Monday, February 20, 2017

Heartbroken in New England

It was finally a good day for me today to go to the Laemmle Theater for "Manchester By The Sea".  Not that I needed sadness: I've been catching up on a bunch of DVR stuff while I've been blogging this weekend, and tears happened already.  But it's Oscar season, and I don't have a lot of free days before Sunday, so here we go!

  • "I'm looking forward to being bored to death."
  • "I think I'm in love with my janitor."
  • Loved the building relationship between Patrick and Lee.
  • "You can't make adult small talk?  'Hey, how about those interest rates?'  'Hey, I lost my Triple A card.'"
  • "Uncle Lee, are you fundamentally unsound?!"
  • Wonderful job by Lucas Hedges as Patrick.
  • How did that woman spill her beer on him and then she still had a full glass to drink afterward?
  • "We are Stentorian."  Dang, those songs were NOT good.
  • Casey Affleck did a tremendous job with his role, and his accolades are well-deserved.  I did smile a little bit at first, though, because I thought of something Jason Alexander said about the difference between dramatic and comedic acting (to be written in another post).
  • I'm trying to think of a film wherein Michelle Williams did not make me cry.  She had me weeping again here.
  • Matthew Broderick's character creeped me out.
  • "He's so... Christian." "You know we're Christian too, right?"
  • Gorgeous cinematography of the New England land- and seascapes.
  • "I can't beat it."
I enjoyed this movie because even with the subject matter, it still had several bits of humor.  I admired all of the performances, too.  I look forward to seeing it again someday.

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