonight.

I miss his mischief already.

JT is going on his second year living in Colorado, and is deciding if he wants to stay.  I think he should move to Los Angeles, but I didn't tell him because I'm shy.  (Shut up!)

He didn't want to be too close to the camera for this picture,
or I would have mad sure our faces were closer together.
Yes, I'm shy.

MJ wanted to get a picture with the West Coast Posse before everyone dispersed.

We also got one of the diehards with the Pella.

After giving lots of hugs to Mitch and the guys, we went back to the hotel.  We relaxed and had some tea before going upstairs and saying good night.

The next day, we had some time to spare between checkout time and airport time, so we drove around in our quest to find the Turtle XING sign.  We ended up at the same park we had been to in the rain the day before, but this time we were able to walk around.

I went through a gate to see if I could walk to the sign, but there was no sidewalk or pathway, so we had to drive around to get to where we needed.

Totally Worth It

Then I put the wrong airport into the Waze search.  Luckily, JeffEvs realized my error before we went too far out of the way, and we got to the airport with plenty of time to explore and eat lunch.

We didn't have to wait at Midway as long as we had the other day, thank goodness.  Our flights this time went much more smoothly, and we made it home safely.

I'm going to miss Mitch's energy, his smile, and his singing of "Sherry" to me every time he saw me.  I wish his successor the best, but I do hope he can sub whenever they need him.  Yes, I hope this for all of the former Rockapella guys.  :)   I hope to keep in touch with him because I have something to send him, and because he said I was Family.

Hi, Dodie!

Love you, Mitch.  Come back to California some time, and the Posse will show you a good time!  Hey, we have a Palladium for you if you'd like to sing worship songs for us.  :)


Newtown 2: The Forest Bugaloo

Rockapella in Newtown II
Edmond Town Hall
Saturday, September 14, 2019
Newtown, CT

Dodie went downstairs ahead of me for breakfast because I woke up late and still wanted to take a shower.  They didn't have waffles this morning, which was disappointing for Wendy because she was looking forward to having one.  I did like the pressed juice that they offered, as well as the yummy smoothies.  I like that they have a nice variety, and that they offer healthy choices.

After breakfast, we lounged for a while, and I saw that a movie was starting on HBO called "The Forest".  I started watching it, not realizing until later that it was a horror film.  Uh oh.  Weff knocked on the door just as the main character had fallen into a hole and was being approached by a school girl in a Sailor Moon-type uniform, and when she looked up, she had Zombie Face.  Creepy!  Dodie was happy to get out of there, even though we both had gotten sucked into the movie.  I do want to watch it later to see what happens, and Dodie just wants to know what happens, but not actually watch it.  I will be watching it in the day time, and away from trees.

Dodie had mentioned that on a different trip, she went to a knitting store with a friend.  She found one (near the Target!), and we all decided to go with her to A Stitch In Time.  I wanted to find stuff for cross stitching, but they didn't have any of that because they're knitting snobs or whatever.  Just kidding.  Dodie offered to make something if any of us wanted anything, and I found this cute hat.

It's even named after one of the local towns!  I paid for the materials, and Dodie is excited to have a new project.  It's a win-win!

We then wanted to do some exploring, and Wendy found a park/hiking area called  Overlook Park.  She tried to shush me when I saw all of the trees and announced "FOREST!"  Dodie was worried that we would ignore a "Do Not Enter" sign, as they did in "The Forest", but there weren't any.   Yes, we voluntarily walked into a wooded area after being scared by a movie about getting lost in a forest.  I tried to calm down Dodie by reminding her that the movie was set in Japan, and the warning in the movie was to avoid the forest at night, and it was still daytime for us. 

 I worried about ticks and insects and thought of Chunk in "The Goonies":  "I hate nature!" whenever a bug went by me.  (I've got some insect bite issues at the moment).  Along the path, we found a picnic table, and this thing.

My Google Lens app said that it was a Tussock moth caterpillar back when we first saw it, but I've done more searching, and it appears that it was a caterpillar of the American Dagger moth.  I'm sure glad we didn't touch it because it may or may not have been poisonous, and cause a rash, and I already told you that I've got insect bite issues.  So...YIKES.  

