Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sing It On 1.6

Sing It On
Season 1, Episode 6
Northeast Semifinals

  • BONR festival: Best of Northeastern Regional a capella showcase takes place.  Melodores, Nor Easters, and All Night Yahtzee are on the schedule.
  • The emcee embarrassingly falls down while trying to exit the stage, which gets more response than the Nor'Easters' set.  Uh oh.
  • It's Spring Break time, and No Comment is going to recharge before submitting their Wild Card video.  They get sunburned because they don't know what sun is like.  
  • Nor'Easters analyze away, and decide to change their set for competition, which is freaking out the soloist.
  • No Comment meets All Night Yahtzee, and Michael is surprised that they're attractive.  He wants to have a Bang Off, which isn't as dirty as it sounds.
  • It's pedicure time for the Nor'Easters, and it's Isaac's first.  Samantha is still freaking out about a solo that she's never done before, and now has to do at Semis.
  • Northeast Semifinals take place at Symphony Hall in Boston.  I have good memories of that place.  :)
  • Nor'Easters are up first, and their anxiety is high.  They are not happy about their placement in the show order.  Jessie's hand is shaking, and it's distracting other people in the group.  At least Samantha got through her solo.
  • The Nor'Easters only get second place, so they don't get to go to Finals unless they get in via wild card.  They lose to the group they just beat in quarterfinals, the Vassar Devils.
  • So far, there are 2 groups that we are following that are hoping for the wild card entry.  This should be interesting.

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