Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sher Boldly Goes Where She's Never Gone Before

Yeah, that's right.  "Star Trek."

Linda and I met up at the resort, made dessert reservations at Catal, and had a quick bite to eat at Whitewater Snacks before going to the AMC to see "Star Trek."  I had seen the trailer several times, and was getting more interested in the movie each time, even though I wasn't really a Star Trek fan, unlike many of my friends.  Linda was surprised that I wanted to actually see the movie on opening weekend, and agreed to fill me in on stuff that I didn't understand if I ended up seeing the movie.  There was some stuff that I did recognize, just from being aware of pop culture, so I wasn't going into the movie totally blind, but I really didn't know other stuff.  

For instance, this was the exchange we had at dinner.  I had texted Cindy that I was wearing blue, and not red, knowing that if I did, I would be expendable.  Cindy responded by saying that I'm in the Science Department.
S:  Cindy said I'm in the Science Department.
L: Well, you're wearing navy instead of light blue, but, yeah.
S:  I didn't even know that there were departments!
L:  The departments are because they're part of an academy.  
S:  (looking blankly at Linda and laughing)  Really?
L:   (laughing, and not mockingly so) Uh-huh.  Star Fleet Academy.
S:  Seriously, though.  REALLY?  
Linda continues to laugh, thinking that Sherry is kidding.
S:  Oh!

So here are the thoughts from the Seriously Non-Trekkie perspective.  Don't kill me if I'm inaccurate, all of you true geeks out there!
  • Well, if you read this blog regularly, you know that I love origin stories, so this was a natural fit for me.  I liked seeing Kirk and Spock as kids.
  • OK, so it's an alternate reality origin story.  Hmmm...fascinating.
  • You know, if people had told me long ago that there was all of this time travel business in the Star Trek series, then maybe I would have watched the reruns growing up.  I am not, however, that interested in seeing the show, so no need to offer the DVD loan, thank you.
  • So, OK, Romulans are alien Maori, Vulcans are kinda related to them, and inter-species dating is allowed.  Got it.
  • I didn't know about this whole Uhura/Spock thing.  I like it.  But I guess this is new to everyone?  Is it?  I forgot to ask Linda.
  • Why does anyone need such a huge red ball of red matter if only a drop causes a planet to create its own black hole, or whatever happened?  Is it really necessary to destroy so many planets?  Seems like it just results in a lot of mess to be flying around in space.
  • I loved the interaction between Spock and Kirk.  "Get off the chair."
  • I did notice that, at the end of the movie, Chris Pine sat in the chair just like the pictures I've seen of Shatner.
  • I've deduced that Heroes' Sylar cuts peoples foreheads as some kind of time-traveling revenge for the haircut he wears as Spock.  Sylar is Spock in an alternate universe.  Love Zach Quinto in this part, btw.
  • I liked all of the actors in their parts, actually.  
  • Cried twice.  So did Linda.  We're girls, you know.
  • You see?  Combat training in Fencing pays off! 
  • Laughed at Spock's line to himself that his normal going-away greeting would seem to be self-serving.
I had fun.  If you're a fan of science fiction/action, then I recommend you see this movie.  If you're not, then you probably don't relate to any of this anyway.

We then had dessert at Catal and watched the fireworks from the balcony.  I enjoyed the banana parfait with my glass of Moscato, while Linda enjoyed her Chocolate Brioche Bread Pudding.  We then went into the Park and rode the Matterhorn and Dumbo.  

To top off the day, on my way home, I learned that the Lakers won game 3 against the Rockets.  I can breathe.  Until they play on Sunday.

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