Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day with Mr. Pool

I wanted to go out and play today, so I met up with Linda at the movie theater for some "Deadpool".  (OK, I just went to the official site, and I love the sign on the theater seat next to him that reads "For Your Mom").  I was all happy when I got there because during my walk over, Rockapella's version of "Cupid" popped up on my phone.  Awwww, how perfect for Valentine's Day!  Then I remembered that Steve sang this in my house and I was so distracted that I didn't see Linda walking my way until she called my name.  We had reserved seats so we weren't freaking out about time, and I took a couple of pictures with the man of the day before going into the theater.  I am only looking forward to one of the 7 movies that were shown in trailers.  Six?  I don't know.  I only want to see one:  "Batman vs. Superman".  My 2 guys!  Oh, but we're here for someone else today.  Take it away, Merc with a Mouth.

  • OMG, the opening credits.  Hilarious.
  • Whoa, that's violent.  A lot of blood and pieces of bodies strewn about.  People, if you bring your young children, it will be your fault when they grow up to be psychopaths.
  • Also, that's a lot of nudity/sex.  People, if you bring your young children, it will be your fault when they ask you all of those uncomfortable sex questions.
  • The cursing.  Have you all gotten the hint yet to NOT take your kids to this movie, expecting a regular superhero flick?  Because if not, you need to go to a parenting class or something.  He says in this movie that he is NOT a hero.  He's really not.  
  • So, so funny!  There were so many lines that I love that my brain can't think of all of them.
  • Ryan Reynolds was made for this part.  It's not wonder that he campaigned for it for such a long time.
  • T.J. Miller!  I love him on "Silicon Valley".
  • "You look like an avocado had sex with a much older avocado."
  • Love all of the fourth wall breaking.  "That's....sixteen walls!"
  • The taxi driver.  The contents of the trunk.  The whispering.  Great!
  • "He got his name from a cleanser."  The spelling of "Francis".  The drawing of Francis.  "Have you seen this man?"
  • That's the lady from "V".  I like long hair on her.  I also like that she's not trying to invade Earth to use our bodies as food.
  • The soundtrack was awesome, especially the use of "Careless Whisper" and "You're the Inspiration".  Also, and of course, "Shoop", one of my favorite Salt 'n' Pepa songs.
  • "Don't make the super suit green!  Or animated!"
  • OMG.  The hand.  OMG.  I could not stop laughing for a while after seeing that baby hand.
  • "It's like the studio didn't have enough money for another X-Men movie."
  • Polverine.  The mask under the mask.
  • Ferris!

I'll be seeing this many times, but perhaps not on the big screen because there's so much movie watching for me in the next couple of weeks that I don't know if I can squeeze it in again. Great Valentine's Day movie, though.  It's a love story that starts with a murder!

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