Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Sing-Off Ep. 3

The Sing-Off
"Superstar Medley, Judges' Challenge & Songs of Hope"
Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Group Performance: "Mr. Blue Sky" by ELO
What a fun, happy song! I'm glad that they all had each other for support. It keeps everyone in tune when there are more people to tune to....which is why I admire the smaller groups than the bigger ones. The happy feeling reminded me of "Glee", and now I'm remembering that I have to wait until, like FOREVER until we get a new show of that.

Round 1: Superstar Medleys -- groups sing hits from one of the superstar groups of all time.

Nota: songs by The Jackson 5
Could use a little more bass in that intro to "I Want You Back". I've decided that it's the lead singer for that song that keeps making them flat. I liked the harmonies in "I'll Be There". Maybe they worked because someone else was Jermaine, so he didn't bring their notes to flatness. Except for the first song in this medley, I actually liked Nota this time. Shawn, it's not "this is no music". It's "this is with no instruments". Sigh. No, Ben. David's falsetto is *not* smooth. ACK!

Beelzebubs: songs by The Who
OK, I know I'm crazy, because when I hear the first few lines "No one knows what it's like to be the bad man..." I picture Giles in BtVS. Nice opening song. Rockin' the "Who Are You?"! Great job all around!

Maxx Factor: songs by The Beach Boys
Close, tight harmonies, indeed! A couple of intonation problems, though. That gal Valerie who sings Bass is awesome. Classic Barbershop ending. Love that. So Shawn says, "We have a bass guy in our group,.." and I said to the TV, "His name is George." I'm wacky.

SoCals: songs by Journey
Let me just say that it's hard for anyone to sing Steve Perry's stuff (except for maybe Arnel Pineda). Harmonies not really creative. Would have liked some original chords, you know? Do the SoCals just want to be compared to "Glee" for this entire show, or what? You go, David, hitting on Nicole! :)

Voices of Lee: songs by The Beatles
Some intonation missteps, and the 1st 2 songs were unrecognizable to me, for some reason. But they were well done.

Judges have deliberated on who will not be singing in the 2nd half. "The end of the road", Nick? That's a BoyzIIMen song! :)

Not a surprise that Maxx Factor was voted off, since the judges have been stupid about them since Day 1. Swan Song "Leaving On A Jet Plane". Nice.

Round 2: Judges' Request

Nota: "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel
That was pretty good, actually! Are you all just keeling over that I'm being positive about Nota today? Because I'm surprised, too. Some of the harmonies did not do it for me, but I was fine with it.

Beelzebubs: "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond
Ba Ba Baaaa! Wow, more "Glee". Anyway, that was enjoyable. Nice roses!

SoCals: "Hazy Shade of Winter"
Judges picked this song because they have no idea that SoCals already have an arrangement of this on hand from their college group. I wouldn't have know that if Aura hadn't tweeted about it, but I checked the SoCal Vocals website to make sure. Ben, most people don't know what this song is about no matter who sings it. Just saying.

Voices of Lee: "Man in the Mirror"
Like the twist on the intro. Nice way to attack the key change! Agree with Shawn about not feeling the MJ intensity. Don't agree with Ben. Good music is *not* "just a song".

Judges voted off another group.

Guaranteed spots for finale:
Beelzebubs, Nota and Voices of Lee

Sorry, SoCals. Swan Song: "Here I Go Again" -- great job.

I think y'all know who I'm *not* rooting for, Perhaps I should vote so they don't win. Can't watch it live on Monday, but that's OK.

I guess I'm back to being Simon/Nigel.

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  1. Shawn: "We have a bass guy in our group..."
    Sherry: "His name is George!"

    ---hahahaha That's is just too damn hilarious! LOL You know, I've been meaning to ask Geo about the whole BIIM thing. Hmmm... maybe at my next show.

    I got the "end of the road" bit from Nick too. I LOL'd. Did they show Shawn's reaction? I wasn't looking at the TV at the time, I was cooking dinner. ;)

    "Hazy Shade of Winter" - so, I was right! LOL I knew it was on their repertoire. And I think I remember hearing them sing it live, when I went with April and Jeremy to one of their shows at USC when they were still students there. :)