Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Park Is Open

22 years ago, "Jurassic Park" was released on the big screen, and I saw it in the theater at least 3 times.  I remember how many moments in the film affected me and my love for movies:  John Williams' brilliant score, the awe of seeing those amazingly life-like dinosaurs, and the thrill of all of the different human vs. dinosaur scenes have made this one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time.  

So, of course, as I'm typing my thoughts on "Jurassic World", I'm watching the Jurassic Park marathon on USA.  :)

I went to the movie with Glendy, Linda and Mox.  We had reserved seats, and somebody was already sitting in them when we arrived.  They wouldn't move or show us their tickets. We got the usher involved, and they still wouldn't move.  Then the usher went to get the manager, but came back by himself and told the people to get out of our damn seats.  OK, I don't know what he actually said, but that's the way I thought it in my head.  Here's a tip for y'all that sneak into movies:  DO NOT PICK THE THEATER THAT HAS RESERVED SEATING, ESPECIALLY ON OPENING WEEKEND OF A BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE.  Idiots.  OK, I'm done shouting.  For now.

On with the fun stuff!

  • Loved the homages to the original film, such as certain shots that were the same, the t-shirt, the jeeps, the old visitor's center...loved it all.  (I noticed today while watching JP that the tag number on the jeep is the same one as the jeep in JW -- 029).  I just really love consistency!
  • My heart broke in that scene in the same field where Dr. Grant first sees the brachiosaurus.  TEARS.  But not the same kind as in JP.
  • Those dinosaurs are huge.  The people aren't afraid to be sitting so close to that one in the water?  Goodness, me.  I mean, that mosasaurus ate a frickin' great white shark like it was a goldfish!  Wait.  Where is JW getting all of these great whites to feed her every day?
  • "Did you ever wonder why there was a job opening?"
  • I was one of the people that figured what breeds the hybrid dinosaur must have come from...but it still didn't prepare me for the communication bit between the dinos.
  • The gyrosphere vehicle looks damn cool.  I want to ride in one, but nowhere near dinosaurs, please.  Especially ones with very sharp, big teeth.
  • Speaking of teeth:  the dinosaurs in this film had some, um, debris in them after using them, not like the clean-teethed ones in JP.
  • "Why did you have to make it so personal?"
  • Why does Chris Pratt make me love him so much?  He's just awesome.  
  • Love the way that Bryce Dallas Howard's character gets ready for her adventure.
  • I liked the kids, too.  Why is it that both sets of kids in JP and JW have parents that are going through a divorce?  Is that necessary?
  • OK, the theme park site is pretty cool:
  • Glad that we got to see the aviary.
  • Gentle Giants petting zoo with baby dinos.  Kids riding baby dinos.  Cuteness.
  • I like how the dilophosaurus hologram tricked the velociraptor, like Lexie's reflection in the stainless steel of the kitchen furniture in JP.
  • Wait.  That was Jimmy Buffett carrying the margaritas?
  • "We need more teeth."
  • I was so tense throughout this movie that I felt like I needed a massage.

I'm going to be seeing this movie at least a couple more times in the theater.  I want to see it in 3D.  Maybe IMAX, because you know, the dinosaurs aren't big enough.  ;)

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