Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sing It On 1.4

Sing It On
Season 1, Episode 4
ICCA South Regional Quarterfinals

  • We start at FSU today, with Michael happy that the members of All-Night Yahtzee love each other, but doesn't want them to love each other too much, especially Christian and Andie.
  • Uh-oh, she used air quotes for "innovative".
  • Why are we back with the Nor'easters if we're doing the South quarters right now?
  • Ty, an accomplished choreographer, and a former member of the group, is working with Nor'easters as a consultant.
  • AcaBelles sound good, and Michael's best friend, Amanda, is looking forward to competing against him.
  • Dani is having a special session with the two guys in the group that need the most help with the choreography, Daniel and Christian.  "It was on the way to being good."
  • No Comment is at a firehouse to raise funds for their next party bus.  They seem to not be as amused by "Bang Bang" as their usual audience.
  • Brittany is in a bass-off with Michael, and she's great.  Michael thinks the Acabelles aren't as good because their sound can't round out the whole chord like a group with a male bass.  While I tend to like the male bass sound more, I don't think that they're necessarily better because of that.  I think it's a different approach, and if you're a group with a male bass but your harmonies don't gel, then no, you're not better.  What's cool about an all-female group for me is that the harmonies are even tighter because the notes in their chords are so close together that they can create a different overtone.  (And to be truthful, Michael's being such a jerk that he's making me like girl groups more than I did before today).
  • All-Night Yahtzee has a preview for their fans, and welcome critique.  So they're not *required* to do a ballad?  Interesting.
  • I do agree with Michael that All Night Yahtzee may be messing with their voices on that party bus.  But I'm happy that he's pissed off about Christian and Andie going public.  Did they know about his rules?  Because it seems like they don't care.  "I'm kinda nervous about being an aca couple because Michael hates love."  HA!
  • Acaphiliacs are also co-ed at FSU, but of course Michael thinks Yahtzee is better.
  • I think Amanda rocked it with the Acabelles, but whatever with that audience.
  • OMG, the guys announcing the groups remind me of the guys in "Pitch Perfect" emceeing at auditions.
  • Yahtzee gets a standing ovation, which makes Michael's head grow bigger.
  • All Night Yahtzee wins for choreography.  Yay, Dani!  
  • Aw, AcaBelles get 3rd, so they don't get to go to Semis.
  • All Night Yahtzee gets 2nd place, which pisses off Michael. So he's a sore loser, too.  Winning!
Next time:  Tattoos!

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