Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sing It On 1.1

Sing It On 
Season 1
Episode 1: Auditions

How can I not blog about a new reality series about a cappella competition?  Especially when I'm almost done reading "Pitch Perfect", the book upon which the movies were based!  The new series (and the book) is about the International Championship of Collegiate of A Cappella competition.  The competition has already taken place in real life, and I'm playing catch-up today.  Here we go!

  • Really? The Nor'Easters (of Northeastern University) hold 24 hours of auditions?  That's too much, dude.  Aw, they want to find more best friends.
  • All-Night Yahtzee (of Florida State University) is rivals with the Acabelles.  Michael (of ANY) seems to be kind of a diva.
  • Acabelles sound really good in the "Royals" video that went viral on youtube.
  • No Comment (of University of Illinois) is a family that doesn't sleep together.
  • Ooh, that "secret preference" is interesting.  So is that bartering thing.  I'm with the others and want to punch Michael.
  • All of their auditions seem tough.  I know that I wouldn't have auditioned back when I was a freshman, because it was my first year of actual singing.  My friends would have needed to talk me into it, I think.
Not much to this episode because it was auditions, but I hope to hear more music in the next one.

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