Monday, May 25, 2015

There's A Great, Big, Beautiful Tomorrow

I put on my t-shirt with the schematic of the Space Mountain vehicle today, and walked to the movie theater to watch "Tomorrowland".

  • Love the opening logo!
  • I wish that pin wasn't orange and blue, but I know those are the colors that the CMs wear in Tomorrowland, so whatever.  Does that have to be my future?
  • GBBT music!  It's A Small World!  1964 World's Fair!  Jetpack! Happiness.
  • That set is amazing.  WOW.
  • Giacchino's music is gorgeous, as usual.
  • Athena was cute and mysterious and she kicked butt.  
  • Britt Robertson does a fine job as the optimistic Casey.  I love her wide-eyed reactions to everything. 
  • Clooney.  Love.  Always.  
  • I always knew that Eiffel Tower was more than just a tower.  I knew it!
  • Space Mountain!
  • It's Keegan-Michael Key again!  (Just saw him in Pitch Perfect 2).
  • The next time I ride IASW, I'm going to be looking for that laser.
  • "I will never give up."
  • "Dreamers should be with other dreamers."
I really liked this movie.  I might see it again in the theater because I really liked the cinematography.  

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