Sunday, February 28, 2016

Gloomy vs. Glass

The final movie of our Best Picture Showcase was "The Revenant".  Linda was not looking forward to it.  I was OK with seeing it, knowing that I'd be rooting for Gloomy Bear.  Yeah, I'm crazy like that.

  • Lesson One in bear encounters:  play dead.  Why are you still moving and shooting your gun?  She's protecting her cubs' they would have left eventually.
  • I was starting to think that Powaqa didn't exist, because they didn't show her until way late in the movie.
  • I miss the days when we could use our imaginations and not actually see the gross stuff.  Like, do I have to see the horse's stomach?  Do I have to see those sores that many times?  Do I have to see the scalped head?  Just ew.
  • Speaking of the horse.  Horse = Tauntaun.  Both of us thought of that.  Linda refrained from saying aloud, "I thought they smelled bad on the outside."
  • More Star Wars stuff happened, like hands being chopped off.  Just not as gross.
  • I've decided that I don't actually know what Tom Hardy looks like, because I never know that he's the person portraying characters until I see the credits.
  • Half the time, I couldn't understand what the heck Fitzgerald was saying because his accent was really thick.
  • They said the "F" word back then?
  • Hux!  I mean, um, Domhnall Gleeson!  Again!  This is the second movie today in which we saw him.  Dude's all over the place.  
  • Lots of scenes reminded me of "The Good Dinosaur": the scenery, the needing to get home, the folks that stopped him from getting there...but I miss the Dino Cowboys.
  • "Revenge is in God's hands.  Not mine."
Good movie.  Linda actually thought that much of it was beautiful, so I guess it won her over a bit.  I don't want to see it again because of the gross, but it was a good movie.

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