Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there!

My morning started off with a squirrel on my front lawn.  A dead one.  I'm thinking that he was in the tree and had an attack or something and fell out of it when he died.  I had no idea what to do with it, so I decided to deal with it after getting home from church.

I went to church and thought of Mama, and how hard it must be for Mom and Auntie Milda today, as it is their first Mother's Day without their mom.  I had sung some Mary songs in church yesterday, and got a little bit emotional when I thought of Mama, but I got through it.  Today, I could almost hear her voice recite prayers in the sing-song way that she used to at every Mass, and I smiled.  It was a teary smile, but still, I got through.  I'm sure she was watching over me and giving me strength.  Thanks, Mama.

I'm now waiting for the family to get here so that we can go to brunch at Acapulco. I'm wanting a margarita or a sangria or something, and now I'm getting really hungry, so it's good that they have a buffet where we're going, or I'll be drunk before the main meal. 

I called Animal Control, and they said that if I was comfortable with doing so, I could place it in a plastic bag and leave it out on the curb for them to pick up later on today.  My brother is concerned that the neighbors are going to think that I'm weird for just littering on my curb, so I labeled it to make him feel better.  Never mind that he lives all the way in Tempe and shouldn't care about what my neighbors think, but he's just being brotherly.  This is the same Bro, though, that at first had suggested that I make bird calls to have the crows come peck at it.  Yeah, THAT won't make the neighbors wonder about me, just the littering thing.  He's insane.

Anyway, he had happy news for me:  Brady is going to have a little bro or sis soon!  We don't have a due date yet, but it might be January of 2010, maybe around my birthday. If so, I hope it's a girl, so Bro could learn what it's like to raise a Capricorn Girl of his very own. ;)

What a nice day to receive the news!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful day today.  I certainly hope that, like mine, it gets better as it goes. 

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