We saw red "X"s on some of the trees, and JeffEvs said that they mark the path of the trail.  I don't know, it was creepy, and it didn't help that at the beginning of our hike, JeffEvs said that the hotel in "The Shining" was called "The Overlook Hotel".  GREAT.  He couldn't wait until after we were safely in our car before telling us that?!

Also, Alien Elves built a Stonehenge here

We tried to see if we could find the cool "Turtle Crossing" sign that we had seen while traveling to the venue the previous day, but didn't have any luck.  Instead, we decided to eat at a Thai restaurant called "Thai Delight", based on Yelp reviews.

The server was very nice, and the food was beautiful and delicious!  I enjoyed my not-spicy Drunken Chicken dish.

Dodie learned how to make carrot flowers
because of this prettiness.

By this time, it had started to rain, so we were glad to be indoors and watching some car with lots of smoke careening into the parking lot to get to the auto shop next door.  We then went back to the hotel to get ready for the first show of the day.

When we arrived at the venue, we were again in one of the only cars in the parking lot.  We were early and didn't feel the need to go inside, so we sat in the car for a bit.  We watched other cars arrive, and not quite park next to us.  Instead, they would move up to the space in front of them.  We also had a space in front of us, but JeffEvs refused to move up to that space.  We laughed as each car that arrived would do the same thing as the others, and JeffEvs refused to budge.  Ya gotta love a guy with principles.  

My view from the back seat.
Notice there is no car immediately in front of us.

As one of the cars arrived, we thought the people getting out were MJ and Ross.  Then we were sure it was them because Rockapella also arrived (yes, we were there before them!), and they saw the guy that looked like Ross and waved him over to say hi.  Yup, it's Ross!  I was really happy to see MJ because she had just recently had a health scare, and I was glad she was well enough to be there because I hadn't seen her in what seemed like forever.  If you are new to my blog, you probably don't know that MJ and Ross were a couple of the first people with whom I made friends while waiting in line for a Rockapella concert.  We go WAY back in the Wayback Machine.  

Our seats were in the front row, with Weff being on the opposite side of the aisle from Dodie and me.  Hmmm...this time there was no announcement forbidding photography or video.  Someone was taking a lot of photos throughout the show.  Dodie pointed her out and I said that she was probably an official photographer because hello, she was going on to the steps of the stage and nobody stopped her.

Front Row Smiles

Rock Around The Clock

Scott: "Welcome to the afternoon show of Rockapella!"

Jailhouse Rock
Mitch smiled at me as they sang "Sure would be delighted if you'd come with me..."  HI, MITCH!!!

Scott talked about hanging out in Danbury, and how old the area is.  "There be witches and everything!"

He asked, "Who has seen Rockapella before?"  "Who saw Rockapella last night?"  "Who will be seeing Rockapella later today?"  Of course, the diehards cheered every time, prompting one of the guys to say that it all sounded redundant.

Dancing in the Moonlight
I love that when I see a bit of the choreography in their opening video, I know that it's from this song.  Also, I kind of sort of do it with them. A little.

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
He's a bad mamma jamma.  

Scott hopped back to the tenors for some reason, which made them laugh.  Mitch copied him.  Connie was chosen to sing along with "Another Saturday Night".

Moon River
Scott talked about the other vocal groups Bryant has been in, and said, "We have changed our name to Vocapella".  Cal said that Scott is a musical genius, to which Scott kiddingly responded in a fangirl voice, "That guy's wonderful.  I LOVE him!"

When Scott heard someone react upon hearing Tommy Dorsey's name, he said, "The ghost of Tommy is here from 1300."

Paper Doll
Scott and Mitch slap their (own) thighs before the fast part starts.

Rock the Boat
I love how Cal intently watches Scott to learn the Love Slide.

An audience member responded to Scott's line of shamelessly promoting themselves for the corporate buck by loudly saying, "Say it ain't so."  Scott: "Sorry it's true."  That person tried to go on, but Scott stopped them by saying, "OK that moment has passed."  Don't interrupt the flow of the show, people.  Only the guys are allowed to do that.

During the first Almond Joy commercial, I kept giggling at Mitch's facial expressions, especially his eyebrows.

