Sunday, February 11, 2018

On A Magic Carpet Ride

Pantages Theatre
Saturday, February 10, 2018

After spending a few hours at Cookie Con yesterday, I tagged along with Glenndy to carpool to Hollywood.  We had a yummy dinner at The Hungry Cat before going to the Pantages Theatre to watch "Aladdin".   

On the way in to the theatre, I helped a cute couple take pictures, and had to take a few pictures because he kept blinking.  They returned the favor by taking a picture of me, too.

Genie and Me

  I had pre-ordered an ornament of the lamp, and wanted to pick it up before going to my seat, but the lights flashed and I didn't want to miss the beginning of the show, so I decided to do that afterward.  Then we sat there for 20 minutes because the show started late, and I lamented that I didn't get my souvenir or go to the restroom when I could have done so because of the late start.  Oh well.  It gave me a chance to realize that the logo has the Genie on it.  Yeah, I'm slow like that.

Oh, it's the GENIE!!!

Just some background regarding my fandom of this show:  I love Disney's animated film, and Rudy and I love singing "A Whole New World" together.  I wish my hair was long enough to style it like Jasmine.  I also wish I had Jasmine's tiny waist, so I could dress up like her for Hallowe'en or like, on special days or random Wednesdays.  I loved the stage show at DCA's Hyperion Theater, and was sad when it went away.  I didn't know much about the new show they created for Broadway, except that the guy who played the Genie, James Monroe Iglehart, won the Tony award for Best Actor in a Musical.  (It was also nominated for Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical,  Best Original Score, and Best Choreography).  So I was looking forward to the show, despite a short review from Liz, whom saw it a couple of weeks ago.

  • Genie (Michael James Scott) was great.  He was funny and at times, like in "Friend Like Me", his jokes were so rapid-fire that I missed a couple of them.  
  • Adam Jacobs was my favorite performer in the show.  He originated the role of Aladdin on Broadway, so it is a special treat to see him with the tour.  
  • I did not think Courtney Reed's voice fit for Jasmine.  I didn't think she did very well with "A Whole New World.  This puzzled me because she originated the role on Broadway. I wish it had been played by one of the Jasmines I like from DCA.  But I don't have a genie to make that wish come true.  Also, I'd spend my wish on something else.  Stupid No Wishing For More Wishes rule.
  • Yay!  "Proud of Your Boy"!  Last time I heard this, it was Brad Kane singing it at the Hollywood Bowl.  I cried then. I cried this time, too.  
  • "Proud of Your Boy", along with all of the songs featuring Aladdin's buddies Omar, Babkak, and Kassim were in Ashman & Menken's original score, and I was really happy to hear them in this production.  I knew the songs from the release of "The Music Behind the Magic" compilation.  I enjoyed this element of the show immensely, mostly because it provided for lots of choreography with male dancers, which is always a plus for me.
  • The set of the inside of the Cave of Wonders was quite spectacular.  I loved all of the glitz, and it made so much sense, because everything is supposed to be tempting the Diamond in the Rough.
  • I enjoyed Reggie De Leon's portrayal of Iago.  He reminded me of my friend Ferdie D.
  • Interesting to see the onstage costume changes, like the one they use for Elsa in "Frozen" at DCA.  
  • Abu!  I missed Abu when I saw the show at DCA, and he's not really in this rendition either, but at least we got to see his picture.  "He's got 95 white Persian monkeys."
  • Sad that they didn't include "To Be Free", but I guess that's OK if I didn't like this actress' voice.
  • Eek.  "A Whole New World" didn't sound good with this Jasmine because she was a bit pitchy.  How are you going to be pitchy in the most famous song from this show?  I also miss seeing all of the different buildings they fly over.  I also miss seeing the carpet flying above the audience.  There also wasn't a cute Magic Carpet personified in the show, although they were selling keychains of the tassel.
  • Loved the slow motion bit during "High Adventure", especially when another guy just walks on stage normally.  
Afterward, I picked up my ornament and bought a CD (for the buddy songs and Aladdin) and a charm bracelet.  I thought of buying Adam Jacobs' CD, but didn't buy it until today when I saw it was also available online.

I think the show I saw was more kid-friendly than the one Liz saw, because it didn't include the jokes she talked about.  I look forward to listening to the score (yes, even with that one voice).  Heck, if it bugs me that much, I'll just listen to Lea Salonga's version and be happy again.

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