Sunday, February 21, 2016

So Much 2 Sing

Take 6
Friday, February 19, 2016
Lewis Family Playhouse
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I left work earlier than usual (but still late) to get myself out to Rrrrrancho Cucamonga to see one of my favorite vocal bands.  I was doing OK until I got to Upland and traffic slowed.  ACK!  I figured that I'd miss at least the first song because I only had 8 minutes to get in my seat by the time I exited the freeway.  Prepared to be detained in the lobby, I looked at the monitors and saw that the stage was still being set up.  Yay!  I found Wendy and her friend Esther waving at me from the middle of the orchestra level, and excitedly went to my seat.

Take 6 entered the stage wearing jeans and blazers over their shirts.  Casual and cool.  this is as much of the set list as I could remember.

What a fun way to start the show, with everyone clapping their hands and getting all into the music!

Spread Love
I love when they go way back to the era when I first knew about them.  This was their first single.

They sang a jazz song with Alvin on the piano, and the other guys were visibly pointing to their ear buds and looking up at the booth.  I told Wendy, "They're talking to their Fred."  Alvin couldn't take it anymore and stopped the song, saying, "I'm sorry, but Tommy, I can't hear a thing, and I rehearsed this way too much to not be able to hear it."  Tommy got it going, though.  See? This is why they should just sing a capella and not use any tracks, which is what they used for the other instruments.  

So pretty.  I love this song.  This one was done with Khristian on the piano, I think.

Take 6's new CD will be released on March 25.  It is called "Believe".  They made sure we would remember it by quizzing us.  I failed, saying that the release date would be "Believe".

David talked about all the bad things we see on TV these days, and introduced one of the songs on "Believe"...

When Angels Cry
Lovely.  Does this mean that the new album will be all a capella?

Windmills of Your Mind
David said that they saw "The Thomas Crown Affair" and they liked this song so much that Mark arranged it for them.  

Stand By Me
Joey kept trying to get someone to go over and actually Stand By him.  Had he been pointing in our direction, I would have gotten up, or pushed Wendy to go up there...and taken a picture...and sent it to Rockapella to show them what to do.  

Claude and Mark have been singing together for 36 years!  Incredible.

They did some jamming.  This is what I love about jazz, all that improv, mostly because I can't improvise worth a damn, so I'm in awe of anyone that can do that.  Alvin told us to take out our cell phones and they told us to "Like" them on facebook, but he didn't tell us that we could record that, and then chastised those of us who weren't smart enough to do it.  Oh, it's ON next time, Alvin!  :)  "Stop!  Wait a minute."  

They called a lot of audibles during the evening.  One was a tribute to Maurice White of Earth, Wind, and Fire.  They sang portions of a few songs, including "Can't Hide Love", with Claude reaching those way high notes.  

Another audible was called.  "Since Stevie Wonder is my best friend...", Mark said, looking at Joey, who informed the audience, "But I'm his brother!"

I Wish
OK, I would like to hear them sing this WITH Stevie.  Awesome.

I L-O-V-E You
This is from my favorite Take 6 CD "So Much 2 Say".   They didn't sing my fave song from that CD (also my fave Take 6 song), though.

Going way back again!  Mark and Joey showed off their vocal gymnastic skills by trying to outdo each other.  So awesome.  "Tell Martha not to moan."

Fly Away
I've decided that Khristian, the baritone of the group, has a personality like Rockapella's Elliott, the baritone of that group.  He's all smiley and stuff.  When he was about to start talking, a guy from the front row came back from the restroom, and Khristian teased him, saying, "Here's your seat, sir.  Nice of you to come.  The show's almost over."  The audience laughed and laughed.  "I'm sorry, but that was hilarious."  

Anyway, I have this song on CD and forgot all about it.  I love this song.

Alvin:  "Are we ready to race now?"
The group nodded and took deep breaths.

So Much 2 Say
Wow.  I can't believe how fast they sing this live!  I even understand what they're saying even better than when I listen to the recording.  The piece goes into lots and lots of tangents, as they sing stuff like the Bee Gees' Night Fever and several Michael Jackson songs, which Khristian rocked!  No, Elliott would not have been able to do those moves.  Sorry, El.

They returned to the stage, took off their ear buds, and put their mics on the floor.   Then they proceeded to sing my favorite song in the whole world.  I whispered this to Wendy and she gave me moral support by holding on to me, because I thought I was going to lose it.

Alleluia by Randall Thompson
Yes, they sang it "Hallelujah" instead of without the "h", but I'm good.  I mean, one of my favorite vocal groups singing this song in their style....happiness!  OMG, I'm crying again.  Why don't I have this CD "One"?  I need to remedy this.  

I'm pretty sure I was the first one to stand after this was done.  

I bought their "The Standard" CD and got in line for the meet and greet after we took pictures by their poster.  

We just saw them!

Not all of them were available, but I spoke briefly with one of my favorite basses in the world (Alvin), MJ extraordinaire Khristian, and the man himself, Mark.  Their version of Phil said that we could take one picture per group, so I told Aura to be a group with her friend, and I'll be a group with Wendy, and we'd have more pictures. :)

Mark, Wendy, Khristian, Sher, and Alvin

When I got home, I checked my trip report from the last Take 6 concert I attended, and I realized that I had met them back then.  Why didn't I remember that earlier?  So weird.  I guess it's because I didn't take pictures with them.

I had a great time, and I look forward to hearing the new CD!  Thank you for a great show, Take 6!!!!!!

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