Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dance, Baby!

Last month, Liz was able to get tickets as seat fillers for "So You Think You Can Dance".  We went to the CBS lot, and didn't get into the show, but we were given Priority Seats for the next show that we could get to.  We ended up going to a delicious supper at Micelli's, and enjoyed hearing our server sing.  

We tried again the next week, and this time got in.  At first, we were going to be part of the crowd that was standing the whole time, but we were then moved up to the VIP seats, which are situated behind/above the judges.  Eventually, Liz was moved back down to the standing section as one of the actual ticket holders showed up.  I, however, got to sit there for the whole thing, and, since I was  in the front, was on camera A LOT whenever they showed the judges in a wide shot.  So much so that now Brady asks "Where's Tita Sherry?" whenever he sees an audience on TV.

I hadn't actually seen much of SYTYCD before, and the experience was quite interesting.  When the dancers perform, that's all they get is the one take.  Really.  The only second takes are from the judges and host Cat Deeley.  Oh, there was also a second take as they all danced as a group, but none of the actual competitions were done more than once.  The dancers are amazing.  

As many of my friends know, I can't bring myself to watch "American Idol", except for the finale.  I just don't like all of the negativity when it comes to my art, and it hurts me to see dreams crushed like that for vocalists.  I also tend to cringe a lot when I hear bad singing, and AI has plenty of that.  Since I'm not a dancer, a lack of technique doesn't affect me that much (although I know when I like someone's dancing), and the SYTYCD judges are much more constructive than the ones I've seen on AI.  I mean, at least the judges are actually *dancers*, so they can give good tips to the dancers.

So now I'm sucked in.  I've been watching every show since the taping that I went to, and I get sad with each person that leaves.  At the moment, I'm watching the earlier shows from this season on Fox Reality Channel, and I get to see the people that I'm familiar with from their first SYTYCD audition.  I also get sad when I see the ones that have been eliminated, because they really are all very good.  

I haven't voted at all, because I can't decide between the top 6, although I do favor Jakob and Russell.  I guess I could vote more than once, but I'm not motivated enough, I guess.  Maybe I will this week.

Good luck to all of the dancers.  I love qualities in all of the finalists, so this is going to be a tough decision for the fans.

So You Think You Can Dance?  Not really.  But I think I can sing. :)

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