Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sing It On 1.7

Sing It On
Season 1, Episode 7
South Semifinals

  • All Night Yahtzee is relaxing in the pool and they are still talking about the fact that Michael doesn't want them to have a ballad in their set.
  • The Nor'Easters drink champagne with alumnus Ty, and he agrees to film the Wild Card video.
  • Michael thinks that A.N.Y. needs more sexiness in their faces to bring forth the emotion that the judges found lacking in their performance.
  • No Comment celebrates Morgan's 21st birthday with a surprise party.  They sing "Bang Bang" on helium.
  • Michael invites Amanda to ride the bus with A.N.Y. because he wants her to join them next year.  But first, he invites some theater majors to help show the group how to turn their "dead faces into sex faces".  OK, then.
  • Amanda feels weird on the .A.N.Y. bus, and she's spying on Michael because she wants to run for Acabelles music director.
  • Molly broke the spirit stick, and all I can think about is "Bring It On".
  • Amanda is appalled that Michael is allowing A.N.Y. to blow out their voices by screaming and dancing on the party bus.  Amanda is a smart cookie.
  • Michael doesn't believe in the power of the spirit stick, but still brings the broken one up with him to pull the order number:  9th.  Christian is being a good boyfriend and being comforting to Andie.  Amanda texts Michael during the other performers' shows, and he relays them to A.N.Y., for which they're appreciative.  They decide to check out some of the competition for themselves, and they're confident.
  • A.N.Y. wins choreography. They also get 3rd place, and they're devastated, but trying for the Wild Card.
  • The Nor'easters mourn the loss of Kevin, whom lost his battle with depression, and they hold a concert to raise money for suicide depression.  And Sherry cries.
Looking forward to the quest for the wild card spot!

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