Almond Joy 3: Bryant raised his eyebrows at the tenors.

Preparation H:  Mitch started by saying, "Sorry, Wendy."
Wendy:  "You gotta do it."

Scott felt the need to get off the stage and announced, "I don't need stairs because I'm in ... (jumps down)...incredible shape."  I'm surprised he didn't land with his fist on the ground like a superhero.  Hmmm..maybe Steve took his cape.

Scott talked to Allison and asked what kind of coffee she likes.
Allison: "Anything."
Scott: "You had the perfect chance to back us up."

Stand By Me
Sing it, Allison!!!

Ain't Too Proud to Beg
When Bryant lost his mind, Mitch pointed at him and said, "You!  You're ruining the show!" as he chased him away.
Great job, Allison!

Mitch cracked up Cal, and it reminded me of the old days with Kevin and Elliott giggling at each other during shows.

During tax season, Jeff writes as his occupation "Pretty much unemployed".

Vocal Percussion Jam

Carmen SanDiego
Scott gave a very long pitch for Bryant.  I wonder if they were having some issues hearing each other at that moment.

Rapper's Delight
I need a recording of this song.

Up On The Roof / Wonderful World (off mic)

We didn't really talk to the guys at the meet and greet because we knew they needed rest before the next show. Scott didn't even attend, so he was probably hungry and reserving his energy.  Instead, I took a picture with Ross and MJ.

We walked a couple of blocks in the rain to get something to eat at Dere Street Steak, which, APPARENTLY, has transitioned to "Cloud 9" since we were there.  They had good drinks, but took a while to get us our food, so we took it to go and ate it as we walked back to the venue.  I'm glad I had ordered finger food.  My bacon wrapped dates were delish!  Too bad they're no longer on the current restaurant menu.

I'm glad it only sprinkled a little bit on our way back to the venue, because we were too busy chowing down our food to hold umbrellas.

Next up:  Newtown Show #3

Sunday, September 29, 2019

You're From California!

Rockapella in Newtown I
Edmond Town Hall
Newtown, CT
Friday, September 13, 2019

Our trip started early Thursday morning.  Weff and I met at the Ontario for a 7:00 a.m. flight, and we were able to sit in the emergency row, so we got comfy for our flight.  The WiFi wasn't working, which JeffEvs said happens a lot on these new planes for some reason.  The flight attendant took our drink orders, and asked us all to please stay out of the aisles and wait to use the lavatories until after the drinks had been served.  A short while later, we heard an announcement, asking if any doctors or EMTs were on board so that they could assist at the front of the plane.  Hmmm....  Then about 20 minutes later,  another announcement came,  this time asking for a nurse or medical personnel that could assist in the back of the plane.  We wondered if the two announcements were related.  Luckily, there was a nurse on board that was available to help.  I think there was also a doctor on board that helped out the person in front, but I'm not sure.  Since our flight attendant was busy with the emergency, another one came back to take our drink orders and we ordered again.  She was able to serve about a tray of drinks before we felt the plane start to descend.  Then the flight attendants informed us that they needed to collect the trash and drinks because we were going to land.  The pilot announced that we would be landing in Amarillo to deal with the medical issues on the plane.  We landed pretty quickly, and when they opened the cabin doors, a lot of us felt our ears pop due to the rapid change in pressure.  Ow.  They got the people off of the plane (at least one of them; they might have just changed the oxygen tank for the other one, but I'm not sure).  We saw two fire engines outside at the other gate.

The pilot let us know that they were not sure if the issues were neurological or cardiovascular in nature, so he decided to land, and asked if he could land in nearby Amarillo.  They allowed it but we came in quick because our load was heavy (JeffEvs said it was from the extra fuel that we had not yet burned off), so maintenance needed to take a look at everything before we were allowed to take off again.  JeffEvs saw that our ETA at Midway had changed from a little bit after 12:00 to 2:45, which would be after our connecting flight.  When we took off, the 3 of us were prepared to order alcohol because it was now afternoon.  The flight attendant never asked us to pay, so we made a toast to our free drinks.  I had a Rum Rita and it was strong, but the ice eventually watered it down enough for me to finish it.

