Sunday, February 11, 2018

See Ya Next Time, Sonoma

Sonoma 2018
Day 4
Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I woke up and finished packing before going to hotel breakfast.  Glenndy met up with me and Cindy wondered why some of the food was outside, as the climate was kind of damp and drizzly.  I guess they didn't have enough room inside the building and they wanted to ostracize the people that wanted the healthier options of hard-boiled eggs and smoothies?  

Double N helped me carry all of my and Linda's wine downstairs, and we went to Bodega Shipping Company, which was near the hotel and was recommended to us by Alan at St. Francis Winery.  The parking lot was small, and so was the shipping office.  We saw lots and lots of bottles waiting to be shipped, so I guess Alan isn't the only one that recommends this place.  We decided to have the wine shipped to Double N's office so he could receive it when it arrived, since I probably wasn't going to be home.  Bye, Bottles!  See you in So Cal!

When we returned to the hotel, we got the rest of our stuff and checked out.  We decided we had a little bit of time to spend somewhere before boarding our flight, so we went to Old Town Sacramento and walked around. I wanted to find the candy store that I go to whenever I'm there, and we went to three other stores before we got to that one.  I bought salt water taffy in the first store then realized I could have bought it in my favorite store, but oh well.  They had interesting flavors like candy corn and maple bacon and chicken & waffles.  I got some of each of those, plus some others, including my favorite: peppermint.  Double N pointed out to me that they had Abba-Zabba and I had to get some because we had just been talking about it with Bro and V.  V has never had A-Z before, so I needed to get her out of her sheltered candy life.  We also went to a big toy and collectibles store and I found some stuff for other people.  I also found stuff for me, but didn't buy anything.  

We went to the airport and ordered lunch.  They were so slow that we barely had time to eat half of our food.  Our plane wasn't full, so we didn't have to all sit together, and both Double N and Cindy got window seats.  Yay!  We all ate the rest of our lunch on the plane, but my fries were cold by then, so I didn't finish.

Due to the landing time of our flight, we encountered traffic on our way home from the airport.  Ah, back in LA.  

Our trip was over, and I am left with delightful memories of our Murder Mystery-esque weekend.  Thank you to my friends for spending time with me.  I know it was quite a pinch out of your pocketbooks, but I appreciate you all greatly for accompanying me on this adventure.  I love you guys!

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