Monday, May 25, 2009

Savior of the Apocalyptic World

I saw "Terminator: Salvation" on Friday night with Linda.

Gearing up for the evening, I actually figured out that I hadn't yet seen T3.  Luckily, it was playing on cable last week, so I recorded it.  When the Lakers lost on Thursday night, I needed some destruction to get my anger out, so I watched T3 and felt better. ;)

Thoughts on the newest Terminator movie:
  • I was tense for the entire movie.  Yeah, the whole thing.  I don't think that I fully exhaled until after the credits started rolling.
  • The first HUGE robot that had motorcycles in its legs made me think of Transformers.  Then I remembered that I was watching Terminator.
  • I heart Christian Bale, even after he had that tirade.  I can see why he went off, though.  He's such a Method actor and this movie was so full of tension that I can just picture him losing it.  That's no excuse for his behavior, of course, but had I played his character, I would have been tense 24/7 as well, and my style isn't quite Method.  Not that I actually *have* an acting style.  Or an acting job.  Oh, rambling.
  • I just found out that Bryce Dallas Howard's character wasn't originally supposed to be pregnant, but since she already was in real life, they didn't try to hide it at all.  That's pretty cool.  They didn't verbally reference it, either, but it just added to the drama.
  • As soon as I saw Helena Bonham Carter, all I could think of was "Sweeney Todd".  So when Marcus signed the contract, I thought to myself, "She's going to make you into a pie."
  • Moon Bloodgood's very white shiny teeth totally distracted me.  Here they were with the cinematography all gritty, in the middle of a war, and she has found time to whiten her teeth?  Like, REALLY white.
  • More on her character, Blair:  So why was she kinda opening up her shirt in that scene?I saw no injury that would warrant her needing to look at that are of her body.  How can anyone not think that she's trying to seduce Marcus?  I know she's probably lonely, but please.  I really think the whole white teeth thing made me dislike her unreasonably, but maybe you think the same about the whole stupid seduction thing.
  • "I'll be back."  :)
  • Ah, the Terminator himself, in my favorite role of his.  His current role in real life is NOT my favorite.  
  • I'm sure that this was already touched upon with the first T movie: John Connor's initials are the same as Jesus Christ's.  His saving the world was much more obvious with the title of this movie, though, so that's probably why it sticks in my mind more.  Interesting.
  • I'm thinking of Skynet's goal.  Once all of the humans are obliterated, what was their plan after that?  Just rule the earth?  Rule each other?  Make this all into a prequel of The Matrix?  Just wondering.
  • 2018 isn't very far away.  I really hope that we don't see those mushroom clouds that soon in real life.  Or ever again, actually.
I was still tense after the movie ended, so we went to Applebee's in order that I could wind down with a Mango Martini.  That stuff is like candy to me, only more expensive.   

The movie was enjoyable in a destructive, gloomy kind of way.  I'm glad that John Connor was able to fulfill the prophecy, though...well, at least, *start* to fulfill it.  

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