Thursday, December 17, 2009

SYTYCD Finale -- Season 6

Last night, the finale for Season 6 of "So You Think You Can Dance" aired.

The usual 3 judges (Nigel, Mary and Adam) were joined by judges from the early rounds (Debbie Allen, Tice D'Orio and Little C). The dancers did a favorite routine from each judge. It was nice to see that these dances included others from the top 20, and not just the finalists. Unfortunately, Russell injured himself during the 1st dance, so they had to show clips of him with whomever.

In order of cast-off:

6th place: Ryan
5th place: Ashleigh
4th place: Ellenore

3rd place: Kathryn -- top girl! Yay!

The top 2 for the season was my choice for top 2, so I would have been happy with either one winning. Both of them had made me cry at points, so it's not like I would have been disappointed. I was nervous for them, though.

2nd place: Jakob -- The most beautiful dancing that I have ever seen came from numbers with Jakob. His lines are gorgeous, his jetes are to die for, and his quiet personality is just cuteness.

1st place: Russell -- YAY, Russell! Even with his injury, he jumped up and down on his other foot. I cried happy tears for the Krumper that could dance any style that was thrown at him. He was actually my favorite when I first saw him at the taping that I attended (my first-ever viewing of an entire SYTYCD episode), because of that African Jazz Frog Dance. That was amazing. He's just grown leaps and bounds since his first audition. I also just finished watching the SYTYCD marathon that I had recorded, and was surprised that Russell was in the bottom 4 during the Top 20 show. Whoa. He really has come a long way.

Congratulations, Russell! I'm now wondering if I'm going to see the tour. Because I don't have enough to be crazy about. ;)

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  1. One more thing to be crazy about can't hurt, Sher. I'll join yah. ;)