Monday, February 20, 2017

Choo Choooo!!!!

The Big Bang Theory
Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Warner Bros Studios
Stage 25

V was able to score VIP tickets to watch "The Big Bang Theory" at Warner Bros Studios and invited me to join her because she knew I was a fan of the show.  I had watched a taping way back when it was not yet the huge hit that it is now: Season 1, "The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization".    

This one was titled "The Locomotion Reverberation".  Our seats were 2nd row, center aisle.  Awesome!

  • When I arrived at the parking structure, I thought I saw V's car directly in front of me.  Turns out that yes, we have perfect timing!
    Waiting Area


  • We were the first group in, and waited a long time in our seats as everyone arrived.  I'm glad they had given us a chance to use the restroom before entering the building.  I told V that they should show us episodes while we wait since they had monitors there.  Lo and behold, they did show us an episode that had not yet been aired  Nice! 
  • The warm-up guy, Mark Sweet, was hilarious.  I loved when he would talk about a couple of the crew members between takes to keep us smiling.  He's been there for all of the episodes, which is probably the reason he looked familiar to me. He called up audience members to talk to them or have them dance or whatever.  At one point, he called up V, saw her UCLA sweatshirt, and asked if she went there.   I couldn't help but giggle because she looks very young and just kinda said, "Yeah."  He tried to get me to explain the giggling, but it was time for the scene to start.
  • Most of the scenes took place on sets that were not directly in front of us, but we had the monitors to watch.  While they weren't using a particular set, the director and crew were watching from there, but behind panels so that we could not see them.    The last couple of scenes were in the two main apartments, which were in front of us, so that was cool.   
  •  I find it interesting when they change lines to see which one would get a bigger laugh.  Some scenes were pre-recorded (the ones in the vehicles), but they still used our reactions. 
  • We were treated to a slice of cheese pizza and water.  :)  I don't remember that happening last time.
  • Kaley Cuoco's father was there, as he is, I think, for all of the episodes.  Awww....
  • Kaley and Johnny Galecki came up to the audience and thanked us all for coming.  They also stated that, contrary to rumors, they do all want the show to keep running.  Someone in the audience yelled out "TEN MORE YEARS!" and Johnny said that he was no spring chicken and didn't think he could last quite that long.  As he was talking, Johnny looked at the woman sitting in front of me and said, "Hi, Momma!"  I had no idea that was her, and I'm glad I only had nice things to say about her son.  
  • Due to our VIP status, we were allowed to retrieve our phones from security and take them on set with us to take photos.  So fun!  V's connection wasn't there, but she graciously had her friend give us gift bags with mugs and key chains.  
We could see these from our seats even when the
 panels were in front of the set

Sheldon's Spot

Double Helix
How about a nice game of chess?

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Poster
# 1

Shelf Under Table

Love the detail on the fridge!

Top of Fridge
Kitchen Sink

Acting Like We Have Liquid in our Cups

Elevator and Stairs

*knock knock knock* Sheldon?

This set was on the show, but not
 directly in front of the audience.

Afterward, I took pictures of the Friends stage, but couldn't find the famed WB water tower. 

 When we got a bite to eat at Dog Haus, I finally saw it.


Mmmm...tater tots.
Ava Maria Burger and Tots

Thank you to V for the invitation!  I had a great time, and now that the cast has agreed to contracts, maybe we'll get to go again.

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