Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sand, Sand Everywhere

The third film of this year's Best Picture Showcase was "Mad Max: Fury Road".  I'm not a fan of the Mad Max movies, so I wasn't really looking forward to this one, but hey, it got a nomination for Best Picture, so I figured I'd might as well check it out.

  • The movie starts with Max eating a double-headed salamander.  What.  The.  So you know we were in for weirdness.  
  • DRUMS!
  • You can't totally hate a guy that has his own soundtrack following him around wherever he goes, especially when that soundtrack is drum-heavy.
  • Linda got all excited about the car.
  • I like badass Charlize!
  • I thought I was watching "Star Wars" during a few moments because Sand People, Tatooine, and that missing left arm.
  • during war.  I wonder if his lips tasted like chrome paint.
  • Mother's Milk.  Um, okayyyyy....
  • Hey!  It's Cristina from "Divergent"!
  • "That's not his blood."
  • "I thought you weren't insane anymore."
  • Linda told me about the other Mad Max movies while we ate during our dinner break.  Maybe if I can watch them and cover my eyes during the weird-ass stuff, I might like them, because the premise sounds interesting.  Seriously, those characters were straight up ODD.  Also, not pretty to look at, unless you're Charlize or one of the Wives.
So, yeah, I'm not sure why the Academy thought this was on par with the other movies I saw today.  Maybe they're more hip than I am.  Or their eyes don't hurt when they see all of the weird.  

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