Saturday, February 27, 2016

Through the Blue Door

Today was Day 2 of AMC Theaters' Best Picture Showcase.  Linda and I sat in the front this time to stay away from the talky people.  First up for the day was "Brooklyn".

  • This made me think of my mom's decision to immigrate to the USA.  She was going to come by herself and send for me and my dad later.  I'm glad that my dad's father insisted that she wait for us to be able to go with her.
  • Saoirse Ronan wows me again.
  • Hey, it's Felicity from "Arrow"!
  • I love the way she does her hair and makeup.  Lovely.
  • I also loved her outfits, except for that orange one that she wore to get married.  I probably might have liked it had he not worn blue.
  • "There'll be no more talk of the Lord's complexion at the dinner table."
  • That whole boarding house dynamic was hilarious.
  • "I'm a rude idiot."
  • Wouldn't the ocean have been too cold for swimming?  They were all wearing sweaters when they arrived at the beach.
  • I was going to kill her myself if she had stayed in Ireland.
  • I was totally Team Tony.
  • Is that blue door still there?
  • That made me a weepy mess.
What a beautiful movie!  This one is my favorite to win.

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