When we landed in Chicago, we were told that our new connecting flight would be at 9:10 p.m.  So we had 6.5 hours to make arrangements with our hotel for our late arrivals, alert the rental car place of our delayed flight, eat, walk around, shop, and check out the dedication to the airport's namesake, the Battle of Midway.

One of the displays

B3 Dive Bomber found in Lake Michigan

Tribute Statue

Wing of B3 Dive Bomber

Dodie had taken a separate flight, so I gave her regular updates on our whereabouts and told her to go to bed, as I had arranged for her to check in to the hotel for us.  Then our 9:10 pm flight was delayed!!!  Oy vey.  It was about a 40-minute delay, and by this time, we were just exhausted.  Thank goodness for JeffEvs A-list status, we were all still able to sit together for all of our flights, so that we could go through the misery together.  We finally touched ground at 1:04 a.m., and JeffEvs called the car rental agency immediately to see if maybe they would still be open.  Nope.  So I called a Lyft once we picked up our bags.  We had to wait about 15 minutes since our driver was not in the area, but we were happy once we got in his car, and I talked to him to keep him from falling asleep.  He wasn't able to see the driveway to our hotel at first due to the darkness, but he was very nice to us, and had even offered to stop for fast food due to our crazy journey in case we were hungry.  We just wanted to get to the hotel.

By the time we arrived, it was a few minutes after 3:00 a.m.  The front desk clerk had just rebooted the computer for their daily updates, so we had to wait a little bit until the computer was ready, and made ourselves tea as we waited.  Our rooms are across the hall from each other, and we said good night.  Dodie was still awake, and insisted that I tell her what happened because she couldn't wait until the morning.  So I told her about our crazy travel day before drifting off to sleep in my travel clothes, because I didn't even want to deal with finding my pajamas.

The next morning, we woke up and went to breakfast downstairs.  I made myself a blueberry waffle, and Dodie made a Vanilla Malt one.  Weff eventually made it downstairs, and we made a game plan for the day.  

While we waited for Weff to finish getting ready, I saw that a movie had just started, and we watched "The Forest", which turned out to be a horror movie, and I was glad we were watching it while it was bright and sunny outside.  JeffEvs called Enterprise to rent a car, and we waited outside to be picked up.  While we were waiting, we saw a gentleman in a car, and another gentleman outside, waiting.  The guy outside answered his telephone, and who was calling him?  The guy in the car!  They laughed, we laughed, it was silly.  Then a guy in a jeep pulled up, and after a little while of seeing nobody get in his car, JeffEvs asked if he was waiting for him.  Yes.  So I guess people just drive up to the hotel and wait for the patrons to approach them?  If JeffEvs hadn't gone to the car, would the guy have called him on the phone?  

The guy drove us to the rental agency, and we picked out a car.  While we were waiting for it to be cleaned, Wendy saw an agent struggling with a customer, whom spoke Spanish as her first language.  Wendy's very good at Spanish, so she helped out.  I think we should have gotten a discount on our rental as payment for her interpreter services, but nobody offered.  

Dodie and I needed stuff at Target (surprise, surprise!), and then we got a late lunch at Puerto Vallarta, which was located across the street from our hotel, and had been recommended as a good "Spanish" place to eat chips and salsa and drink margaritas.  The chips were OK.  None of us had a margarita.  My crab enchiladas tasted funny, so I asked that they be replaced with a cheese enchilada.  The best part of my meal was the side of plantains that I ordered (with no sauce or cheese).  They were way yum.


Cool Sombrero Mobile over one of the tables

We then drove through residential areas (due to traffic) to find the venue, which made us a little wary because of the movie we had seen this morning because of all of the trees.  We eventually found the venue and checked out where to park.  

Connecticut Country


We returned to our hotel for some rest and got ready for our first show of the weekend.

When we arrived in the parking lot of the venue, there weren't many cars there.  We wondered if anyone knew that there was a show that night.  I thought, "We're back East.  I know there will be fans here, but where are they?"  We decided to just go into the venue and take pictures.

We're here!

Front of Venue

Those are our guys!

