Friday, January 30, 2009

Bananaman Thanks You

Since I was out of town for my actual birthday, I didn't feel like planning any big dinners or parties like I normally do.  I would like to thank those of you who were still kind enough to celebrate with me when I returned from my trip, though.

A group of friends indulged my craving for Filipino food by going to Salo-Salo with me.  We had the Kamayan Seafood Platter, the Sinigang Sugpo, Beefsteak Tagalog, Pansit Canton, Adobo Fried Rice, Vegetable Lumpia Frito, and Turon with Mango Ice Cream.  Everyone seemed to be full and happy.  I'm glad that you were all there. 

Hungry Linda trying to have an early appetizer

Jenn was going to take me out for a spin in her pretty new car, and we were going to go to her favorite restaurant, but that didn't happen.  So she took me out for a spin in her pretty new car, and we went to Caffe Opera in Old Town Monrovia instead.  The online menu seems to need updating.  I had Risotto with Spicy Scallops, which was tasty and filling.  The risotto had bits of bacon in it.  Yum.  Jenn had one of the specials: Beef Stroganoff.  That was tasty, too.  We shared an appetizer of Shrimp and Bacon Brochette, which was delicious.  I was also treated to a complimentary Chocolate Dream cake, which was basically a big truffle-like cake with raspberries.  Mmmmmm....   We had been to this place before, and I would return again.  The service was great, and the staff thought Bananaman was cute.

Bananaman checks out the Bread

A couple of co-workers and I celebrated birthdays for me and Marilee at Red Lobster.  I got a bunch of fried food and then wondered why I thought I would possibly finish such a platter.  It was good, though, and I'll be eating leftovers for awhile.  The lobster pizza was also very good.  Now, combined with the fried food, the salad, and the bread, combined with my not having that great an appetite, I think that I must have been delirious when I ordered that huge platter.

Formal thank you notes for the dinners and nice gifts will be sent shortly.  Now, for the person who sent me the Mills Brothers CD anonymously: thank you, too!  I think I have an idea of who it is, but if you're reading this, please confirm, so I can send you a card, too.

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