Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sing It On 1.3

Sing It On
Season One
Episode 3: Northeast Quarterfinals

  • Uh oh.  Eric's having a hard time in Nor'easters rehearsal, and he's cut.  Poor Eric.
  • Ladies of Pitch, Please! are sick and breathing on each other.  Great.
  • I was afraid that the song from "Frozen" was going to be in No Comment's set, but phew!  It was only a karaoke session.
  • Ooh, aca-drama!  A couple from All-Night Yahtzee broke up, and as revenge, she formed the Acabelles, their rivals.  But I'm a shipper, so I want these two  to get together, partly because I want to see Michael freak out
  • Northeast Quarterfinals take place at MIT.
  • The Nor'easters get a standing ovation.
  • Callie of Pitch, Please! is freaking out that she has a hole in her jumpsuit, but someone sews her up, and she's OK, but nervous because she's still sick.  They sound OK, but I don't think it's great.
  • The Vassar Devils are small, but they have a nice, full sound.  
  • Pitch, Please!  does not move on to Semis.  But Nor'easters and Vassar Devils do, with Nor'easters winning the evening.
All caught up now!  Next time:  South Quarterfinals.

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