Edmond Town Hall is an old community center that houses a bunch of events, such as movies, stage shows, and all other kinds of stuff.  There are lots of levels in the building, and I went downstairs to use the restroom because the one on the main level was very small.  This was after I showed an usher my ticket.  She never took it from me, but instead explained that I had an amazing seat in the front row of the pit.  When I came back upstairs, my friends were still talking to each other.  I tried to buy a CD, but they didn't have change for my payment, so I decided to go after the show.  I did already have this CD, but I couldn't remember if the guys had signed it yet.  This isn't usually a concern because I eventually see them again, but a Facebook post on Mitch's timeline indicated that he might be leaving soon.  :(  So I wanted to make sure mine was signed properly.

I told Weff and Dodie that I was going to go back into the theatre, so they finally got in line to check in their tickets.  They really could have just come in with me since the tickets weren't even scanned, and we knew where our seats were located, but they still got in on time, so it didn't matter.  I wasn't sitting in the correct seat, though, because I couldn't read the numbers, so they had to kick me out of the seat.  The guy pointing out the seats to me inside the theatre advised me that the people in the pit got to have free drinks because we paid more.  Nice!  I took a bottle of water because I'm not a Bud Light person.  

Dodie had planned on taking some pictures to show her friend's kids, but the announcer advised that no photography or video was allowed.  Bummer.  We had such great seats that I was hoping to borrow some from Dodie or JeffEvs.  Oh, well. 

Dodie had not yet seen the comic book / Avengers introduction of the show, so she was pleasantly surprised.  

Rock Around the Clock
Scott still wears his paper heart from Napa!!  Totes Adorbs.  I told him later on that I noticed it.  He had forgotten where he got it, and then remembered when I reminded him.  Ah, Valentine's Night with the Pella.  Sigh.  Oh, back to the more recent past.

Jailhouse Rock

Scott said they were "happy to be in Newtown, but this is not a New Town is it?  It was incorporated in 1711 or something like that."

He asked how many people had seen Rockapella before.  He saw Tonya on house right and said to her, "you've seen us many, many times."  Then he looked at me, and I said, "HI!"  He said, "And you!  You're from California! For a $30 ticket."  I got applause, how nice, and Tonya shouted out my name.  I mean, I was with 3 other people from California, but it was nice to get the shout-out.  Also, the ticket cost more than $30, but I got free water, so who cares.  Or maybe the water was the extra stuff I paid for.

Scott talked about Jeff's vocal percussion sound, saying to him, "My goodness, you have a nuclear neck!"

Dancing in the Moonlight
I whispered to Dodie "Pella Butts" when Scott shook his toward the audience.

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
JT doesn't participate until right before the junkyard dogs start barking.  Mitch pretended to pee on Calvin's leg, then wiped down Calvin's pant leg.  Calvin's staring at him is priceless.

Scott started talking about Calvin's career, but got distracted by the buckets of drinks for the people in the front row.

Satisfaction / Cupid
Mitch chose Emma from the crowd, and she sang with a little bit of coaxing.  Scott posed for Wendy.  No, she wasn't taking pictures.

Moon River
 I love seeing Mitch praise Cal afterward about his melismas.  I don't know if he actually says "melismas", but I could tell that he was talking about it.

Scott started talking about their bass and forgot his name.  His name is BRYANT.  Scott talked about Bryant celebrating his first year of marriage by riding jet skis.  That was a really cool instagram picture.  Scott said that JT was so cute when he joined Rockapella at the age of 3.

When Scott mentioned the Mills Bros, JeffEvs gave a little "whoo!" and Scott pointed to him and said, "Jeff knows about the Mills Brothers."

Paper Doll
Calvin couldn't sing at first.  Scott: "He got all choked up."  Once it started, though, they performed this song the best I've heard this particular group.

Rock the Boat
Dodie came in too early for "Do the Hustle", and Mitch blamed me for it.  Hmph.  Bryant uses The Force. Uh-oh: a Scott and Calvin collision.  They giggled at each other.

It's Pella Drum Corps!  There are people acting like trumpet players, there's that one guy being a drummer, there's Sherry in the's DRUM CORPS.

