Sunday, October 8, 2017

Do Paper Dolls Dream of Origami Sheep?

A few weeks ago, my friends and I bought tickets for "Blade Runner 2049".  Due to a technical glitch, I ended up with a reserved seat in the same row as them, but not next to them.  I thought that I had seen the original movie a long time ago, but recorded a showing on SyFy so I could refresh my memory.  Well, that was a good idea because it turned out that I had never seen the film.  I hadn't really been concentrating when I watched it this time either because I had a bunch of questions. So I watched it again on Wednesday night, read some imdb stuff, and finally felt ready to see the new movie.  

On that day, I didn't see them in the lobby when they said they were there.  Thinking that perhaps I had bought a ticket for a totally different show, I sat down in my seat, ate my hot dog, and contemplated how I would get home (my friend was going to drive me home since I took the Metro to Hollywood after work).  Then they realized that I was in the Cinerama Dome lobby, and they were in the main lobby of the Arclight. They entered the Dome, and all was better.  While I was talking to them at their seats, the guy in the seat next to mine moved my water bottle to the other cup holder so he could manspread and be THAT guy.  The ticket taker had told me to "get comfortable, it's a 3-hour movie", so I was not really looking forward to sitting by the guy, but he turned out to be OK.  At least he didn't read the opening setup OUT LOUD like the gal in back of me.  At first, I gave her the benefit of the doubt, like maybe she was reading to someone who couldn't see the words well, but no, she started to narrate, and I turned around and shot her a look.  She quieted down, probably because I wasn't the only one that shot her a look at that moment.  Anyway, my thoughts about the movie...

  • Love that the opening shot is an eye.
  • Hi, EJO!
  • Robin Wright!  Hi, Princess Buttercup!  I like that she's being given roles where she portrays strong women, and wish that she could have kicked some butt here like she did in "Wonder Woman".
  • It's 30 years later, and I'm still a little worried that the replicants existed in 2019, which is only 2 years from today.  Technology moves so quickly these days.  Could it still happen? And 32 years from now, why does LA look like that?  Ick.
  • That LAPD building is HUGE.
  • That dog stood so still at first that I thought he was stuffed.  That's my kind of dog, though, because he drinks whiskey.
  • Is there a male version of Joi?  I didn't see any ads with a male.  
  • Speaking of ads, are Sony and Peugeot not worried about that "Blade Runner curse"?
  • That scene with Joi getting physical through a human was creepy.  It reminded me of the scene in "Her", except this one kept going.
  • At one point, I realized that Gosling looks a little similar to Joseph Fiennes, probably due to the shape of their faces. Fitting that Joi named him "Joe", then.
  • I kept wondering if K was going to ask, "Are you my dad?"
  • Harrison Ford can still kick ass and take names.  It probably hurts more now than it did 30 years ago, but still.  I loved the part of an interview with Gosling saying that it's not as great as you think when you're in a movie fight with your hero, because when they hit you, it still hurts.  Yes, APPARENTLY, Harrison actually hit Ryan at one point.  Oops!
  • Where was that hotel/casino where Deckard was hiding out?  Was that Vegas?  What was up with those huge statues?
  • "Her eyes were green."
  • That car looks like a DeLorean.  Do all the cops get DeLoreans in the future?  And why did K get to keep his after he turned in his badge and weapon?  Or was that his own car?
  • While K was looking at the DNA codes with the letters A C G and T, I thought of the movie "Gattaca" and realized the title's relation to the subject matter of that film.  Mind blown.  I want to see that again.
  • I think I need this film score.
  • Whenever K went near one of the pianos, I wondered if he was going to save jazz again.
  • Why is she crying when she's sees his memory? (later on: "ohhhhh....")
  • Why you gotta kill her the day she was born, Wallace?  Meanie. 
  • "Sometimes to love someone, you've got to be a stranger."

That (almost) 3 hours went by pretty quickly.  I enjoyed this film, and I'm glad I saw what was the "Final Cut" version of the original film.  Great sequel, looking forward to seeing it again someday.  

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