Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Sing-Off Ep. 2

The Sing-Off
"Big Hits and Guilty Pleasures"
Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Still on a high after watching SYTYCD, I had to start this show over because I was blogging about dancing.

Oh, Nick Lachey was in 98 degrees. My bad. I knew that N'Sync comment was wrong, but didn't know why. DUH! Reminds me of when Mark Kriski of KTLA Morning News called Rockapella "98 degrees" and I was mad at him for, like, a year.

1st Round: Put a twist on a hit from the last 2 years

Beelzebubs: "Right Round"
OK, I'm old because I remember when this was originally done in the 80s, way before the current hip-hop artist, Flo-Rida. Fun stuff, 'Bubs! Would have liked more harmony, though. Shawn, really. It's not *that* unheard of to dance to a cappella music. Sigh.

Noteworthy: "Viva La Vida"
It's Brady's song! Intonation, ladies. You're making me want to hear Coldplay's piano, in order to get you back in tune. Shawn was not wrong about that, audience-who-clearly-isn't-packed-with-musicians. OK, that was snarky. Sorry.

Voices of Lee: "No One"
Did Alicia Keys some justice! Some harmony notes need some fine-tuning, but still nice.

Nota: "Down"
Did not enjoy those opening chords at all. Are they supposed to be singing flat? Because that's what I hear. Not sure Mr. Shaw would like this. Sorry, guys, I just don't have the love for you. Well, of course, it's effortless, Shawn. Flat = lazy singing to me. I know, I'm harsh. Seriously, though, why do the judges like them so much? I don't get it. Perhaps I should give them all pitch pipes for Christmas.

OMG, I'm realizing that I would be the Simon or Nigel of this show!

SoCals: "Already Gone"
Hey! She looks a little bit like Kelly Clarkson! Very nicely done! A little bit of trouble when they modulated to the other key, but they recovered. I agree with Shawn, would have liked a little more bass.

Maxx Factor: "Love Story"
Great job, ladies! I like how they were all worried about it in rehearsal, because it's not their genre. I loved their style, though, and agree with Ben about them not losing their own style. I also agree with Nicole about them sounding like one voice.

2nd round: Guilty Pleasures -- songs you secretly love but would only sing in the shower. Insults already flying through my brain, and I haven't heard anything yet. I really am a bitch.

Beelzebubs: "Come Sail Away"
Right now I'm thinking of Cartman singing one of my favorite Styx songs. :) Anyway, that was fun! Nice job, boys.

Noteworthy: "Hold On"
All-female a cappella group singing a Wilson Phillips song. Obvious, or easy choice? Either way, they did a good job with it, but I would have liked to see them do something a little bit out of their element.

Voices of Lee: "Freedom 90"
First of all, I would sing this song in OR out of the shower. I guess I don't feel guilty about what I sing. ;) Nice job! I like them a lot better today than I did yesterday. Nice harmonies at the end.

Nota: "Stayin' Alive"
Oh, geez. They're going to mess with the Bee Gees? Sigh. Do they know that the Brothers Gibb sing *high* and *not* flat? OK, it wasn't so bad during this song. I didn't like some of the harmonies, though. These stupid judges are going to keep this group all the way to the end, aren't they? AUGH. Ben thinks they're going sharp now. I think Ben's ears are flat.

SoCals: "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"
OK, you don't really have to hit the word "stop" that harshly, people. Key change made the song a little too high for the voices, but they still did a good job.

BTW, why are the backstage comments from the bands just really a recap of what the judges just said? Talk about something else, please. We JUST heard the judges, and can probably rewind on the DVR if we really needed to hear Nicole's babbling about Jazzercise Cool Down again. In the word of my friend Stacey, "Oy."

Maxx Factor: "Rehab"
I love it. Maxx singing an Amy Winehouse song! Love that bass. You can tell that this group has been together for awhile because their blend and balance are just spot on. I like how they kinda sounded like a train. Nicole, letting loose during the vocals would ruin the barbershop-tightness of their brand of harmony. Learn something.


Good God, I'm right, aren't I? Nota? Ugh. I fail to understand why Maxx Factor is one of the last groups on the stage 2 nights in a row. Lame-ass judges. At least they're still going to be there tomorrow.

Sorry, Noteworthy. Nice Swan Song! Your "No Happy Ending" was much better than both groups' Swan Songs last night.

Oh, we actual people get to start voting tomorrow.

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