Monday, June 22, 2015

All The Feels

I wasn't able to see the "inside Inside Out" screening last Tuesday because the file that AMC received was corrupted.  They gave us refunds plus we could see a different movie showing that night, plus they gave us a re-admit pass to see another movie (or "Inside Out") without any restrictions.  We did get to keep our lanyards and posters, though.

So while on our drum corps road trip, we (Bro's family and I) decided to see "Inside Out" during our down time.  

  • "Lava" was cute, and I cried, but it didn't have as much of an effect on me as "Paperman" did.  That's my favorite one.
  • I cried 3 times.
  • "Congratulations, San Francisco.  You've ruined pizza.  First the Hawaiians, and now this!"
  • I enjoyed all of the characterizations of the emotions, including those in the parents and all of the people (and animals) shown during the credits.
  • "I would die for Riley."
  • "Who's the birthday girl?" while snoring.
  • Loved the area with abstract thought, especially the explanations that probably went over the kids' heads.
  • Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life's problems.
  • Bro and I looked at each other during the dream sequence when the theme from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion was playing.
  • See?  We need all of the emotions, including sadness.    I think she's my favorite.
  • "GIRL!!!!!"
  • Loved hearing about the new areas, like Boy Band land.
  • I'm trying to think of what would be in my core memories, and what would be the different lands in my personality.  That's going to take me a while because I was a psych major and I'm going to pretty much analyze everything.
I enjoyed this movie, and the kids know all of the emotions.  We got 100% on the Sporcle quizzes.  I need to watch it again to see a couple of the Easter eggs.

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