Mitch slapped Calvin on the back and it was pretty forceful.  Scott pulled on his own pant pocket to lead himself to the middle to squish Mitch.

A guy yelled out "Folgers" before they even started singing the first song.  Scott: "All right now, it may seem like the interactive part of the show.  It is not."

When Bryant sang "Where in the World is Matt Lauer?", JT hid behind the curtain in shame.  

Scott mentioned that they got "zero dolla" for the Dr. Pepper jingle, and Mitch showed his empty pocket.

Scott went into the audience and and said, "You see, we were singing about coffee.  Have you heard about coffee?"  He was speaking to Emma, whom Mitch had chosen to sing "Cupid" with them. She brought her pocketbook to the stage with her, to which Scott said, "I'm glad you brought your money with you."  (We found out later that Emma had attended the concert alone, so nobody would watch it for her.  He asked where she was from, and he thought she said "New Mumford".  A guy in the audience corrected him, and he said, "New Medford!  All right, touchy!"  Emma is a retired nurse.

Stand By Me 
Emma sang along again!

Ain't Too Proud to Beg
Dance, Emma, Dance!  She was really fun.


JT waved around his towel when Bryant talked about the new CD, and knocked over the mic stand, then kept on waving it.
Bryant: "Jeff is very excited about it."

Vocal Percussion Duet / Rhythm Section
This made the floor thump and my feet shook from the thumping.

Carmen SanDiego
Rockapella sang this song for 59 years.


Rapper's Delight
Mitch pointed to me after he danced and said, "She likes it!" I do!

Up on the Roof / Wonderful World  (off mic)
I like being able to hear JT sing.  Now, if only they would sing their "How Deep Is Your Love/ Say You Won't Let Go" mashup with his singing solo, that would be even better.  A girl can dream.

You're welcome!

Meet and Greet
I bought my CD and asked the guys to sign it. Bryant said, "Don't you already have 5 of these?"  Maybe, but they're not signed, B!  

I was happy to get a picture with all of the guys, with Mitch singing "Sherry" to me and others singing along.  That makes me sooo happy!

I love my guys.

The meet was pretty much "fend for yourself" most of the time.  I talked a little bit to Tonya and we made sure to get a picture together with the guys because we never did that when we were on the Rockapella cruise, which is where I met her.  Scott said to (someone), "We did a cruise."  I said aloud that it was time for another one. A couple of the guys said it would be fun.  I don't know who, because this conversation was all going on while Tonya and I were getting ready for our picture.

My guys and me with Tonya

I met Bryant's parents.  APPARENTLY, I had met them already in Laguna, but forgot.  They were very gracious about it, though.  I also said hi to Hannah and told all of them how much I love Bryant because he did a special favor for me in Napa, and Hannah said, "Are you kidding?  He LOVES you!"  Aw, so sweet.  

Wendy gave Mitch the birthday card that we bought at Midway, which also had a Helen Grace chocolate inside.   When he saw that it wasn't flat, Calvin asked if it was a fish taco because he thinks of Wahoo's when he sees us and wants to go back there.  I said it wasn't a taco.  Later on, I was concerned that the chocolate would melt before Mitch could eat it, especially because it was in his pants pocket.  I contemplated telling him, "You know that thing in your pants?  It's going to melt."  Dodie said she would pay me cash if I did, but he left at that moment.  It was either that, or I ask if he was leaving the band, but Wendy felt weird about asking him that, so I refrained.

During most of this conversation, JeffEvs talked to Fred about a bunch of stuff, like Fred's trip to Hawaii.  We patiently waited as most of Rockapella left and JeffEvs and Fred continued to talk to each other.  

I was hungry and so was JeffEvs, so we went to Chili's, which was closer to our hotel than I thought it was.  JeffEvs parked in the hotel lot and we walked to the restaurant.  I enjoyed my turkey club sandwich and onion blossoms, but I especially enjoyed my Presidente Mango Margarita.


Happy Margarita Time!

We were still kind of on West Coast time, so we stayed up for a little while before finally falling asleep.  Yes, I wore my jammy jams this time, so I could drift off to sleep, dreaming of the guys whom are worth much more than a $30 ticket.

Pella and the Posse

Next up:  Newtown Show #2