Saturday, February 25, 2017

In Moonlight, Black Boys Look Blue

Today was Day 2 of the AMC Best Picture Showcase.  I wasn't able to attend Day 1, so I'm glad that I still found time to see the 4 films that they showed that day.  I'm bummed, though, for my friend that had tickets at another theater today.  They canceled the show because the projector broke.  You couldn't use another theater?  

Anyway, first up for today: "Moonlight".

  • That first scene made me kinda dizzy.
  • I heart Mahershala Ali, even when he plays a drug dealer.  Well, a drug dealer with a heart of gold.  
  • Naomie Harris did an excellent job portraying her character.  I really despised her until her last scene, which just had me bawling.
  • Was that the same crown in Chiron's car that Juan had in his?
  • "You're still the same, can't put more than three words together."
  • "I saw that.  You didn't want to waste any of it."
  • "I can't really taste it so I stay away from it."
  • "These Grandma rules, man: yo ass eat, yo ass speak."
  • All of the guys playing Chiron did a great job portraying him without the use of a lot of words, because that guy does not talk a lot.  In fact, Linda said that there was much chatter after the film was over, and we thought that maybe people needed to hear each other talk after there was so much silence.  That screenplay must have been sparse dialogue-wise.
  • Beautifully done. I just wanted to hug Chiron all of the time.

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