Saturday, December 12, 2009

T-Day with D'Saints 2009

This Thanksgiving, I flew out to Bro's place for the festivities. V is not really in any condition to go on a 5-hour drive and back, so Mom & Dad drove to their place earlier in the week, and I joined them all on T-Day.

What had started out as a "Let's just go easy and order from Claim Jumper" day turned into "Well, we're cooking yams anyway, so we might as well cook other stuff." If you know my Thanksgiving tradition, I do not consider it to be actually Thanksgiving if I don't have my mom's Candied Yams. Even when we order food for dinner, we still need to have the yams. The one year we didn't, we decided that it would never happen again. Dad looked at the Sweet Potato Casserole that came with the dinner, and said, "That's ugly." It was just all WRONG.

So, anyway, Bro picked me up from PHX and we arrived at the house. Mom & Dad had ordered a Honeybaked Ham and Turkey Breast, and Mom was going to make that Green Bean Casserole that was a tradition for a lot of American families, but for us it was the 1st time with this particular recipe. Mom, V and I made the yams. V was having a hard time cutting the yams until she found the right knife, and then she was jamming away on those yams. The ham and turkey came with a special cranberry sauce and a kind of chutney, and they were both tasty. Originally, I had told my parents that since they don't like pumpkin pie, they should order both pumpkin and apple from Claim Jumper. However, since they didn't get CJ at all, they decided to get a pie while they were at Costco. Have you seen the size of their pies? They are HUGIGANT. It says that they feed 20, but it looks like it could feed 50. It took up a whole shelf in Bro's fridge. So they didn't get an apple pie in addition to it. I don't know why they didn't just order from someplace like Marie Callendar's or whatever, but I wasn't about to argue. After all, they were nice enough to get the pie that V and I liked.

Dinner was yummy and pretty low-key, except for Brady being too hyper to take the family picture properly. He was actually hyper the whole time I was there. He's really missed my parents and wants to show off as much as possible.

The rest of the time that I was there, Brady schooled my parents in Bejeweled Twist on, as Bro schooled his Ate on the same game. I was determined to get to a certain level by the time I went to sleep, and I say to you that yes, it was accomplished. Fruit me, baby! On Friday, Brady wanted to play golf, as he did on Thursday. Bro wasn't feeling well, though, V was just being way pregnant and tired, and we needed to distract the boy, so I went out to play the game that I hate the most (I have issues). "Golf" for Brady is this: you place the ball on the ground, Brady hits it, then you go get it from wherever he hit it. Then you don't just hand it to the boy. You have to place it down on the ground. Even on the occasions where he gets the ball himself and drops it, you still have to pick it up and place it on the ground for him, I guess like a caddy. Yeah, it's pretty much a game of "Fetch". This would be OK if he didn't keep hitting it into some bushes. At one point, I went to get the ball, and scraped my knee on one of the bushes, which wasn't so much a bush but just the little trunk. It is still unattractive and bruised today. How long ago was Thanksgiving? But nobody came to my rescue, and I still had to keep playing with the boy. You know that I must love my nephew if I'm playing the dreaded golf, even while injured. We moved the game to the other side of the yard, and I limped for the rest of the weekend. Bro called me "Limpy". He loves me, yes he does.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay the whole weekend because I had Mass on Saturday night, so I left on Saturday morning. I had been staying in the baby's room, and as I was getting ready to go, I thought to myself, "The next time I'm here, there's going to be a baby sleeping in that crib. Awwww...."

Until then, here's Brady, rockin' to some Old School jams. Enjoy.

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