Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dear Both of You:

In an earlier post, I referred to obtaining a local paper when Jenn and I were at the Cracker Barrel near the Wigwam Resort.   Rockapella was mentioned as one of the events happening that week.

My favorite part of the newspaper, though, turned out to be an advice column named "Annie's Mailbox."  The West Valley View website doesn't have this article listed, so I thought I'd share it here.
Both spouses wrong in case of missing money

Dear Annie:
My husband and I have a tenant who paid her rent in cash four weeks ago.  I thought I placed the money on our table, but the next morning it wasn't there.  I spent every spare hour searching for the money and finally concluded that someone lifted it or it somehow was put into the trash.  I was ashamed that I was so irresponsible and didn't want to admit I could make such a costly error, so I said nothing to my husband of 50 years.
A month later, my husband nonchalantlyasked me if I had mislaid any money.  It turns out it was stuck in a pack of photo reprints from a store and sitting on a table in our basement.  He knew what the money was, but thought he'd wait to see if I'd tell him I'd lost it.
I'm upset that he is supposed to be my best friend, yet let me stress out and waste time searching for this money.  He says I'm lucky he didn't just take it.  Which one of us is more wrong? --I Lost and He Found

Dear Lost:
Your husband sent us a letter along with yours.  Here's what he said:
Dear Annie:
Our tenant paid cash for rent four weeks ago.  My wife hides, misplaces or loses things all the time.  She did not tell me she had misplaced the money.  However, about two weeks ago, I found the cash while looking at some pictures.  I didn't say anything since she doesn't like to be wrong.  Please let us know whose fault it is. --Somewhere in Pennsylvania

Dear Both of You:
It's hard to believe your marriage has survived 50 years of such nonsense.  you are both wrong.  The person who misplaced the money should have said so, enabling both of you to search for it. The person who found the money should have spoken up immediately instead of playing head games.  Now say you're sorry and don't do it again.
I giggled the whole time that I read this to Jenn while she drove us back to the resort.  Did the wife know that her husband was also going to send in his side of the story?  Or did she misplace the letter, and he found it, read it, and added his own stuff before sending it in for her? 
 I love the fact that "Annie" found both of them at fault, since that is what is the norm in relationships: the root of an argument is usually from both sides of the issue.  I also love the admonishment at the end.  If only couples therapy was really that simple. ;)  Hilarious.

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  1. If I misplaced that kind of money, there's no way I wouldn't tell the husband. And if he'd misplaced that kind of money and didn't tell me, I'd be pretty mad.

    I'm assuming it's a lot of money since it was for a rental.

    Now, when it comes to spending money, I just warn him but don't tell him how much until he sees the credit card bill. ;)