Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Long Way Home

The second show for Day 2 of AMC's Best Picture Showcase was "Lion".  I'd been wanting to see this movie, so I'm glad it was nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award so that I could watch it today.

  • That kid is freaking adorable!!!
  • I can't even comprehend being that kind of lost as an adult, much less as a small child.
  • That lady working the adoptions in India sure has a huge job.
  • I liked the cute courtship on the sidewalk between Saroo and Lucy.
  • I like Dev's hair, very mane-like. Oh, Dev, you're amazing, as usual.
  • Beautiful cinematography of Tasmania.
  • "I'm not from Calcutta.  I'm lost."
  • Poor Mum.  How awful to lose both of her boys that day, even though she did get Saroo back.
  • Google Earth reunites families.
  • Oh, Sheru. 
  • I was a crying mess after that.
  • "In Loving Memory of Guddu."  Because I hadn't cried enough.

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