Sunday, May 31, 2009

And Away

A bunch of us saw "Up" in 3-D at the El Capitan on Friday night.

 Once I cleaned up most of the popcorn that I had dropped in my lap, I was able to relax and put on my glasses for the cool Toy Story 3 trailer.

The pre-show was filled with summer party songs.  Chip and Dale weren't wearing any pants.

Gooood night, everybody!

The Pixar short, "Partly Cloudy," was hilarious and missing a hippo.  Great juxtaposition with the movie, though, since both had clouds and cloud-shapes.

OK, so really, here are my thoughts from the featured movie.
  • Balloons.  Lots and lots of them.  In 3-D.  Yet I was fine, thanks for asking.
  • Cried 3 times.
  • Ellie reminds me of Elastigirl.  Maybe it WAS Elastigirl!  Look at the first two letters of their names!  
  • Square Old Guy + Round Kid = Comedy Gold
  • I will now look at all Boy Scouts as "Small Mailmen."
  • What's the female equivalent name for Kevin?  "Kevina"?
  • I liked that they didn't feel the need to do a bunch of sight gags just because it was in 3-D.
  • Absolutely loved the Cone of Shame bit.  I honestly think that all dogs that have to wear those are laughed at by the other dogs they encounter.  Maybe not as much as the ones who talk like Alvin, but still.
  • SQUIRREL!!!!!! (The theme of the month is now complete).
I hope all of you reading this will see this movie.  It's quite wonderful.  Another success by Pixar.


  1. I saw an early screening of "Up" a few days before you put up your last blog post about your adventures with the squirrel on your front lawn. It was really hard not being able to post a response that said "It is funny because the squirrel is dead."

  2. Yeah, I kept repeating that line all weekend, thinking of that poor, petrified squirrel on my lawn. Sometimes my life is a running punch line.