Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sing It On 1.5

Sing It On
Season 1, Episode 5
Midwest Semifinals

  • Cows!
  • Robbie, an alumnus of No Comment is consulting for them now, and we're talking dynamics today.  He thinks they're afraid of getting soft.
  • Isaac of the Nor'Easters is getting a tattoo with best friend Samantha.  Dude, stop moving when the guy tells you to look one way!  Kinda important.  Samantha has a poem etched into her.  I mean, of course it's going to hurt if you're going to put all of those words on your ribcage!  
  • Michael of All Night Yahtzee is really upset that they didn't come in first at quarterfinals, and is still pissed off about Christian and Andie being a couple.   Or, as one judge said, they didn't have a ballad!!! If you do the ballad well, people won't be bored.  You just need to make it interesting.  Especially because it would really show off your vocal skills instead of being all showy.  Michael is so blinded by being pissed off that Andie is dating someone in the group that he thinks she is blinded by that.  Dude, there are other people that think you need the ballad, too.  
  • No Comment wants to cut out 2 songs and have a longer ballad so that they don't run over time again.  Ooh, and it's "I'm Gonna Be" by the Proclaimers, which is a pretty cool idea.
  • Michael talks to Andie about her dating Christian.  You know, because that's his effing business.  The clue here is Michael saying "We agreed..." then said, "I decided that there would be no dating within the group."  So...pretty was all him. "Ultimately, I'm glad she's happy."  RIGHT.  UGH.
  • Scott of No Comment takes James and Dirk for their first spray tans.  I'm having visions of Ross from "Friends" at the tanning place.  "I feel really exposed right now."  OMG, why can't they just go to a booth and do that?!  "Looking at each other naked is going to be acaward."  HA!  
  • If your voices are thrashed from all of the rehearsals, you should really, really rest, No Comment.  Hum a little or something while doing choreo.  Seriously, no competition is worth ruining your cords.    Yeah, so a party bus is supposed to help matters?  Kids. I guess they were pretty calm this time, though.
  • Only the first place group at Semifinals advances to Finals.  No Comment is up against the Huskie Hunks again, as well as Voices In Your Head, the Stereotypes, and Fundamentally Sound.
  • Micah's mom and grandma are there to surprise her, and I hope she does well with her solo.
  • Pre-show rituals are shown, and they all seem to be mostly chanting.  
  • Micah nails her solo!  YAY!  
  • Whoa.  Fundamentally Sound, the all-male group is doing the same opening song as No Comment, and that key is high!
  • Aw, No Comment comes in 3rd, and Fundamentally Sound beats them.  1st goes to Voices In Your Head, the monstrous 18-member co-ed group.   No Comment is eligible for the wild card slot, so let's see what happens!
Next Time: Spring Break

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