Sunday, May 3, 2009

Friday Night Ingredients: Basil and Adamantium

I was craving Thai food, so my friends and I went to my favorite Thai place, BASIL, for dinner on Friday night.

We ordered so many dishes that the table was quite crowded:  # 18 (a salad with cabbage, chicken, watermelon, and a yummy lime dressing whose name I've forgotten); #28 Crying Tiger (grilled beef with a wonderful sauce that I believe contains lemongrass or something); #42 (my standard-- chicken with chile and basil); #51 (Mixed Vegetables), and #61 Pad Thai (noodles and bean sprouts with scrambled egg, shrimp and ground peanuts).  It was nice to see the family of BASIL again, and I just love the mom, whom always recognizes when I've brought a new friend (Hi, Mox!).

Afterward, we went to the AMC Santa Anita to watch "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," but the 2 show times that we were aiming for were sold out.  So we chanced it and went to the Krikorian, while Mox made sure that we would have tickets ahead of time by using technology.  Since we had arrived more than 30 minutes before the screening time, we stood in line.  I was annoyed by the girl in line that was guessing names of actors on the wall.  She said the name "Christian Dale," and I refrained from scolding her.  When we were allowed into the theater, we scored some good seats, so we were happy, including Gloomy Yellow.  
  • Am I the only one who thinks of "Red Dawn" when someone says "WOLVERINE!" loudly? Am I the only one who thinks of the University of Michigan? No?  Really?
  • Hugh Jackman.  Naked.  Swwooooooon!
  • Ryan Reynolds is hilarious (I also just saw his appearance on last week's Ellen Degeneres show, and he's also hilarious unscripted.  Oh, and he demonstrated his sword twirling abilities that he trained months for, which ended up on the screen for less than a minute).
  • When I saw the couple driving toward their farm, I thought, "Hey!  It's Jonathan and Martha Kent!"
  • Oh, so THAT'S where he got his jacket and bike!
  • I would like to never have Adamantium in my system because it entails having needles shot into my bone marrow.  Owwwww.
  • So, are any of the Origins stories going to explain *why* there are mutants?  The guys' parents didn't seem to be mutants, so where does this come from?
  • The action sequences were awesome.  Lots of sharp pointy things, like claws, teeth, and swords slicing through stuff.
  • Scott Summers!  I know who that guy is!
  • Diamond Girl.  Neato.
  • Love the cameo at the end. :)
Great movie!  Thanks, Cindy, Glenn and Mox for joining me!

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