Monday, June 29, 2015

Gypped Again

Western Corps Connection
Sunday, June 28, 2015
Riverside Community College -- Wheelock Stadium
Riverside, CA

Bro picked me up and we drove to Riverside for the last So Cal World Class DCI competition of the season.  I bought an "A Step In Time" t-shirt from the Academy booth, and got some food.  They had us show our tickets to get wrist bands at the ticket booth.  Why didn't they just send wristbands with the tickets in order to save us from getting in another line.  By the time we obtained our wristbands, they started giving out the wristbands at the actual entrance, which made more sense.  They also took the ticket stub at that point instead of at the place where they gave me my wristband.  It was weird.  Rudy arrived in time for the first corps to start.  Thank goodness he remembered to bring his ticket with him when he left his house. Our seats were in row N, Section 4, on 3-5, on the left 40-yard line.

We didn't hear a Star-Spangled Banner.  What is up with that?  Did we just not hear it?  Were we getting food at the time?  

It was really windy on the field, leading to the Fall of Gotham City (the screens fell down).  Bro has decided that I just need to wear Batman shirts all of the time because I won't shut up about Darkness.  Bro said that their visual didn't work well today because different people were off step and the screens falling didn't help.  He thinks that the sandbags holding the screen down were not enough, and they need another kind of support.  The solos were spot on today.  The middle brass made Rudy feel really warm, which is a good thing.

Golden Empire

They were not as good as yesterday.  The church bells in the distance were in the wrong key.  Guy behind us regarding "Jupiter" solo:  "Sweet."  See?  Then the rest of the brass let us down.  Why is that one CG girl looking around like she doesn't know what to do at the end?  Maybe she thought they'd do more, I don't know.  

Jupiter soloist

I caught the 7/8 this time.  Nice saber catch during the drum feature.  Cute "Whoo!" shout from the drummers.  Rudy saw someone almost drop their contra.  Were they trying to spin it?  They shouldn't do that, unless they're trying to be funny.  I wish they were still funny.


The DM on the left has a really nice outfit.  Why aren't the other ones in that fancy gold?I like the contrapuntal trumpet part during the first song.  Nice equipment catch after the percussion feature.  There was way too much amplification/echo during the duet.  "Isolation is a gift."  Darkness!

One of Watchmen's Drum Majors

Guy behind us:  "I gotta tell you, I think this one takes it too far."  I like him.  The vagina tarp is back.  I'm glad that the guitar isn't overwhelming anymore, because I can hear the corps and pit a lot better now.  Good job with the percussion feature.  Toss your rifle, jump over the mic stand, catch your rifle.  Good job!

Gold Rifle Catch

Rudy Meets DCI Orange Cone

Those fake drums are made of plywood.  Bro says they're easy to make.  We should make them for the concert coming up at my house.  I don't know how we'd explain the Resurrection symbols, but whatevs.  We discussed with the guys behind us the fact that we all want to terra cotta warriors to be wheeled out onto the field.  One of the guys said that if they're going to leave them in the backfield, then he wants them to be twice as tall.  Then he said, "You're gonna need a bigger truck."  The DM has a nice smile.  Good call and response between the soprano and mellophone.  The quintet sounds much better: they must be getting more comfortable with the music.  Great job with the percussion feature.  Bro noticed that the pit guy whose hair matched their uniform has darker, blacker hair now.  But I liked his hair the other way!  

Point to the Sky

Great equipment work, color guard!  The catalyst prop is still unfinished.  Sadness.  Rudy enjoyed the show more than Friday, but he doesn't know why.  They need to clean up the horns in the main theme so that it doesn't sound so muddy.

Someday, this cube will be cool

Bro and I were afraid that the umbrella wasn't going to open at the end of "Feed the Birds", but it did, so yay.  During Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, they do a cool face palm thing.  I sang during that song, just not loudly.  I just love this show.  

Drummers holding flags in backfield

An issue with a tangled mic cord delayed the start of the show.  Well, if they have extra time in the end due to not finishing their show, then I guess that's OK.  The opening is all mellophones, and they hide the other instruments behind the screens.  Oh, that's why the sound is so wonderfully warm and different than the others.  I love those brass runs, and those dynamics...sigh!  Stick a fork in Rudy.  He's done.  Unfortunately, the show isn't.  The guys behind us said that due to the rain in Denver, BK wasn't able to do a lot of their outdoor rehearsal, so they didn't have much time to learn drill, and decided to just end the show early until they've had time to finish it.  I would be OK with a stand still.  Their music is gorgeous.

Are those BK drums blue or green?

During setup, the CG lead had to bring down her sunglasses in order to see what she was doing.  I guess those are really dark.  I just noticed that their poles are gold for the sunflowers, and purple for the purple flags.  That's cool.  Nice high rifle toss at the end of the Gershwin.  

"I love Paris..."

D.R.U.M.S.!!!!! OMG, I love this show so much!  That brass!  CG did a great job, too.  I didn't get hit today, but braced myself from Rudy during the trumpet ensemble.  Brandt Crocker insisted on taking a picture of announcer Ryan, saying he was sending it to Sherry.  I don't think he realizes how loud he is.  Bro said that he was trying to make Ryan laugh the whole time.  I would love to see video of that.

That Brass!

This was Rudy's first time to see BD's show.  His reaction:  "That color guard is Bad. Ass." Nice duet on "Children Will Listen".   Oh, they close the book on the Pied Piper at the end.  

Whatever That Means

No encore.  Gypped most of the time in California.  What. The?


Open Class
5) 36.10 -- Incognito
4) 43.45 -- Impulse
3) 44.55 -- Watchmen
2) 50.15 -- Golden Empire -- Bro was right
1) 50.60 -- Gold

World Class
7) 63.05 -- Mandarins
6) 64.90 -- PC
5) 65.95 -- Academy
4) 72.40 -- BK
3) 72.90 -- Phregiment
2) 78.65 -- SCV
1) 79.85 -- BD

Now I get to watch online or whatever until So Cal Classic.  Not sure if I'm going to that, but maybe.  I do want to see SCVC again.

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